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Zelda Oracle Titles To Have an Initial Discount on the 3DS Virtual Console in North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The quest begins on 30th May

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons were recently confirmed for the 3DS Virtual Console, certainly welcome news for fans of the Game Boy Color double-act.

Nintendo had also confirmed that the link capability of the originals — which back in the day would have set gamers back a fair amount of cash — would be included for those that buy both downloads. Linking the games changes up the content and, most famously, gives you a different end boss.

While the titles were absent from the European Nintendo Direct broadcast today, the Nintendo of America equivalent announced that they would be available at a reduced price of $4.99 between 30th May and 20th June, a slight discount from the normal $5.99. The pitch is simple, for just under $10 you'll get both games and all of the linked goodness that comes with them.

We wouldn't rule out a similar promotion for Europe, but at the moment this is North America only.

Are you thinking of picking up both titles for the linked content? Let us know in the comments below.

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Ralizah said:

These are my next eshop targets for sure. I loved Seasons when I was a kid.



DrKarl said:

I think that Link's Awakening DX is one of the best Zelda games ever made. I didn't like Capcom's take on Zelda in Minish Cap. Will I like these?



seronja said:

well i guess i will buy just 1 oracle game then, since Europe doesen't get any discount and the price is just way too high for any kind of virtual console game IMO.



HawkeyeWii said:

I'm getting both while they have the discount, even though it is a $1 discount on both.



Luffymcduck said:

I have the original copies of these games so no buy for me. Though I´m very happy that more people are able to experience these gems now, especially as Ages is one of my favourite Zelda´s (also the first I played).



bezerker99 said:

I have Ages and have beaten it. Never played Seasons though...always wanted to so I could "link" the two together! Both of these will be Day 1 purchases for me.



hypercoyote said:

"Nintendo had also confirmed that the link capability of the originals — which back in the day would have set gamers back a fair amount of cash — would be included for those that buy both downloads".

You could have accomplished the 'link' capability with a password that you passed between the two games, so it wasn't like you had to have two systems to do it. I never did the actual system link, does that allow you to bypass the whole password system? Or do you have to keep re-linking them up when you want to go back to your other game?



Dpullam said:

It is going to be really hard for me to resist buying Oracle of Seasons since it will have a discount. I might just have to splurge for this one occasion.



Phantom_R said:

I like how Nintendo says you can get both for "under ten dollars." Yeah, two pennies under. And it's actually more than ten dollars because taxes exist. But I won't be getting them anyway since I have the originals, the GB Zeldas look great with sharp pixels.



bassoongoon said:

Sweet! I'll have to get both when I buy a 3DS in July. Although the promotional price will most likely be gone by then...



Shadowkiller97 said:

@SirQuincealot Yes. Completely different maps and dungeons. They also have different items and mechanics. Seasons works by changing the environment by changing the seasons. (i.e. winter has trees with no leaves so you can walk between them whereas spring has trees blocking the path with full leaves). In Ages, you go back and forth between time periods. There are also mounts and characters that differ between the two... though there are a few recurring characters too.



Shadowkiller97 said:

Also, gameplay changes based on which one you play first. If you play Seasons first, Ages is a little tweaked then if you had played it first and vice versa. This difference is marginal, but if you are a true fan, you'd play both twice in reverse orders.



grumblegrumble said:

Yay!!!!! I havent played these games since they were originally released (back in the day) so I greatly look forward to this! They are FANTASTIC GAMES, kind of like "Link's Awakening" from what I remember! And I only owned one of them, can't remember, I think it was Seasons that I owned, and I loved it. Thank you Nintendo! You guys are in for a real treat!



grumblegrumble said:

@Phantom_R Well, they are worth $20 a piece, they are great games!! So under $10 is a wonderful bargain!~ I remember paying $40 or so at the time for just one of them! Hehe



MeloMan said:

I've played them both hence I'm satisfied, but if you're a Zelda fan on the fence, liked Link's Awakening (closest Zelda to compare the Oracle games to), or other, these games are definitely not worth missing.



SanderEvers said:

What about Europe... I hope not long after. (Actually the European Direct didn't have anything about the 3DS, so it's still possible that it's released on the same day)



sweetiepiejonus said:

Don't tell Nintendo but I was going to get both of these even if there was no discount.

That's what was so great about them. It wasn't like other games that have 2 (or more) versions of the game that are basically the same title and just have very minor differences.

I disagree. I'd pay $20 for them. Other than the graphics not being what they can be today they have more content and better quality than lots of games today that cost twice as much.



Emaan said:

Not sure yet if I'm getting both, but this discount is nice! Looking forward to playing this (or these) :3



Sun said:

Actually 5€ is the price for GBC games except for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.



SLiM said:

Can you link both on the same system? or do they have to be on separate systems?



evanescent_hero said:

If you like top-down Zelda games, if you like Link's Awakening, do yourself a favor and pick these up. Both of them. If you have to pick one, I recommend Ages, but that's just personal preference; they're both amazing. But if you can get both, do it. Linking them together is awesome and is the only way to get the true experience. Easily my favorite top-down Zelda.

Why not?
Legitimately, why not? They're long games with more dungeons, items, content, and challenge than many retail games today. Especially when you play both to link them together and unlock the true final act of the game. These are both easily worth twenty dollars or more alone, and five (or six) bucks is an unbelievable deal. Unless graphis are how you judge a game's worth, like so many people today.

Same system. You get a code when you finish one and put it in when you start the next game.

These are very similar games to Link's Awakening, using the same graphics and many of the same items (but none of the same dungeons). I personally like them a little more than Link's Awakening.



sweetiepiejonus said:


The gameplay is nearly identical to Link's Awakening so, yes you will. Link's Awakening is my favorite game in the entire Zelda series so I may be biased but I'd recommend them.



DanielHPoetry said:

I might check these out. I never was a fan of 2D Zelda games tho. I felt more immersed with the 3D titles, except for Wind Waker. I never tried it cuz the graphical style just wasn't appealing to me.



Nightwalker said:

@evanescent_hero Well, as I said, these two are my favorite Zelda games, so judging games by their graphics is obviously not something that I do.
But, these 2 games are 12 years old and they were published for the GBC console. It is just my opinion that they would not be worth $20 a piece, especially if you take into consideration the fact that they will be bought by many people who already own them on a GBC console.
So, why pay the "full" price for the same games twice? It is just a re-release, and there won't be any new features. So, 5-6 euros is the perfect price to pay for these games now, in 2013, on a Virtual Console.



DanielHPoetry said:

Can we get some SNES and GBA titles on the E Shop please?! The 3DS is obviously more than capable of running them.



ueI said:

Sure! I don't know why I ever got rid of my original copies.



GloryQuestor said:

I've been waiting for this moment to happen since the early days of 3DS, so of course I'll get both!



evanescent_hero said:

Nope. If it's a truly good game, how old it is doesn't matter. The Oracle games have held up very well. They could've been published yesterday (though people would likely whine that they were too hard). Super Metroid is still a good game and could easily be sold for twenty bucks. Chrono Trigger is still great, as is ALttP, or Secret of Mana, or Super Mario World, or Donkey Kong Country. Games drop in price over time, but a quality experience remains a quality experience regardless of when it came out, and a truly good game will always be worth its price. Saying that twenty bucks is too much simply because a game is old is ridiculous, especially when the game has held up very well.



moomoo said:

Never played these, so I'll probably get both of them. Can't wait to try them out.



mikeyman64 said:

I have very fond memories of these two games. The GB series of Zelda games hold a very special spot in my heart.



GamerZack87 said:

If any Virtual Console games this year had the potential to overload the servers to the point of critical mass, it's these two. Having said that, I'd be partly responsible for the eShop downtime, heh heh... ^_^



MattEriks said:

i still have my second playthrough all the rings code from back-in-the-day. I was been a lill bit of sad sinch i missed both of em so much after i sold them. day 1 buy/download for me.

May the way of the Hero lead to the Triforce.



TheHunter said:

These are 2 of the few Zelda games I haven't played yet so a definite buy. I hope they put A Link To The Past on 3DS VC also before the sequel comes out so I can play that too.



CrimsonTurtle8 said:

I do plan on getting both. They are completely different games right? It's not like Pokemon blue and red I hope. Someone please let me know if they are the same game just slightly different, because then I probably won't Thanks in advance.

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