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Reggie Fils-Aime Reiterates That There's "Nothing to Announce in Terms of an Ambassador Program"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

That really should be that, then

After the $50 price cut for the Wii U 32GB model was announced, some naturally made comparisons to the 3DS price cut of 2011 and wondered whether some form of Ambassador Program would be offered, in which 3DS early adopters received 10 NES and 10 GBA games. The scenarios are different, of course, in that the Wii U has been on the market longer than the 3DS was before its cut, and the actual size of the reduction is less.

Earlier in the week a Nintendo customer representative stated there were "no plans" for an equivalent program; with the greatest respect for the diligent work of that employee, however, messages from such sources can occasionally be muddled or slightly incorrect, as was notable during issues with a Pikmin 3 eShop promotion in Europe, when technical issues were explained poorly by a representative and caused confusion around the web. In this case, however, Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime has come out in this case, however, and reiterated the same message. Below is what he told Kotaku.

Reggie Fils-Aime: The focus on making sure that this holiday, [the Wii U's] second holiday, is really strong is actually quite consistent with the way that we always thought about our hardware launches. Look at Nintendo 3DS. We lined up Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land to make sure that its second holiday was as strong as possible.

Kotaku: Right, but with that one, the precedent set there was that you guys dropped the price by a third, I think under the recognition that the machine wasn’t moving. And then, once that happened, that seemed to really propel it along. But, I mean, the Ambassador program and all that certainly sent a signal to me that Nintendo had miscalculated the appeal of the system at its initial price point. Lowering it seemed to solve it, right? Lowering it dramatically and doing those types of things [worked]. Are you guys doing any sort of Ambassador program for Wii U owners to thank them for coming in early and withstanding some of the [software] drought?

Reggie Fils-Aime: So, we have nothing to announce in terms of an Ambassador Program. And what I would do is reinforce what you just said. The situations are very different not only in terms of the timing, not only in terms of the level of the reduction… it’s a very different situation.

So there you have it, we'd stop holding your breath for any freebies following the Wii U price cut.


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Yoshi3DS said:

was it 10 nes AND 10 gba games, i thought it was just 10 nes and gba games?



ToniK said:

Electronics tend to get cheaper over time. I really don't see why they should give free stuff away. Be it digital or not.



Dark_Link said:

I have an observation that is slightly off-topic here. Does anyone notice that Reggie has been doing a lot of talking to the media recently, while we really have not heard anything from Iwata during this same time span.



Dark_Link said:

@ScroogeMcLz No. All previous announcements were usually made by Iwata via Nintendo Direct or via the Media. Even Nintendolife would post comments from Iwata regarding no price cut etc and that was not just for Japan. Now there is nothing from Iwata and it has been all Reggie.



Marshi said:

Though I doubt there will be an ambassador program(why should there be?) I think we should note that both times it has been stated "there is nothing to ANNOUNCE",not that there wont be,just that theres nothing to say at this point. Similar to how there was nothing to "announce" regarding a wiiu price cut...



millarrp said:

it would have been nice to see something for early adopters, even if it was a couple free vc games but oh well



TrueWiiMaster said:

The Wii U doesn't need an Ambassador program for a such a small price drop, if you can even call it a price drop. All they're really doing is making the bundled game free instead of charging an extra $50 for it. Besides, it's coming almost a year after the Wii U's release, not in its first 6 months (as it did with the 3DS).

Something else to consider, for those who just NEED to have some form of compensation, is the VC sale earlier this year. Only early buyers were able to get games like Super Metroid, F-Zero, Punch Out!, and Kirby's Adventure virtually free. The total value of all the games in the sale is $41, minus the $2.10 they were charging.



Dark_Link said:

@ScroogeMcLz because Iwata made the comment less than a few weeks ago that price was not the issue but a lack of software was. He was talking about sales for the Wii U everywhere not just Japan.



LztheQuack said:

@Dark_Link This price drop was only announced in America (confirmed later in Europe too), so it makes more sense for Reggie to comment on it



LAA said:

Not that I think we're entitled to anything, but seems a little cheapish to me.
Just that they would most likely give us retro games, which I do appreciate, but it hardly costs them much to do that I would say, at least I personally wouldn't have bought the games I got from the 3DS ambassador programme.
I think if Sony did something like this, (Which to be honest, I dont think they would anyway), but if they did, I could probably see them more letting owners have a free full retail game or something. Maybe more depending on how nice they are or how much they dropped the price of their console or something.



Dark_Link said:

@ScroogeMcLz I'm not just pointing out about that either. He also made a comment about the XBOX1 and PS4 launch lineup as well. Iwata's comment was about no price cut on behalf of all of Nintendo not just Japan and he made that comment as the CEO of all of Nintendo. I can understand why Reggie would talk on behalf of NOA, my point was Iwata has been silent recently when we would usually hear something from him and we have not recently.



Volmun said:

@TrueWiiMaster i was sort of thinking the same tbh as only ppl who got the WiiU erliy got a chance to buy the NES & SNES games for only £0.30p (in the UK) and that was for.. 5 games? i can't remember haw menny naw but the saving (as you have sed) isn't to far off from £50.



NintyMan said:

I don't want to parrot much of what others have already stated. The price cut is not big enough and is too late in the Wii U's lifetime to warrant Ambassador gifts. Besides, I'm already satisfied with Wii U as it is and I'm looking forward to the games coming.



Freeon-Leon said:

I can'f believe there's people expecting an ambassador program. Even a gift or something. Kinda reminds me of Pavlov's dog experiment.



Obito_Sigma said:

I'm crossing my fingers. 3DS Ambassadors got over $100 worth of games, ten of which are still not out after nearly two years. Even if they give us a digital certificate acknowledging us as Ambassadors, I'd be fine.



Emblem said:

Sick of this hand out culture, if 50 bucks is a big deal then you need to stop playing games and get your act together.

The 3DS program made sense and was valid but people are just pushing it asking for a program for Wii U.




I wouldn't complain if they gave me something for free, but I'm not going to complain because I'm not getting something for free.

3DS was a different set of circumstances. Get over it.



WesCash said:

Nintendo doesn't owe anyone anything. If you bought a Wii U for $350, it's because you believed it was worth that much at the time.



JadedGamer said:

Bummer.Im fine either way.I just dont like being shafted again.Like when I bought 3 separate 3ds' for the kids.Nintendo announced there would be no further models and 2 Months later the xl comes out. Then I bought those too...Just dont believe everything you hear...And dont buy a system at launch again, Lesson learned.



meppi said:

Didn't expect to get anything and I'm certainly not miffed about it either.
If anything I'm surprised and delighted with all the free stuff I've been getting from Nintendo this past year, be it on the Wii U VC with the Famicom anniversary games which were basically free, as well as all the promotions for the 3DS that gave me several eshop versions of retail games! Been happy to help people out with a free copy of Monster Hunter and Animal Crossing as well, so I think Nintendo have been very generous already.



ToxieDogg said:

People need to man up and stop being so greedy. I bought an N64 day one and I didn't suddenly assume that I was an 'ambassador' who was entitled to freebies when the price dropped not long afterwards. Wii U's been out nearly a year, and we've had so great deals that we wouldn't have otherwise been entitled to if we'd only bought one now, like the 30p Famicom Anniversary games and the Pikmin 3/Wonderful 101 special offer price for downloading both.

If it encourages some more people to buy a Wii U, then we'll all get more Wii U games released in the long run, and that's a good thing, right?



sinalefa said:

Well, I got a bunch of games at 30 cents and I already received a $5 code for downloading games on my early adopter Wii U.

Still, it wouldn't hurt to have the E3 demos of upcoming games available in the eShop. Regardless of a price cut, the demos are already created and we could show them to our friends who visit, tempting them to get a Wii U this holiday season.



Squiggle55 said:

I don't "expect" an ambassador program, but I think they should do something. The situation really is quite similar. And the launch has been quite bad. And early adopters should be thanked. I think they should do something small. And they should do it immediately with no warning for people to take advantage of.



FritzFrapp said:

I don't think early adopters should expect compensation, but it WOULD be a nice gesture. And no, the VC games sale doesn't count – that's crazy talk. Any extra expenditure can't possibly count, whatever the 'normal' overinflated prices of those ROMs are being peddled for.
A free indie game download from the eShop, courtesy of Nintendo, would be a fitting gesture to early adopters and the indie developers themselves.



Blaze said:

So I bought this lame console and now you're not even gonna give me compensation!? >:[

Seriously though, this doesn't bother me hugely, mostly because I barely touched the GBA/NES games for the 3DS and I'd rather not have a ton of crappy games clogging up my limited Wii U storage space. Eshop credit would be nice though~



bizcuthammer said:

I dont care if we dont get an ambassador program, but can we please have GBA, N64 and Genesis games on the eshop already?!



Relias said:

You bunch of selfish SOB's that is all I can say.. I mean really.. poor lineup of games?? what the heck did you expect.. everything to be availaible for you at launch or shortly after... well if that is the case you are indeed naive to say the least.. it very seldom happens.. especially when a company is just now trying to deal with something like HD.. so what did you expect?? Nintendo franchises.. well to say the least patience is a virtue for a reason.. by the time everything is said and done.. I am sure if you are a Nintendo fan and you don't have a Wii U.. you will look nothing but foolish.. and Nintendo has never gotten everything right.. so I don't want to hear it on that front.. I mean what really did you expect?? Your screaming and crying Ambassador program is going to do nothing except make us look bad.. I am not cheap.. just because there is a price drop does not mean I expect free stuff.. I am sorry.. but that is kind of pathetic on your part.. you got the machine.. for a reason.. all of a sudden a price cut comes and your regretting it.. maybe you should have waited.. but don't ever demand things for free.. that is cheap on your part.. sorry..



cookiex said:

FYI (I think) the ambassador program was revealed after the 3DS price cut was effective, which is to say the day it was announced. If Nintendo has plans for some sort of compensation (and that's a big IF) for WiiU owners, I have a feeling they wouldn't talk about it until after that price cut came into effect.

It's a pretty small price cut by Nintendo standards anyway, only by 15% or so. The 3DS cut took away a whole third of it's price.



BestBuck15 said:

Yeah and the N64 got a price cut inside 6 months from £250 to £150. I got a N64 on launch day and got nothing and expected nothing. I did hear that if you wrote to Nintendo you could get a copy of Mario Kart 64 but I didn't.
The Wii U is only getting a fraction of a price cut and some people are demanding compensation, unbelievable.



fortius54 said:

There was no price drop to announce either so I went out, made my purchase, and I got a surprise this week. I'm not saying that angry. I'm just saying that just because there is nothing to say about that today doesn't mean there will be nothing to say about it next week.



Gold_Ranger said:

The Trial VC games though... Not everyone got them, and people that recently bought a WiiU didn't get any!
I was able to only get 3 myself for when I got my WiiU.
I did Donkey Kong, Metroid and Yoshi.
The DDP is also available with the Price-Dropped WiiU...
The Price Dropped WiiU gets Zelda:WW AND a copy of Hyrule Historia for free.
Those of us that got it earlier don't get nearly as much stuff for the price...
And EVERYONE has to rebuy the games they own on the VC... that's a bit unfair as well... seeing as they are already ON the system!

I've been with Nintendo since the Game & Days!
I will now NEVER buy a Nintendo Console on day 1!



unrandomsam said:

I am not bothered too much (I think I paid £50 more than I needed to for my 3DS XL) what is annoying is that I cannot get any of those GBA games unless I mess around buying a used 3DS and transferring them.



SanderEvers said:

NOBODY makes you buy anything. If you don't like it, then don't buy it. It's a simple as that. Also Nintendo does give you a discount if you already have the Wii VC game.

Also when you buy something, you buy what is inside of the package for the price it's on the shelve. Because you think that's a fair price.

Crying that you could get more right now for the same money is the same as crying that you can't play Wii U games on the Wii. It's, and sorry I don't have a better word for it, stupid.

If you buy a PC today, I can tell you now that as soon as you get home someone in the world just build a better PC for the same price.



allav866 said:

@SanderEvers I'll agree with @Kaine_Morrison on one thing: it's one thing to basically include a free game with a $299 system, but to throw in Hyrule Historia as well seems a bit... excessive. After buying Wind Waker, I'll have basically everything in the WWHD bundle (including the book, excluding the snazzy-looking GamePad), and it will have cost me around $140 more than it would if I had waited a few more months... then again, the WWHD bundle doesn't have Nintendo Land, so $90 more.



ZesuBen said:

Can't it just be enough that we early adopters supported our company of choice in its time of need? I not only don't want an Ambassador Program on Wii U, I specifically want them not to do one. With all the promotions that have been available because we had Wii U's (like the 30 cent games, or the buy two get one free VC games) that nobody who buys one from here on in will get, I not only feel like I shouldn't get more, I feel like I've already gotten more.



unrandomsam said:

@ZesuBen Nintendo doesn't need anything its profitable again and it still has 10 billion in the bank. (Selling the Wii U's at a loss likely did more damage than good to them).



manpretty said:

I also kind of considered the $.30 game program pretty darn close to the Ambassador program. If Nintendo wanted to reconsider I think that's the route they should go, and offer nearly free games again. Tough to complain at that price point.



FadedSun said:

The 3DS price drop was much more immediate than this Wii U one. Personally, I don't think Wii U owners should get anything.



Doma said:

@Relias Sony gave me $10 earlier this year, for literally doing nothing. I'd definitely say they treat their fans better actually...



DreamOn said:

I think early adopters should just get an ambassador certificate to print and frame lol



Relias said:

@Doma Supporting them is not doing nothing.. and that's okay.. you'll just be giving it back to them.. and the last time I checked.. you were not setting here and saying the PS3 got a price cut I should get 10 dollars.. if you did Sony would just laugh and laugh at you..



ZesuBen said:

@unrandomsam Nintendo is a business. If they stop making money, they stop producing games. I (because I guess I'm not speaking for everyone here) support them because I want more Nintendo games. And your argument is... That they have enough money so they should stop charging customers... This can't REALLY be an argument, can it?



R-L-A-George said:

@Luigifan141 If they do anything, be thankful for it. Even if it's worth less than $50, also evidently you love your WiiU so that should count too. So should you care if you get anything out of the price cut?

I understand, I was a 3DS Ambassador too but I wasn't expecting it. God bless Nintendo, they gave away their first Eshop game with the first 3DS update and gave away 20 VC Titles to 3DS Ambassadors. They have recently gave people updates to VC for $0.30 they already downloaded on wii, for WiiU. Nintendo has done a lot!



Relias said:

@TrueWiiMaster I agree with you.. well most of what you said.. I think you forget 8GB memory is cheaper than 32 GB memory.. 8 GB goes for about 7 bucks.. for instance(Pending on what it is) and 32 GB would go for at least 25 bucks.. (Once again pending on what we are talking about but you get the idea) so actually it is a price cut... because essentially speaking the difference between memory could mean you were getting the game free anyway... (Not likley but you were most likely getting it at a discount) so it is a price cut but it is a minor one to say the least..



cdude said:

I dont really care, but theyre effectively giving people reasons to not buy nintendo hardware at launch. The ambassador games would at least give people something for buying early, because of the launch window, only to be shafted by the delay of everything in the launch window.

If everyone waits for the console revision or price drop because no one adopts early, there isnt going to be a console much less games to play on it.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I don't think they owe anyone for the price drop since buying day one has always been an at your own risk affair. It wouldn't hurt if they did something to make up for the drought though since they did promise to provide software for their proprietary hardware, people are reliant on them to make their investment worth the cost.

Rewarding their fans patience which they've been asking for the whole time would go a long way. Even if its just something like 50% off your next e-shop purchase it'd be a nice gesture, and help promote the e-shop too.



chaos_ said:

Yea early buyers don't deserve anything free. Its always a risk to get a console at launch and your fault as well, and since the price drop was only $50 its not like you really lost out. The most you should proly get is a pat on the back for being a early buyer



R-L-A-George said:

@cdude I agree but it's kind of been that way for years with price cuts but without the comp for buying it at launch. So I think it might be lack of appropriate pricing. Though if no one bought it at launch, "over-priced" or not, no problems would be fixed and the company will go under.



Wheels2050 said:

I'm sick of hearing people demanding that Nintendo gives them free things (whether it's Ambassador programs or Club Nintendo stuff), especially when half the time complaints then arise because people wanted something different to what they got.

People complaining about this need a reality check. Price drops can happen any time for any product. It doesn't mean that you deserve to be compensated for buying the product at the pre-sale price. If you purchase something, it's obviously because you think the asking price is reasonable. Sure, kick yourself if you could have saved money by waiting an extra month or so, but nobody owes you that money. Nobody.

This entitlement (I hate how much that word is overused, but it fits) is getting ridiculous, both on NL and in the gaming community at large. I don't know if it's because many members of the community who frequent gaming websites are too young to have lived in the real world for very long, but if you're outraged that Nintendo doesn't give you something because they've dropped their price, you need to have a look at your priorities in life.

I'm not denying that Nintendo doing another program would foster a lot of good will - it absolutely would. However, it costs them money and they certainly don't owe it to anybody.

So, if you're complaining that you don't get something for free, please stop. It's annoying.



Burning_Spear said:

I don't think Nintendo wants to — or should — do this, even though I'm one of the people who would benefit. Coming after the 3DS Ambassador program, it would establish a pattern of price drops being accompanied by freebies. My guess is there will be a more subtle giveaway, like Club Nintendo points or a buy-one-get-one-free promotion on the eShop.



Relias said:

@Wheels2050 Thank you.. exactly what I was trying to say.. or did.. just not so nicely I guess.. Sorry Guys.. but I really don't think a machine takes a price cut.. and the company that makes it owes you money because you adopted it early.. and as I said to Doma... I seriously doubt any other company would even have to mention this.. not even bring it up as a topic.. but Nintendo does?? Seriously??



Doge said:

Well DUH. They don't announce it be for the cut releases. Then everybody would get the Wii u now and an ambassador program would not be needed as much.



FineLerv said:

"Well, I got a bunch of games at 30 cents and I already received a $5 code for downloading games on my early adopter Wii U."
I was going to say the same thing. We paid a couple of bucks extra for our system and got Super Metroid, F-Zero, Punch Out etc. Sounds like a good "thank you" already.

"Still, it wouldn't hurt to have the E3 demos of upcoming games available in the eShop. Regardless of a price cut, the demos are already created and we could show them to our friends who visit, tempting them to get a Wii U this holiday season."
This totally makes sense. While it's been suggested in the past that demos actually reduce game sales, I don't see that happening with Smash Bros.



GamerZack87 said:

Australia and New Zealand wait patiently for news of a Wii U price cut in their subregion



Gregor said:

The Wii U launch was AWFUL. Still to this day I only have Nintendo Land that came bundled with the system. To be honest I was hoping for a couple free N64 and or GameCube early acsess games. Oh well.



Pod said:

There are more differences to the situation.

The Wii U could always be purchased for $299. Now you just get some extra pieces of plastic and a slightly larger internal memory card for that price.



Quasar said:

Almost seems like there's Nintendo employees commenting here. Lol.

Sales have been abysmal for several months and if they dropped the price in the beginning, it WOULD be very similar to the 3DS.

I agree that if Nintendo DID do an ambassador program again, people would expect it but what's the big deal? They choose what to give you and they are usually games that most of us have purchased before anyways. It's called incentive to entice early adopters.

Next generation is going to suffer because millions will wait, so will developers and Nintendo will have a catch 22 on there hands. Unless, there's INCENTIVE! Sorry for yelling, cough!



datamonkey said:

It annoys me a little when people say to stop complaining about a $50 difference in price. In the UK it is much more than that.

I bought my Wii U for £350 when launched. The new Zelda pack is going for £250. That is £100 difference not to mention it comes with Zelda and a limited edition console.

That is a $155 price difference if using USD, not $50 without taking into account the value of the game. Then you're looking at a $200 difference. That's a lot of money in a short space of time since the console launched.

I knew what I was getting into when I bought the Wii U so I cannot complain, however it irks me when people brush this price drop off as something smaller than the real world reality.

Seeing as Nintendo made an Ambassador program for 3DS and the Wii U price drop is just as large, I feel a gesture of goodwill from Nintendo rewarding loyal early adopters would be a good move. Reggie saying this situation is different is not relevant.

I am a long time Nintendo fan and love their games, however I find myself getting more annoyed with their decisions as time goes on.

Why did they feel the need to reward 3DS owners but not Wii U?



TheLilK98 said:

@datamonkey Using a bundle as an excuse as to why you should get an ambassador program is different. Did you get the basic set? because if you did that's your own fault, as it's been stated many times that the Deluxe is a better value. It seems to me that you're forgetting the deluxe comes with a game too. If you wanted a limited edition console (which common sense would tell you was coming eventually) you should've waited. Not to mention the fact that Reggie is Nintendo of AMERICA's president, and his statement is supposed to apply to AMERICANS. So really, this post doesn't even apply to you. Plus the ambassador games weren't even that good. There were about 5-6 decents and 3-4 good ones.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I really don't see the big deal with this. So there's a $50 drop in price. BIG WHOOP. They're doing this to increase sales, which is good. Doesn't mean we get free stuff every time someone drops a price on something. Nobody held a gun to your head to get the thing early on. If you chose to get it, then that was your choice. I'm just glad I have a Wii U so I can get some of these new games for Christmas!



ajcismo said:

Everyone wants something for nothing. "Its not fair!" they cry. Then...
Why did you buy a brand new system at launch? History tells us that there will be a price drop/bundle deal at some point within a years time. This was predicted by several people who frequent this site (myself included).
Just watch this next year with the PS/xBone, we'll see a cheaper model of both (with some different features) by Holidays of 2014. Just because you bought early, doesn't mean you deserve squat when the price goes down later. Electronics get cheaper the longer they're available. Besides, the system needed a price drop to move units so that we don't have to hear "doom & gloom" every friggin' day.



datamonkey said:

@TheLilK98 - Yes you're right I suppose it only applies to US consumers and not me.

I just don't understand Nintendo's logic sometimes that's all...

I did get the Deluxe set.



jayclayx said:

@Wheels2050 Sony and microsoft are pulling the boat out!! they are giving every sigle month many free games to their consumers via psn and xbl (like eshop) so I think Nintendo cant just ignore the fact that actually yes they have competitors at all.



Windy said:

@datamonkey You are 100% right. It's frustrating to say the least. Then you have a minority who come on here and basically accuse people of wanting to be free loaders. You know what some free stuff is always cool. Besides there is a Video I used to use in training people at my work called "Give them the pickle" It's a good Youtube watch especially for people in management and it sheds a little light on what customer is all about. Nintendo should think about it on Wii-U since it basically duped alot of people into buying it. Sorry but Wii-U is still unacceptable



ChrisT99 said:

Here's what I think Nintendo should do for early-adoters:

I think Nintendo should give those who bought the Wii U Deluxe Set $50 in eShop credit to make up for the price difference. Additionally, Nintendo should give those who bought the Wii U ZombiU Deluxe Set $90 in eShop credit (for the difference between that and the WW bundle.)

Alternatively, since the Famicom Promotion was somewhat similar to an Ambassador Program, Nintendo could theoretically get away with providing no Promotion whatsoever.

Nintendo could also provide a partial compromise with consumers by providing a Digital Certificate, a la 3DS.




This is ok because you know what this teaches me? To NEVER buy another Nintendo console in the first 2 years ever again! For now on EVERY Nintnedo platform is gonna sale like poop on a stick in it's first year since they can't make up they're freaking minds on a decent price for they're product!

I bought the Wii U out of a lot of false promises of 3rd party support and trust that they would have a console that could keep up with the Xbox One and PS4.

Seriously I love Nintendo and their games but this is just a straight up a rip off, you say you care about the fans but you always advertise to kids?? But now you wanna go for the hardcore when you see that all the soccer moms aren't buying your system again ok.

And you say you don't care about the competition but when it's revealed that the PS4 is gonna be $400 just $50 bucks cheaper then your crappy system all of a sudden the competition matters again? Get your stuff together man



AdanVC said:

Yeah. no complains here as an early Wii U owner, a bit sad that I wouldn't be able to get my hands on that great Zelda bundle but oh well.



FJOJR said:

No complaints for me. I bought in early on the 3DS and Wii U and the $50 drop isn't as big a deal to me. Mainly because I knew what I was buying into on the Wii U and wanted it early more to replace my ageing launch day Wii. The lack of Wii U games doesn't faze me when there are a ton of Wii/WiiWare/VC games I have yet to experience.



Nico07 said:

@Yoshi3DS At least us Ambassadors on the 3DS were able to pick up the GBA titles. I thought we were promised by Iwata GBA titles on the Wii U. I wonder when that will happen.



Dauntless said:

I made my own ambassador program when I bought mine locally off ebay new for $50 less retail. All those eBay sellers expecting to mark up the console were stuck with machines that weren't moving and had to get rid of them back in the drought. I registered the serial number with Nintendo, got my points, and everything works great. Nintendo builds reliable systems.



unrandomsam said:

@ZesuBen I am not saying that. They are profitable as a whole at the moment have only made a loss twice ever and have loads of money in the bank. When there is 10 Wii U games I want I will get one. (Only interested in the new Donkey Kong Country so far and a none remake Zelda). They are not like a small developer that can go under if people don't get stuff day one. (I got a 3DS XL at RRP when it first came out if they want money they should just sell me those GBA games because I want nearly all of them. Since then they have destroyed the difficulty. I wish DS games didn't look like such dirt on the 3DS XL as well as I have bought about 20 and cannot stand to play any of them due to the scaling.) Makes no difference in the scheme of things whether I get a Wii U now or later.

They could treat their customers better though.
e.g Amazon emailed me just recently and said by the way you can have free digital copies for what you have bought on cd from us.

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