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Nintendo Download: 19th December (Europe)

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Knytt Underground, more 3D Sega goodness, discounts galore and more

It's the start of another week as 2013 draws to a close, dear readers, and it seems that various download publishers have decided to get into the festive spirit with a lot of discounts available on both the Wii U and 3DS stores. We have new games, too, with Knytt Underground on Wii U, two more 3D Sega titles and more besides; let's get to it.

Wii U eShop

Knytt Underground (Ripstone, €8.99 / £7.99) — The work of well-known Indie developer Nifflas, this title makes the jump from various other platforms onto the Wii U. Perhaps unlike any other download game on the system to date, it looks set to be an atmospheric experience that requires exploration and curiosity, as well as manipulation of various abilities — including a ball form. This also includes extra 'Hype Infinity' content that was previously PC-only; until our review is ready you can check out our extended developer interview in part one and part two.

Wii U eShop Temporary Discounts

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Black Forest Games, €12.99 / £10.00 until 26th December, normally €14.99 / £12.99)

Toki Tori 2+ (Two Tribes, €8.99 / £7.79 until 2nd January, normally €14.99 / £12.99)

Toki Tori (Two Tribes, €1.99 / £1.79 until 2nd January, normally €3.99 / £3.59)

Little Inferno (Tomorrow Corporation, €4.99 / £4.49 until 2nd January, normally €9.99 / £8.99)

Kung Fu Rabbit (Neko Entertainment, €1.99 / £1.79 until 2nd January, normally €4.99 / £4.49)

Puddle (Neko Entertainment, €3.99 / £3.59 until 2nd January, normally €9.99 / £8.99)

TNT Racers - Nitro Machines Edition (Keen Games, €4.99 / £4.49 until 2nd January, normally €7.99 / £6.99)

Star Wars Pinball (Zen Studios, €4.99 / £3.99 until 2nd January,
normally €9.99 / £7.99)

Zen Pinball 2 Multi-Table Packs (Zen Studios, €4.99 / £3.99) until 2nd January, normally €9.99 / £7.99)

Zen Pinball 2 Single Table Packs (Zen Studios, €1.49 / £1.19) until 2nd January, normally €2.99 / £2.39)

Nano Assault Neo (Shin'en Multimedia, €7.99 / £6.99) until 5th January, normally €9.99 (£8.99)

Wii U eShop Conditional Discounts

Toki Tori 2+ (Two Tribes, €7.49 / £6.49 if one of EDGE, RUSH or Toki Tori have been downloaded)

Toki Tori 2+ (Two Tribes, €5.99 / £5.19 if two of EDGE, RUSH or Toki Tori have been downloaded)

Toki Tori 2+ (Two Tribes, €4.49 / £3.89 if EDGE, RUSH and Toki Tori have been downloaded)

Wii U eShop Demo

Nano Assault Neo (Shin'en Multimedia, free)

3DS eShop

3D Streets of Rage (SEGA, €4.99 / £4.49) — This sidescrolling beat-'em-up is likely to be familiar to many gamers of the early '90s, with its sequel also being memorable. The act of walking the streets and beating up any and all thugs in the way is self explanatory but can certainly be fun; we'll see whether this does the original justice in our review.

3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (SEGA, €4.99 / £4.49) — It's more sidescrolling action, but this time around with some jumping and ninja moves thrown in. The Shinobi franchise is certainly a retro favourite for Sega fans in the Nintendo Life team, and the company opts to bring us the third in the series for this 3D remake. We'll summon our inner ninja to bring you a review.

Akari by Nikoli (HAMSTER, €4.99 / £4.49) — Rather like Sudoku, yet rather than fill grids with numbers it's all about creating rows of light. This arrived in North America in July 2012, so if you need to know more you can check out the recommendation in our Akari by Nikoli review

Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles (Teyon, €3.99 / £3.59) — This looks like a rather cheerful puzzle game in which you navigate your character (Morris the monkey) through plenty of quick-fire, short levels to rescue his "beloved sweetheart" Molly. There are apparently over 300 levels, so we'll swing into action with our review.

Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit (Teyon, €9.99 / £8.99) — Originally released way back in January 2012 as a retail title, this arrives on the download store still sporting its original 2012 name. No doubt released to capitalise on buzz for the Winter Olympics early next year, this lands at a reduced price and earned a reasonable recommendation in our original Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit review.

101 Penguin Pets 3D (Selectsoft, €4.00 / £3.59) — Having pet penguins is never really a possibility unless you happen to be an eskimo, and even then it's tricky and morally dubious. Thankfully the wacky world of 3DS eShop pet sims has got you covered, though we considered this to be fairly average — considering the fun premise — in our 101 Penguin Pets 3D review.

3DS Virtual Console

Life Force (Konami, €4.99 / £4.49) — The fondly remembered Konami shooter arrives on the 3DS Virtual Console, so you can now take this slice of classic NES action on the go. We'll blast through the enemies to bring you a new review, but in the meantime you can check out our Wii Virtual Console Life Force review.

3DS Retail Download

Nintendogs + Cats (Nintendo, €44.99 / £39.99) — The launch game finally hits the eShop in three varieties: Golden Retriever, French Bulldog and Toy Poodle.

3DS eShop Temporary Discounts

Rising Board 3D (Odenis Studio, €1.49 / £1.29 until 2nd January, normally €1.99 / £1.79)

Art of Balance TOUCH! (Shin'en Multimedia, €5.99 / £5.45 until 2nd January, normally €6.99 / £6.29)

Mutant Mudds (Renegade Kid, €4.49 / £4.00 until 2nd January, normally €8.99 / £8.09)

Sweet Memories: Blackjack (CIRCLE Entertainment, €2.99 / £2.69 until 9th January, normally €3.99 / £3.59)

Brunch Panic (CIRCLE Entertainment, €2.99 / £2.69) until 9th January, normally €3.99 / £3.59)

Swords & Soldiers 3D (CIRCLE Entertainment, €4.99 / £4.49 until 9th January, normally €6.99 / £6.29)

Wakedas (CIRCLE Entertainment, €1.99 / £1.79) until 9th January, normally €2.99 / £2.69)

Witch & Hero (CIRCLE Entertainment, €1.99 / £1.79) until 9th January, normally €3.99 / £3.59)

World Conqueror 3D (CIRCLE Entertainment, €3.99 / £3.59 until 9th January, normally €4.99 / £4.29)

Real Heroes Firefighter 3D (Zordix AB, €4.99 / £4.49) until 30th January, normally €9.99 / £8.99)

3DS eShop Demo

Brunch Panic (CIRCLE Entertainment, free)

World Conqueror 3D (CIRCLE Entertainment, free)

Lots to choose from this week, Europe. Let us know what you plan to download in the poll and comments below.

What will you be downloading first this week? (183 votes)

Knytt Underground (Wii U eShop)


Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Toki Tori 2+ (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Toki Tori (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Little Inferno (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Kung Fu Rabbit (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Puddle (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


TNT Racers - Nitro Machines Edition (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Star Wars Pinball (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Zen Pinball 2 Content (Wii U eShop temporary discount)


Nano Assault Neo


3D Streets of Rage (3DS eShop)


3D Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master (3DS eShop)


Akari by Nikoli (3DS eShop)


Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles (3DS eShop)


Winter Sports 2012: Feel the Spirit (3DS eShop)


101 Penguin Pets 3D (3DS eShop)


Life Force (3DS Virtual Console)


Nintendogs + Cats (3DS retail download)


Rising Board 3D (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Art of Balance TOUCH! (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Mutant Mudds (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Sweet Memories: Blackjack (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Brunch Panic (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Swords & Soldiers 3D (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Wakedas (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Witch & Hero (3DS eShop temporary discount)


World Conqueror 3D (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Real Heroes Firefighter 3D (3DS eShop temporary discount)


Just some demo content for me


Nothing for me this week


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User Comments (71)



Ony said:

Still no Korg M01D for France ?
They are so disrespectfull for that, yet I want this app so much.



AJWolfTill said:

Sure are a lot of tempting discounts across both platforms now!
Does anyone know if any Virtual Console games have been on special offer since the initial 30p days?



datamonkey said:

I have now officially given up on waiting for Cave Story+ in Eu. It's been over a year since its release in the US and though Nicalis have said numerous times it "will be released soon" it's difficult to believe them.

Not sure what the problem is but they have missed my money!



RainbowGazelle said:

I wonder if Nintendo will ever do discounts. Other developers and publishers regularly have discounts on the eShop, but Nintendo never do.



LunaticPandora said:

Ugh, it's just impossible for them to offer their 2 year old + 3DS games at reasonable prices isn't it?



datamonkey said:

@RainbowGazelle - I doubt it.

Nintendo never gave discounts at retail so doubt they will do the same digitally.

They don't seem to follow basic rules of economics i.e. when sales drop off for a product, lower prices to stimulate demand. It seems they prefer to take a larger amount over smaller sales than lesser amounts over bigger sales.



Emblem said:

I'll be getting a few Wii u e'shop games I was waiting to go on discount.



Tsurii said:

That's just perfect. Always wanted to know how Nano Assault plays, but I didn't want to buy it just to try it. But they really hit the nail for me (and most likely quite a few other people like me) with a demo AND a discount.

Hope Shin'en does the same for FAST Wii U at some point ^.^



Chomposaur said:

Oh nice Lifeforce, I'm a huge gradius fan

i always wanted to play this back on the Wii VC but sadly never got released here in Europe



datamonkey said:

Nothing for me this week. Busy playing Tearaway which is awesome (and quite Nintendo-esque)



Gnoll said:

Finally Knytt Underground!!! I love the original game, so I'll happily buy this the moment they upload it!!!



WiiLovePeace said:

Holy guacamole Batman!! Soooo many discounts. I'll be buying some of these discounts on Thursday, thankfully the discounts are staying until the new year so it gives me some time to juggle monies around & try to get most if not all of the games I hadn't gotten until now. I definitely want to buy Knytt Underground first though.



WiiLovePeace said:

@AJWolfTill Yeah, I remember a discount on Super Mario Bros. 2 if you bought Super Mario World. Also some Kirby games were discounted if you owned another Kirby game. Or something like that.



Vriess said:

Finally Nintendo seems to take the eshop a bit more seriously. Still not enough VC titles though... As for the 3D Sega games for the 3DS, I'll be waiting for Sonic 2 and SoR 2. It's great that they release these 3D Classics so quickly!



ricklongo said:

Been meaning to get Nano Assault Neo for a while. If these discounts come to the Americas, this would be my chance.



Morph said:

Streets of rage first for me, but i could be tempted to get any of knytt, nano assault or puddle



unrandomsam said:

NES Lifeforce is even less acceptable now. (Arcade Salamander 3d classic or based on the PC Engine version). I think I may even get Altered Beast before I get any more NES games (Crisis Force / Gun-Nac excluded).
Interesting at the moment Sega is more profitable than Nintendo.



element187 said:

I want to buy Giana Sisters, but the $15 asking price is way too high for an indie game that didn't review very high.... dropping the price a couple of dollars isn't going to motivate me to buy. Drop it to the same price as the SNES titles and I'll insta buy.



robohobo93 said:

I was going to get Bomberman Blitz, but Streets of Rage will be taking its place, alongside Sonic, Ecco, and discounted Crimson Shroud & Attack of the Friday Monsters.



cmk8 said:

Another Little Inferno discount...
Might get Akari for my wife, otherwise I'll keep waiting for Pokemon Trading Card game...



daveh30 said:

Hope N/A gets these same discounts this week... i picked up Toki Tori last week, and will definitely be picking up 2+ either way, but it would be nice to save a couple bones. Two Tribes definitely has the best series of games on the eShop. Rush and Edge were great too



supocarta said:

life force salamander WOW! this game is great should have two player download play too!



Kolzig said:

Streets of Rage 3D and Mutant Mudds discount ooohhh yeah!
Last weeks Guild 01&02 discounts and this week is certainly looking sweet.



Kolzig said:

@RainbowGazelle Nintendo has discounted quite many of their own games in North America now before Christmas, but Nintendo of Europe never does that for some reason.



Pokefanmum82 said:

I hope we get Nintendogs here in NA. My daughter really want that game but it's hard to find retail. Just hope it's not $40, though I will still probably get it for her anyways



Bass_X0 said:

Witch and Hero for me. I quite like the demo but didn't think it was worth full price.



Bass_X0 said:

@Metroidlink The poll is to say which one you are most excited for. If you have a few you will download, then which one do you most want?



rjejr said:

Good to see so many sales once again,

Can you add "spam" to the report button? I'm ok w/ the trolls and the fanbois and the spoilers and even the abusive cursing, but I like to save the really obvious spam for my email.



Anguspuss said:

Im glad sale for wii u titles is to 2nd January. (all I want for xmas is some eshop credits).
Big up fpr Two tribes with the added discount to Toki Tori 2+ if you have the other titles.



Darknyht said:

@Nintendojuenger Yes, PS+ got it free because they pay $50 to be a member. Sony takes some of that money raised and purchases a blanket license for PS+ members. However, stop being a member and you lose access to the game.



KnightRider666 said:

Life Force? Wow. Makes me wonder what NA will get this week for the 3DS NES VC. I hope for Blaster Master.



electrolite77 said:

Busy week! Hmmm, Star Wars Pinball and Art of Balance Touch for me.

A splurge on the SEGA Classics is due soon too.



Zach777 said:

Surprised that Nintendogs is going for 39.99... Kind of insane really considering retail is substantially cheaper almost everywhere else.



RetroRider said:

Concerning smash bros. 4:

"Officially it'll be out sometime in 2014! I can't answer questions, but we are working really hard every day." - Sakurai— Merry StreetsAhead (@Sab_Mas) December 16, 2013

Something smells, a smelly smell that smells....smelly



jakysnakydx said:

Well that's the thing, Nintendo games don't generally have a lag. When they do however, it's part of a much larger strategy Nintendo uses. Similar to Iwata's statement on paying 3rd parties to include their games, discounting games offers the same pattern. Once you start, you just can't stop. Once a game is discounted due to low demand, we expect it. How many of us 'expect' Nintendo games to go on sale and wait to buy them at a lower price instead of top dollar? I'm willing to wager less than if we KNEW it was to drop price.



Sjoerd said:

I think I might just download two zen tables and maybe toki tori since I've got EDGE alredy. Nice week!



moroboshi said:

It's interesting how SEGA have been porting the original arcade versions of their games to the 3DS, but others just dump the old NES ROM on the virtual console. Nobody should buy Life Force, as it's the far inferior NES version. Instead, we should have been getting Salamander from the coin-op original, and it's amazing sequel for good measure.



Linkus said:

Probably knytt underground and maybe life force (never played it on the nes).



moroboshi said:

@Mommar Sinply because the arcade originals always have better audio and visuals. Ports were mostly awful through the 8 and 16 bit era. Pale imitations of the originals. Would you want to see the Mona Lisa, or some copy a child knocked up from memory?



Ootfan98 said:

Was hoping to see Super Probotector on Wii U VC, gutted!

Will pick up the MD 3D Classics, hopefully followed next week with Afterburner 2



Lil-Devil said:

im really looking forward to knytt underground.hope it arrives in the us on the 19th..



IceClimbers said:

Wonder why Summer Carnival '92 RECCA hasn't been added to the Wii U VC yet. Also, that's a lot of discounts. Hope North America gets those same discounts. Most of those last until early January too. If I get an eShop prepaid card for Christmas I might have to use it on some of these, though I also want to get Retro City Rampage, Shantae and the Pirates Curse, etc. when they come next year. Will be purchasing 3D Streets of Rage or 3D Shinobi 3.



slidecage said:

Witch & Hero (CIRCLE Entertainment, €1.99 / £1.79) until 9th January, normally €3.99 / £3.59)

if that = 1.99 us thursday i might finally buy it



Nomad said:

Does anyone know what happened to the Aeterno Blade demo? I thought it was due out on EShop by now? Maybe it's not available in Australia?



KnightRider666 said:

@Kawaii_Neko: How do you know what NA is getting this week already? Where is your info coming from? I hate the fact that I don't find out until 10am on this site Thursdays...



KnightRider666 said:

Does anybody know what happened to the Mario Golf game that was in development for the 3DS??? It was supposed to be out at the end of summer 2013, then was delayed. It's no longer listed on GameStop's website.



Spoony_Tech said:

@KnightRider666 I would also like to know that answer. I've been saying it for a couple months now I believe Nintendo is making a Wii U version kinda like Monster Hunter where both version can be played against each other. It seems like the perfect game to do it with. I just hope they didn't cancel or just altogether move it to Wii U.



Monsti said:

Great discount week. I'll get Witch & Hero for 2 bucks and the Giana Sisters. It's just too bad that the 3DS VC has become only NES games. I want some GB :/



andreoni79 said:

€ 45 / $ 60 for digital Nintendogs! I didn't know Ebenezer Scrooge worked for Nintendo... This is just shameful!

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