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Nintendo to Bring "Brand-New Types of Games" to Wii U in the Coming Months

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Projects left out of E3 for "a strong impact in the market"

Much has been said about Nintendo's Wii U lineup that was shown at E3 2013, with opinions from across the spectrum generally all making an appearance. It was an occasion short of surprise reveals — aside from Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze — simply because Nintendo had given us so much advance notice of what was coming. The games shown prompted plenty of debate about whether they — particularly those arriving in time for the crucial Holiday season — would give the Wii U the shift in momentum it needs. There are good arguments on each side, and only time will truly tell.

Most will surely agree that the lineup shown was short of brand new ideas, but rather fresh takes on concepts and franchises that are familiar. That makes commercial sense, in its way, but some may have still wondered what Nintendo is planning to deliver to definitively show consumers why they simply have to upgrade to the new system from Wii; releases that surprise, delight and sell systems. Perhaps some of the upcoming games will do that, but Satoru Iwata has told investors that there are unannounced games for Wii U due in the 2013/2014 release windows highlighted at E3; they simply weren't shown as the broadcast was targeting loyal Nintendo gamers, and because Nintendo plans to release these games at relatively short notice for greater impact.

At the start of the E3 show this year, we announced our Wii U software lineup until 2014 mainly through Nintendo Direct, rather than holding a large-scale presentation as we did in previous years. However, we did not announce all of the games to be released during this period. Most of those who are interested in E3 are video game fans that are eager for information on so-called traditional games and we had a lot of information to be disclosed to such people. Therefore, we first tried to inform consumers of the software lineup to relieve those who might think that they should have waited to buy Wii U until more games were released or those who might be concerned whether the software lineup will be really be enriched in the future. On the other hand, when it comes to brand-new types of games, we have to announce them not too far in advance of the actual release dates in order to have a strong impact in the market and minimize the chance of others introducing similar or competing products. We are working on new types of games, but we would like to announce them much closer to their actual release timings for this reason.

We would like as many people as possible to pick up, experience and enjoy our video games. It is important to let people who originally had no interest in games, find themselves enjoying Wii U in their living room every day. We must also satisfy avid video game fans. When it comes to Wii, as “Wii Sports” spread throughout the world at a sensational speed, some misunderstood that all Wii could do is enable them to play games by moving the Wii Remote. With Wii U, therefore, we planned to satisfy existing video game fans first and provide new surprises later. But, just as you pointed out, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the consumers to be impressed by improvements in graphics alone, so we would like to seek different ways to make an impression on consumers.

These are encouraging and intriguing words, specifically in terms of Nintendo delivering "brand-new types of games" that sell the concept; it bodes well that Wii Sports was referenced, as well as the aim of avoiding others copying the ideas for similar products.

The Wii U is arguably yet to have its "oh snap, I have to have that system and GamePad controller now" moment. If Nintendo does have something up its sleeve for later this year or early 2014, we're certainly intrigued. Feel free to speculate wildly on what it could all mean in the comments below.


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CrazyOtto said:

I hope we have a big July main series Nintendo Direct (I know Japan had a Mini Direct a few days ago with Chibi-Robo and Denpa Men 3).



KingDunsparce said:

Hopefully, there are some good games coming up, since I was a bit disappointed by the E3 Direct.



PokeTune said:

Will most likely be nothing interesting. Iwata you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk? Let's hope for the Wii U's sake.



NintyMan said:

This all sounds rather interesting. Using words like "brand-new types of games" sounds like new IPs. Whatever happened to Miyamoto's secret new IP anyway? It's been a year or two on that.

I won't be speculating too much on this, but it's nice that we wouldn't have to wait long for these new games when they're revealed.



Peach64 said:

That doesn't sound like it's going to be anything that interests me. They seem to think the stuff at E3 was for the gamers, and it sounds like what's to come is aimed at non-gamers like Wii Fit was. Would LOVE to be wrong though.



Sceptic said:

Oh jeez.

"No wait, that's not all! Please don't walk away just yet! It's a secret so I can't show you, but in the back room I have something that will just blow your mind! No, really!"

It's just sad. WiiU's only hope is the indies.



ThumperUK said:

It will soon be a year since the WiiU was launched, it is about time Nintendo treated the console seriously before the launch of the rival machines later this year. All Nintendo need to do is to actually come up with an advertising budget and PROMOTE the system!! It has been a couple of months since I've seen a WiiU advert (and then you had to really search for it!). Nintendo needs to get a grip and understand basic marketing - you need to promote the machine to get sales, not just send it to retail outlets and expect people to fork out £250-£300 on it. Where are the demo systems? TV ads, magazine ads? Luigi and Wario were just launched, but I didn't even get an email from Nintendo about them, never mind any TV ads!

This aint rocket science! I love Nintendo games, but I'm amazed the company manages to stay profitable. They have learnt nothing from the 3DS launch fiasco.



XFsWorld said:

Nintendo always have stuff up their sleeve.
Now I'm anxious to know what is coming...



Judah_83 said:

Oozing with excitement. Bout damn time you put on your big boy pants Nintendo!
Show me why I MUST have this console.



supermage65 said:

Hopefully it's not a fitness game or ANOTHER mini-game collection...

My fingers are crossed for a new Star Fox, Kid Icarus, or a brand new IP



shingi_70 said:

Well them not showing any of that stuff off told me I can wait for a Wii U till next year and a price drop.



Bigmac1910 said:

This doesn't make any sense to me, if they have some cool new IPs, why not show them? Especially if they are coming so soon. Sounds like investor talk and Iwata fighting for his job.



Yorumi said:

I'm not really optimistic about this, if it looks good I'll give anything a chance. However, as others have said I'm expecting more along the lines of wii fit and panorama view.

There's always hope, nothing shown at e3 was truly innovative. I'll just believe this when I see it.



YChung said:

It will be aimed at the casual crowd. Nothing to get excited about. Let's hope it does increase sales at least.



Luffymcduck said:

I´m hoping it´s a new IP or something. There´s been at least one 2d or 3d Mario every year since 2009 so it´s time for something new (or sequel to less known series) methinks. I´m glad Pikmin 3 is coming soon.



SparkOfSpirit said:

Company that needs money prepares products that will make them money- fans complain that they aren't risking their lively-hood.

And we wonder why the industry is crashing.



jorgem696 said:

Well I hope they bring a new franchise or bring a really old franchise back to life. Like Earth Bound, Super Mario Soccer Strikers, and Ice Clibmers



Nico07 said:

@Pikminsi The only disappointment from E3 for me were the release dates. I was really, really hoping for Mario Kart by Christmas, but better late (and perfected) than even later I suppose.



ScorpionMG said:

well we know its not f zero, so its probably something like new IPs, maybe even wii sports U (with dual gamepad support?) and maybe miyamoto's secret IP? we will see more games guys, this is a fact.



bizcuthammer said:

Basically what they're talking about are Wii Fit/Sports/Music type games if i'm understanding correctly. If so, thats cool for the market of Wii owners i guess, but i couldnt care less. I want core gaming experiences like Zelda, Metroid and Mario type games, not workout routines.



Doma said:

Multiple surprise announcements incoming!:

Wii Cook U
Wii Gardening U
Wii Stamp collecting U
Wii Knitting U
Wii Hair and Beauty U

Expect each and every one to bomb hard, akin to Wii Music.



WingedSnagret said:

I honestly don't know what to expect in terms of surprises right now. I'm hoping that the secrets will be IPs like Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero, something entirely new ect. if for nothing else then to appese the complainers, but like several others have mentioned I fear it might just be more casual titles, which would completely go against Nintendo's original goal of catering to the "hardcore" crowd.

And perhaps even more importantly, Nintendo REALLY needs to step up in their advertising department, ESPECIALLY when the triple A titles start releasing in the coming months.



hYdeks said:

i just recently bought my wii u, because I for see the system selling out during the holiday season. Sure the launch window period was kinda lack-luster, but things look to definitely go up!

@Humphries90 don't play the automatic negative card right off the bat, The Wonderful 101 is unique and takes advantage of the gamepad, and that's not very "casual".



Humphries90 said:

@hydeks But the statement clearly says that they are trying to get those that don't usually play video games to get a Wii U. E3 was for the real gaming announcements therefore they didn't show these new titles there since it's not the target market.



stefenjc said:

If more great Nintendo news coming up until the end of the year, Ill cancel my PS4 preorder for a Wii U. Right now im really dissapointed with the Wii U but seems like great games are coming in. But ill need to wait for bit more.



Cevan said:

I'm really hoping they reveal a new Kirby title at some point. A Wii U Kirby game would be fantastic.



ACK said:

Could be a keen marketing strategy to cope both with the frothing next-gen PR battle and the frantic pace/momentum of information upheaval...

(Remember the pre-64 days when a couple of fuzzy SM64 screens could harness months of anticipation?)

...Or it could be a foolhardy ploy to guarantee your announcements are consistently left in the wake of a frenzied news cycle and an incoherent gaming public.

(Certainly, it can be argued that Directs are more appropriate for Nintendo fans... While E3 has the eyes and ears of a wider demographic...)



Emblem said:

@stefenjc Nothing wrong with being cautious , PS4 ships the end of November, from now until then we should have the following Wii U games in retail: Pikmin 3, Wonder 101, Rayman, Young Justice, AC4, Wii U Party, Watch Dogs, Ducktales, Zelda WW, Donkey Kong, Disney infinity, Angry Birds U, Duex EX Uncut, Sky Landers SF, Batman O, Marvel Heroes Lego, COI Mickey Mouse, Disney Planes, Scriblenaughts DC, Pac Man, Sonic LW, Smurfs 2, Splinter Cell BL, Just Dance, Mario & Sonic WG, Stunt Squad, Adventure land, Zumba World Party & likely more i've forgotten.

Thats not including all the Eshop Indie and VC games on the way. Theres bound to be a few more unannounced so you have plenty of games to convince you if you want to pick up the Wii U or PS4.



stefenjc said:

@emblem I know some of them like AC4 and Watch Dog are on my list on PS4 but what Wii U dont have is "The Crew" by Ubisoft. If that game comes to Wii U ill defiantly change.



Kirk said:

Well it's good to hear Nintendo maybe has a few more games coming in the near future that they just haven't announced yet. Of course, seeing as they aren't considered in more traditional game spectrum they might not appeal to the average core gamer quite as much as your average traditional game might but still...More games is good, as long as they don't detract from all the titles we gamers expect (both in terms of quality and the amount of releases), so bring em on I say.



MrGawain said:

Rumoured upcoming titles include:

Mike Pachter's Punch Out!!!

The legend of no Ze3lda: A link to the Nintendo Direct.

Donmattrickey Kong Country Escapes.



JaxonH said:

@Sceptic Well, your name certainly says it all huh lol... You speak as if the lineup revealed at E3 was inadequate. I think for such a lineup to be announced only 6 months into a console's lifespan is more than impressive. Key incoming games like Pikmin 3 (most original and fun looking game I've seen in the last 5 yrs), Wonderful 101 (ppl want new IPs? here ya go! AND it uses the gamepad in a unique way, AND incorporates strategy in a meaningful way), Windwaker HD (yeah it's a remake, but it's still Zelda, and a good one at that!), DKC Tropical Freeze (if I hadn't bought a Wii U already, this game would have sold me instantly), Mario 3D World (3D Land was a lot of fun, and if you think this game won't appeal to the masses, think again), and others like Wii Fit U and Wii Party U, coupled with already existing titles like Nintendoland (which wasn't a bad game by any means), NSMBU (this game was fantastic, and while not a system seller by itself, is one more sure-fire bullet in the chamber), NSLU (it's physical release solidifies it's place as one more attractive title on the menu), and Game & Wario (not a game for most of us core fans, but certainly will attract more lighthearted and casual players), in addition to all the 3rd party games that will be available by Christmas (Mass Effect 3, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Origins, Assassins Creed 3, Assassin's Creed 4, Darksiders 2, CoD Black Ops 2, Sonic Lost World, Lego City Undercover, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Need For Speed Most Wanted U, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Watchdogs, CoD Ghosts, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Rayman Legends) will be more than adequate for a 1st year library. Then factor in the hype from the big hitters like Smash Bros 4, Bayonetta 2, X and Mario Kart 8 in early 2014, and you've got one hell of a decent lineup on offer, on a distinctly unique console with the lowest pricetag of the big 3. And if Nintendo furthers it's endeavors with a massive advertising campaign and a $50-$80 price cut, I think it'll seal the deal.



JaxonH said:

@stefenjc I pre ordered my PS4 day one, but any multiplats coming to both consoles I have already pre ordered for the Wii U, not PS4. PS4 will have plenty of games that don't come to Wii U, and those are the games I will buy for it (like FF15, Kingdom Hearts 3 and MGS5). Take Watch Dogs for example. I value gamepad integration over graphics, Wii U Pro Controller over the Dualshock, and free online over paid subscription. It seems to me there are just too many reasons to buy the game on Wii U rather than PS4, not to mention I like supporting any developer who cares enough about us to bring their games to a Nintendo console.



TheRealThanos said:

What the flying F*** is with all the negativity here? No need to be a fanboy with tunnel vision, but always being negative is also starting to get VERY tiring VERY fast.
Maybe you people should try and start eating something good for breakfast...
Also very amusing to see people using their apparent 'all-seeing powers of deduction' and squirming around for everything they're worth just to read between the lines to be able to discover something negative in all this. That's not proper reading, it's just your own inadequate interpretation. VERY short sighted...
The man CLEARLY said that they are NEW types of games, INSTANTLY ruling out ANYTHING even remotely related to Wii party or fitness games or anything else we already know for that matter, since Wii U versions of those games have already been released or announced.

Besides that the E3 may have been filled with titles that we already knew were coming, but the negativity about that too needs to stop, because even though hardly any new titles were announced, the games still looked great and X, Bayonetta 2 and Watch Dogs certainly aren't the worst examples either...

As for the English members: you have Ginx TV, watch that and learn why Nintendo actually DID steal the show at this years' E3, they are a LOT more positive AND they're professional game journalists which should count for something...



Drewroxsox said:

I just want Nintendo to release a game that shows why you need to own a Wii U. Is that too much to ask for?



TheRealThanos said:

@Emblem You're welcome. I currently live in the Netherlands and have a digital TV set top box that happens to have Ginx tv on it, but of course they also have a website.



doctor_doak said:

Sounds like they're going after the casual market with whatever this is. We'll see i guess...



KAHN said:

hopefully they'll announce something better than Super Mario 3D Cat.



BossBattles said:


reading comprehension is key. i was speaking about the moment an HD console was announced by Nintendo, i was on board, because i am a fan of their software/hardware.

modern gaming culture is so far gone they don't even appreciate the basics anymore. Very little fun to be had among the online gaming sites. Just endless criticisms, Pachter lies, and dudebro hipster whining over every facet of gaming.

its old.



rjejr said:

@TheRealThanos - "What the flying F*** is with all the negativity here?"
Having somebody w/ a Thanos icon write that just cracks me up (Sorry if he's a happy camper now, I only know him from his Infinity Gauntlet death worshiping universe destroying days.)

So do we finally get the flying bird in the japanese garden in a game?

When does Pokemon rumble U hit the west? Those toys won't sell if we don't get the game.

I still want videochat tic-tac-toe and I'm w/ the camp that thinks he's talking about those types of games. You can't announce new AAA IP and immediately release it, you need time to do pre-orders and special collectors editions and get the masses frothy. Wii Music, Wii Play and $15 DL like Denpa Men can just show up.



Emaan said:

Surprise us Nintendo, make an impact. Revive the Wii U!

Wii U Sports?

Let the speculation and hype begin.



CaPPa said:

I think that Nintendo would be happy if the games sold the same as Wii Music, as over 3 million sold is hardly the definition of 'bombed hard'.



Cyberbotv2 said:

Hmmm...what could they possibly offer to suddenly move the system to non Nintendo gamers? I'd like to buy the system but I'll take a guess. Resident Evil 2 remake bundled with the Wii deluxe with a price dip for Halloween. Aw, hell yeah!! Haha!



S_T_K said:

@TheRealThanos well since the average gamer is around 30 and Nintendo is not really trying to appeal to any one but mothers/dads children instead of the people who spend lots of money on games, then there gonna get a lot of smack talk towards them. I for one would not buy my 7 year old a 3DS even if it does have game that children could play because of the price on the other hand though i own a 3DS to play games on but there isn't that many that appeal to me. Do you understand or do you not understand.



b23cdq said:

@rjejr "You can't announce new AAA IP and immediately release it."
Sure you can. And I've been waiting for someone to do that for years. Do it like Apple does with their products.
"Love preorders, they make you wait for forever. You can have our new game today!"
Wouldn't that be cool?

Oh, but of course, then Gamestop won't get their exclusive preorder bonus. What a terrible shame.



Jamester0722 said:

I think this generation the WiiU will only be used for Nintendo exclusives and indie games. Every single game on Kickstater seems to be coming to WiiU and PC (they never mention PS4 or XBoxOne). It just means I will need a second system.... again.



Pierceton said:

@b23cdq well GameStop really doesn't have much to do with it not saying tgey have nothing to do with it. It's more of an investment problem if developers can't show investors that there is a market for their game then investors will back out. Which is a real shame because it would be cool fresh different and exciting to see any developer do this. Nintendo is one of the few developers that might be able to pull it off but the best time to do it would have been or would be E3 when everyone is watching. I mean could you imagine if the did this with smashbros this year? Wii U boxes would have grown wings they would have been flying off the shelves so fast!



Pierceton said:

@S_T_K sorry to butt in but I'm doing it to agree with you! Nintendo needs western development studios so bad. I don't care if Nintendo makes bloody violent games but look at portal or unfinished swan great challenging games that gamers love! Nintendo NEEDS games for adults that doesn't mean blood and guts all the time it means compelling story and difficult gameplay and I think a lot if Nintendo fans confuse the difference.



3DGamerDude said:

I hope they announce a new Mario Party game and a sequel to Kirby's Return to Dream Land. Also, I want to see a new Paper Mario game that brings back partners from the first two games and has a deep storyline, unlike Sticker Star.



Mattstewto said:

@Pierceton I've been saying star fox needs to be matured and not in the m rated way. After all he is a mercenary. Could you imagine picking a side to fight for and then dealing with the consequences for choosing that side. I think it could make for a really good game if they went that route.



Alucard83 said:

We want something else now then only Mario games! Nuff said.

Maybe time for a totally new nintendo character like mario but in a RPG style. Exclusive! Voila. It shouldn't be that hard.



Sceptic said:

@JaxonH: There's a lot of "ifs" there, for none of which there's even the slightest indication that they will come true. Iwata is playing games with his hardcore fans and their short memory span. He's been babbling this kind of vague nonsense for over a year now with absolutely no actual follow up. Look at your list again. Half if it doesn't exist yet and you're just quoting Iwata back to me (but I'll give you Wonderful 101 if that's your thing). It seems every week half the people here get excited again like it's the first time they hear it. Nintendo isn't Apple. Their 'awesome' and 'incredible' so far has turned out to be something between 'meh' and 'about time'. And now they're resorting to "so secred I can't tell you". Does anybody seriously believe they would deliberately sell themselves short at E3 at this point? because of the 'hardcore gamers' they focused on? At an E3 where the 'Hardcore gamers' are getting two next gen consoles presented? That would make them even stupider than I thought.

My screen name is misleading: I LOVE the WiiU's potential, I am DISGUSTED by how Nintendo has run this ship solidly aground.



JaxonH said:

@Sceptic Actually there's no ifs about it. Those games are all confirmed, announced, and will be coming to the Wii U. I could understand your point if these games were rumored to be coming, but they're actually 100% confirmed. Granted you are correct when you point out half of those games don't exist yet, but that's because games take time. Once you understand the events leading into this situation, perhaps you'll better understand why Nintendo is doing what it is doing. Let's go back to 2011, right after Skyward Sword released. The Wii was not doing too well. Sales were slumping. The casual market had gotten board, and we Nintendo fans weren't impressed with the lineup coming our way near the end of Wii's lifespan. Nintendo knew it needed to act, and needed to act fast. So they push the Wii U out the door, knowing it wasn't ready yet. Nov 2012, 1 year after Skyward Sword, we see the release of Wii U with NSMBU and Nintendoland, no Virtual Console, no TVii support, no Netflix, etc... It was a move done out of desperation, because the Wii went from top dog to zip in less than 12 months. Because the Wii U was launched prematurely, and Nintendo knew all the games it was developing would not be ready until 2014, they did the only thing they could: around the time Skyward Sword released they began development on quick-development cycle titles, like NSMBU, Nintendoland, and Mario 3D World. Why? Because if they didn't the console would die. And then we'd have no games. People ask why we're getting Mario 3D World instead of a Galaxy game. Herein lies the answer. Nintendo has stated most HD games will require a 3 year development cycle, and Wii U doesn't have 3 years to wait around for these games. They needed games, and they needed them fast. So they chose the 3D Land style game over the Galaxy style because the game could be finished in a little over a year's time as opposed to 3. That's why NSLU is seeing a release, particularly a physical one- to add quick variety to the menu. It sucks but that's just the reality of the situation. I truly believe Nintendo would love nothing more than to have a Galaxy sequel on the Wii U, a Metroid on the Wii U, a new Zelda on the Wii U... but they were caught off guard with Wii's sudden death and had to keep the company afloat. Now, am I defending Nintendo for the actions that LED to the Wii's sudden death? Absolutely not. It was their fault the consumers lost interest and they are solely the ones to blame for that. But they're doing what they can with the time they have and the resources available. Right now they just need to keep the console alive- sure they could stretch out development cycles for all these games and make them the ones you and I and other fans yearn for, but by the time they would come out, the Wii U would be nothing more than the next Virtual Boy. Better to have some games on a living console than legendary games on a dead one.



Gunnerholic said:

@ThumperUK Exactly!! When I was a kid Nintendo's ad campaigns were really creative and memorable. Go checkout the Rik Mayall Super Nintendo adverts, they were genius, the way Iwata is running the Wii U as a product leads me to believe he is rather inept...



19Robb92 said:

Cool, hopefully it's something interesting and not just random small titles that are supposed to show of the GamePad.



Geonjaha said:

If Nintendo does actually have some great surprise games coming out this year then I'm glad, but I also highly doubt it - because not telling people they exist just means less people are going to buy their new struggling console.



Sceptic said:

@JaxonH: Nintendo pushed the WiiU out the door because they realized it would be a complete joke and absolutely unsellable if they released it after or alongside the 'real' next gen consoles, especially at the price they envisioned.

They had screwed up their development of the WiiU by taking so long, then reassigned all resources to get it out the door while there was still a chance of actually selling it, now it's here and their skeleton game dev crew is completely over-worked so they're feeding us mediocre re-hashes, all the while babbling about 'Gameplay' and 'Content', like it's something proprietary to the WiiU.

All consoles have 'content' and 'good gameplay', it's just thet the WiiU has less of it, quantitatively. Maybe the quality to quantity ratio is better on the WiiU, that's up to the player to decide, but if your choice is much bigger on other consoles, that ratio is totally irrelevant.

And because they totally overestimated the consumer value of the WiiU gamepad, their console is a good $100 overpriced compared to the perceived value.

Heck, Nintendo is switching back to Wiimotes as the primary controller themseves. That alone should cost someone his job. That Gamepad is what is making the WiiU comparatively too expensive for what it brings to the average living room, and now it's proving redundant to useless.



JaxonH said:

@Sceptic Well that's how you see things, but it's certainly not how I see them. You say they rushed Wii U out the door to get it out before the "true" next gen consoles are out, but that doesn't line up with fact or history. 6 years is the average development cycle for a console, and SHOULD have been released when it was, but with full game support. Idk if they thought they could ride the wave of Wii's success an extra year or something, but it backfired. Again, not arguing that, it is what it is.

Also, "true" next gen console has never been based on hardware power, as PS1 was half the power of N64, yet won that generation, PS2 was considerably underpowered compared to the Gamecube, yet won that generation, and Wii was WAY underpowered than the PS3, yet won that generation. Now, if you're a guy who hangs consoles on the wall like a trophy to show off, and boast my RAM's bigger than yours, then I can totally see your dissatisfaction with Wii U. But seeing as the last 3 console generations were won by the console that wasn't a "true" next gen console as you say, it's quite evident that processing power isn't the only factor in play here. Just as you expect an increase in power, many (including myself) look for an increase in gameplay options, and new ways to play count just as much as new pixels on the screen, even moreso if history has anything to say about it. In a way, it's Sony and MS that are lacking when it comes to being "true" next gen systems, as they offer no fundamental change to the formula, save the "gimmick" if you will, of flashier graphics.

Furthermore, price has a lot to do with it, and the fact is that EVEN WITH the expensive gamepad attached to the kit, the Wii U is still $50-$100 less than PS4, and $150-$200 less than Xbox One. That may not sound like a lot to someone privileged but for many, that will be the deciding factor in which console to buy, especially for the masses who don't care about having the latest tech. And with a price cut of AT LEAST $50, possibly $80 as they did with 3DS, the Wii U will have a substantial gap in price over the competition. And make no mistake, they will drop the price. The Wii U is suffering too badly for them not to, and they know this.

I haven't seen sufficient evidence to suggest Nintendo is switching over to Wiimote from the Gamepad. From every game I've seen the Wiimote has simply been offered as an additional control scheme, for those who prefer it, just as the Pro Controller is offered. Certain games, like Pikmin 3, have a moderate emphasis on Wiimote IF YOU SO CHOOSE because the game just clicks with that control scheme. But gamepad is still primary control for the game. DKC Tropical Freeze too has gamepad as primary control, with Wiimote as option for those who prefer it or are accustomed to the controls from Returns. Options are good. I can't think of one single Wii U game that DOES NOT feature the gamepad as its primary controller.

Now, will all games use the second screen in a new, innovative fashion? No. And we should thank them for that. We saw with the Wii what happens when you tack on a function simply for the sake of tacking it on- BROKEN GAMES. So they are doing right with gamepad- if it makes sense, and the game will benefit from a unique use of the gamepad, use it (Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101). If it doesn't, then simply use for off-tv play and/or maps and inventory. That should be and is the correct approach to be taking.

As for the amount of content available, again, they are doing what they can. They are just ONE company, and the amount of games they have coming in the next five months and early 2014 is astonishing when considering how well polished they ensure their games are, and the fact they are just one single fish in the pond. Of course the other systems have more games- they get full 3rd party support. But look at 1st party support. PS4 will launch with what, one 1st party title? Vita has only ONE 1st party title in the pipeline for the rest of this year AND next? Nintendo's pumpin em out, but they're just one company- they do well but they can't work miracles. And one thing to remember about Nintendo is they will NEVER rush a game to get it out, even if it's to the detriment of their hardware sales. Look at Pikmin 3. That game NEEDED to come out in the launch window. They could of said the hell with it, get it on store shelves now, screw those last few functions. But they didn't. Because if there's one thing Nintendo doesn't do, it's rush games. Now, they may CHOOSE games with shorter development cycles and throw mid-range DLC like NSLU as a physical release to get a good number of games on store shelves, but they do not rush them. It's important to make that distinction.

Be you a fan of the gamepad or not, many do see it's usefulness, and already the trend is catching with PS4/Vita remote play ($650-$700 setup) and Xbox1/Smartglass ($650-$700). That alone should prove evidence enough it was the direction to go in, that and the fact dual screens have proven successful for over a decade with DS and 3DS, with such games as the upcoming Mario & Luigi Dream Team truly demonstrating the unleashed potential of the dual screen mechanic. Yes, they've done a POOR job of providing a shining example that truly utilizes the gamepad and shows its benefit, but that will come with time. Games like Game & Wario and Wii Party U for more casual players, and games like Wonderful 101 and Pikmin 3 for more core players, showcase just how much the gamepad brings to the table.

You really should give the Wii U a chance before condemning both it and Nintendo. They're just a company that makes games. They love what they do, and take a lot of pride in their work. You may enjoy those games, you may not, but I don't see any reason to be so hostile and upset toward a corporation. If I like a product, and that company changes that product to something I don't like, I just stop buying it, but I don't get worked up over it or take it personal.



Ultrasyd said:

@Peach64 I understand the same as you ... like what they shown at E3 is more for "gamers", and what hasn't been announced is ... well for people who maybe use to play little games on their smartphones, or for moms, or ... we'll see !



JaxonH said:

@Sceptic I will concede that your assessment of the consumer's perceived value of the Wii U at the $350 mark as being $100 overpriced is correct, and yes, they will need to implement a price cut this November. But a large factor in that perception is A) there haven't been enough meaningful games on the Wii U to create value, and B) Sony announced the PS4 at a substantially lower price than many, including Nintendo, foresaw, thereby decreasing the value of the Wii U in relative comparison. So by releasing the games coming this fall/winter they will create more value for the Wii U, MUCH more, and with a price cut of at least $50 coming this November (which I am fully convinced WILL happen), the Wii U will be a competitive console in the market. Will it sell? Who knows. My guess would be yes, but I could be wrong. Still, I don't think Nintendo are the heartless people you make them out to be who are only out to screw the fanbase.



Sceptic said:

@JaxonH: Have you compared features to the Sony and MS console? Features, not tech specs. The onboard blue ray alone pays for half the console. Then the whole DLNA thing. That is consumer value. The WiiU only even has youtube because google are great people and made it for them.

As for giving the WiiU a chance: I own one. But what drives me raving mad is how Nintendo is beating and starving their own product to death with their utter, total incompetence. Nintendo is killing the WiiU.

Like this talk, now, about not 'requiring' the second screen. It should have come before launch, to reassure the developers to go ahead and do what they wanted as long as they did something for the WiiU.
Instead, they made it seem like the gamepad screen was the whole point of the console, so those devs that didn't want to field the effort to adapt their games just passed. Now Nintendo are in fact admitting they don't really need it themselves.



DualWielding said:

"When it comes to Wii, as “Wii Sports” spread throughout the world at a sensational speed, some misunderstood that all Wii could do is enable them to play games by moving the Wii Remote. With Wii U, therefore, we planned to satisfy existing video game fans first and provide new surprises later. "

Biggest bullpoopies ever, when you unveiled the console it was all about the touchscreen, which game did you pack in with the console...... Nintendo Land, a gamed aimed at showing the supposedly amazing assymetric plays possibilities of the console and which you obviously were expecting to become a Wii Sports type of Fad with casual gamers.....



Varia01 said:

They are avoiding Metroid..... That is just angering me. Don't they see the potential of a Metroid game on the Wii U? A new Metroid was supposed to be announced by now. The Wii released on November 2006 and Metroid Prime 3 released on August 2007. The Wii U released on November 2012, but no Metroid has been announced for this August. I have had enough of everything but Metroid. Too much Mario, Zelda, Mii games, and everything else. Metroid could empower the Wii U due to the strong gamepad capabilities it could hold. I can't see why Nintendo is avoiding that. >:[



TheRealThanos said:

@rjejr I've used the name for over 30 years now, but had to put "TheReal" in front of it once I started gaming online because of all the stupid kids taking on the same name, so by the time I made myself an online profile I only had a choice of Thanos2578 or higher. But glad to put a smile on your face, it's a positive thing... I do agree with most of the other things you said. (although Thanos is not a happy camper.)
@S_T_K What's there to understand? (nice tone in that last sentence, by the way... ) Apparently we're just having different opinions, which is just fine but I do hope you can agree with me that focusing mainly on negativity will never get you anywhere. One thing I don't understand however is that you bought yourself a 3DS while you're not satisfied with the games on offer. I have one too and am quite content with the games I have bought for it. And besides that I have a bunch of DS games that I can also use, although that of course is not the purpose of having a 3DS, but it's nice that it is backwards compatible.



element187 said:

@ThumperUK why dump million on advertising if there is no software? You can't get people interested by advertising games that are not out for another 6 months. It would be a waste of cash. They should wait until October and then drop a buttload of advertising through the end of the year.

I understand fully why they didn't bother to advertise much so far... Right now they only have 3 million people angry with no games, if they advertise they could have 7 million angry with no games at them.



Tysamu said:

Well at least there's always that underlying quality about Ninten. They always hold back and they still do moderately well for the most part. I just wish they'd stop holding back for once and go all-out all the time.



element187 said:

@Varia01 the potential of Donkey Kong is greater.

Metroid would be lucky to sell 200k copies, Donkey Kong is guaranteed to sell more than 3 million..... It's not a hard decision to make if you are Nintendo or Retro because making money is always better than losing money.

The install base is way too low to release niche games right now.... For games with low attach rates you need a very large user base to sell to to make a profit... Games with ultra high attach rates are perfect for the beginning of a console's life, when the users base is small.

Retro knows they have some Metroid fans that want a new one in the series (like me), but they are very cognizant of how poor of a business decision that would be... I see why DK was chosen, and I respect that a company likes to make a profit before they tend to my electic tastes.



LittleIrves said:

Am I the only one that loved the Wii-branded "casual" stuff last gen? I've played games for the past 25 years and the experiences that most excited/enthralled me on Wii were those I couldn't have done the twenty years before. Sports, Resort, Music, even Fit were all really interesting titles I'd come back to for weeks if not months. So when they say they're trying to excite the non-gamer, my ears perk up.

Everyone asks for something new. But what you really want is more of the same. I'll take Nintendo Land over New SMB U every time.



element187 said:

@supermage65 why do you set yourself up like that? It's pretty clear Iwata is talking about casual titles.... What we saw at E3 is for the core Nintendo fan base. This unannounced style of games are for people who don't even know what E3 is.

Why do Nintendo fans intentionally set themeselves up for disappointment and then when your false hope that you gave yourself unwarranted gets crushed you take it out on Nintendo who by the way prepared you for what these titles would be.... They don't want people copying what they are doing, well it can't be Starfox because legally Sony can't copy Starfox because Nintendo owns the license...... It's pretty clear its generic games Iwata is discussing, games that Sony or Microsoft could copy, so we can completely rule out any famous IP.



JaxonH said:

@Sceptic yes I've compared features and have pre ordered a PS4. But it's not 2005, bluray players cost $40 nowadays, and that's retail not cost. So your argument of bluray being half the value of the console is simply not true. And it doesn't matter how many features PS4 has, that may add monetary value but not desired value. Most ppl who but consoles aren't like us. They buy a console for games and that's pretty much it. Everyone already owns bluray, and 4k will not catch on like hd, it offers little noticeable improvements. The value is in the games, and Nintendo still makes the best. It's not importance keeping Nintendo from having games out, it's just the reality of how long it takes to make games, as I explained earlier..They can't snap their fingers and make games appear



Nabbit101 said:

I don't want to get my hopes up for a new nintendo direct soon but if so I want to see Shigeru Miyamoto's New IP and that other project of Nintendo EAD Tokyo



BlackStar9000 said:

@CaPPa Wii Music waste the biggest sheep Nintendo ever released from its donkey, even my kids hated it....
watch the profanity, please — TBD



Peach64 said:

@BlackStar9000 So to be a Nintendo fan you have to blindly love everything they do? There's a lot of Nintendo fans that don't care for the direction they're going recently, which is why the Wii U numbers are so bad. Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime, Wind Waker, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Mario Galaxy are amongst some of my favourite games of all time. Do I care for Wii Fit and Wii Party? Not in the slightest, and that's what they're saying these games are. He's said E3 they announced stuff for gamers, and these secret titles are for 'everyone else'.



rjejr said:

@b23cdq -Nintendos kool-aid isnt as potent as Apples. If s game came out of nowhere everybody would assume it sucked and not pay $60 for it. It works for 99c games though.



yuwarite said:

Probably a barrage of cheap ($1-3) smaller / indie style games designed specifically with GamePad and touch in mind.



Skyfox2000 said:

I hope it's more on Yarn Yoshi U and a new Kid Icaurs Uprising port or A Kid Icaurs Uprising Seqel and more New Third party titles such as MGS and PSO2



Drobotic said:

Staf Fox,Metroid,and F-Zero are all I'm asking for from Nintendo.While they're at it,why not make a cool new Punch-Out game in HD?



Araknie said:

So they will announce games when they are like 2 month away each?
That seems cool, knowing a game in so short terms will surerly get me eager to think about it and talk about it.

I hope they are there, but i'm sure they will, that talk about how this games are new types and that they don't want to spoil it to competition surely will get the rumor world going.

It seemed strange that the E3 was so classic related stuff from Nintendo but if those games are true and truly new types of gameplay sure i want to at least see them in action.



S_T_K said:

@Pierceton Yeah there still targeting the causal gamer at most with a few games for the hardcore Nintendo fan there missing alot of the grit for where the big market is they sold alot of Wii's but they didn't sell tons of games with it people just bought it because they could (Wii's are very cheap) any old joe can play games on there phone now days so trying to win people like that isn't gonna cut it.



S_T_K said:

@JaxonH yes the Wii u is a good console most people don't care though i get the developer thing but most of the time there stuck in contracts with the other much bigger competitors because the have the money to sign them to make there IP's just for the consoles some of the can't be brought still will send there game Nintendo's way but it's generally won't. though Nintendo sells more console than the other companies but they make way much more that video games and console so there able to pull money from other places besides there games



Pierceton said:

@S_T_K Super Mario Galaxy Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 10.84m Super Mario Galaxy 2 Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 7.05m The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 3.67m
Kirby's Epic Yarn Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 2.12m The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 6.80m
Donkey Kong Country Returns Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 5.98m Super Smash Bros. Brawl Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 11.71m Animal Crossing: City Folk Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 4.45m Mario Kart Wii Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 33.80m Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 1.65m New Super Mario Bros. Wii Global Total as of 22nd Jun 2013 (units): 26.97m
So Nintendo games sold well but third party sucked lol so Nintendo made money off of themselves but screwed everyone else for the most part.



S_T_K said:

@Pierceton yeah when it's comes down to it that's all that matters, it just suck have to own different console just to be able to play most games that i find interesting. It doesn't really matter what Nintendo do because they can always just count on there own games even if they stop making home console they probably would never give up there handheld they could basically live of Game-Freak and SEGA

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