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Wii U Owners Shunned Again As Warner Refuses To Reveal Injustice DLC Release Date

Posted by Damien McFerran

"We have not made any DLC announcements for Wii U"

If you own Injustice: Gods Among Us on the Xbox 360 or PS3, then you can enjoy some nice additional downloadable content right now.

However, if you bought the same game for the Wii U — for the same price, naturally — then you're out of luck as far as DLC is concerned. At the time of release, publisher Warner Bros. was reluctant to state when DLC would be arriving for the Nintendo edition of the game, and that stance hasn't altered since then — despite the first additional content hitting rival formats this week.

Fans have taken to Twitter to badger the publisher on the issue, only to be given the same non-committal response:

Nintendo stated that DLC for the game would happen in a Nintendo Direct broadcast from a while back, and the packaging for the title says that bonus content can be downloaded at a later date. Wii U owners are already missing out on things that are present in other editions of the game, such as the ability to arrange matches with friends, connectivity with the iOS game and a Season Pass.

There are probably perfectly good reasons for the delay, but the lack of solid info from Warner Bros. must be pretty disappointing for those who supported this title by making a purchase. If publishers continue to treat Wii U owners differently to those who own other consoles, can they really expect those same customers to support their games at retail in the future?

Did you buy Injustice in the hope of getting DLC in the future? Are you annoyed by the lack of information, or does downloadable content not hold any interest for you? Post a comment to enlighten us.

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Sanqet said:

There will be more of this with other games until Nintendo manage to sell more wii u consoles



NIELS_ said:

The main reason why the Wii U isn't doing so well is because of the publishers and all the things they don't give to Wii U owners. Just like with Black Ops II, no DLC there. And because of that other publishers decide to skip the Wii U.



rjejr said:

"Wii U owners are already missing out on things that are present in other editions of the game, such as the ability to arrange matches with friends, connectivity with the iOS game and a Season Pass".

2 types of gamers in the world:

Those who already knew this, bought the game anyway, and aren't the least bit surprised that they are being shafted yet again.

Those who didn't know about the discrepancies, bought the game, and will probably never know when the other systems are getting the DLC so they wouldn't know their DLC is delayed if they didn't read it here first.

But really, buying a multiplat WiiU game shouldn't require so much forethought and abuse after the fact. Microsoft would never let this happen w/ Xbox titles.



Midnight3DS said:

Then there are those that bought it for Wii U, knowing how awesome Lobo is, checking for updates daily.

Though as a PS3 owner, the Skyrim DLC fiasco was about as bad as it gets.



Shiryu said:

I am more worried with the fact that local store has yet to receive any shipment with the Wii U version of the game. I even had it pre ordered... nothings sacred any more.



Zurtech said:

And Devs wonder why third party games generally don't sell on Nintendo consoles...



DefHalan said:

3rd Party thinks Wii U doesn't sell well, so they support it less, so 3rd Party doesn't sell well, so they support it less. It is a cycle. Nintendo needs to help out but also if a 3rd Party supports the Wii U fully then I will purchase the game. 3rd Party needs to realize that the Wii U will be around for awhile, they can make more money off the Wii U over time than the 360 or PS3 which will be replaced by the end of the year.



UnseatingKDawg said:

These third party developers need to grow the hell up and stop being biased when it comes to releasing games and DLC on systems.



bunnyking said:

I think the editors of all video game magazines kind of enjoy posting stuff like this.

The sadist.



TOMBOY25 said:

i dont see why everyone is surprised i told you this would happen wii u owners will get the shaft on almost ALL games that are multiplatform.



SkywardLink98 said:

@UnseatingKDawg Who ever said they're biased? If they don't think it's cost effective, they aren't required to do it. Companies first priority is to make money, then they are supposed to make us happy.
@bunnyking As long as it doesn't affect me, I'd love to torture my readers.



Rave300mph said:

How difficult could his possibly be? Do you want to make more money, or increase your stock revenue??? Treat ALL of your customers equally. I could easily buy the PS3 or Xbox, but this is about loyalty to the Wii U brand. Regardless of how "different" the Wii U is, both sides need to come to a decision to start putting their customers first.



ultraraichu said:

I remember it took over 2 months for Ubisoft to release dlc for Just Dance 4 on the Wii U while other systems (including Wii) had it day one. Some times I wonder how hard it is for developers to get used to a new online distribution system.

TBH I mostly brought the game because toyrus had a sale last week for $35 on it. The game stands well on its own and dlc is not my key buying point, but it would be nice if they still release it at a later date, at least for equality/fairness sake.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@SkywardLink98: Well, wouldn't it be a good idea to branch out to gather a wider audience? I just honestly think some of these third parties are treating the Wii U like they did to the Wii - they have no faith in it. Therefore, they're being biased just because the Wii U is Nintendo's console. That's the way I see it.



dizzy_boy said:

They should atleast sort out the friend match lobbys, it's ridiculous to think that we can't enjoy something that should have been on the disk since day one.
The other thing, it's a bit of concearn that every 3RD party offering DLC is skipping the WiiU versions of thier games.
It's not as if they don't know we want a fair deal, it just seems as if they just don't care.
TBH, what's the point in bringing the games over in the first place.



Mqblank said:

Didn't know that WiiU doesn't link to ios devices (not that bothered as don't own one) but I was hoping that they release the costumes only available through the ios game somewhere down the line. Poor, WB, very poor.



SetupDisk said:

I never wanted to make a twitter account but I just might so I can kindly tell them to suck my toes.

If it's going to be later just say it.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@SetupDisk: I know, right? If I had the answer "We have not made any DLC announcements for Wii U", I'd follow up with "I know. Why do you think I'm asking you until you give me a more direct answer?"



Legromancer said:

this is clearly false advertisement. The Box states there is a lobby system and DLC.
Isn't this illegal? Can i give the game back to Amazon because of this?
It seems that is the only way to give those companies the appropriate feedback.
Lie to us and feels the consequences.



UnseatingKDawg said:

@Legromancer: That does make sense, but I'm sure the developer would have some answer to it so they couldn't get slammed with false advertisement. For example, Sonic Unleashed for Xbox 360 was marked with Leaderboard support, but there's no such option in the game, and SEGA never got in trouble for it.



SkywardLink98 said:

@UnseatingKDawg They're being "biased" because they don't know whether or not it's gonna sell. The PS3/Xbox360 audience has proven they will buy the DLC, but Wii/WiiU owners, have not. They should give it a chance, but they are not biased.



Dpullam said:

I buy DLC every once in a while for games I really enjoy so it is unfortunate that the Wii U isn't getting the same treatment that the Xbox 360 and PS3 is.



Sgt_Garlic said:

The Wii U can't catch a break. I hope Nintendo can turn this mess around. The Fall should have a lot of great releases.



Gamer83 said:

If Nintendo had a competent online service years ago like it should've, this would be a non-issue. Factor in the poor sales for Wii U right now and developers aren't going to be killing themselves to get DLC up for the system. Once sales go up this will change.



dc_10 said:

@Haxonberik Completely made this article worth reading.

I bought it for Wii U knowing no DLC because of brand loyalty. It's not a deal breaker but it is sad to see that 3rd parties blame consumers for not buying their games on "less hardcore gamer" systems when it's themselves giving the consumer the big middle finger. What is so hard about giving every platform an equal chance to offer the same gameplay? If exclusivity is what they were looking for then they should have picked one system and developed on it solely. The worst part, is that the Wii U and Big N keep getting a bad rap for no 3rd party support when it's clear that the support they get is half-assed.



th3r3ds0x said:

Classic catch 22: publishers making half bootied ports on Wii u because of the small install base. Small install base because there aren't enough good titles and 3rd party titles are better on rival systems. I bought injustice on Wii U and I'm feeling the sting. Getting really tired of feeling the sting... Think ill be sticking to first party only from this point out. Everything else sucks.



MrGawain said:

I like the game a lot, but I sort of question is the DLC really that worth it? Lobo looks okay, but I'm not that fussed with Batgirl, Zod or Scorpion.



Legromancer said:

at the moment i don't care if it's worth it (i think it will).
I care for not having the same options like PS3 and 360 owners even after paying the same amount of money for a game that states it features DLC and after the Nintendo Direct that mentioned this.
There is no excuse for this. Where did Nintendo get this false information they passed on us? From the developers? Or like the average joe, fromn the box?
However you spin it, i feel deceived.



bonesy91 said:

What is with the third parties and the wii u? are they trying to lose all the potential customers they could gain? I have a wii u and a ps3 so if I really wanted this dlc or the Cod DLC I could get it on the ps3. But to just neglect the wii U.... Wow.



Captain_Balko said:

Well, it's their loss. I payed for my game, yes, and am enjoying it greatly. I would (as of now) buy DLC in a heartbeat. However, when I get new games on Wii U (Game and Wario, Pikmin 3) I won't be playing too much Injustice, and therefore won't bother downloading DLC. By taking so long with the DLC, they just lost a lot of money from me, and probably other like-minded consumers.



Bulbousaur said:

if Lobo comes to the Wii U, this will be one of the games I get with the console. If no Lobo, no sale Warner.



Unit_DTH said:

It seems, and I hate to say this, that Ubisoft is the only 3rd party dev fully supporting the Wii U. The lack of DLC for multiple games on the Wii U is driving me bonkers!!! They said that "yes, there will be DLC for the Wii U." it is printed on the back of the game's case, same with CoD BLOPs2 on the Wii U... look on the back of the case in the bottom left corner and it will say something to the extent of additional content available soon. I'm sick of this 3rd party waiting game crap! I love the Wii U and all of the gaming possibilities that it allows, but I'm sick of these 3rd party devs being so snobby toward the Wii U when it comes to DLC! You can't expect a repeat of Wii sales on a new console that has had no advertising management done for the thing, the console sales for Wii U will increase, but they aren't willing to give those that already adopted the Wii U the benefit of the doubt that they hold in such high regard! Quit doubting a Nintendo product and give it's consumers and yours what they desire!!!



MadJay1664 said:

Bollocks I payed £50 for this game! I want DLC or from now on I'm sticking purely with Ubisoft!



Jaco said:

Dlc shouldnt come this close to launch in the first place, finish the product by release, dlc comes 6 months down the road to lengthen the enjoyment of the game after your done with it. Thats why I think super Luigi u could be really interesting



Legromancer said:

seriously, can we get a feature article about this topic? Maybe try to get some response from publishers? Without media coverage this situation won't change.
False advertising is illegal. Let that be known that we are not ok with it.
They may not vare about our gaming preferences, love for Nintendo or whatever. But they care about possible lawsuites. Especially if it is so easy justified like with BLOPS 2 and Injustice. You just have to quote the backside of the box.



Captain_Toad said:

Developers Viewpoint:
"Ehh, Since people don't give much of a crap about the WiiU at the moment, we won't make it a full game al la Xbox 360/Ps3 to save costs." (though that in itself doesn't make much sense to begin with, unless it's problems with the system itself. If it is then say it.)
"But since we will be releasing a portion of a game to the WiiU, people will be giving even less of a crap about the WiiU. Thus giving less of a reason to make more games to the WiiU, even though that's the thing we're trying to do to begin with!"
"Everybody wins! ^^"

My viewpoint:

No. No it's not.



Sinister said:

Why even buy multi platform releases on WiiU?
Just stick with exclusives and just ignore the rest.



Legromancer said:

yeah, because there are so many exclusives to choose from...
If Wii U isn't ignored for multi plat releases it gets shunned.
Every day you read some other story that isn't exactly positive.
Wii U is just an industry joke. On many fronts. This is just one of them.

Besides, ignoring a problem probably got us here. Publishers think it's ok to give us the short stick.



brokenfang said:

Bought at Toys 'r Us on sale. Probably wouldn't have paid full price as I knew about the sketchy DLC issue. I feel it was worth the sale price without the DLC, but this treatment of the console is absurd. As others above have said, It's making me stick by N even more. I'm done with EA games, so maybe WB will be next.

I'm happier to give my money to company that appreciates it anyway.



SkywardLink98 said:

@mariobro4 No, developer viewpoint: "The Wii U presents a new audience we've never tried to market to before. We'll give them the full game, but not the DLC as that would present a large risk that's not worth taking."
DLC is not required to make it a full game, DLC is add ons or mini expansions.



ueI said:

I did not buy the game because I was expecting something like this to happen.



Legromancer said:

it is still mentioned on the friggin' box. It is a lie if it won't come to Wii U.
It is that simple.



BATRA said:

yes i buy the games for dlc first sonic then second injustice now star wars third partys are making me sad why buy a wii u if no one support it but you need more then a first party games their are no exercise for star wars and injustice and sonic on the wii u when a game box said dlc are coming you should bring them when disney said and in writing that star wars was coming on all platforms then ea should make the games for wii u to and sonic where are the dlc? been 6 months do we have to wait years for it how sad all this is poor nintendo



Captain_Toad said:

Though that's kind of a problem if it WAS the issue of money (console sales), then they would've said it themselves. To be fair Criterion did say at an earlier news post from a Need for Speed: Most Wanted, straight-up, "Show us the money, then DLC." Though Never-realms however is being tight lipped on the situation, we don't know for sure if it is the issue of the system, money, etc. etc, unless they said it for sure.

Oh and WiiU's Injustice has not just DLC missing from this package.....



Einherjar said:

How can these people be so incredibly blind ? If you want to sell your games on the WiiU, make them at least equal to the others. How on earth are they ecpecting equaly large sale numbers of an inferior version for the same price ? The WiiU has something, that the current consoles do not have, that is uniquenes. Make an equal version, and the WiiUs native features, like Off-TV play will enhance the experience without even tinkering with the game. Since the "low power CPU" myth was debunked, every 3rd party jumped off the boat, ill guess because they have lost their only excuse not to make (equal) games / versions.
How on earth is this system supposed to get a steady footwork, if no one even tries to release something for it. A port cant be that expansive for massive corporations like these to be such a huge risk, that is rediculous.
Liek i said many times before, this is a rats tail:
No sales > no games > no sales > no games > [...]
To be honest, this isnt stupidity on the 3rd party devs side, that is almost outright boycott if you ask me. And im kindy loosing focus on the fact whos to blame for this. Are the incredibly ignorant 3rd partys the reason, for not allowing innovation to shine because the technical powerhouses with their facebook buttons and DRM are right around the corner ? Is it nintendo itself, not doing something against it, letting its own system succumb to such tomfoolery ? Or is it the new audience that call themselfes "gamers" since the Wii opened up the marked and made "games" not a shunned "basement dwellers" time waster, but a genuine hobby, who think that the technical standpoint, like shiny, shaded realistic graphics is everything you need ? To exaggerate a bit: Is "fun in games" (what nintendo practicly stands for) really so dead and was taken over by "look at tha graphics man" ?
One last thing on topic: Why on earth is it so hard, to release DLC for this game ? It is made, the game runs, you just need to upload it onto nintendos service. SOME people have baught the game, and these people are potential buyers of that DLC. What is there to lose ? Since there is no excuse from a technical standpoint, the eShop might fall a little flat compared to the other services, but its competend enough to handle DLC alright, there is no possible way to explain something like that without beeing accused of a streight boycott of the WiiU system...
Man...this stuff really gets to my head. Why must our hobby be controlled by such idiots, thinking they are making clever decisions but totally forgetting who the people are who give them their beloved, stinkin money....



AlternateButtons said:

Ya know....its crap like this that makes me think Third Party support really isn't all that great. Some Third Party companies have made some really great games but mostly, I find myself looking forward to more First Party games from Nintendo themselves. Those titles always have more imagination, more substance and more soul then any third party game I've ever played.

So If you're going to blatantly give Wii U owners the short end of the stick, then why should I support you in the first place?

I know many are inclined to disagree with me, but I honestly dont see the thrill of third party games or support.



TromboneGamer said:

Seeing as how BO2 didn't get ANY DLC either well it seems that 3rd parties don't trust conumers AT ALL to continue supporting their games after release. Now if DLC wasn't a big part of games today I wouldn't bother saying anything, but according to the market it actually is.



GiftedGimp said:

Ok I'm pretty sure the dlc will arrive, the devs themselves said, admitedly a long time ago dlc will be available on WiiU.
However, since many games now come with a dlc season pass system and as of yet thetes not been any season passes on estore is the issue with eStore?
eStore can't directly be accessed via a game, and season passes come into play as the game detects your season pass and then alters the price in-game to free.. if you try to buy via the online store the store will still say the normal price, regardless of if you have brough the season pass or not.
Or at least this is my experience of season passes when I had my 360 & Ps3, so it is possible it has recently changed.
Having No direct link to estore from the game means the season pass can't be validated, amd maybe publishers are reluctant to release dlc without a season pass due to the flak they would get for not offering the discount to WiiU owners.
I know they get flak for not releasing at all on WiiU, and yes they could jusy make each seperate dlc package a bit cheaper on WiiU to cover the season pass, but then the publisher would get flak from ps3/360 owners for the price discrepency.
In short due to the way eStore is structured, its basically tieing the publisher into a situation where what ever they do in regards of dlc on WiiU they are going to get flak, and the easiest, least damaging option is not to bother at all.
eStore is still a work in progress, especially on WiiU, hopefully soon Nintendo will get these issues sorted allowing things like in-game purchasing & id linked drm. But untill at least the former is rectified Season Passes won't work on WiiU, and unless a publisher wants to cope grief for offering no discounted season pass option or upsetting ps3/360 ownets DLC from 3rd party publishers is going to be hit n miss.
Personally forvme I'm not bothered, If there's dlc for games I like I'll buy it, if not it saves me some cash to spend elsewhere.



Neram said:

It just annoys me that publishers treat Wii U owners differently than PlayStation and Xbox players. How is the Wii U supposed to content with the next-generation consoles if it can't hold its own against current-gen? I mean, not saying it's worse by any means, just saying publishers and developers are treating it like a black sheep.



GiftedGimp said:

@Legromancer It was during the developers blog a while ago, got to go back through my internet history as I can't find direct link at the moment.
Also I've heared there is a patch comming for the WiiU, which will enable freind invites and possibly something to to with dlc.. but the only proof is this tweet link, which doesn't go into specifics

If I can re-find the blog post I'll post it, need to look around NL, think someone else posted it either on forums or on a injustice article.



sinalefa said:

I was about to buy the Wii U version of this a few days ago, since it was cheaper than the others in Amazon. Maybe this is one of the reasons?

Still does not make sense to me if they go through the expense of publishing a game in a new console but not adding the DLC that could help them to get even more money. And I don't see the DLC being more expensive than publishing the game itself.



Pichuka97 said:

Yeah, same thing was said about BLOPS2 on Wii U. DLC supported for the game but it'll probably never show up.



KaiserGX said:

It's still a complete game. I don't even what the DLC characters anymore... after I found out who they are.



DarkNinja9 said:

this is what i dont get -____- it just pisses ppl off its the same game for all consoles so the same DLC should be for all consoles unless theres like a bit difference but come on for the DLC not to show up on the Wii u?



Gamer83 said:


I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish it wasn't announced for any consoles, period. Seems like a very unneccessary game.



KoolD said:

I am Angry - I do feel cheated, I did not want to have to purchase a new game system just to play a game, my thoughts are why even bother.......I would like a refund to be honest on the Wii U system and games. Most games load with a video glitch and I had to replace the power cord already. Injustice is cool - but not having the whole game - whats the point



SpaceApe said:

This is happening because the Wii u is not selling like 3rd party developers want it to. So why would any developer continue to support the Wii U ? Zelda U is the last hope for the Wii U, heck even if that sells that still might not be enough. Nintendo should drop home console support and just continue to support the 3DS and future mobile devices.



Buduski said:

It's sad how Nintendo has been the underdog the last few console gens having little third party support, I highly doubt that porting DLC for all the consoles would be a problem or an exes amount of effort, I really can't understand why developers are so inconsiderate of gamers that support Nintendo, if we bought the same game as others who bought it for other consoles we should be treated as such and offered the same content not a half assed copy, we didn't pay half price for it, just saying.



Midnight3DS said:


Those games look like bad quality GIFs. Is that the best Wii U can do?!? Obviously can't handle DICE DICE, baby!

(Oh Lord, when will the sarcasm meter click on?)



Midnight3DS said:


Because Nintendo always seems to be sitting at the kiddie table away from the big boys. That's the outsider look at it. Nintendo seems to make goofs at every turn it seems lately. Yet looking at numbers, the Wii turned out pretty rosey despite it's behind the times tech.

A stronger, more consumer friendly VC strategy would be more eye catching for starters, but despite that, once N's meat n potato titles start falling in, I suspect they'll be fine, as usual. The Wii overcame a lot of odds. The WiiU can too.



Elhijodelrio said:

Am gonna stop pre ordering games, always promises of possible dlc from gamstop to find out nope no dlc again, the sun pack or whatever injustice pre order was suppoded to get



Midnight3DS said:

DLC is a plague we probably never should have stood for to begin with. Expansion packs, baby!



Bass_X0 said:

And if Lobo and Batgirl had been on-disc DLC instead, Nintendo fans would have raged.



DePapier said:

@MrWalkieTalkie This is what I call next-gen. I'm calling it now and again, don't be surprised this holiday season if first-party Wii U games are on-par — if not better — than third-party PS4/Nextbox launch titles.



DePapier said:

Honestly, with the experience I have had since launch with third-party games on the Wii U, I hope third-parties won't blame Nintendo fans for not buying their games in the future when Nintendo starts bringing what's real.
What goes around comes back around. Just saying.



DePapier said:

Sigh... We gon' see when the real games are here if it's all about third-parties again. A Nintendo fan website should know better than that. Or had anybody here seriously bought any Nintendo console whatsoever specifically to play what they could play on a competitor's platform?!?!?!
(I can't believe I've become a troll around here, this is really sad.)



1wiierdguy said:

I figured DLC would be unlikely on Wii U. I bought the game anyway. Gotta show 3rd party devs that some of us Wii U owners want their games and will support them.



SkywardLink98 said:

@mariobro4 Ok, but they might not be waiting on money, they might be waiting for proof that DLC sells on the Wii U. What else is missing from the package?



Captain_Toad said:

If they were to test the waters of WiiU's DLC board, they would've done so already.
But Alas... (Injustice Game "We have not made any DLC announcements for Wii U.")
Again, how do we know if it's actually the reason they're holding back DLC for the WiiU? This mysterious, cryptic, tactics the developers are pulling here isn't funny. If anything, it raises more questions than answers.

Oh and the Missing features: DLC (Obviously), Online Lobby System, and iOS app.



Silverbullet89 said:

This is why, for now, I'm sticking with my PS3 for third party games, as well as first party PS games of course. I don't have a Wii U yet, but I plan on getting on whenever I see a good bundle come out soon with a game like Metroid, Zelda, Smash Brothers, or something like that. Hopefully E3 will give me some games to look forward to, or I'm just going to buy a 3DS for Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, and Pokemon for now.



P-Gamer-C said:

The 3ds is on fire and from what they are releasing this year it wont go out im like 30 hours in monster hunter



GuyMan said:

Assassin's Creed III has all DLC and all of the features in the other versions. Support that game.

Also, Injustice is getting DLC. I just hope they patch the iOS connectivity and match arrangements.

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