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Level 5 Is Hard At Work On A New Game That Will "Surprise" Us

Posted by Conor McMahon

CEO hoping to move the gaming industry along

Level 5 is a thoughtful company, and not only because it is the developer behind the brain-bending goodness of Professor Layton. The studio is careful and considered in its evaluation of the current gaming industry, and is interested in how ''technology advances'' and is always striving to defy expectations with every game it releases.

In the past they've jumped from soccer to sprawling adventures, and what's coming up next is set to surprise us all over again.

An interview with 4Gamer brought a few interesting answers out of Level 5 CEO Akihiro Hino, who seems to want to give the entire industry a much-needed shot in the arm:

In the midst of a rather sluggish consumer game industry at the moment, I believe that the industry needs a 'new game'. We'll try our best to make a new title that'll surprise all of you, so please look forward to that.

While there's certainly nothing solid to take from that, it's difficult not to get a little excited when you consider the company's reputation for creativity. It's something that Hino himself is keenly aware of, as he also mentions an overall goal for upcoming projects:

While I can’t say more, there’s one more approach through which we’re currently challenging ourselves. I believe that ‘even if we go against predictions, expectations must be met’ when it comes to creativity.

On the back of a strong 2013 and the announcement of its latest major project Wonderflick, Level 5 is looking forward to giving us a memorable and surprising new year, and we're absolutely ready for it.

Share your thoughts in the comment section below and somehow attempt to speculate what could possibly be coming next.


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Chris720 said:

With their recent published games from top Japanese devs I wonder what they're surprise will be.

To be honest, I think it's about time someone tried to move the industry forward. Its been stagnant for too long.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Now that's determination! Here's hope that they might break the tech-and-performance-driven industry fools and return gameplay value to it's rightful place as top priority!



Ronoh said:

I wouldn't be surprised if it's for mobile judging by their recent track record. And if that turns out to be the case, I'm not interested - no matter what they present. As much as I love Level 5, from Dark Cloud to Professor Layton, I'm not interested in gaming on my phone.



Matts14 said:

When you make a bold statement like that you better be able to deliver one hell of a game



rjejr said:

Level 5 replaced Squenix as my favorite RPG company w/ their PS2 - PS3 library so I'm always interested in what they're doing. I'm even interested in WonderFlick just b/c it's them.



SphericalCrusher said:

It would be awesome to make a WiiU RPG. But as far as a surprise announcement, I guess that rules out Dark Cloud 3 =( Or maybe not?



Rezalack said:

Wii U game please. Let's hope they finally localize Fantasy Life, as well. Wasn't there news that it'd be localized back in April..? We haven't heard anything since.



Peach64 said:

Based on his recent comments about the future of gaming it's almost certainly going to be on IOS.



Windy said:

I have a great idea! Why don't you surprise us all and announce Fantasy Life for North America and Europe Shakes Head Go Make a new game when you have games you can Localise hmmmmmppppphhhh!



BakaKnight said:

I can't wait to hear what they are planning next ^o^

I know it's not their best serie, but I love Inazuma Eleven and the Guild projects with famous game designers was a very interesting thing.

I only hope that their surprise will be followed by a confirm of a worldwide release; they make wonderful games, but only a little part of them leaked out of Japan >.<



ULTRA-64 said:

Please can we have a Wii inspired party games compilation based on school sports day please. With some awesome waggle controls !!



Nintenjoe64 said:

Half excited that 'new' game means we might get the game from Nintendo that uses the gamepad to a decent extent.

I kind of suspect that it will be a 3DS game that makes Wii U owners even more jealous.



MAB said:

Probably just another boring uninspired not as good as the 16-Bit Genesis/SNES era RPG for the 3DS



Peach64 said:

I'm not sure why people think there's any chance of their new game being on Wii U? Level 5 go where the money is. It has the most chance of being on IOS, then 3DS and then PS3. That's about it.



Morph said:

Meh, im less interested in level 5 these days after that layton abomination they unveiled



Prof_Clayton said:

Make a spiritual Wii Sports 3D, like Wii Sports, waggle included in gyro controls! Now you can shake until the top screen snaps right off! And that's not all, the graphics will be even worse than the original, with a 3D effect that'll punch you in the face its so realistic(ly bad)! And the actual sports are followed by minigames where you put your 3DS in sleep mode for 10 hours! All in the name of creativity.

This would certainly go against predictions.



C-Olimar said:

It couldn't be... a Level-5 sequel that isn't almost totally indistinguishable from its predecessor could it?

We can dream...



Shambo said:

I have quite some faith in their skills, so I'm looking forward to hearing more about this.



Gioku said:

...if they can make something weirder and more off-the-wall than Little Inferno... I will be impressed.



ProfanePelican said:

If Level-5 is interested in how "technology advances" it would make sense for them to use the current gen. hardware (at least in my mind, which may just be wishful thinking). It's hard to tell if they're going to take a new spin on some of their previous titles or try creating a new "genre" altogether. Still, since it's Level-5, I have confidence the story will be great.



LetsGoRetro said:

Maybe someone can answer this for me. Reading about "Dark Cloud" reminds me of a game for the snes called Soul Blazer. You went into dungeons, destroyed monsters & rebuilt towns. Can someone who's played both tel me if dc is like a 3d sb? sb was in my top 3 games growing up



WarlockNem said:

@LetsGoRetro Both are fun games. The sequel improves on some aspects that were clunky about the first. Still the former is a better experience to me simply for it being the first in the series and having that sense of newness. My wife considers both to be her favorite PS2 games of that generation. Although it will never live up to Soul Blazer or instill that same sense of nostalgia even considering Dark Cloud is a much more immersive and polished game and can be considered retro itself these days.



DyhegoSilva said:

Thank god, finally Inazuma Eleven in the United States. Everyone should play this game. There is no better game, Inazuma Eleven is greater than Pokémon!

Minnaaa Sakka Yarouze

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