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Wii U Family Hardware Bundles Revealed in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Mario, partying, fitness and karaoke all in one box

When it comes to the Wii U, Nintendo is undoubtedly working hard to line-up offers and deals to make an impression on the market. We've recently seen a special bundle for The Wind Waker HD in North America — which is also coming to Europe — and more bundles are rumoured, such as one featuring New Super Mario Bros. U and its Luigi DLC, though we expect more to be officially announced in the coming weeks and months. Along with a fairly modest price cut, targeting customers that are seeking value is clearly a priority.

The hardware in Japan, just like elsewhere, is in need of a boost, and two new bundles — four if you count the white and black SKUs — have been revealed. They're all 32GB models, as is now becoming standard, and are reportedly being branded as 'Play Immediately Family Bundles', though we should allow for translation quirks; the details are below.

Bundle 1 (32,800 yen / approximately $330 / £206):

32GB Wii U + New Super Mario Bros. U + Wii Party U + Sensor Bar + Wii Remote + 30 days of Karaoke service

Bundle 2 (34,800 yen / approximately $350 / £220):

32GB Wii U + New Super Mario Bros. U + Wii Party U + Wii Fit U + Sensor Bar + Fit Meter + Wii Remote + 30 days of Karaoke service

The inclusion of a sensor bar is due to it not being standard in the Premium bundles in Japan, while the Balance Board isn't included in bundle 2. Apparently all games will be pre-installed on the system — making a hard drive necessary right off the bat, we suspect — but these are certainly attractive bundles, even accounting for the fact that currency conversions don't always tell the full picture. We have no doubt that Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe will announce more bundle packages soon, and we certainly hope that both the white 32GB model and various pre-installed games will be included.

We've argued before that, without a price cut, bundles will be key to the Wii U offering good value in the eyes of consumers. With a price cut and attractive bundles, its chances will surely increase further.


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deusy said:

Damn, that's nice. I definitely think they should ship Wiimotes with them in the west.



rndethan said:

These bundles are definitely worth their money. I really do hope that these boost Wii U sales in Japan ^^



ToniK said:

I hope Wii U will sell during the holiday season. Right now the sales are the lowest I've seen :/ Which is understandable since the price drop is on it's way but it makes me sad nonetheless.



DilMan33 said:

While Family packs are all good and well and I would have guessed they would do this; but they also need a few 'Core Gamer' packs that includes something like Wonderful 101s or Watchdogs.

The system is just too powerful just to be targetted soley to familes.



Will-75 said:

I hope these attract more buyers the Wii U is an Amazing system with a ton to offer, it is by far the best system from Nintendo to date in my opinion the controller (Gamepad) is just Awesome ..



Kirk said:

If only bundles were actually that price in the UK; £206 and £220 respectively.



micronean said:'s their holidays to lose, as the PS4 will not be coming to Japan in 2013. Their only competitor, amazingly enough, is none other than the 3DS.



iphys said:

Good deal, but Bundle 2 seems a bit silly, as you need a balance board already, and anyone that does would most likely not need a sensor bar or wiimote. Assuming they're doing the same "buy a Fit Meter, get Wii Fit U for free" thing in Japan, I don't see the need for Bundle 2 at all — might as well have done a completely different bundle from Bundle 1 to try to attract a different crowd.



ULTRA-64 said:

Why not throw in some Wii games if they're gonna do bundles. Do do an old skool classics bundle...would also show the Wii u is new compared to the OLD Wii!



kegluneq said:

my wiiu was bought december... 32gb with nintendo land for 350€ and guess what... the shop offered new super mario brothers u totally free. back there it was a nice price



Mk_II said:

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, bundles are the way to go.



rjejr said:

"making a hard drive necessary right off the bat"

They keep saying Wii Fit needs a HDD but they wont tell us how big it is. NSMBU, Wit Party U and Wii Fit U (they should call this the U U bundle; so glad sports got called "Club") all being installed must mean it isn't too huge.

I don't think we'll see white Wii Us in the US for at least a few years until the Wii is a memory. Black Wii U w/ 32GB, only difference being the bundles, is the way to go until the Wii U is a household name rather than an unknown accessory for the Wii.

I think a balance board bundle would be too expensive, better to at least get board owners to buy a Wii U than nobody buy a $400 bundle.

I don't think the 30 day karaoke offer is going to make it outside of Japan.



JuanitoShet said:

30 days of karaoke? Sure, sign me up, Nintendo! I'd love to burn my neighbors's voices with my beautiful voice!

...Guess it's a good thing that feature probably won't make it outside of Japan. :B



Exile20 said:

@iphys Well, not everyone has 4 Wii mote pluses, so an extra wii mote plus is always welcomed.

Wii fit sold a lot of units and so this will appeal to those millions of people with a balance board already and Wii Fit U doen't need a balance board to be useful. The activity meter is enough to get use out of Wii Fit U.

The sensor bar is for new Wii U owners that dont have a wii or sold it. As the bundle says, 'Play Immediately Family Bundles'. You do not need to buy anything at all to get up and running once you buy the bundle.



Bengals76 said:

Save your money Japan. There is a reason they are giving you so much for cheap. The system is outdated junk that no one is supporting. I know, I own one. Buy a PS4 or XboxOne!



VoiceOfReason said:

Wii U's not outdated yet. In fact, until PS4 and XBone are released, it's the best hardware you can get. Even when the competitors arrive, it will just be like the wii was against the PS3 and Xbox 360, only the wii U will be closer to its competitors than the wii was.



Salnax said:

Damn, those are great bundles. With the PS4 and Xbone not coming out in Japan until 2014, this might give the Wii U the local edge it needs.



aaronsullivan said:

Totally disagree about Nintendo Land. Just saying. I don't know your experience with it but it definitely helps to play with groups and especially with the same group as you advance further and further in. Still haven't cleared everything with my family but we all love the game. Zelda Battle Quest in particular is harder with more people.



Darknyht said:

This reminds me of the NES Power Set systems that were sold with the Light Zapper, Power Pad, and a 3-in-1 game (Super Mario Bros., Duck Hunt, World Class Track Meet).



Peek-a-boo said:

If this doesn't do the numbers in Japan this Christmas, especially with absolutely NO presence from the PlayStation 4, they will be buggered.



Ichiban said:

I'm actually hoping for a Wii U redesign next year, with a new look console (less like the Wii console) and a new and improved gamepad. Oh and bigger inbuilt storage.



wombatkidd said:

ITP: A handful of studios all of which are owned by EA or haven't made anything for a Nintendo console since the NES are "everyone."

I own one too. And a bunch of games for it. And more than half of those games are third party. Yep "no one" is supporting it.



Moshugan said:

Hmm.. Those bundles are nice in terms of content (although how do you play Wii Fit U without a balance board? That's another 9000 yen separate purchase.) The games are preinstalled so there will be some 10 gigs of space taken up by those. Very nice all in all!



Jazzer94 said:

I've always felt a Wiimote should have been included as standard seeing as most games use them.



SCAR said:

Internal memory being maxed at 32GB isn't a problem.
By the time people realize they want more games in a digital format, it's basically guaranteed they'll understand they need an HDD to do that.

It would be like buying an smartphone(or basically anything), and figuring you want more SD card space, cases, a car charger, etc. items that enhance your experience with the device based on your preference.

This is a good deal.



Pod said:

Good to see the 8GB model and the differences in peripherals have been done away with.

The consumer should not have to make that decision when looking into a console.

AND KUDOS to putting a Wii Remote Plus in the box. This is CRUCIAL, Nintendo. Well done.



Mahe said:

@Pod Absolutely. The Basic set and not having a Wiimote in the console package was (and continues to be) a big mistake for Wii U. Every Wii U package should come with a Wiimote and the sensor bar.



Mahe said:

@LunaticPandora I haven't played them yet of course, but yes, I hope that Wii Party U and Wii Fit U will be quite enjoyable, and that they will provide a much-needed boost to the Wii U game selection.



JaxonH said:

Price drop took effect 4 days ago actually. Retailers have quietly lowered prices on the standard 32gb Deluxe model. I don't think real sales improvements will come until late 2014, although some medium term increases should be seen for 4th quarter 2013, with of course, a decline in January. But fall 2014 is when I think the system will catch longer-term momentum. It takes time for the games to resonate with consumers, and for word of mouth to spread that the games are must-have and the price is right.

This is of course speculation, but not without reason.



Mahe said:

@aaronsullivan Neither me nor my friends enjoy Nintendoland. Its few good ideas quickly lost their novelty, and they are overnumbered by all the bad and boring games. Calling it "mediocre" is generous, when it was a pretty big disappointment really.



Dogpigfish said:

I think Nintendoland will sell better not included in the package. That was a mistake in my opinion. They should have released it with the new wii sports and sold that separately. These packages offer a lot of content, but I agree it doesn't promote people on the fence who think wii u just sells Mario games. I agree with the earlier comments that a partnership with Ubi could have paid off here. But I'm sure they'll sell fine either way.



aaronsullivan said:

I only have respect for you now because of your avatar. I kid.

What were the bad games, though?

The Yoshi game becomes genius in later levels, that's the one I was most resistant to at first. Even Pikmin which seems so silly/simple at the beginning gets fun and even challenging.

Metroid Blast and Zelda Battle Quest have some of the best teamwork cooperative gaming I've played in years and I'm still amazed at how fun the sword play can be. The Donkey Kong game gets devilishly intense requiring very real skills. The Balloon Trip game and the Ninja game are a bit old school straight forward playing, but they offer plenty of replay value and are old school difficult, too.

The dance game is obviously not going to be for everybody but I wouldn't call it bad. The Mario Chase, Luigi's Mansion, and Animal Crossing games are the one's that seemed to wear out the fastest, but every time we get a new group to play they love those the most. It's probably because the wide range of kid ages makes the competitive ones tough to enjoy. I even enjoy playing a couple rounds of the pachinko game every once in a while.

I guess we'll just have to disagree.



aaronsullivan said:

I find it hard to judge bundles like this as I'm such a sucker for Nintendo at day one. Still, these look good and though I was a bit skeptical on the Wind Waker HD bundle, it seems to have some good buzz going about it.



Obito_Sigma said:

This sucks! I waited for a price cut on the 3DS and I lose over a $100 worth of games, ten of them never released on the Virtual Console. I buy the Wii U only a month after the release, and it gets a $50 price cut and no ambassador program. Now, they reveal that you could get a "WHITE" Wii U (which is what I wanted in the first place) in 32GB and with a bigger bundle, including a Wii Remote, Sensor Bar, NSMBU, WiiPartyU, WiiFitU, and the Wii Balance Board. Nintendo Land isn't worth all that...

This'll teach me. Next time a Nintendo console or handheld comes out, I'll let it have poor sales until I either see a price cut or ambassador's program. That's life for you...



Ren said:

I would have taken the launch a lot more seriously if it had bundles like this. I still think the lack of better storage is ridiculous, despite everybodys cries of "you can just get your own HD"; I get how it works. it's just disingenuous to be selling it as this complete thing that is supposedly all about downloading games but you still have spend another $50 and plug in some random crap drive to install anything like they encourage you too. It's like they designed it when they still didn't believe in anything online and never updated it; That alone still annoys me and feels like a bait and switch. give me ONE good pack in game and a 60-100gb drive built in, and maybe even a wii mote and I'd be all over it; And that should be at about $300 us, I would probably get one now with that kind of deal but I've been kind of turned off by it altogether already with the horrible launch and lack of solid 1st party games even now still. Mario is just not enough anymore with such a mixed target market.



LegoNintendo12 said:

I think it would be a good idea for Nintendo to have a Super Mario 3D World. That would be pretty cool!



archlord said:

Hopefully this works out. All #wiiu tags on Instagram show people with their new Zelda WW HD bundles. I'm interested to hear just how much of a boost Nintendo got from this bundle.



GreatPlayer said:

I paid $350 for only the Nintendo Land bundle, which I played only for two weeks and get bored... I paid another $40 for a Wiimote and nunchuck too...

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