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Reggie: Nintendo Aiming To Increase Wii U Third Party Support By Boosting The Install Base

Posted by Andy Green

Nintendo isn't ruling out future E3 press conferences

Nintendo's E3 Nintendo Direct presentation was filled with great first party titles, however, there wasn't very much in the way of third party content.

In an interview with Game Trailers, Reggie Fils-Aime said Nintendo aims to generate more third party support by increasing the Wii U user base. The company will achieve this by producing great first party content, meaning third party publishers will have more opportunity to sell their games to Wii U gamers.

From our perspective as a first party publisher, as a console manufacturer our job is to drive the install base to reach out to a broad range of different consumers and to create an environment for third party publishers to jump in and that's what we're looking to do.

A number of third parties are bringing content and then they want to see us drive the install base which is what were doing with all of these great franchises we've announced.

Reggie believes the Wii U's "ace in the hole" is the fact all of Nintendo's franchises are playable on it and cannot be found anywhere else.

He also revealed Nintendo has not ruled out the possibility of an E3 press conference in the future, saying this year's event was "all about the games". The company felt it could communicate better with the consumer using the Nintendo Direct method rather than a large press conference on this occasion.

What are your thoughts on Reggie's comments? Will first party games lead to more third party publishers coming on board? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Geonjaha said:

Wrong way round Nintendo. Wrong way round.
Get the third party exclusives, then you get the install base.



tchaten said:

Both comments seem logical and correct - create great games - people will buy the system - when a big install base is there it'll be a platform 3rd parties want to be on.

Showing off games works better in Nintendo Directs - rather than having a 2 plus hour show like Sony did where gameplay and showing the games was just boring on many accounts. - Not all the time but I liked N's approach this year



DESS-M-8 said:

Get third party exclusives? They don't need to be exclusive they just need to be on the wii u. Exclusives cost money and Nintendo has more exclusives than any other format. It just needs to not be left out of major titles like battlefield, grand theft auto and ea sports then they dont become an issue when a consumer looks for a new console and those titles aren't there



tchaten said:

X and Bayonetta 2 look amazing and I couldn't tell graphically that they were behind X1 and PS4 - those look to be like awesome exclusives



Wiidsguy said:

@Link41x it was a mix bag. If you write down every game coming to the wiiu this year alone. It has a great amount. The real question is. Are theses the games you want to play.



haniwa said:

Multiplats are a tough case. Wii/Wii U's always been left out of the 3 system multiplat thing compared to GC which enjoyed multiplats with PS2 and Xbox back in the day, mainly because its lower specs make it less favorable or maybe harder to port. There's also the case of the Wii/Wii U version being modified to suit the controller but most third party devs just do a half assed job on that or fail to fully take advantage resulting in a worse version of the game.



NintendoGirl said:

I hope the Wii U gains more popularity. I played one at Best Buy and it was really cool! I don't understand why people [game developers] are so confused by it (well, I heard they're confused?). I really want one but can't afford it at the moment. I'm focused on building up my game stash for my 3DS, but I hope to get a Wii U soon!



NerdHillbilly said:

IMO, I think Nintendo is only able to gain the trust of 3rd party developers if they prove themselves with 1st party software. Sports titles in particular were a bust, so I can understand why they would be a little stand-off-ish at first. It's almost like, a record label doesn't sign a band unless they can prove how many records they can sell on their own first. I have faith in Nintendo and there will be plenty more E3s before the end of the Wii-U's life cycle, so I'm sure there will be some great 1st and 3rd party surprises in store.



Warbeard said:

@NintendoGirl I think some of it has to do with general lazyness - if people cannot comprehend what it is about in an instant, then maybe they dont make the effort.

In that sense, the Wii U is behind the Wii in "in-your-face"-appeal - everyone instantly understood how the Wii worked, and while the Wii U is better in every aspect, people maybe just dont understand it till they've played one - good to hear you liked it too!



DreamOn said:

Reggie's job is to sell first party games to drive the install base. It's third parties job to figure out then what to add once that install base is there due to Nintendo's offerings.

That is where it falls apart with third parties as they don't appeal to the broader nintendo franchise loving base with their mature games.

Nintendo is its own market. Third parties couldn't look more different to Nintendo's games than it does today. And there's just not enough yoshi riding/assault rifling nintendo console owners out there.



Burning_Spear said:

I kind of thought that the purpose of these titles was to sell consoles, but I'm glad he cleared that up for me.



CapnKael said:

I agree with Reggie completely. If someone is not interested in Mario and DK, etc, they won't buy a Wii U, period. That is why i own mine, because i love Nintendo games. Third party games, exclusive or not, are extra bonuses that i get.

Like I said, I agree with Reggie. You increase the install base for Wii U, third party developers who are wary will see the amount of people who may buy their game, they'll develop.



GreatPlayer said:

Nintendo cannot simply base their first-party games to expand its popularity. Not all of its game is as good as it thinks, for example, I am skipping Super Mario Bros U simply because it is too similar to previous Marios (why should I waste money to buy it?).



AlternateButtons said:

Oh how I hate negativity.....and you call yourselves fans? Jesus.

Reggie is completely right. Their install base IS their ace in the hole. Always has been. Nintendo doesnt even NEED third parties to survive. They need third parties to be on top of their competitors but not to survive in the console market. It's good to have the solid ground first and then get third party support.



Ryno said:

So your idea is to increase the install base is to offer games so similar to games already on your previous systems? Good luck Nintendo, you haven't impressed many beyond the major Nintendo fans.



DerpSandwich said:

Remember when we all thought we'd get multiple presentations throughout E3 with announcements spread throughout, and then we got one disappointing 40-minute one and that's it? Yeah...



lilman390 said:

If I was a developer, I would develop games for the wii u. There are so many cool ideas that can be accomplished. Why can't 3rd parties make awesome games on the wii u? How come they can't support the wii u? I swear it's console racism. If sony or microsoft came up with something similar to the wii u, all the 3rd party developers would hop on board.



Ryno said:

@Guitardude7: So to be a Nintendo ”fan” you have to follow them blindly and cannot criticize? With customers like you what incentive do they have to make something new?

@lilman390: Why would a 3rd party want to invest their money into a system when they feel they will not make their money back? They should just make Wii U games because it feels good?



Burning_Spear said:

@lilman390 asked, "Why can't 3rd parties make awesome games on the wii u? How come they can't support the wii u?"

Umm, because no one has bought one, I think.



banacheck said:

I think Nintendo & some of it's fanbase have lost touch with reality, look at the Wii at a time when customers should have been buying the Wii, them customers didn't. The later in a consoles life should be the time when your install base grows, not fall off. As a console manufacture it's your job to show developers why you are the best platform to be on, not just give them a dev kit and get on with it sort of thing. Nintendo really does need to wake-up when it comes down to 3rd-support, i also think exclusive IP's are important but i wouldn't bet your console on just exclusives.



dartmonkey said:

Nintendo will survive whatever, but they need to drive, and now. $199 against PS4's $399 would get the install base going. It needs to start NOW though. Third parties can't magically turn on games. Development needs time. If they don't start NOW they'll lose them.
They'll survive whatever, and really it's no sweat - we'll still get those great Nintendo games. It's questionable whether third parties would put anything but partyware on it anyway (though all the 'next-gen' games I've seen look pretty current gen to my eyes, possibly thanks to most of them releasing on 360/PS3 too). But if they want Wii-type numbers, they need to start yesterday.



Dreamcaster-X said:

Even $249 would drive sales or even better go all SNES on their butts & make Super Mario U the pack in at $299!!




The E3 Nintendo Direct was abysmal! It is obvious that they stayed away from the main stage because they simply didn't have enough games to pull it off. If they are going to stick to the Nintendo Direct format they need to get Iwata out of there and let someone do the presentation in a way that can generate some excitement. Iwata is struggling just to make himself understood. He might actually do better by focusing on doing his job and getting games out for Wii U.



Burning_Spear said:

They need to drop Nintendoland and have a 32GB unit that sells for $289. That doesn't worsen their current (negative) profit margin, and it provides a nice alternative to the PS4's $399 price. And then they need to plug that there are no additional costs for online play, etc.



Emblem said:

I think Nintendo will wait until at least September/October to see if games like pikmin, W101, Luigi etc move consoles before announcing a price cut. If not then they will cut prices around the time DK, WII U Party & WII U Fit are released. XBone and PS4 are not being released until late November so they have time to steal a few sales.



Burning_Spear said:

@ xSATANACHISTx I like Iwata, but I have to agree that an E3 Direct is not the right Direct for him. Say what you will about Reggie, but he's a good pitchman when it comes to the games.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Geonjaha That's what they said about the 3DS and funny thing was it WAS the 1st party that drove up the install base.

@bonesy91 Well that's one way of looking at it especially if publishers control the DRM for any of their games on Sony's console.

Something tells me, at the end of the year, a lot of naysayers are going to be eating their words. odd this seems rather familiar.



bonesy91 said:

Nintendo gave 3rd parties the stage the year the wiiu came out. They didn't try to promote their games so its their fault not Nintendo's. And why the devs. Are jumping ship now has to do with the DRM crap.

EA left for xbone for DRM
Ubisoft is leaving for ps4 xbone DRM
Activision... Make excuses and left for DRM
Developers are becoming crooks thanks to this idiotic new system developed to control what we do with the game's we "own"

Nintendo said no to DRM and everybody left.



GiftedGimp said:

One major plus for WiiU, Sony & Ms are so deep into the online gaming culture that few games actual support local multiplayer.
WiiU has a more balanced system with both online and local multiplayer common on the system.
Not every gamer is a lonley teenager stuck in thier bedroom with no real world freinds to play games with side by side.
I love playing multiplayer on WiiU with my wife & kids, and every so often we have game nights with freinds, usually involving lots of alcohol and pizza and lots of laughs on NSMBU, Nintendo Land and the like.
Thats not to say I don't play online & enjoy the 'hardcore'games, but with a clever marketing campaign this alone would attract a lot of new users.



ajcismo said:

Its seems 3rd party support is what is in control of the gaming industry at the moment. I don't remember a time in the industry's history when companies like EA, Activision, and Ubi dictated what direction the console makers go. Is it good that Nintendo is sticking to their guns and doing things the old fashioned way? Who knows? But I do know as a consumer, I'm skeptical of these major companies having too much control over what I enjoy as a hobby.



banacheck said:

One major plus for WiiU, Sony & Ms are so deep into the online gaming culture that few games actual support local multiplayer.

totally untrue sterotyping almost every game comes with splitscreen or local multiplayer, extra controls are made for a reason, you don't buy a Wii U for something you've already got and have had for years.

Ubisoft is leaving for ps4 xbone DRM

Again what your saying is untrue, also the PS3/360 left DRM down to the publishers. Every console has DRM one that locks digital games to consoles, the other 24 check-ins + anti-use games, and one that just leaves DRM down to the publishers which didn't damage them this current gen.



E-Man said:

Third party support Nintendo? I don't see it happening. EA doesn't want any part of the Wii U, nor does Square Enix, 2K, Rockstar, Capcom, etc., etc. Did I miss anyone?



PattonFiend said:

What is funny about all of this is that the PS4 and XB1 have ZERO install base, yet they have a million+ games in development. The Wii U has an install base of roughly 4 million people yet has almost ZERO games in development...




ToneDeath said:

@GiftedGimp You're right about Nintendo still dominating the face-to-face social aspect of gaming. Recently at work (a cinema) we had a gaming night for the staff. There was a PS3 in one screen, a 360 in another and I brought in my Wii U to be hooked up to a projector too. Only the PS3 had sound as the other two consoles don't seem to be able to output their audio and video separately.
Predictably enough, I was sat on my own playing the Wii U at first, but it didn't take long for everyone to come in wanting a go at Mario Chase and Luigi's Ghost Mansion in Nintendo Land, while just a handful were left playing either Madden on the PS3 or FIFA on the 360. We also played a bit of Mario Kart 64, Bomberman '93 and Tank! Tank! Tank! (which is terrible really, but My Kong mode is good for a quick laugh).
If I get an audio splitter of some sort, and bring in games like Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. then I'm sure the Wii U will dominate any future game nights we might have, but I'm afraid I can't see any of my friends or colleagues buying Wii U's of their own any time soon unfortunately



Emblem said:

I think alot of people and publishers will be in for a shock when PS4 & Xbone launch and don't sell as well as everyone thinks they will. At the moment its all hype and speculation but no one has actually sat down with any off these consoles for a decent period of time to judge anything. In addition if you look at the release dates for most of the games, both Xbone and PS4 are looking to have around 100+ games out in their first year which is roughly the same as Wii U will have by this November. Meanwhile 3DS continues to dominate everything and is dropping console sellers every 3-6 months. Regardless this is very early days, these consoles have all got 5+ years to sell so at this point its all up in the air. When PS4 starts getting some great JRPGS like my PS1,2&3 before it i'll be getting one for sure but if its anything like the PS3 that will be a few years down the line, until then every other type of game i like is either on or coming to my PC,3DS or Wii U.



GiftedGimp said:

@banacheck err no in all my time with 360 and ps3, less than 25% of all games i owned had proper offline multiplayer modes, even a majority of Shooter and racer, especially in the latter years ditched split screen. It got to the point people were/are complaining massively about lack of split screen options on games.
Not all games were like that some had local multiplayer, but a majorty skipped the option.
Local multiplayer is hugley more common on WiiU.



GiftedGimp said:

@ToneDeath never know, From our game nights 7 extra WiiU's have been sold for Nintendo. Apart from 1 freind who is Hardcore PC gamer my other freinds yet to get WiiU are planning or considering getting one.
A good fun experience on the system can do wonders even to the most skeptic... Almost all my freinds first comment when they new I got WiiU was Why you got one of them, they're supposed to be doggie-do-do-dingleberry... are something along those lines.

Besides 5 player mario chase is hilarious, more so when you've had a skin-full.



cdawg said:

Nintendo's niche market is slowly disappearing and shame on them for sticking to the cutesy/kiddie stigma theyve stubbornly stuck with ignoring any type of western appeal and variety. 3rd party will only bring its mature and hardcore titles to consoles that will reach those crowds. Nintendo right now is not an option for 3rd party because they have slowly driven themselves out of the sector the 3rd party titles are for. If the console doesnt sell then theres no point in spending resources porting a title to WiiU. There is a mismatch.

Nintendo needs a radical change and it must start at the top. The install base is not going to increase by putting out more of the same and sticking to the kiddie stigma. Im not saying bring gore and sex, but they need to get more people buying the console and sticking to kid games aint the way to do it. These kiddie games should be a big nintendo feature, not its core.



AlternateButtons said:

@Ryno Excuse me, there's no need to be insulting. And these aren't criticisms. They're complaints. Nintendo is being SMART with their games and releasing games they know will SELL. As much as you want the next Metroid or Super Mario Galaxy, the reality is it just does not sell as well as these kind of games. This is Nintendos niche, and they really need it. Once they're comfortable in their niche THEN they'll start taking risks but right now, its necessary to play it safe and work on a strong install base before working on third party support and take risks.



LasermasterA said:

Actually Mario Kart. Mario World, Donkey Kong and all that is not just for kids! Adults love it too! The main thing that Nintendo brings is fun experience to the living room, memorable experiences!

Bayonetta 2 is mature and I bet as soon as Wii U picks sales, lots more publishers would port their mature or "more western appealing" game onto the Wii U. The hardware is just an excuse that can be surpassed.



MrGawain said:

3rd Party wise I have bought Lego City, Arkham, and Injustice by Warner- all which I loved. Darksiders, Tekken Tag and Sonic racers which I thought were great, and Assassin's Creed which I found duller than dishwater. When I saw the Watchdogs trailer, all I could think was that it was exactly the same game but with a different plot. COD doesn't appeal to me, and neither does Mass Effect.

Thinking about it, the reason I don't on a PS3 or Xbox is that there based on AC, COD, ME, Splintercell, and those similar soldier killing people games. And I get the feeling a lot of core Nintendo fans feel the same way.

What I do love is Konami- Castlevania, Suikoden, Goemon, Pop n' Twinbee. I love Capcom- Ducktales, Streetfighter, Megaman, Ace Attorney, Final Fight. I love Bomberman, Secret of Mana, and Dragon Quest. I love Sonic when it's done right. These are the 3rd party sort of games that would suit the Wii U. Just like I have no doubt 101 and even in an odd way Bayonetta 2 are going to fit the Wii U- quirky and mad.

Throwing the sort of stock 3rd party stuff you can get on the PS/XBOX is stupid- give us the 3rd party stuff that fits the audience of Nintendo.



GiftedGimp said:

@Lasermaster123 Here, Here!! As much as I enjoy the latest Shooter, or other so called 'core' game I love to play Mario, Donkey Kong, And so called 'Kiddie' game.. I'm 38
A core gamer isn't someone stuck on endless shooter games and the like. A Core gamer is someone who plays all types of games.
If anything Nintendo users are more the Core gamer than anyone else, as they are usually willing to play all types of games from cutsey platformers to hardcore shooters.
(Yes there is the small percentage of Sony/MS fans that enjoy all types of games, same as a percentage of Nintendo who only want to play shooters)



GraveLordXD said:

@banacheck wtf every game has offline multiplayer? Umm no dude
I don't think we're talking about your typical sports game or fighting game here
There's only a handful and not to many of them actually do it right and absolutely none of them can do it the way the wii u can



Ryno said:

@Guitardude7: Maybe you should take some of your own advice and stop being "insulting" to those who don't agree with you. You can still be a fan and criticize as well. Anyway, enjoy all of your Mario's, there will be plenty of them for you.



Epicnessofme99 said:

Very valid point by Reggie, yet again. Nintendo franchises sell a console, you look at a Nintendo console and think of their franchises, not 3rd party games.



GraveLordXD said:

@GiftedGimp @Lasermaster123 I hear that, I like all games I have my favorite genres though. I seem to find most younger people play fps and "core" games ( I'm really not sure what a core game is) for instance my nephew he would come over and play bo2 but if I give him dkcr he wont play for long because it's just way to difficult for him he's 12 btw I'm 34
I like a challenge in my game dang it and if I gotta play kiddie games sometimes to get that challenge then by God that's what I'll do! Like a boss!!!!



GiftedGimp said:

@LDXD tbh Looking at @Banancheck posts he's a sony fanboy, its questionable if he actually owns a WiiU tbh.
I think he thinks most of us here haven't or don't own any other platforms, and/or know nothing about Xbone/Ps4.
News flash banana.. My last recent consoles.... in order Ps2-Xbox-360-Ps3-WiiU.. I and others here know when your talking from the wrong end... (although Everyones entitled to an opinion)
If he's not a Sony Fanboy.. Banana certainly puts himself across as one.



GraveLordXD said:

@GiftedGimp lol probably but if that's the case I have news for him or anyone for that matter I've owned every major console from nes on up and the xbox1 will be the first time I miss out on owning to me it's just drm junk, plus I dont wanna run around my house screaming xbox on! xbox off!



GiftedGimp said:

@LDXD.. yeah me too... 7yrs old Atari2600 in 1982, and owning most, not all, systems since.
Choice of system always based on what appealed to me, not manufacture.
The only thing thats not keeping me WiiU only this next gen is lack of 3rd party support. I'm giving Nintendo a year to turn it around (will help if more wiiu users buy 3rd party games) if they can't then I'll get Ps4 for any 3rd party titles not on WiiU. WiiU will be mine, (and the families) main system though this next gen.



cdawg said:

People say how Metroid doesnt sell and now 3rd party developers dont want their games on the system. Whats the common factor there? Neither one fits nintendos cute kiddie games stigma. 3rd party devs know now that because of this focus nintendo has, theres very few people that are going to pay for that console and then buy say NBA2K14. Much less if no one is finding the console appealing and buying it. This is the side effect we cant ignore, nintendo can do its own thing but it cant be completely removed from the market trends.

Look, nintendo should stick to being the cost efficient console, thats a great move, but they need to change their image by diversifying their games library significantly which means investing themselves in more game dev but in the right titles (more mature, more adventure, fantasy, scifi, FPS, etc). Give the part time gamers and full time gamers a reason to purchase this. If I can buy a nintendo system to play current titles(at a lower graphics rate) and nintendo mature(not gore or sex, just more complex and serious) exclusive titles as well as classic stuff like mario at a lower cost than the costly hardware alternatives then its obviously a good option for me.



GraveLordXD said:

@GiftedGimp yeah man I remember playing Atari when I was like five man we're getting old, but let me put it this way if I didn't own the system my brother did
I honestly think Nintendo not only needs 3rd party support but third party exclusives I think it just takes that one game for example if it weren't for demon souls I wouldn't have gotten the ps3 and now I have a bunch of ps3 games that game actually got me back into gaming I was on hiatus for a bit lol, but even if the wii u turns out to be a first party machine for the most part I still think financially they'll be ok they know what there doing I hope lol Nintendo rarely disappoints me
And thanks to sony not going the way of Microsoft with the drm I'm for sure getting the ps4 maybe not at launch but eventually



berenlazarus said:

"Wrong way round Nintendo. Wrong way round.. Get the third party exclusives, then you get the install base."

In the case of Sony and Microsoft, yes. In the case of Nintendo, Reggie's right. Nintendo has the most bankable IPs in the industry and always have. You buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo titles, first and foremost. No one can touch them in terms of how many dominant IPs they have that move so many unites.

Nintendo will drive the install base with their IPs first and foremost, not 3rd party titles, though obviously we need the 3rd party titles, but not nearly in the same way as Microsoft and Sony need them.



Griffondo said:

When i get a Wii U for the most part it's just going to be for first party games, I had a feeling it wasn't going to be the best console for third party games.



GiftedGimp said:

@LDXD I got WiiU because I was losing interest in gaming due to the same-thing again feeling I started having on Ps3. WiiU rejuvinated my interest again massivley since January when I got WiiU, I'm averaging 40+ hrs a week on WiiU it was about 10 towards the end on ps3.
As I say may get ps4, but hope 3rd party support improves so I don't have to. Xbone is a No Go for definate though. Microsoft got really complacent having 360 as popular as it is and now screwed themselves over. At least it should help WiiU's (mis)fortunes out.
Btw, Do you get that sinking feeling when you get stuck, or have a tricky time with a bit of a game only to watch your nephew do it first time?
I know I do when my Son does that to me. ;( oh to have decent reaction speed again. lol



cyrus_zuo said:

Monster Hunter U sold WiiU units.
Do that over and over, with brands that the US really cares about, and you'll be in fat city.
Wait for 3rd parties to come to you and you'll be all alone at the playground.

No 3rd party will be convinced by 1st party game sales.



GraveLordXD said:

@GiftedGimp not so much my nephew but my brother is like 10 years younger and used to beat me a certain games or get passed a certain part that I've been trying so hard at and made it look so easy boy that use to get under my skin
I know its bad because sometimes when I play some old school nes or snes games I have a hard time but when I was a kid it felt like it was easy, I think I had more patience back then
Oh and I have to agree I'm a huge fan of couch co-op and love the wii u so far because of this I want more games that take advantage of this also off screen play is awesome to



LasermasterA said:

@GiftedGimp Yea you are exactly right. I always enjoy playing Nintendo's "casual games" as they are great value for money and have great replayability. I can also be a "core" gamer as I play all types of games whether it be a shooter, platformer, horror, etc. as long as the game has a great experience which Nintendo definitely gives! I just stopped Mario Kart 7 a bit as I faced a lot of disconnection problems in online multiplayer, otherwise the game was such a great one! I enjoy Nintendo consoles as the offer all types of games, even the so called "kiddie" games which are great for playing with family or solo!

My cousin came to my house and although I don't have a Wii U yet, I do have a 3DS. When I showed him a shooter on my really old Xbox, he did not really care for it while he really appreciated the Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS. Only he played it a bit but it was still fun watching him try to navigate a cart for the first time while me and my sister gave him pointers! That's the magic of Nintendo! I doubt we would have been that interested if it was a Call of Duty port on the 3DS.



AlternateButtons said:

@Ryno I was never insulting. You came at me. And Yes you can criticize them but you're NOT criticizing, you're complaining. I noticed you didn't even try to counter my arguments. And I WILL enjoy my Mario because his games are good quality titles. Your loss.



WaveGhoul said:

Except MS and Sony are even bigger offenders. Take a look at their E3 lineup for the One & PS4. They're essentially PS3/360 games with a new lick of paint and do absolutely nothing to innovate in terms of how you play the game. At least the Wii U Gamepad shakes things up with it's unique jumbo sized screen(2nd window into the gaming world) which opens up the doors to a ton of possibilies(like a portable Master Splinter Sushi

it's just that many of these close minded 3rd party developers aren't trying to do anything unique with gamepad itself other than tacking on maps, huds and item inventory screens...They would rather spend the extra juice creating more powerful realistic looking games that do nothing to further these genres aside from offering a more superficial 'prettier' experience.

I'm cool with that when it comes to certain genre's, such as side scrollers....but anything 3rd or first person based(and so much more) i can't be bothered twiddling my thumbs on a couple of clunky sticks to manouver my gun, sword, whatever around. I find it hilarious how people swoon and gush over the power of the PS4, but the way you play doesn't match the ultra realistic visuals, for 3D games,you're restrained to dual analog yet again, wouldn't you rather feel like you ARE the character? ala Metroid Prime 3/Trilogy, golden eye 007(Wii) or Bioshock Infinite(move controls) it makes sense, after all you are in first person view. Give me head tracking, the works, not a dinky controller that's reminiscent of something that came out in 1997. dark times indeed! It would be nice if something like 'The Order' supported move controls, but i highly doubt it will because for some brain dead reason these devs seem to think Dual analog is the superior control scheme. They're clearly out of their minds.

We have now entered the Bronze age of gaming(ahem, outside of Nintendo R & D, Hal, GoodFeel, Retro studios, Next level, WayForward & Yacht club. )



Gallimastro said:

At this point, if Nintendo really wants the same third party support as the other two consoles, I'm sorry but they may have to revamp the innards of the Wii U and release a "DX Edition". This of course risks getting every Wii U owner very upset unless they have some sort of compromise like a discounted upgrade recall rather than making them pay full price for a new version of something they just purchased. Hell, an add-on they can hook up would be welcome at this point.

At least 2-4GB more DDR3 RAM, a stronger GPU that gets a bit close to 800MHz (at minimum), and at least 250 GB hard drive for DLC (the consumer can always get a bigger one). Games can be multi-disc to make up for any minor short comings. Maintain the $350.00 price, you can still sell the 32GB model with a significant price cut until the consumer is ready to upgrade. It'll still be "underpowered" compared to the other systems, but not by much, as it's good enough the next gen. Large scale games like Final Fantasy XV, Phantom Pain, and Kingdom Hearts III can be multi-disc if need be.

It's a crapshoot, but this is the best idea I can think of.



Twilight_Crow said:

I for one think Nintendo is doing the right thing. Competing against MS and Sony in the same terms would be just stupid. Nintendo has to appeal to the markets those two don't care about. Why kids and families can't be their core audience? There are more kids than anything, and is not as if their fans are going to leave them for making the lighthearted, colorful games that they have always made. Hopefully they will move WiiU units that way, and THEN the third party stuff will come, and are going to be violent, mature games mostly, for the parents and older brothers.

Why would a company make another cola flavored soda their main product, when they have the recipe for Dr.Pepper?

I still prefer Nintendo games over anything the other parties make, I don't mind if they make games similar, I like that style and they are always quality games. FPS fans just got very similar games too, they don't mind because they love them. For each their own.



bunnyking said:

If EA is making games for the XBOXone, I don't see a reason why not make them on the Wii U.

The XBOXone is the ugly kid no one wants to talk to.



NintyMan said:

Reggie's comment on third-parties makes sense. I personally think they're holding out because they want to see if Nintendo will prove themselves with the Wii U using their blockbuster titles like Mario. Once they gain more positive momentum for the system, then 3rd parties will be more confident to put their games on it.



GiftedGimp said:

@LDXD Soory missed this-

LDXD said:
@GiftedGimp lol probably but if that's the case I have news for him or anyone for that matter I've owned every major console from nes on up and the xbox1 will be the first time I miss out on owning to me it's just drm junk, plus I dont wanna run around my house screaming xbox on! xbox off!

The Xbox Off thing is so true, It never recognised my localised british accent when I (briefly) owned the Kinect when I had 360... felt a right fool repeating myself several time before saying oh F*** off and getting up to turn the system of or reaching for the controller for the system to turn itself off. lol



Zombie_Barioth said:

Thats actually my main concern with this new generation myself, that it'll just end up as yet another generation of prettier versions of games we've already played. It just doesn't sit right with me when a selling point to a game is stuff like more realistic puddles.

As for controls, from what I've heard its something about traditional controls being much quicker and more responsive. To me its just because thats what most people are used to and they simply see what they're used to as the "better way".



WaveGhoul said:

@Zombie Baroth
Except dual analog isn't quicker than pointer controls, it's flat out clunky, clumsier, slower and harder to control(it's still sad that input lag exsists on all HDTV's and you're not getting the 'on the dime' controls that the developer intended), pointing is natural. Does a hunter take out his key Board & mouse or fiddle his thumbs on a couple of sticks when he goes out on a hunting spree? Mouse & Keyboard however is unaturally quick(when adjusted to your liking) and ridiculously cheap...Pulling off headshots is effortless...I would rather use dual analog over KB & M any day of the week. Pointer controls > Stylus controls > Dual Analog > KB & M

Anyways, i wish some gamers would break out of their mold and open their minds and realise that there's so much potential and creativity in terms of how to play these games that were just not seeing, i mean we are but many of these titles are getting overlooked such as Elebits, Zack & Wiki, maybe Metroid Prime trilogy ect ect.

As long as the option is there to please both sides of the spectrum in regards to having both dual analog and pointer controls it will make everybody happy. but most 3rd party devs aren't doing this and are simply just opting for dual analog to make the Xbots and Sonydroids happy.



MitchVogel said:

This does make perfect sense and I'm glad they have a plan to rally more support. It really does seem like the main reason most companies are passing on the wii u is not because of the graphical barrier, as was the case with Wii, but because nobody really has a Wii U.



SCAR said:

I agree. The Wii Wheel paired w/ Mario Kart was new. I actually went to the Best Buy E3 thing today, and this is the best Mario Kart yet. The computers weren't a challenge, but the game itself was awesome. That game will definitely benefit from the motion+.
Same with pointing controls. It just gives more player immersion. The way Nintendo has setup touch controls and motion controls on their systems has made them one of the defining ways to play video games.
I'm still for traditional controls where it makes sense, but the 'alternative' control scheme is definitely where the appeal is for alot of people.



P-Gamer-C said:

DIDNT ubi say its an abandoned console after seeing the big boys at e3 its clear wii u will forever be the fith wheel and how long can the 3ds hold out with ios market getting bigger and bigger




We you is my favorite 3rd gen console because they have the Nintendo characters so im happy people shouldnt be complaining about wow they made this game but not this one,deal with it or dont have the system!



Lyndexer said:

Eh, they did good with 3rd party characters in SSB. I think Nintendo probably won E3 with just Mario kart, SSB, Pikmin, and some others.



scrubbyscum999 said:

@P-Gamer-C Wii U mad? I'm sorry but I can't take this guy seriously anymore lol.

Nintendo hasn't gotten 3rd party support since N64 days. I know I've said this 7 times now but I think we need to remember that so we don't get our hopes up.



sr388survivor said:

Nintendo is in a tough situation. People complain that Nintendo needs to get better 3rd party support and 3rd party publishers don't want to go up against Nintendo's AAA. So Nintendo takes a step back, only makes a couple games and lets 3rd party have the spotlight and they just make mediocre ports and everyone complains there aren't enough Nintendo games. It's a vicious cycle.

The 3DS started off slow because they were trying to get more 3rd party support and it picked up when Nintendo started cranking out games. Seems that's what's going to happen to Wii U as well.



timp29 said:

As others have said - price cut now - try to provide an alternative when people want to preorder a microsoft/sony system that they can play at christmas versus a cheaper system they can play now



DarkNinja9 said:

to me its kinda like a double edge sword they can put many games and wait for ppl to buy the console but if 3rd party see to many mario games they will see that and kinda be cautious about " more mature" type games will sell well if they bring it to Wii U

but then again ppl are more about the whole 3D mario game and not noticing the games like X,batman, watch dogs, AC4, Bayonetta2, spliter cell(or W/e), and that deux directors cut game.... if more ppl enjoyed those games then we will have more 3rd party and more gamers it should be easier now that Xbox1 is basically out



DarkNinja9 said:

@timp29 price cut to me will just make it seem like nintendo knows its weak and needs to back down when it isnt and its showing is tons of good games so i feel like there is no need for a price cut but ppl to buy the console not just for support



BoyFromMars82 said:

@Gallimastro Never gonna happen. No way they recall and release a more powerful version. That's like admitting defeat. Reggie is right, you want to play Nintendo games, get a Nintendo system. There are some third party games already. Once the user base increases, then chances are third party titles will sell more. Its all about the money.

Why Nintendo get criticised for releasing the same game series over and over but what number of CoD are we on now?

While a price cut would help, there are deals to be had. I just bought a Wii U Basic with Super Mario Bros U for £189.99. Bargain if you ask me. Granted it has less storage but if im downloading games, even the 32gb won't be enough.



cheleuitte said:

The nintendo direct did a good job, I never miss one!
nintendo will have a press conference when new hardware comes around!!
Iwata is precise and funny!!



DualWielding said:

Really Reggie? How much third party support did the Wii get after getting a huge install base and all Nintendo First party franchises?



BXXL said:


Exactly! 2 or 3 years in its life, Wii had already a 60 million+ userbase, at the time the combined userbase of PS3+360, and in the last half of its life, the 3rd party situation stayed exactly the same, because of the hardware not powerful enough for ports, the control method too different to port easily or make creative exclusives easily, and a totally different demographic with many people buying party games, musical games, sports games and kid-family friendly games...

And now, with a console struggling to reach its first 5 million consumers, Reggie thinks history won't repeat itself? Well, he's right, because Wii U won't reach 60 millions EVER, because there's no Wii Sports and its huge mass market appeal: it will be the Gamecube all over again, with maybe 20 to 30 million consoles sold at the end of this gen...

Personnally, i loved my Cube, and there were plenty of GC games i still love today, but you have to know what you're dealing with, and tell the truth as it is: the Wii U is a niche console for the usual Nintendo fans, a console where Nintendo 1st party games will make profits (but moderate when compared to Wii), and where no other company will have its place... it's fine, if most Nintendo fans enjoy it, good for them, if Nintendo thinks it's a good business model, good for them...

But after a gen in which both their handheld and home console have sold nearly 250 million copies, in which they made billions and billions of profits, and in which they were leading the market, i think Nintendo lost an historic opportunity to be the main actor in this generation: 3DS will do very fine, Wii U will do just fine, but their new home console should have been the PS2 of this gen, with a wide variety of games which appeal to ALL types of gamers, and not a niche console or second console at best...

Now, am i a "REAL" Nintendo fan if i analize things that way? I think so... but what do i know, right?



GreatPlayer said:

Nintendo is pretty arrogant to depend solely on its own franchises to enhance the console base, while their current games are often described as being too safe (e.g., Mario Bros U).

Sega dreamcast had much more innovative games within its short period of launching time (e.g., Sonic Adventure, Chu Chu Rocket, NBA 2K1, Crazy Taxi, Space Channel 5, Typing of the Dead, Jet Grind Radio, Shenmue) but still failed at the end. Nintendo's non-reliance on third parties is based on its own assumption that its franchise games are enough to hold its fan base, but it can be one of the most severe mistakes it makes. I do not believe that every single Wii U owners are fans of Mario or Zelda. I did not purchase Wii U for Mario but for Sonic and Raymen. Third parties can make far better and sophisticated games than Nintendo can (e.g., see Silent Hill, Dragon Quest).



FJOJR said:

Nintendo's other ace could be their relationship with small developers. The eShop & some exclusive retail games developed by small companies backed by Nintendo could give the Wii U the edge in the indie scene.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Your right, they're not. I was only pointing out what I've heard when motion controls vs. traditional controls comes up. I would have added not enough buttons but the Wiimote puts a cork in argument.

I personally don't care what control scheme a game uses as long as its not unplayably clunky, but pointer controls definitely feel much more fluid and natural. Thats something I've always liked about the Wii and now the Wii U, they're one of the few consoles to allow so much flexibility with their controls (not counting 3rd party controllers and mounds of peripherals).



Sean_Aaron said:

Right so the recipe for the Wii U's success is to spend money that could be used to develop internal software on bribing 3rd parties for exclusivity windows for titles that will eventually be on other consoles? I'm sorry but that makes no sense at all.

Nintendo absolutely neither needs, nor should they want to mirror the other two console libraries. Part of staying relevant is to keep a degree of uniqueness. Reggie is right: Nintendo games will grow and define the base; if that means yet more Call of Duty games aren't sold on it, so be it - no one In their right mind should be buying a Nintendo platform for that. The lack of a library dominated by violent games doesn't mean the Wii U doesn't have a diverse library - in fact I think it's clear that the opposite is true!



F4LLEND4RK said:

Yep, got to agree with Reggie there. Why buy a Wii U if there's games on it that you can buy on other consoles?
First you have to increase the number of first party games to draw people in and then increase the number of great 3rd party to keep them here.



dumedum said:

The sales of Wii U are not even a problem. Everyone knows it will pick up.

They need to do this one very important thing;

Fix the situation with Amazon not selling Nintendo consoles.

Other than that, it's all about the share price. They have to address it. It needs to start climbing and climbing fast. Trust me, I care about this. Nintendo cares less about it because it's only an indirect loss since it's in the secondary market, but they need to make sure the stock is profitable for PR purposes and for the excitment factor.

That's it. Games wise it will be nice to attract more third parties but it's not really such a huge problem.



ILikeRead said:

@Ryno just like nintendo, microsoft did the same with halo, sony did the same with god of war. its just that nintendo has more franchises to make more money than a single title. then, i guess it easier to persuade someone to purchase a game for a system that does a whole bunch of other things other than play games.



The-Chosen-one said:

thanks to the xbox ONE, the WiiU sales already went up with a large boost lol, and now with the Xenoblade/Gears WiiU trailer, more people want to buy a wiiU, and with the megaman smashbros trailer, people where running towards a store.



GiftedGimp said:

Price cut would do moredamage than good to Nintendo, but with Sony price point set to undercut microsoft and make WiiU seem more expensive Nintendo have to do something.
It suprised everyone that Sony set the price so low, but actually makes sense considering the looses they have had for years now they need Ps4 to be in profit. Sound stupid as they are making massive losses on Ps4 at that price but woth pay to play online on Ps4, thats how they hope to recoup losses, coupled with Selling a load of systems.
What Can Nintendo Do, best bet would be a Bundle, 4 wimotes, Sensor Bar, Game Pad, NSMBU and Mario 3D World, 32gb WiiU Call it Mario Complete Bundle &Market it as a complete on-couch multiplayer package for the family.
They could do other bundles to try and cater for the different demographics



Geonjaha said:

@Ernest_The_Crab - Here's the funny thing about that: the 3DS has no direct competition besides the Vita, which itself has a big problem not having any exclusive games. Home consoles will be different, especially considering it took the 3DS this long to get all of those games. People choosing a next gen home console aren't going to wait that long.



Rect_Pola said:

Games people want to play is what creates user bases. Forcing Nintendo to build it's own base means they deserve to be second fiddle to Nintendo's audience. Haven't they been complaining about that, forever? "Only Nintendo games sell on Nintendo's consoles". Demanding a bigger base is either backasswards logic or thinly veiled snubbing Nintendo.
You really think they're going to pull their support if xbone sags as hard as the current sentiment suggests?



element187 said:

"Get the third party exclusives, then you get the install base"

@Geonjaha doesn't work that way on Nintendo.. 3rd party publishers don't want to invest in a console without an install base. You have to get an install base first.

Sony/Microsoft have to money hat for 3rd party exclusives, Nintendo just needs to provide their own franchises, after all people buy Nintendo consoles primarily for the Nintendo games.



QuickSilver88 said:

Really little has changed for Nintendo since the N64. Look the 3rd party thing is getting stupid and here is why......Nintendo is not a universal system or a system for 'common' games. Reggie's arguement would hold water accept for the fact the Wii sold 100mil units and 3rd party still didn't do real well.....especially multiplatforms. The only 3rd party that worked for Wii were the exclusives like Mad World, Red Steal 2, Zak, Epic Mickey....those were all really well made but still only sold so so in most cases....this is with 100mil base. So Nintendo should probably just give up on getting the Maddens, CODs, ACs and all that. Yes they could be the budget console with enought power to get devent versions of multiplats but most multiplat gamers actually own multiple platforms and will buy the titles on other systems because they look better, have better online, or more DLC. The theory that they should go more mature themselves was tried and failed with gamecube....which mind you was a bit of a comercial failure selling only 23mil unit world wide. They did the excellent Starfox adventures, Eternal Darkness, wave race, fzero, two metroid games, they had 3rd party stuff like Rogue Squadron and Resident Evil, time splitter, BGE, POP series, and pso. The system had better grafx than ps2/xbox and faster load times with the much panned minidiscs. Still sold only 23million units. In retrospect the GC library was awesome and despite being much smaller than ps2 has way more games with lasting appeal. Thats why they went casual with Wii and it worked but not for 3rd parties. I love Nintendo but am an all systems gamer. I think they need to quit caring about the multiplats and Nintendo gamers should as well. Do a robust array of 1st and 2nd party (which they are)....yive the casuals their WiiSports, WiiFits, and party games. Do some hardcore exlusives like X and Bayonetta, Metroid. Do your classic titles like Mario, DK, Zelda, do your quirky stuff like Pikman and W101. They need to work with their japanese friends like Capcom, Namco, Square, Bandai, Sega, and Altus to get WiiU exclusives or cross over titles (which they are). The eShop is way more attractive than XBL for self publishing and should bring some intersting content, if the bas gets big enough then maybe the western publishers will vring some unique content. They are not the same as PC, PS4, and XBone and shouldn't try to be. Their message should be come here for unique and different gaming experiences that you can't get anywhere else. That has really been their path since the SNES days...all of you so annoyed or disturbed by the lack of MutiPlats.....why did you buy a WiiU? Go get a PS4 for $400 and you will get all that content and $ony's own very fine exclusives....Keep your WiiU for a change of pace or sell it to someone who wants that different experience!



xKing_Koopahx said:

I have to admit im really bumbed about not having any real 3rd party games.. I was hoping that I would just need a Wii U and Pc.. but Nope... Looks like Ps4 is where its at.. so.. Ps3PC and WII U.. I hope Wii U has more than just Nintendo...

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