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Fri 21st Feb 2014

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Clara commented on 3DS Browser Exploit Hackers Bypass Pokémon S...:

Ehh cool but i don't need it and getting free micro transactions in a f2p game feels cheap especially when the devs puts some effort into it's quality, I only play it in short bursts anyway 5 hearts is enough

I'm still waiting for someone to find a way for us to inject a home brew channel using this exploit, a nintendo system just isn't a full nintendo system to me any more without having home brew enabled.

Oh yea and I got mew once I had caught 3 dark pokemon at lvl3 ish, It was close but I had a particularly lucky chain at the end of the battle



Clara commented on Club Nintendo Adds Two 3DS Game Card Cases and...:

Whats the betting we get these in the UK next month just because I gave in and got the yellow pikmin keychain, I have 1500 stars left which probably isn't enough for a case .

I wanted the AC:NL games case they did last time (Since i have the Newleaf 3ds xl) but that pikmin one looks cute and colourful



Clara commented on 3DS Homebrew Exploit Set to be Launched on 22n...:

Soft modding my wii was the best thing i ever did too it only 2 games i really loved on it anyway MySims and Another Code 2. i will give this some time to settle and stabilise before i go soft modding my 3ds though. nintendo could try patching it out but look at the Wii and how successful they weren't there.



Clara commented on Battleminer is Bringing Its Crafty Presence to...:

Looks a little plain and besides I've just got Survivalcraft for my wp phone for my portable minecraft fix, it actually surpasses the real minecraft in some ways with more weather, more realistic wildlife and logic gate & memory blocks for the redstone.



Clara commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

to be fair on skylanders the first two games portals are compatible with both Spyros adventure and giants, its only with swap force that they had too make a new portal to accommodate the swap figures,

as for trap team they could of used the swap force portal i guess (it technically could handle enough NFC chips at once to support the new Traps) but they have added some new immersive gimmicks that require a new portal.

Anyhow really looking forward to the Sonic and Tails figures, since they are going to do the entire smash bros cast



Clara commented on E3 2014: Getting To Grips With Amiibo, Nintend...:

I want these and I don't have a wii u, i guess ill pick some up second hand like i do with the skylanders, I can always pick up some compatible games and a portal for the 3ds

I want Pikachu, Link, Samus and the vilager, possibly the rest too lol
it would be nice if they could do sonic as well since he's now permanently part of the smash roster but that seems unlikely unless ninty buy out sega



Clara commented on E3 2014: Zelda Wii U Looks So Great You Really...:

@Kirk Yep I agree ,you only have to play chibi-robo to see that even the cutest, happiest, brightest looking of games can have surprisingly dark or adult undertones in the story. Shame Its still £50 online and why didn't they localise the Wii-make?



Clara commented on Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Confirmed, Being Prod...:

Erm ok, I remain highly sceptical that this CGI/Live action is going to be that dark and edgy. I don''t have high hopes for it, if it's good I will be pleasantly surprised,

I am however looking forward to the sonic boom cartoon and games whilst it isn't cannon it does look like they have done the characters justice (for the most part, knux still looks weird to me) I think they got sonic's "tude" just right looking at the trailors



Clara commented on E3 2014: PDP Shows Off its New GameCube-Styled...:

I'd be tempted to get this for my Wii (not Wii U) if the they were proper GC controllers because they look slightly more comfortable and I could do with a Wiimote Plus controller,
however I'm guessing they don't use the gamecube connector



Clara commented on Competition: Share your Mii & Win with Tomodac...:

@WS200017 I would buy it if I could,
But my budget restricts me from spending much on games, i buy the odd cheap xbox 360 or 3ds game every now and then when i can.

The free games for gold on xbox live have been a life saver for me since i paid for a year subscription a while back,
so at least i have a steady stream of newold 360 games too play but my 3ds has been neglected big time and it needs some fresh material

First world problems I suppose, Lol



Clara commented on Review: Tomodachi Life (3DS):

Defo want this now, I sunk a couple of years into AC Wild World but have struggled to get into new leaf,(still love my AC:NL xl though) I guess you can have too much of a good thing.
This however looks different enough for me to get into



Clara commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Oh, for those who use the bible as there reasoning behind being homophobic,
The bible condones making your daughter marry an "attacker"(to put it more delicately) if he got her pregnant. yes the bible still holds some moral merit but parts of it are somewhat out of date. just saying what the bible says should be taken with a pinch of salt.

As for natural if god made us all (including gay people) then we should all be natural because he made us that way, right?

ahh religion it seems to cause more problems that it fixes.

I am yet to hear a sensible argument as to why being gay is wrong.



Clara commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

Actually it can be quite a healthy thing to do, help you see yourself from a 3rd person perspective, perhaps figure out elements of your self that you couldn't see otherwise.
you can also use them to work though past or present traumas and figure out who you want to be in the future.

Anyhow i like to inject an bit of my personality into all of my games, it makes them much more enjoyable.



Clara commented on Nintendo Provides Some Context to 2013's Tomod...:

I'm disappointed in Nintendo hopefully by the time this game gets localised for PAL shores they will actually add in a same sex marriage option, Gay couples can now 100% legally get married with all the same legal rights as straight married couples,.. enough said.

Maybe they should put in a "I believe differently" option for those that don't want same sex relation ships happening in there game,
and remove cross dressing too so guys cant' wear dress's and skirts and the girls can't wear trousers.... oh whats that you say its fine for women to wear trousers?... ohh you have double standards that makes sense now.

Seriously though if you are offended by the presence of gay people, I disagree with you.
Please watch the insults — TBD
Sorry got a little carried away, narrow minded people drive me mad sometimes, I'll pick my choice of words more carefully next time, I apologise for my little rant