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The first nintendo machine I had was a gameboy advance, I only had five games for it but it got me hooked to nintendo for life!

Sat 22nd Mar 2014

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CDBz commented on Splatoon Producer Inks Out Reasons For Lack Of...:

I still think that the lack of voice chat is stupid, if they were worried about people getting offended by what people say online they easily could have added an on/off feature. They were just being lazy.



CDBz commented on Feature: The Key Details on Splatoon, Nintendo...:

So I managed to get in a good hour of this demo just now and I am very impressed, it is fun and quite easy to get into. I actually played quite well so years of playing shooters has payed off big time. The motion controlled aiming was a little bit weird for me but I got more and more used to it as the hour went on, although it would be nice to control the aiming with the right stick as it would feel more natural to use and precision aiming would be easier. The charging rifle weapons are a little bit hard to use as I said before because of the aiming difficulty with motion controls. The roller and the machine gun is definitely the way to go as of now imo but overall I am very pleased with the way this game turned out. Walleye is definitely my favourite map right now.



CDBz commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

Went to get the adapter and i was told "We have the controller but no adapter" because people really want to buy a gamecube controller for old gamecube games and not bother with smash bros apparently. I also wanted Donkey Kong and all that was left was Wii Fit Trainer, bare in mind this was release day so yeah I was a bit pissed off.



CDBz commented on Guide: Sharing The Love With The Tomodachi Lif...:

Guys I am sorry to ask for this but I am dying to just have a taste of tomadachi life since i wont be able to buy it for at least another month so can someone please please send me an EU code, my email is



CDBz commented on Dead Pixel Entertainment Announces Sync, A Wii...:

I like the fact that Nintendo finally have an exclusive fps for the Wii U but this although looks like it could be promising is not what I was looking for. I was hoping for something that isn't made on a budget and has some of that Nintendo charm. What about Mario Paintball?