When Nintendo revealed the new 3DS Zelda title — provisionally called The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 — during its Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday, one of the more interesting comments was that it was set in the same world as its SNES predecessor.

As if to prove that point, a forum member over at Zelda Informer decided to stitch together a series of screens from the new game and compare the lay of the land with the 16-bit original. The result is pretty amazing — it would appear that Link to the Past 2 has almost the exact same overworld arrangement, although Nintendo has stated that the storyline and dungeons will be different this time around.

Xocr1 Cc Large

What do you think about the new art style used in the sequel, and are you looking forward to visiting this interpretation of Hyrule for a second time? Post a comment to tell us.

[via zeldainformer.com]