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Best Buy's 'Smash-Fest' Venues, Perks and Demo Details Confirmed

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Free gold coin and $5 voucher for early event pre-orders

Nintendo's all set for a relatively busy E3 in a couple of week's time, gearing up with a 'Digital Event', live Super Smash Bros. Invitational show, live streaming and demonstrations from the Treehouse team throughout the show and, of course, demo units at Best Buy stores around the U.S. The latter is called 'Smash Fest', of course, giving gamers a chance to try out Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, a first look for the public.

Best Buy's official promotion website has now launched, and allows a quick search to check which stores will be hosting the event; remember, the dates and times are as follows, in each store's local time.

  • Wednesday, June 11 from 4pm – 9pm
  • Saturday, June 14 from Noon – 5pm

Meanwhile, those that get to the events early and put down a pre-order for either the Wii U or 3DS version will have a change to receive some extra goodies.

Be one of the first 70 attendees at each event to pre-order Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U and receive a rare collectible Super Smash Bros. gold coin (one per customer, while supplies last). You will also get a $5 My Best Buy™ certificate when you pick up your fully paid game upon release.

As for the demo itself, Nintendo has issued a press release that says the following.

The four-player demo of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U lets players battle it out against one another using their favorite characters from fan-favorite video game franchises like Pokémon, Super Mario Bros., Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog and The Legend of Zelda.

With attendees encouraged to bring along their 3DS or 2DS for online gaming, these could be rather fun events once again. If you're in the U.S. let us know if you're planning to head to a local store to get your hands on the demo.

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User Comments (98)



rjejr said:

My wife saw the headline and said - "Demo? Shocking."

She went to work before I could explain to her it was in store only. She would have been even more shocked I'm sure.



mystman12 said:

My brother and I will definitely be going, and this time I'll make sure my 3DS is completely charged.



rjejr said:

So I checked the webpage, kid wanted to go, and it's not at the Best Buy near us.

Guess Nintendo is trying to compete w/ the limitedness of that Nitnedo World store pre-order in store only exclusive.



Yosher said:

Why are these always US exclusive? ;-; Us Europeans want to try these out too damnit! Heck I'd take an eShop demo that's only usable one single time.



Handy_Man said:

I'm bringing seven other friends with me to the Schaumburg location on June 14th. We can't wait!



TwilightV said:

This is ridiculous. All those locations for East Texas, and not one single location in West Texas? Nevermind the fact that both Oklahoma and New Mexico only have one location each...



SphericalCrusher said:

Can't wait! I drive over an hour to go to the Best Buy last year that had this. Will be doing it again this year - I am off of work that week. Excited to try this game out!



NintyMan said:

Living just an hour away in southern Indiana, It's too bad Louisville, Kentucky isn't getting a location like last year. There's still Florence, Kentucky, but since Cincinnati has no locations (which is strange because the two other major cities of Ohio, Columbus and Cleveland, do), I'm afraid Western Ohio people are going to spill over into Kentucky, so I may have to go to Castleton Mall in Indianapolis instead. I've been there before. Good thing Indiana has three locations this time instead of just one like last year!



NintyMan said:

@Jinketsu: My sister just now told me Outer Loop is the same location we went to in Louisville. What a relief! I don't know the districts in Louisville besides St. Matthews and Oxmoor. This is going to be a smashing (pun totally intended) hit!



bizcuthammer said:

@DestinyMan i live about 45 min from Castleton. I can't go to the one during the week because of work, but i'll be at the one on Saturday. Definitely excited to try out the new Smash. I hope we can play as any character. I'd love to try out Little Mac.



dkxcalibur said:

I don't understand how the game is far enough along to release a demo to a major retail store, but not far enough along to announce when it's coming out????? Maybe I'm missing something.



NintyMan said:

@dkxcalibur: They're not going to announce the release dates before E3. There's no sense in that. They should announce the release dates during E3, like the Smash Bros. presentation Tuesday night.



dkxcalibur said:

@DestinyMan They already announced the 3DS version to be coming out this summer but said the Wii U version would be later. I worded my last post wrong. I don't understand how the game is far along in development that Nintendo can release a working demo to a major retail store but the game isn't coming out until Fall at the earliest. I get that it's in their best interest to announce official dates at e3 at this point. What I don't get is why it's not coming out this summer with the 3DS if it's this far along?



Phantom_R said:

The availability here really sucks. I'm lucky to have an event 30 minutes from me while the other half of the state is out of luck. How hard can it be to set up demo units, really?



2Sang said:

Looks like I'm camping out overnight for one of those gold coins.



TingLz said:

@dkxcalibur A demo =/= a final game. They can put together the resources they have at the moment to make a demo. The final game can still be polished more afterwards



Whopper744 said:

I'm not surprised but I'm mad once again. There are stores on WV but for whatever reason they never come here so I get to miss out on this. Why don't they just give us the darn demo down here? Is it that hard?



GalacticMario28 said:

Darn, I can't make either of those times. I suppose I had this coming after I was miraculously able to make the times for the Mario Kart 8 demo.



DragonbornRito said:

@dkxcalibur I have a feeling that a lot of us will be pleasantly surprised by how close the 3DS release is. My guess is July, but that may be wishful thinking.



Rezalack said:

I want to get that coin.. I wonder how early I'd have to be there to insure I get it.



Gold_Ranger said:

It is not even a seperate Demo Unit, all they do is take an SD Card, put it in the WiiU and upload the Demo to the Console. That's exactly what they did for the Mario Kart 8 Demo at GameStop.

One of the biggest problems with the "Demo Units" in all of the stores is the lack of playable Demo's. All they are, are videos. This is THE worst decision Ninty has done to mot promote the WiiU!



BigH88 said:

@TwilightV Im right in between cedar park and south park mall. Ugh really don't wanna drive through Austin or San Antonio traffic at those times.



OdnetninAges said:

What the hell? Why aren't they doing it in Austin?!

F***. This just ruined half of my E3 fun...



MeloMan said:

Oh what a B-day week I'm going to kick off with-- shiny new Wii U + MK8 + promotional Super Mario Bros. U and planning to go to the Best Buy in Southfield, Michigan June 11th, a day after my B-day. Good times at last



absuplendous said:

I might check it out. Lots of Street Passes, if nothing else. I'm not nearly as enticed by freebies as I used to be, but if the Smash Coin is simply athe Smash Bros window logo in medallion form, I might be convinced to pre-order.



camerica1618 said:

Yes! They're having one right next to my house! I'll be there! I'll try to get there earlier this time though. Last year the line was 4 hours. I won't be able to play Wednesday because I have church. After church I'll probably go watch some people play, and then on Saturday I'll show up early and try to be one of the first in line.



OdnetninAges said:


The problem is that my family doesn't have a car. We take the bus everywhere we need/want to go.

The bus doesn't go to Cedar Park.



Jayvir said:

There are only three stores in ALL OF MICHIGAN!!! The nearest one is nearly a 6 hour drive near Detroit. All three are right near Detroit actually. My town on the west side of the state (Grand Rapids) has a population of 200,000 (compared to two of those towns that don't even break 100,000) and thats not including suburbs and yet they still won't give us anything. What the hell man? Why not just release a demo on the eshop? Seems completely silly. Literally silly.



Specters said:

I went to the one last year in Culver City California and it was really fun but they definitely under estimated how many people would actually show up. There was a line snaking from the display around the store then out the entrance and around the corner of the store and more showing up throughout the day. All playing on ONE Wii U. Hopefully they have at least 2 this year to speed it up a bit. I went about an hour ahead of the opening time and I ended up around the corner of the store. Took about 4 hours to finally play but it was fun nonetheless.



yokokazuo said:

Is this only in the states? I could have sworn they said North America when it was announced... Please come to Canada



DatFunkySmell said:

A new city was added to the list of stores in Illinois from last year. Now I only have to make a 40 minute drive instead of an hour.



Klunk23 said:

Cool, there's a BestBuy in Omaha this year participating. Looks like I'll have to check it out.



SomeBitTripFan said:

...You can't even put a demo unit in every state, Nintendo? There is no way I'm begging anyone to drive me an hour and twenty minutes to the closest Best Buy that will have a demo... Just put a basic demo on the eshop so everyone can enjoy the game on their couch with some friends, as you all seem to emphasize in those commercials... Talk about flipping a bird at your consumers... grumble grumble



Adam said:

Two Best Buys in Louisiana this year. We're moving on up! I will probably go to the West Bank. Both are an hour away but totally worth it. May go both days if the wait isn't as terrible as I expect it to be.



DarkKirby said:

Rather than going to wait on a long line to play a demo for a few minutes I'll just wait for people to post online relevant information I want to know, like if the game feels less sluggish than Brawl and if they added hit stun back.



Lunapplebloom said:

Just checked for Hawaii (even though there is no Best Buy on my island) just for the heck of it. To my surprise, Hawaii isn't even listed...

Oh well, I guess I'll sit this out same as last year. Why not try having these demos at Gamestop as well, Nintendo?



TruenoGT said:

There's one nearby so I'm going to check it out, thought more excited about Street Passes than SSB to be honest.



Funny_Moblin said:

@SparkOfSpirit I just called the Best Buy I have nearby (which had the Nintendo demo event last year). They said that they haven't received any info about this Smash Bros. event.



Gold_Ranger said:

This is the dumbest thing ever.
Out of all of New York - Manhattan Island, The Bronx, Staten Island, Greater New York State and Long Island, there are ONLY FOUR stores that have this...
It'll take 3 hours to get to even the closest one hosting this!
Why can't they do this at Every Best Buy and/or GameStop?



ShadJV said:

@SomeBitTripFan it's possible that the gamr isn't stable enough for that, would it be worth it for them to send out a demo that bricks a number of consoles? Neither does it make sense for them waste countless hours testing and tweaking a demo to make sure it's stable enough, not when the game (well, the Wii U version) probably is still unfinished.

I am rather annoyed with the Best Buys picked in my state. I mean, last year it was 90 minutes away in Syracuse, and they could have it return there or pick Buffalo or Rochester? These are all bigger cities than, say, Saratoga, which is the closest one at 3 and a half hours. Now I'd have to make a 7 hour round trip for what, five or ten minutes of a demo? Not to mention this time I've no friends to travel with. Guess I won't be trying the demo this time...



swampertdude said:

Of all the locations in California, and they cant even have one near tulare county? What's the deal Nintendo?



Mega719 said:

It says Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog with franchises as if they have more characters (don't get any ideas)



LunarHalo24 said:

I'll definitely be going. I'm lucky enough to live somewhat nearby a participating store. Hopefully I can get that coin, too!



DiscoGentleman said:

WOOH! The BB 20min from me is hosting the event. Not sure I care too much about that coin. : We'll see.
Hey, anyone dying for one and want it from me?



AlexSora89 said:

I hope Nintendo will release an eShop demo here in Europe as well.
3DS included, of course.



AvianAlacrity said:

@SphericalCrusher lol. Fancy meeting you here, Jody.

Me and my mates will be traveling to Buckhead.
Who are you most ardently looking forward to trying out?

Me: Little Mac/Megaman/Ike

See you there!



kevkeepsplaying said:

Welp, Nevada's on the list this time. But doesn't have any drop down options. I don't know what this means for us here in Vegas.

Assuming what happened last year, though, we aren't getting anything. Our rep would rather go to E3 than help Nintendo advertise.



JaxonH said:

Oh snap! Last year the only location for Wisconsin was in Milwaukee, but this year they have THREE locations for WI- Appleton, Southridge, and...wait for it... MADISON! And not just Madison, but 2452 E Springs Dr Madison! MY HOME STORE!!! The same store I'm picking up Mario Kart 8 from this Friday

THAT's what's up.



Obito_Sigma said:

There are only six locations in the entire substate of Florida... wow. None of them are any closer than a three hour drive. Good luck to all of you, because I am not going to drive three hours just to pre-order a limited edition gold coin at a Best Buy. Odds are, there would probably be a line so massive that there would just be no point.

This is what you get when only six Best Buys are in one of the top populous sub states in the nation.



NintyMan said:

Before, I thought if they did the E3 demos again Nintendo should try to cover Indiana by the northern, central, and southern regions. This year they seem to be following that almost, with Indianapolis and Franklin in the center of the state and Mishawaka which is right next to South Bend in the north. Too bad southern Indiana doesn't have one, but I guess they assume most of us would go to the Louisville, Kentucky one.



Yoshis_VGM said:

Naturally, they're not coming to Hawaii. Again. Seriously, there's a Best Buy on the island and I know exactly where it's at. It's kind of annoying, Nintendo. I sure as heck am NOT buying a plane ticket to fly to the mainland just to play Smash. Bring it here, and then maybe I'll participate.



Genesaur said:

Nothing in South Carolina, but I am pretty close to Asheville, and I am off on Saturdays... the trip would kinda be worth it.



turtlespence said:

Aw HECK YEAH! I'm DEFINITIVELY going to the LBJ location in Texas.
Anyone else heading there? It'd be awesome if I met someone from here there.



DanMan82 said:

Thankfully, the Best Buy right by my house is participating...but there are only 3 stores doing it in my know what this means!!


And it looks like Nintendo learned their lesson from last year, when a whole s*** ton of people showed up and some of us got bumped till Saturday.

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