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Thu 10th Apr 2008

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mjnmixael commented on Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The ...:

Another reason why the Wii is currently my cutoff for backwards compatibility. I'll keep my Wii around for anything Wii and older and just not have to deal with all these weird constraints with transferring to the Wii U.



mjnmixael commented on GameStop Sales of Wii U Are Reportedly "Slight...:

Yeah.. I'll hold out for the official numbers before I take this as any sort of indication about the Wii U. To be clear, I could care a less if the console is successful or if it's the most popular. Nintendo isn't in any major financial trouble and they'll continue to make the only games I care to play for many years to come.

But, more importantly, I've no reason to believe this is indicative of Wii U sales and not just GameStop sales. As others have pointed out, there's little reason to buy games from GameStop when you can get discounts and better deals from places like Walmart and Target. I certainly don't shop at GameStop anymore.

This is not proof of anything at all, but on Black Friday I was at the biggest local mall. (My wife and I like to window shop and enjoy a day out on Black Friday.) The GameStop store in the mall had less than five people in it each time we passed by it. I found that to be interesting.



mjnmixael commented on MCV: Wii U Is A Stopgap System, Real Successor...:

Meh. Flamebait for sure. With all we've heard from developers and how they are (mostly) excited about WiiU, the cards are in favor of the WiiU being generally successful. That said, I couldn't care a less. I enjoyed my GCN because of some pretty fun first party titles. If that's all the WiiU ends up being, I'll enjoy that too. My wife and I sit and play NSBW all the time. I'm sure the WiiU version will be just as fun, and that's all I need.

Nintendo's very likely (as in the past) not going to lose money on console sales again, so it's not like they'll go bankrupt and die anytime soon either. We'll have Big N games for many years to come. If developers continue to be excited about WiiU, we'll get more than just first party games too.

Finally.. I'll make final judgments once we see what M$ and Sony are coming up with. Though I'll bet they are keeping a sharp eye on the tablet idea. Tablets are IN right now, even if it's got an umbilical to the console. (I could see MS doing a console with a generic tablet that isn't on an umbilical, off their new Surface brand, for example.) Given how quickly these two companies tried to capitalize on the success of motion gaming because of the Wii (some more ashamedly than others.. I'm lookin at you Sony.), I'll bet they'll be wanting to make sure they have tablet like systems in the works.



mjnmixael commented on FAQ: Nintendo Ambassador Program and Free eSho...:

I am not a fan of this... I fully intended to buy the 3DS at the current cost.. I was just waiting for the money to save up. It's impossible for me to buy it before the 12th.. so I get screwed. I'd rather have the GBA games than a lower price.



mjnmixael commented on Wii U Won't Support Blu-ray or DVD Playback:

68. Capt_N
As per your #3. I dunno man. Nintendo has always been keen to make profit on their consoles but not at the cost of charging huge amounts of money. Based on past console prices, I'm willing to be the Wii U will be under $300 and that Nintendo worked hard to make the console for that price-point and still make a cut.