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In my free time, I pretty much occupy myself with drawing, writing, or videogames and Skype, I guess. That's about it.

Fri 3rd May 2013

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Sparkz commented on Nintendo Confirms Smash Bros., 3D Mario and Ma...:

Perhaps they'll implement a viewing system for the items you obtain after hitting the item boxes--if you'd be able to have more than one, of course OR maybe they'll just add targeting system on the Gamepad's screen for launching attacks at rival racers in front of or behind you. Either of those seem cool to me. Of course, they'll definitely have a map on the Gamepad showing the entire race's track. Hmm...



Sparkz commented on SEGA Teases Sonic Lost World Characters:

It looks interesting already even though you can only see a narrow view of the world in the background and six shadowed characters. I've never played a Sonic game before, but I'll definitely pick this up once I get the Wii U.



Sparkz commented on Dying Light Set To Skip Wii U:

Another game that WiiU is missing out on? I just don't understand these developers, but I don't like Zombie games anyway, so like another user said, no skin off my back even though it's kinda sad that WiiU owners who wanted this game won't be getting it.



Sparkz commented on E3 Nintendo Direct Date and Time Confirmed:

I am definitely hyped all the way up to 11! I wish Ninty all the best and success at a great E3--certainly going to be tuning in! I already plan to get the Wii U, so seeing a vast stretch of future great games will really push me towards being a happy future owner of the console!