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Guide: Sharing The Love With The Tomodachi Life Welcome Version

Posted by Damien McFerran

Or Move-in Code, if you're in the US

Those of you who picked up Tomodachi Life last week will probably be aware that the game comes with two "Welcome Version" editions (known as "Move-In" in North America), which can be shared with your friends so they can get a small taster of Nintendo's quirky and addictive life simulation.

The Welcome Version is a stripped-down offering of the main game, with limited content compared to the full package — but as a bonus for trying the sample, newcomers are rewarded with two panda suits, one of which they can trade with the person who gave them the code.

Want to know how to share the Welcome Version and bag your panda suit? Read on...

Locate The Welcome Version Code

If you bought Tomodachi Life at retail then you'll find the two codes on a leaflet inside the packaging. The codes can be torn off and given to your friends, and feature a scratch panel with the code underneath.

If you purchased the game on the 3DS eShop, then you'll see your codes immediately after you pay. The codes will also be present on the eShop receipt for the purchase, should you need to consult them at a later time.

Download the Welcome Version via the 3DS eShop

The Welcome Version code must be redeemed on the eShop in the same way you would redeem a voucher code. Open the eShop application on your 3DS and top the Menu button in the top-left corner. Scroll down to "Settings / Other" and then select "Redeem Download Code". Input the Welcome Version code and the download will begin.

Once your friend has installed the Welcome Version, they can send you the exclusive panda suit as a thank you. Everyone's a winner!

Of course, you may be one of the many people out there who wants a code for the Welcome Version but doesn't know anyone with the full game. Alternatively, you could have the full game and have nobody to give your Welcome Version code to. Fear not, we're here to help — simply post your code in the comments section below, along with the region in brackets (either EU or NA). If you claim a code, please reply to the comment making it clear that it has been used.

Have you shared your Welcome Version with any of your 3DS-owning friends? Has it convinced them to shell out for the full version? Let us know with a comment.

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User Comments (219)



Oni-Neoxes said:

I heard the regions matter in the codes so it might be a good Idea to put (NA), (EU) by the codes. Since EU codes can't be redeemed on NA 3DS. That's what I heard



Bisylizzie said:

^That's true, EU codes cannot be redeemed on NA 3DS consoles.
Not sure how AUS/NZ works, though... xD Guessing they're part of the EU region?



bezerker99 said:

I was given a code for the Move-In version of TL over the weekend. The android voice I gave my Mii was quite disturbing, lol.



Tiefseemiez said:

@Bisylizzie Read some minutes ago Australia is indeed part of the EU region.

Nice idea making an own topic for this purpose.
I'm already waiting hopefully and nervously for an EU code to appear. ;-]



MMSK786 said:

Can someone privately e-mail me the (European) Welcome Version code? It's because I'll be using it later once I get access to Internet in the 3DS. Just e-mail the code here:
Note: When you send it, simply reply here in the comments with the notification so that I'm not bombarded with multiple codes .



Lobster said:


Yeah, I was looking at the code just above and transcribed an H for an X when I wrote it down, very sorry.



ultraraichu said:

@Lobster It seems like I was too late to claim the code. It's ok, I'll wait for a next one if I'm lucky. Thanks for the nice gesture though.

I hope you was able to get it @Linnus. Maybe share one of the code if you get the full version



Starwolf_UK said:

@Tsurii897 @Bisylizzie For downloadable game codes Australia is considered a separate region to Europe and as a result codes are incompatible.

If there is a source of this being the exception I would be interested to read it.



Tiefseemiez said:

Could it even matter what part of Europe a code is from? Also regarding the language the Miis speak?



nikes said:

could someone here send me a welcome code for the NA version? here's my email, Your help is deeply appreciated. Thanks.



ChemyNoSurfea said:

I would like an American code, please. I want to know if it's worth the buy, considering i wasnt that much of an animal crossing fan.
Thanks in advance



boo01 said:

Looking for a EU code. I am on the fence about this game and want to see what it is exactly.



BarryDunne said:

Hey everyone I have done an unboxing on my youtube channel - - and I am giving away a Tomodachi Life demo to someone this day next week. You need to: get as many people to subscribe to the channel. Make sure that when they subscribe, get them to watch this video and get them to say who sent you here. Thanks guys if you are interested **Demo is PAL**



Sir_JBizzle said:

@ultraraichu Since you're the first one I saw that just missed an NA code, shoot a valid email address and I'll get you one. Once I send that one, I'll post the second one!



The_Ninja said:

@ElliotVA Woah woah calm down, the codes arent free to get you know, someone will probaly post soon a NA code soon and since im in EU i dont need it :3



kahlan5 said:

If someone has a EU code they want to share, my e-mail is Would make me really happy to try the game out



Sakura said:

Err, unless I've missed something big (and that is possible) you can't transfer the panda suit from the demo version unless you upgrade to the full version. If you can, can you tell me how because send/receive and QR code features are all locked in the demo.



Shadow118 said:

Id like a code for the NA Move-In Demo - would be appriciated

sending it to my E-Mail would be fine:



Porky said:

I would most appreciate a welcome code for NA. I am on the fence for this game, but I would love the panda suit if I got the game myself. My email is if you prefer to send it there.



ultraraichu said:

@JQuest Thanks again, It works.

Once I get the full version, I'll share mines out as well. Hope it starts/continues the chain of demo.



123akis said:

as I said In my previous comment I would be grateful if someone is willing to give me with their EU code, email it to me: __________ thanks.

EDIT: I have removed my email address, I already got the code long ago.



Sionyn said:

if anybody would be so awesome id too like try out the demo so if anybody would so nice id be very grateful i am in the EU many thanks indeed



Sir_JBizzle said:

@ultraraichu No problem. That would be awesome if everyone pays it forward! That can only help this game out in the long run!

As promised, here's the second code:




Dsevan said:

Not many EU ones being given out. My email is for EU.Just want to see what's it's like.



cbowens said:

@JQuest Thanks! I realize ultraraichu already said the same, but if and when I get the game, I'll transfer one of the suits to you if you want.



Dew said:

I would really appreciate a EU code please. I would be extremely thankful and forever in your debt if you did so! My email is Thank you and if you have read this and have not even got a code then still thank you for even considering my presence, I really thank you all for being kind!



Gravedigga13 said:

Anyone has an extra code for me? ill get the game in 2 weeks when i'll travel to London, the game is not available in my country:D Thanks in advance:D



TheMagicKarp said:

If anyone has a spare US code, please send me one Thanks in advance



Paintfrog said:

I would love to try out a demo of this game. If you have a spar code, I would really appreciate it! My email is I like that you get a panda suit. Pandas are my favorite animal. :3
Edit: Forgot to mention I would need a NA code.



mralloverit said:

Got 2 US codes here. Shoot a reply with an email and I'll send them to the first 2 I read.



Clara said:

If anyone has a spare EU code and would like to donate it toward my direction, my email is
Please it would be greatly appreciated



invmat said:

If there's somebody with a EU code...

Thanks in advance!



eze84 said:

would love a NA code if anyone has one to spare.



Clavis said:

I'm also curious about trying this game. I am seriously on the fence about it. My e-mail is



RIDE88 said:

I would like a [ EU ] code if anyone has a free one going please
my email is

thank you xxx



ReshiramZekrom said:

If you have a North American code that you won't be using, could you please send it to Thank you.



lilgamefreak102 said:

If anyone has a North America code they aren't using, I would like to try this game so I can see if I would like it.

Send it to
Thank you if you do send a code



Pichu_Pal said:

If anyone has a code that works in North America (NA) please email it to me at thanks in advance if you send one



Tonnie_gAmEr25 said:

Can someone email me a code pretty please???? my email is NA version please!! I wanna try this sooo of bad!!



Shadow118 said:

If anyone still has any spare NA codes, i wouldn't mind having one to try the game out

You can just send it to my

Thanks in advance



DKS04Saturn said:

Bummer, it seems I got late on the code giveaway lol Does anyone know if they'll add the demo without code on the eshop soon?



RedBeanPorridge said:

Love this idea, thanks NL! I would love a code, My sister really wants this game but I've been a bit on the fence about buying it for her, I really don't want to waste my money on another 3ds game that we'll end up never playing cough super monkey ball 3D cough so anyone have an NA code to spare?

EDIT: email is thanks



soyabean135876 said:

glad someone got to use them.
I love this game

Currently watching Mr Spock and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory having a fight



ain said:

2 NA codes for whoever! (sorry for not e-mailing anyone, i just don't know who's already been sent one and who hasn't and stuff ;w;)

  • A04K3V5Q2VQB7B6S

this game is so cute i cant stop playing it omg



3dcaleb said:

dang i keep checking, hoping i will catch one of these from someone but i just keep missing out. if anybody wants to hook me up, it would be greatly appreceated. i'm in NA by the way and my email is and btw, i will be happy to trade back the panda suit to you, however it works. thanks and i hope to hear from someone!!



SouzetsuAerir said:

I've been on the fence about dropping money on the eShop for this title and have been trying to get my hands on a demo code but no luck yet.



RIDE88 said:

EU code please { email }
will do the panda suit for u

sat here with ds on ready lol



Yai said:

Just got the game so I have 2 EU codes to share! Enjoy guys :3




A1234 said:

how do you gift the panda suit? my friend said it says purchase the full game to gift. so the whole panda suit is pointless if your friend does not want to buy the full game.



orravan85 said:

Hoping for more. I plan on buying it but probably not till the next paycheck. I will be sure to post up codes.



Cuias said:

If anyone have a spare one (EU), I'd like one and will send the panda suit in return.

Mail me at:



eddylee00 said:

If anyone has a NA code could they email it to please. It would be at least another 2weeks before I could get the game myself but I would still like to check it out sooner.



Terry93D said:

Does anyone have a North American code to spare? My email is and under the circumstances of my life it might be sometime before I'm able to get the actual game, so I'd be very, very happy if you would please send me a Move-In Version code. Plus, it looks so cool, I can't wait for months on end to play it.



tripunktoj said:

Hi! Id really appreciate if someone with a spare American code could please share it with me, look for my usernames on my NL profile, or simply send it to



ultraraichu said:

After playing the move-in demo, I downloaded the full game. So that means I got 2 NA code to share. Feel free to reply so I can email you the code to be on the safe side.

On a slightly unrelated note, I was shocked that my mii likes and dislikes the same food I do in real life. It's one thing it got my personality perfectly, but a weird coincidence it knows that with the +15 food I give mii.



DKS04Saturn said:

@ultraraichu Hi, would you mind sharing a code for my boyfriend? He ended up feeling left out when I got a code and he didn't :/ It would be a nice surprise when he gets back from work. The e mail is



ashlyquin said:

Anyone with a NA code that they want to pass on?
If so, send it here.

Thank you in advance.



neothumper said:

Don't know if any codes are still going but just in case I am looking for an EU code for my girlfriend so if anyone who can help sees this I would love the help



Dew said:

I have an NA code but I need an EU code! So if you have one send me the code to my email or tell me on this page. My email is Please do not lie...



heyjupiter said:

Hello! Does anyone have a spare NA code? Thank you very much!! or pm!



jekafoo said:

Looking for a North America code please and thanks. Want to get the game but just don't have the money right now! My birthday is Friday the 20th so fingers crossed!!!



readable said:

Can anyone please provide me with a code? I am in Australia so I assume I need an EU code? Thank you



Deviant_Mugen said:

I've been wanting to try this game out to see how it plays before taking the plunge, so I'd love to have an NA code, if anyone still has one to spare.

Since I keep missing them when they come up here, I'll leave my e-mail here so that those with a spare code can send it to me if they're so inclined:



TheSneakyEevee said:

I'd really like to try this game out before I decide to buy it! If someone would be willing to email me a spare NA code, it would mean a lot to me!
You can email me at



Tiefseemiez said:

Thank you really much Hardline, but unfortunately someone stole the code from me and the other one was used aswell. Thank you very much for trying anyways!



tripunktoj said:

@Daughterofnyx Hi! Could I please have a NA code if you still have another one? Please reply, mail to tripunktoj(at) or look for my other accounts in my NL profile



Harris said:

Now i do feel lucky, Nintendo emailed me the welcome code last week as a selected customer. And there was me thinking everyone got it!



Naatiska said:

If someone has a EU code, please mail to sienimario(at) I'm very curious about this game. It would be cool to test this out.



Alpha2797 said:

If someone has a spare NA code and if you're willing to part with it, I'd love to have one. Send the code to me at
I currently don't have access to WiFi but I'd love to download it when I am connected, which should be later this week.



bouncer0304 said:

If anyone has a spare EU code, please feel free to send one to I'm interested too but unsure. I just wish they'd upload it to the eshop.



SmoochyTea said:

Maybe I should share some EU codes...
I think I have like 6 Welcome Version codes or something right now, haha... (don't even ask how...)



FuseBlues said:

Looking for an EU code if anyone has one going spare (hint hint @Smooching above).

fuseblues @

if anyone is feeling like a lovely person.



Whopper744 said:

Anybody want to toss another US code here for my birthday??
I do want to give this thing a shot at some point. Can't decide what I think of it



Raghav said:

My email is:, can someone email me an unused NA code please?



smikey said:

I got a welcome code (pal) from an email from Nintendo of europe.

Apparently I was one of a chosen few.
It's probably because I register a lot of games on club Nintendo (usually 4 - 10 retail games a month)

I have absolutely zero interest in this game (though i'll pick it up in about a year for collection purposes)

First person to reply that wants it can have it (if you include your email i'm not posting the code on here)

PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS A PAL (EU / AUS) CODE won't work on American / jp 3ds

I'll be on & offline all evening but the code will be emailed before end of the day.




Oaf7724 said:

I received a Welcome code from my friend and completed the demo, but I can't figure out how to send him one of my Panda Suits as a thank you. Does anybody know how?



smikey said:


I've sent you a copy of the Nintendo email including code.

Please nodoby else bother asking me for one I only had the Nintendo one & won't be getting more



HylianEmiel said:

Who has a code for me? I live in europe. :33 Send it to Thank you. <333



smikey said:

@Cevan Probably a good idea done that.

@123akis I got the code in an email from Nintendo last week but they may still be sending them out.
I get at least 2 emails a week from Nintendo usually 3 or 4 including loads of extra star surveys.



J-Manix98 said:

I'll take a code if people are just handing them out!
I live in the USA
Do we just exchange in the comments then?



smikey said:


No i'm not saying Nintendo will do such things if you ask them to i'm just saying that I do receive such emails (and others do too)

I assume they email people who register a lot of games with club Nintendo. as I do.
Not all emails I receive are questionaires / codes ect I get a lot of news letters too mostly for games i've already bought.



SmoochyTea said:

Well here's two of my EU codes for who wants:
First-come, first-serve in this case, sorry about that.
A thanks will be appreciated!



Benjelo said:

@smikey Really? I got an email from Nintendo about Tomodachi life as well but it did not include any codes. Oh well...



Ballzilla said:

Any EU/PAL codes for the king of football monsters?

My email is:

Thanks in advance to any awesome person who will hopefully send me a code



omarninopequeno said:

I have been looking for a NA code, too. I really hope somebody can share with me their code, my email is , thanks in advance!



Solarek817 said:

Hi, if anyone has a code for EU demo version, I would be really pleased to receive it My e-mail



Dolphinsquared said:

Does anyone have an Australian or Europe code of Tomodachi Life demo? Feel free to e-mail me at



EmeraldOwl said:

I have one EU code if anyone would like it (Please reply with an email add as I would rather send it by email)



CDBz said:

Guys I am sorry to ask for this but I am dying to just have a taste of tomadachi life since i wont be able to buy it for at least another month so can someone please please send me an EU code, my email is



jcervasio said:

Hi all. I know I'm a bit late to the game (literally), but I would be thrilled to get an NA code, if anyone can spare one. My email address is:



FuseBlues said:

@Dolphinsquared @WolfyWardark That would be awesome if you could spare an EU code.

If you get the chance, you could email it me to prevent someone else yoinking it (fuseblues @ as I'm in the middle of giving my baby his breakfast, or just post it if that's a problem.



123akis said:

please could someone email me an EU code to ______________ ...thanks

EDIT: I have removed my email address. I've already got the demo code long ago.



thedochimochi said:

Anyone share the love with a EU code?
The good pal will get a club nintendo code from me (250) for the love!



heyjupiter said:

Hello everyone! I asked a while ago with no luck, but will try again. Does anyone have an extra NA code? Thank you in advance.....

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