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Nintendo Confirms Smash Bros., 3D Mario and Mario Kart for E3 Nintendo Direct

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Oh snap

Today's Nintendo Direct has come and gone, bringing with it an exclusive Sonic release, more mascot Olympians and some long-awaited release dates. Whether it pushed enough buttons is down to personal opinion, but it was relatively snappy and low-key compared to some other recent broadcasts.

Whether a reaction to that or simply an effort to build hype ahead of its E3 Nintendo Direct, Nintendo of America has tweeted confirmation that three huge releases will be shown next time around: Super Smash Bros., 3D Mario and Mario Kart. Let's not forget that the latest Super Smash Bros. entry is supposedly coming to 3DS, too.

Considering the fact that the broadcast is, among other things, supposed to show games coming in the Fall and Winter periods, we can expect — courtesy of previous press releases and rumours — one or perhaps two of those titles to land in 2013.

In any case, it'll be exciting to see what the Wii U generation of hardware can bring to these fabled franchises. Just how high do these games rate on your hype-meter, and what Wii U functionality would you like to see shown off in the broadcast?

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SchamMan89 said:

It seems to me the Wii U release schedule will be something like:

August- Pikmin 3
September- Rayman Legends, The Wonderful 101
October- The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD
November- 3D Mario
December- Mario Kart



DKDonkeyKong said:

See.. This is why today's Nintendo Direct wasn't primarily focused on new games, because with E3 just a few weeks away, they want to pull all the stops at the big event. I knew that Nintendo was planning something big, and with all these announcements, I'm not disappointed at all




I agree with DKDonkeyKong, it's not very long until the next one, and there will be some fantastic games on show there.



BATRA said:

some people did not like nd i like it and it was good cannot wait for sonic new game



Linkmaster9 said:

Sweet, hopefully the will also anounce a new ip or try to bring back a franchise like star-fox or f-zero.



Peach64 said:

I'm bored of Mario Kart, not a fan of Smash Bros but new 3D Mario is huge for me. They're usually worth buying a console for. I just hope it's not too gimmicky with the gamepad. I want them to just focus on making a great Mario game.



Shiryu said:

Wish there was a new "F-Zero"... anyone else think it's about time Sonic got into the playable roster of Mario Kart?



Gregor said:

Seriously want that. Its a must have, if only because SSBB is dead. ene



TrueWiiMaster said:

I hope they mean RIGHT before E3, because I won't be able to watch the Directs easily until the 10th, the day before E3 starts.



NintyMan said:

Good, they're going to try to steal the thunder before the expo even starts! Super Smash Bros. will easily be my biggest interest, but the 3D Mario and Mario Kart will be great to see too. I really hope both Mario games come out this year!

They'll be announcing other new Wii U games as well. Retro's new game?



DreamOn said:

Ohhhh Yeahhh!!!! MK8! This is it, the next generation of Mario Kart is just waiting to come to my eyes! Oh the possibilities!!



Jukilum said:

@Shiryu If they bring in characters from other franchises I want it to be Nintendo franchises. There is already a Sonic kart racing game.



Yellowgerbil said:

Three epic games... In ONE direct... YES! I hope it is a long direct, about 45 minutes or longer, I am hoping for over an hour. One thing I am concerned about is if they are going to show anything else or if that is it. I hope they do a separate direct that will show other stuff. Maybe a large direct for Wii U and a smaller one for 3DS.



IAmNotWill said:

The how Direct can be 1 minute long with just Smash Bros., and I'll still be the happiest person that day.



Ralizah said:

If Nintendo can get these out by year's end, I might just end up getting a Wii U.



zoroarkrules25 said:

Yesss! We get a slightly early view of smash bros. Yet another rumor from 1000year old gamer has come true. That must mean goku is in smash bros after all...



Ryno said:

I couldn't care less about Smash Bros and not to excited about another Mario but I am interested in learning more about 3D Mario.



phunnbaba said:

I'm sort of worried that these will be the only games shown before, at, or around E3.



bassoongoon said:

Two of those likely this Winter? My body is ready! Today's was the first Nintendo direct I have watched, and I loved it!

It seems some people were let down, but I thought there was lots of exciting stuff. Although, maybe that is just because I have not seen one before.

Super excited for the E3 N-direct!!!



StephenYap3 said:

I'm up for 3D Mario and Kart. Smash Bros...not sure. I like Smash Bros, but Brawl left a bad taste in my mouth.



Dpullam said:

Well, I wouldn't expect anything less of the E3 Nintendo Direct. I am eager to see the new 3D Mario game in action in hopes of it being something entirely new and fresh. Nintendo hasn't failed me yet so I have high hopes.

As for MarioKart, I hope it receives some fresh ideas to keep it from being too similar to the other entries in the series. I'm hoping they will come up with some good ideas especially in the battle mode department.

Super Smash Bros Brawl is easily my favorite of the series even with the continuous tripping that happens far too often. If they removed that feature and kept everything else, I would be a pretty happy camper.

Overall, this is going to be quite an interesting E3 for both Nintendo, and the gamers. I'm ready to see which major company impresses me the most.



bezerker99 said:

Meh. I'm starting to question why I even got a Wii U. I'm so over Smash Bros and Lame Kart.



Haxonberik said:

Smash is easily my favorite (competitive) multiplayer game of all time. I cant wait for the new one, even though I still play brawl semi-frequently.



NorthLightSuplx said:

A 3DS Smash Bros game featuring characters from the following e-shop games....Dillion's Rolling Western, Mutant Mudds, Liberation Maiden, Pushmo, Mighty switch Force, Etc.. Yes Reggie, I will take that and make it a 3ds xl bundle too while you are at it.



SteveW said:

That will be great if they come out this year... I'll believe it when I see it...

I planned on playing Pikmin and Wii Fit U long before now and that didn't happen...



BossBattles said:

High hopes for an impressive 3D mario. Smg1&2 is a tough act to follow, but i know that team can make it great!



datamonkey said:

Can't wait to see the new 3D Mario. I hope they surprise me with a new Wave Race too!



SteveW said:

Please be a BRAND NEW Mario! not Galaxy 3! those were great but do we really need more of the same? make it totally different!



ajcismo said:

Smash and Kart are great, but I'm curious about that "X" game from Monolith Soft.



HeatBombastic said:

@Dpullam Brawl is my favorite, even with the tripping.

Smash Bros. improves upon game upon game. Brawl made the gameplay much smoother and tighter than the last (Sakurai's just being a fanboy XP).



lmac99 said:

@Peach64 Not a fan of Smash Bros? You are'nt human. Just kidding. But seriously what don't you like about them?



Emaan said:

So much hype! Really interested to see how the new Mario Kart and 3D Mario look. I don't expect to see as much of the new Super Smash Bros. as Sakurai and his team are probably taking their time- which is a good thing.



TheHeroOfLegend said:

Smash Bros. is definitely something that I would want to hear about. Been waiting for that game for a long, long, time.



redd214 said:

This is what I wanted to hear! !! Great job Nintendo, now I know what I will get "My kids" for Christmas lol, cant wait!!



OorWullie said:

Before the years out we will have Pikmin 3,LOZ WW,W101,Luigi U,Mario Kart and new 3D Mario,possibly Yarn Yoshi,Bayonetta 2,Sonic Lost World and the new Monolith game,maybe even Retro's next masterpiece.Then from 3rd party's Watchdogs,Assassins Creed 4,Resident Evil and ummmm?.And on the Eshop,Ducktales,Dungeons & Dragons,Earthbound etc etc.Thats a hell of a line up no matter what way you look at it!



Tony_342 said:

Mario Kart is a definite purchase, I'm very excited about seeing the new 3D Mario game, and I'm practically pulling what's left of my hair out in anticipation of Retro's new title. I just hope they don't spend most of their time talking about Smash Bros.



cuba444 said:

Smash bros and Mario
This is going to be one good end to 2013 for the Wii U



gavn64 said:

3D MARIO... 3D MARIO... 3D MARIO...and anybody who disagrees play the "Buoy Base" galaxy from the first galaxy and try not to cry at the end of that totemic lesson in peerless game designs more artistic than ten ico's

p.s and i LOOOOVVVVE! ico



Gallimastro said:

Well, at least a new Smash is a given. We probably won't see it released until after next year.

I'm still concerned with the third party situation, but Nintendo acquiring Sonic for some games is pretty damn... well, surprising. Once was Mario's rival via marketing now are best of friends. Perhaps the time is right for a Mario + Sonic crossover adventure game?

Oh, back to Smash... I call Pac Man as a new char.



evanescent_hero said:

Am I the only one who thought Brawl sucked comparatively? Melee was much better as a fighting game, much quicker as opposed to Brawl's slow, floaty crap, and let's not forget that random tripping is the stupidest idea ever. I did like the characters though, and the addition of snapshots, extra taunts, and the Subspace Emissary. I hope Smash 4's physics are more like Melee's, but they keep the good additions they made to Brawl and keep the cast large. (There's a reason Project: M is my favorite Smash Bros. game. Look it up if you like Melee.)

As for newcomers, all I really want are Ridley, Mega Man, Paper Mario, Little Mac, and a Castlevania character. I also want Roy to come back.



moroboshi said:

It must be pretty easy working in planning at Nintendo's Japanese dev offices. The plan is the same for every console - make a new version of all our franchises, then do the same again 5 years later. What was the last original Nintendo game? Pikmin? (I'm not including casual junk like Wii Sports for obvious reasons) How many years ago was that?

Innovation, originality, and new thinking used to be Nintendo's raison d'être, but no more it seems. For originality, Sony are now the platform holder to watch - especially their Japan studio.



Marshi said:

The potential for what a new 3d mario game could do is really exciting.Personally though i will be a little disapointed if Ninty dont announce a new F-Zero.I bought a wii in the hope one would be made and i think the wiiu is even more suited to the racer.It could be a graphical showcase for the system too.Come on Nintendo,bring it out!!



Marshi said:

@moroboshi What the heck was the wii and mmore recently the wiiu gamepad if not inovative?! Wii sports was amazing(casual crap?!), Nintendoland? Now dont misunderstand,i have a ps3 and love it,but what on earth has sony done thats inovative?Move....? snigger



moroboshi said:

@Marshi The Wii was a gimmick designed to sell the console to casuals whose interest in gaming extends little further than getting the console out of the cupboard once a year when the relatives come round. It's the equivalent of Monopoly of Cluedo.

The Wii U is a failed attempt to cash in on the current popularity of real tablets like the iPad. Neither of those gimmicks did anything for real gamers, and in the case of the Wii, shoehorning in flappy hand motion controls actively damaged gaming.

As for Sony, they've often been innovative for many years now, and in the only way that matters - in games. A few examples - Journey, Flower, Locoroco, Little Big Planet, The Last Guy, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Patapon, Tokyo Jungle, and upcoming games such as Rain, Tearaway, and Puppeteer look interesting too. Sony are also embracing indie gaming very actively now.

The way I see it, the three platform holders now have three distinct identities. Nintendo exist purely to serve their remaining fanbase through endless sequels. Microsoft are mostly interested in making a fancy Netflix streamer, and Sony are the last console maker standing which is still interested in originality in gaming.



LtAldoRaine said:

There we go. I honestly have no idea where they are going with the new 3D Mario. If it ends up being Galaxy 3,I'll be underwhelmed,but excited at the same time. Which is kind of weird.

Also,please show the new Retro game. Which I hope it's Star Fox. A Metroid comeback would be sweet also.



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

We don't need confirmation about a Smash Bros. game. It's practically standard that every home system has a SSB or Mario Kart entry.. That's like getting the high score in Super Mario Bros. without a controller....not possible for that to happen.. I know everyone in this room expected these games to be "confirmed". Stop teasing, Nintendo. Give up those release dates. We are hurting here...



Dpishere said:

Looking forward to hearing the details of these games, hopefully each will be a reinvention of the respective franchise. As much as I enjoyed Galaxy 1 and 2 I am hoping for an all new way to play 3d Mario, or at least a game similar to Mario 64. As for Smash, I don't care if it ends up being like Melee or Brawl, as I loved them both. I do hope Mario Kart Wii U does what 7 did for the handheld Mario Karts, introducing a new way to play Mario Kart, and perhaps some new battle modes, characters, etc.



Buduski said:

All I want to see game wise is the next Super Smash Bros and the new Legend of Zelda, besides that I would also like to see miiverse for the 3DS and hopefully eliminate the need for friend codes and actually have gamer tags



Prof3ssorMGW said:

Today's Direct plus this twitter announcenent made today a pretty good day. Super Smash Bros. will be the game I'm looking forward to the most. If anything I need a release date! Other than that pics/trailer/gameplay footage showing chars/stages/online etc. is what we will most likely get. MK8 should be cool too.



Tsuchiya said:

Smash Bros are the only games I've always been excited about.
WiiU's will be incredible.



MrCharles77 said:

I believe the next nintendo direct will be epic...and there will be also some 3rd party surprises.



ikki5 said:


there will be more Nintendo directs than just one and I am sure E3 will bring some awesome news about it



Aerona said:

Hmm... So with that, more info on "X", and the Retro Studios project, it's already looking like an amazing E3.



coolvw93 said:

looking forward to seeing smash bros on the 3ds. i am definately going to be preordering as soon as i see it available. i want it soooo bad.



TomJ said:

UUUGGGGHHH, I will be out of town for one week when this happens
I just love it when inconveniences interfere with my personal life, especially when it includes Nintendo.



QuickSilver88 said:

It really looks like soon there will be something for everyone on Wii-U. Personally I want X, SmtxFE, W101, Zelda Ww and am also lookijg forward to RE and Dues EX in the near term......Luigi DLC coming in June was a pleasant surprise and also have a lot of interest in Rayman, Splinter Cell, and Watchdogs.....honestly I won't be able to afford or play all these games this year but I think soon the drought will be over.



The-Chosen-one said:

Smashbros!! thats all i need lol, i cant wait wat NamcoBandai have done with this game.
and i want soms footage from the game, and info.



The-Chosen-one said:

as for first party characters, bring the guy from Xenogears also to smashbros, and isaac main character from golden sun.
ANd i want DLC, for smashbros, for new characters etc.



Peach64 said:

@Imac99 I don't have anything against them at all, they're obviously well made. I just suck at them (and all fighting games). I always end up buying really highly rated fighters and I can never get into them. Of course, my only experiences with SSB so far have been playing it with friends that are pretty good, so I just spend the entire time having my ass kicked.



Marshi said:

@moroboshi Mariogalaxy, Zelda Skyward sword, Beat the beat, Warioware, Wii sports resort, Wii fit, Super paper Mario, metroid prime, allmade by in team in NINTENDO,not just some company hired by them to make an exclusive,but okay if you wana play it that way i'l continue: Xenoblade, Final fantasy crystal chronicles, Last story, Pandoras tower, Lost in shadows, Lost winds, Silent hill shattered memories, i could go on but i think ive proven my point. Games actually made by sony include: Granturismo 5, God of war 3,God of war ascension, Rachet and clank future, Sly cooper 4, and other sequels whose names escape me.Dont get me wrong,all those games are awesome,i have them,but sony is just about the most unoriginal company out there. Why are you even on this site if you dislike Nintendo?



moroboshi said:

@Marshi Listing a bunch of sequels doesn't really work when arguing against someone who wants fewer sequels. Nor does listing games from companies other than Nintendo.

There is a place for 'more of the same', if done well, and Nintendo's endless sequels are usually done very well. There is also a place for innovation.

I have a 3DS XL and I've been enjoying Nintendo's sequels - Fire Emblem especially - but I'd sooner have something completely original and surprising. For games like that, I have to look to Sony. (Who obviously, as you pointed out, make plenty of 'playing it safe' sequels too)

Can you imagine the excitement and interest in Wii U, if instead of announcing yet another Smash Bros etc, Nintendo had announced a slate of totally new ideas and concepts?



brandonbwii said:

Wow. Of course you'd come to a Nintendo site to say that. Both Nintendo and Sony are responsible for awesome games. Both companies can be accused of sequelitis. Can't we all just get along?

On topic: I'm hoping for some hot new asymmetric multiplayer modes for Mario Kart. Please don't hold back this time Nintendo. Don't skimp on the creativity.



brandonbwii said:

There are the eshop titles. That and PSN are great places for original content.

They're both great for different reasons. I like Nintendo's slew of puzzle games and platformers. I like Sony for they're artsy and experimental fare.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome confirmation! Means that any time between now & June 11 I'll learn more about my most anticipated of the 3, the next 3D Super Mario game Can't wait!



Marshi said:

@moroboshi You mean like nintendoland and Game and wario?But those are casual crap apparently...And there you have why Nintendo (and every company out there) make sequels.Because everytime something original is attempted people call it casual crap And though they are sequels games like mariogalaxy and skyward sword have deeply original content.Can you honest say the same about god of war and granturismo?



moroboshi said:

@Marshi Game and Wario is a sequel to the Warioware games. Nintendo land is of course casual focussed, and to me at least, uninteresting.

Did you hear me defending God of War or Gran Turismo?

I'd just like to see a mix from Nintendo. Say, 50% totally original games, and 50% sequels to keep the fans happy. Right now the balance is skewed massively towards sequels. If you never want to see anything new, then fine, you'll love Nintendo's approach.



Marshi said:

@moroboshi But thats just my point.You dont like Nintendoland because the mechanics in there are unfamiliar to you.So why would Nintendo make loads of original projects if they are all guna get sniffed at by gamers? You say sony make original games like Journey, ico etc.And these games are indeed masterpeices of game design.But they are still just third person exploration/adventure games,hardly original. Look i think we'll have to agree to disagree.Both sony and Nintendo are equally brilliant in my eyes.Yet its a simple fact the playstation brand would exist if it wasnt for Nintendo. The playstation pad,dual shock, move, vibration function, heck even analogue control all stem from designs invented by Nintendo. Yes Nintendo create alot of sequels but no more than any otner company.The only diference is a Nintendo "sequel" will usually offer a completely new gameplay mechanic.If Mariogalaxy was called Spaceman clive but had exactly the same gameplay it could truly be sold as a new ip.But Nintendo wont do that because they Know Mario sells.



pntjr said:

Meh. Still not 100% on board with thier new "Nintendo Direct is the future" way of thinking. What ever happend to the magic of E3? Well at least Smash Bros 4 is getting announced....



Charizord said:

IMO the reason the Wii U hasn't had as "expected" sales is because of people like me who are waiting for these powerful games that will leave the competition in the dust



warlordovblood said:

Nintendo's gonna pull the out the big guns for E3, this is gonna be a great e3 for nintendo. Can't wait!!



Godstrike said:

Ok people lets start doing smash bros character calls... I call Palutena she'd probably be in their also chrom is probably replacing Ike



Sinister said:

Could not care less for SSB. Brawl was just too bad compared to Melee.
But i am always up for a new Mario Kart. I might just buy the WiiU just to play Mario Kart.

Edit: Oh and we already know that SSB will not be released this year. There wont even be a playable Demo at E3.



DaveGX said:

No surprise that Super Smash Bros will be talked about, which i honestly wouldn't say is household "standard" at all; last i heard it might be cross-play like Wii U and 3DS, but then again that could very easily be a rumor. 3D Mario i'm definitely looking foward to, but I'm really hoping maybe we'll get an innovative swing on Mario "Bros" maybe because it just hasn't been Mario bros in forever with the exception of the side-scrollers. otherwise I'm just not sure how pumped I'll be, though not that I pass up something like this. Lastly, All this talk about Super Smash bros, or wanting 3D Mario or guys disappoint me; What about a new Metroid, perhaps a Fusion sequel if that's even possible??



Yoshis_VGM said:

Yes, I've been waiting for this day to come! I've been DYING to know what the 3D Mario will be about and I can't wait to see what the new Mario Kart looks like!



Rafie said:

@HeatBombastic Double ditto for Double Dash 2! My favorite Mario Kart in the series. I was a BEAST at that game. We held tournaments on base for this game where civilians could compete. I won every single one of them. LOL LOVED it!



Saturn said:

Why does a lot think SSB4 will be released in late 2014 or early 2015. The game has been in development since early 2011. A smash Bros. game wouldn't take that many years to make. If I'm correct Oblivion didn't even go into development that long. I'm aiming for late this year or early next year.



Saturn said:

@moroboshi D00M D00M D00M Why are you buying into that mindset? Last time I checked Nintendo's IPs sell like hotcakes and as for Sony what origional ideas do they have that set them apart?



Saturn said:

@Marshi God of War is not a terrible game but I prefer to actually play a game compared to hitting displayed buttons when they appear on the screen or mash them. Gran Turismo feels like driving a real car compared to playing an exciting video game.



moroboshi said:

@Saturn I guess you missed my post when I reeled of a load of original Sony IP.

Nintendo first party games sell to Nintendo fans. Fine, that's a dwindling but still useful source of income, but it's not enough long term. To succeed long term, you need to bring third party devs on board, and you need a platform which sells to everyone, not just a tiny niche.

The Wii U is a failure, and third party support, what little there was, has already abandoned the platform. Let's check back in a couple of years and see where the sales are, I suspect the Wii U will already have been discontinued. It's even more of a failure than the Dreamcast was. (a console I loved, but sadly a total disaster in terms of sales, which resulted in it's early termination)

I suspect that the next Xbox will be on top in a few years, as it's focussing strongly on video/TV stuff, which is a huge growing market. Everyone now has a Netflix (etc) app, but I think Microsoft will go much further. We'll see in a couple of days.



Saturn said:

@moroboshi Didn't they say the 3DS was d00med also due to lack of content and look where it's at now. The only reason the Sega Dreamcast tanked was due to many many many more reasons than it's install base. Don't get me wrong I love Sony and MS too but I honestly see Nintendo making aturn around 3DS style.



moroboshi said:

@Saturn The 3DS does well in Japan because it has sold Japanese support. It gets some Western third party support, but not a great deal.

The Wii U has no third party support anywhere, so it's in a far worse position. It crucially lacks an easy to sell gimmick this time too, so it will rely entirely on it's software for sales, and as even the most die hard Nintendo fan would surely admit, the Wii U has little software of interest. Maybe that will change, who knows, but right now, there are already more games announced for a console which hasn't been released (the PS4), than there are for the Wii U.



Saturn said:

@moroboshi And to add to that have you heard of an install base? Not having an instant install base can't be the sole killer of a system. Install bases can be earned over time and Nintendo is obviously doing this with what always sold their systems. With these games third parties will follow with the exeption of devs like EA that are too money hungry to drop DRMs and Microtransactions.



Saturn said:

@moroboshi And BTW. If you are so disappointed with Nintendo then why do you come here? I'm guessing to vent. You can do that on a site where most people dislike Nintendo.



moroboshi said:

@Saturn Ah, I was wondering when it would come to that. It's not pretty.

I have a 3DS XL and have owned every Nintendo console since the SNES, but I don't own a Wii U for obvious reasons. I want to see Nintendo succeed as the games industry needs them. Their production values are first class and they still make the kind of old school games which can be hard to find on other platforms.

However I'm not blinkered, it's plain to see that Nintendo have made mistakes, especially with the Wii U, and they're in a lot of trouble now. I'd like to see them innovate their way out, but instead they're taking the conservative route with endless sequels.

I like new things, I like original ideas and concepts, I like to be surprised. There's nothing surprising about yet another Mario Kart, Gran Turismo, or Gears of War.



Saturn said:

That's just the opinion of a few. Almost everyone agrees Mario and Zelda never get old. Most of the games don't even use the same engine unlike many other devs.



Pbnj23 said:

Its pretty simple Nintendo. If you want to sell More Wii-U's. Release Smash 4 this year but dont have it suck like brawl. Just give it the Melee Engine,but keep footstools,b reversals, and a few other brawl mechanics,(please not the shield) and get Mega Man,Ridley,Pac Man, and some other fan favorites and Im sure it ill be an amazing game. And make online Play amazing please. #Meleedabes



sadsack777 said:

its got be If there's one '90s fighting franchise that fans are still desperately wanting to see remade and revived, it's Rare's Killer Instinct. This head-to-head fighter was a fusion of the best elements of its age



Sparkz said:

Perhaps they'll implement a viewing system for the items you obtain after hitting the item boxes--if you'd be able to have more than one, of course OR maybe they'll just add targeting system on the Gamepad's screen for launching attacks at rival racers in front of or behind you. Either of those seem cool to me. Of course, they'll definitely have a map on the Gamepad showing the entire race's track. Hmm...

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