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"Ye shall be as gods."

Male, United States

I'm into JRPG's and old school games. I was raised by an NES.

Fri 20th September, 2013

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oats-81 commented on Renegade Kid Now In A Position To Produce More...:

I played through the first one years ago and it was one freaky game. I've never forgotten how strange it was. I own the second one but its in shelf-mode right now. Just may break it out in October-just in time for Halloween. If you ever see them they are usually very cheap and you should pick them up.....and watch out for the guy chasing you in a wheelchair.



oats-81 commented on 3DS System Update 7.1.0-15 is Available Now:

-System Update 1991-
"just push it down and put the black sleeve in the left corner and if that don't work we'll use the game genie and bypass the code screen."

~...ahhh....primitive engeneering.....~