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Fri 17th May 2013

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phunnbaba commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

I agree with everything this article said. I think Reggie basically stated it in his initial comments during the direct - "We have new hardware, which we will talk about next year". He could have followed that up with "Here's everything we have left in the production pipe until then".

I feel really jaded from the idea that the Wii U will not get BIG support past next year. I think it would be smart if Nintendo made the NX backwards compatible with the Wii U and eshop. I will bite the bullet and buy the NX if I don't have to repurchase Wii U games.

Perhaps the NX will be slightly more powerful than the Wii U and we will see simultaneous releases on several games not just the next Zelda.