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Check Out This Comparison Between The New 3DS Zelda And Link To The Past

Posted by Damien McFerran

What once was old is new again

When Nintendo revealed the new 3DS Zelda title — provisionally called The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2 — during its Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday, one of the more interesting comments was that it was set in the same world as its SNES predecessor.

As if to prove that point, a forum member over at Zelda Informer decided to stitch together a series of screens from the new game and compare the lay of the land with the 16-bit original. The result is pretty amazing — it would appear that Link to the Past 2 has almost the exact same overworld arrangement, although Nintendo has stated that the storyline and dungeons will be different this time around.

What do you think about the new art style used in the sequel, and are you looking forward to visiting this interpretation of Hyrule for a second time? Post a comment to tell us.


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skyluigi2 said:

I like games that either stay in the same world, or use the same graphics (like Link's Awakening DX and the Oracle games do). So, I'm pretty excited for this!



Whopper744 said:

That is pretty sweet actually. As long as the dungeons are different (which they already stated they are). Some familiar faces and places add to it sometimes for me.



SilentHunter382 said:

I noticed this when I saw the screen shots and was happy to see these locations but as Joshers said. If the dungeons are completely different (but have a similar feel) then I will be happy.



Giygas_95 said:

I was a little apprehensive about the same over world, but the more I think of it, the better I like it. It'll really be like revisiting the first ALttP's world. And I'll already know a great deal of the map! I hope there are some new locations as well though.



Gregor said:

Ya know, it looks a little bit like minish cap. I'm not too big a fan of the 3D artstyle put into a 2D game, but it works. This game better be eShop exclusive, I'm not paying 40 dollars for it. Also the Nintendo Direct was amazing last night. Like a giant glob of fan service, you all got what you wanted, EVEN EARTHBOUND!!!



LavaTwilight said:

Awesomeness! My money in the Lego City: Chase Begins fund has now mysteriously transferred over to the (LTTP) Legend of Zelda (2) fund. How strange



Marco_Rossi said:

I like the art style, but i'm a bit concerned about the emphasis on 3D in the dungeons. I always play with the 3D off, as I find it very uncomfortable.



therick112 said:

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! LIke Reggie, ALTTP is my favorite game of all time.



Gregor said:

@thebigN hopefully Nintendo will get their butts moving on those GBA emulators for the 3DS so we can buy the original too.



SilentHunter382 said:


Play ALTTP before playing this game. It's a great game (My personal favorite) and I will say you will have a much better time playing this sequel.



CapnKael said:

I didn't fully understand what they meant by 'in the same world as aLttP', but if it does mean it's the same map, then I actually think it's pretty awesome! Changing the layout of Hyrule is a necessity, to keep games fresh, but personally I think that the idea of having one game where the lay of the land is repeated is pretty cool!



CapnKael said:

It'd be really cool to see, if this game is set before or after aLttP, how Hyrule has changed between the two games.



Bulbousaur said:

I hope that as well as keeping the main map design they had in LttP, they also expand it with new areas for it to be bigger, the 3DS can definitely handle a bigger world.



Haxonberik said:

Now I have to play A Link to the Past through before the holidays. I had not played it yet because I thought they were remaking it



SilentHunter382 said:

@Haxonberik I am someone who would like to play the original before playing a remake so that I can see that elements they added or removed (for better or worse).



19Robb92 said:

I can't wait to explore this wonderful world again and see what differs This looks anazing!



Tasuki said:

I like the updated artstyle and I can't wait for this game to come out. This will be an instant buy for me since ALttP was my favorite Zelda game.



jacksayspurple said:

I really don't like the top-down style. Sorry, Nintendo. This one's going to be a hard sell for me...



Rapido said:

Zelda, SMT IV, MH3U, Soul Hackers and still anticipating Bravely Default and lots of booze . Restless Year indeed.



retro_player_22 said:

This game will bring back a lot of memories. Hopefully we see the return of Agahnim, Vaati, and Ganon as well.



Aqueous said:

Hmmm, does this mean we get the dark world too or do we get something different, the map I'm thinking might be a tad small for a 3DS game otherwise



Moshugan said:

Even though it appears to have the same overworld, I bet there will be new areas so it will be larger, and the familiar places will have different things.



Ridley said:

I'll not say no to more Zelda but there's something about that style which just rubs me the wrong way. Too plastic and shiny looking (and clearly designed for that 3D switch I keep in the off position). When I first saw it yesterday, it reminded me of Zelda's Adventure. Made me feel quite faint.



Mqblank said:

Quite disappointed that Majora's Mask 3DS wasn't revealed but aLttP sequel MORE than made up for that rumour not coming true.



Jukilum said:

People have been begging for a new top-down Zelda game for years (as if somehow PH and ST weren't) and now people are saying they don't want to pay full price for a retail size game?

I would also like to note that the footage shown is from an in development game and is liable to change. It says so right in front of the downloadable trailer on the eShop.



Grodus said:

Wow, when they said the same world... THEY REALLY MEANT IT! (Surprised yell, not angry)



C-Olimar said:

@Fusion14 ... yeah, I'll buy it. I just thought they'd further redesign the overworld. OK, it's harsh to call Nintendo lazy; I'd rather use rigid in this case (like how every NSMB game is nearly identical to the last).

I always see Zelda as a series where Nintendo really flex their muscles as a great developer. I thought they'd be more adventurous with this title, rather than rehash old designs.



DreamOn said:

That overworld is iconic for the franchise. Recreating it in sterioscopic 3D I'm sure was a joy for Nintendo and should be a joy for Link to the past fans!



Melkaticox said:

@Fusion14 "This game better be eShop exclusive"
Ha ha ha ha...

Anyways, not crazy for this game. I'm more excited for Zelda U and Wind Waker HD...



Gregor said:

@C-Olimar they're just doing something easy for fun and small profit. Keep in mind how many games they are working on right now (so many 1st party titles! Must. Collect!)



Gregor said:

@Melkaticox i'm serious. If this is a retail game I am not buying it. I doesn't deserve the resources to make those chips that you have to plug in for the game to play. Its perfectly capable of being an eShop exclusive I can tell. Do you really think nintendo would put a game this small on a game card? Really? Are you agains the eShop of something? Do you live under a rock and not have a wifi connection? So many questions!



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 ...
You, do know they're without a doubt going to put it on eShop AS WELL AS making it a retail game? Y'know, so people who don't have the digital space or simply want to collect the physical game (like myself) can buy it too?

And how do you even know how big the game will be? Even if it's an unchanged ALttP world, that was a pretty big world and redoing it all with 3D models will take a good chunk of space. Not to mention the dungeons, which will likely be numerous and large.



DreamOn said:

There is no way in Hyrule Nintendo would not put a Zelda box on store shelves to advertise the appeal of the system. And since when has Zelda ever not been a retail release? This a momentous game. It's more than likely a sizable game for handheld.



DerpSandwich said:

I actually really dislike that it takes place in the same world. I want a new adventure. I don't just want a bunch of nostalgia.



Gridatttack said:

Well, this looks like it is some kind of remake of ALTTP....
I was hoping for new levels. Or maybe only the overworlds will be the same.



AyeHaley said:

This game looks better than anything I imagined the next handheld Zelda game to be. I'm way more interested in this one compared to the 2 Zelda DS entries when they got announced. And I fell in love with Link's character design the moment I saw it, doesn't he look damn cute and awesome? And judging from the 3D trailer on eShop, 3D on is the way to go.
Just a shame I won't be able to buy all those amazing Nintendo games day 1, there is just do much coming our way!* Can't wait for this to happen to Wii U in about 6-12 months. (Sooner would be better of course!) It's funny how fast we go from a few games to look forward too many awesome games to be able to afford. *This is not a complaint.



KAHN said:

am i the only one around here who knew where link was without the map? i memorized the LttP map by heart.



swordx said:

Maybe Hyrule's borders will be expanded! We also might see a new dimension that's similar to the Dark World.



Tigus said:

If Hyrules geography is the same then it could be a direct sequel.



SomeBitTripFan said:

This being my favorite game from my childhood, I'm pretty excited. Hopefully the world isn't completely "copy-paste". I don't care for the art style at all. A 16-bit look in 3d would be far more nostalgic I think.

@Five-SeveN: I don't think you really want that. Besides it already came out.
I get what you really mean, but a sequel wouldn't exactly be possible becouse of Samus'... obsession. Ba-BOOM!



DarkNinja9 said:

im still confused on how this fits in the timeline or will it not count at all since its in the same world?



WaxxyOne said:

I think people are reading too much into this "same overworld" theory. Yes, Nintendo has stated it fits in the same timeline, and clearly the comparison above shows the same section of map. However, there's the distinct possibility that the developers started with the existing map as a "framework" for updating the graphics to a 3D world in order to make it look nostalgic. That does not mean that the final map will be laid out anything at all like LttP's overworld.

Obviously, I could be dead wrong, but I don't think we should all assume that the map is going to be the same just because these shots shown in a video demo 8 months before the game's release use it.



RR529 said:

This is going to be amazing! ALttP was my first zelda, and my second favorite in the series, so I can't wait.

Also, how can you not like the art style? It's the same style of ALttP's official artwork, so nothing else could be more fitting for a game such as this!




After Alttp 2, If nintendo unleashes a metroid and a kirby similar to return to dreamland on the 3ds.... BAM!!!! R.I.P. PS VITA.



Capt_N said:

@0SP_ZELDAiii: No, I knew where Link was. I'm no encyclopedia, or atlas, but ALttP is my favorite Zelda game, of the ones I have played. Plus, recently, I've been playing ALttP using exploration glitches, to see how many items I can get before entering phase 2 of the game's program.

@Pixelroy: I actually wouldn't mind having an adult, & child Link, much like Melee, & Brawl. I would simply want them to be different enough, that favoring/using/playing-as one, will not make it easy to play as the other. I would say the characters' handling, & abilities need to be like Mario, & Luigi's: similar, but more difference, than similarities.

The art style of this, I like it, due mainly to it being, imo, a fairly good 3d-rendition of ALttP's graphics style. That said, I kinda would have preferred in some ways the actual ALttP 16-bit aesthetic, w/ an appropriate 3d effect. & I also think, having only seen the trailer, & images, Ithat they could have done a bit better on these graphics, but that they are again, imo, a fairly good rendition of ALttP's style. On the other hand, however, I may grow to like this more than that (3d 16-bit)concept, once I actually can play this, & get used to the style. Sidenote: I'm glad this is an all-buttons affair, as I understand.



LordGeovanni said:

Only three real thoughts from me:
1. New Zelda? YES!
2. 3D elements in the movie were causing issues for me to reliably realize that there were levels that Link would be bouncing up to. I think that was a bad idea.
3. 3D games take much longer to develop than sprite games and I like the sprite games. Why can't Nintendo make a sprite game Zelda in between the "great" ones? If they even made it possible to just edit an old Zelda to make your own dungeons I am sure that it would work wonderfully. It seemed to work with the Super Mario World ROM hacks... I think if Nintendo backed it, it would explode with people making Zelda dungeons...



Araknie said:

It's nice to have the some overworld if the dungeons are really so much different, and i already belive they will be, that "paperize" mechanic seems to require that.



Giygas_95 said:

@SomeBitTripFan By Samus' obsession, I'm assuming you're talking about with the baby Metroid? That doesn't make a sequel impossible at all. It doesn't even have to have any Metroids in it. Prime Hunters didn't have any Metroids.

And yes I do want it to happen. I don't care where it fits into the Metroid canon,and I realize Other M is a sequel to Super Metroid, but I just want another side-scrolling Metroid for crying out loud!



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero if the 3DS eShop has enough space to put games like Luigis mansion 2 and Mario kart 7 on there then I don't think Nintendo is going to waste the plastic and metal to make game cards for this. Each of those cards they make costs them money, if it is downloadable, they don't have to waste resources on cards. Besides, the 3D models from what I saw were pretty basic, and its not like the game will be in SUPER REALISTIC HD or anything.



Gregor said:

@Five-seveN Shhhhhh! They will hear you! All we want to do, is forget about it. (It's a "ok" game, but not by metroid prime standards. The main reason was because retro studios didnt make it)



Giygas_95 said:

@Fusion14 It's a good game and therefore it's irrelevant who made it. Sheesh.


And when dealing with the DS as opposed to the Wii or Gamecube, there were stricter hardware limitations after all. It was about as good as it could be under those limitations in my opinion.



Gregor said:

@Five-seveN yeah I had a little bit of fun with it, at times, but it just felt like your genaric FPS to me (not a fan of FPS). Instead of metroid it felt like a game that had metroid sprayed over it, like how Super Mario Bros. 2 was. I still think that Nintendo should leave all things metroid prime to Retro Studios from now on.



Gregor said:

@Five-seveN also it does matter who makes the game. The developers who make the game will affect its style. Retro focuses on polishing a game to where it blinds you but also focuses on imersion, playability, length, stuff like that. All the things that the metroid prime trilogy had, I felt that hunters did not. If retro had made the game they probably would have given up on the inferior hardware of the DS and moved it to a console. All the things I liked about the prime trilogy hunters lacked. The exploration felt cheap, there is a severe lack of thought, there are only two bosses in the game that REPEAT (not to mention they arn't even creative or fun) , the music sounds terrible, the aiming sucks even with the stylus customization, there are only 6 upgrades for you to collect and they don't even add to the puzzles of the game, the areas are confusing and difficult to navigate because everything looks the same, the graphics, while not bad for their time, are very pixely and blurry, even nauseating at times, the game lacks any imersion and soul you would find i the real metroid prime games, the backtracking isn't as fun or meaningful as it is in the metroid prime trilogy, the scan database was lazily made (which was one of my favorite things from the metroid prime trilogy!), the game feels too focused on combat, and it lacks depth. I have repeated tried to give this game a chance and time and time again it has disappointed me. I hate it for what it is, a cash in on a famous IP.



Giygas_95 said:

@Fusion14 Sorry, but I like it.

And yes, depending on the developer, a game will be good or bad. But, if it's a good game, (which in my opinion it is) it doesn't matter who made it. In other words, don't treat a game like it doesn't exist because it's made by a certain company and not a different company.



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 And what about making sales to people who don't want to download? There is absolutely no chance whatsoever a Zelda game will be download only while they're still making cartridges. None at all. If it turns out to be download only, then hell, I'll buy you a copy, but Nintendo absolutely will not do that with the next installment of a major franchise.



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero you fool! They did it with Four Swords Anniverary Edition! Plus this is not a "big project for Nintendo". This is going to be easy for them to do. What their REAL big project is making Zelda U (dungeons that take hours to compelte?! I can finish the water temple in less than 20 minutes!). So yeah, this wont atract too many customers with a retail price. Just look at it. Now if it was an eShop game I would pick it up without question, LttP was a great Zelda game and this installment seems to have the same style as that game. Excluding the fact that link has become far less stylish with the exclusion of his snazzy pink hair. : P
Also I'm holding you up to what you said about buying me a copy jk.



Giygas_95 said:

@Fusion14 Four Swords Anniversary Edition was a remake. This is a sequel. And we don't know how big a project this is yet. We've hardly heard anything about it.



Gregor said:

@Five-seveN doesn't matter, it has so much more content it might as well be a new game. It perfectly shows how a Zelda title can hold its own in the eShop.



Gregor said:

@Five-seveN hunters was made by just Nintendo. Just them. It's not the developer that makes me hate the game it's the GAME that makes me hate the game and in turn I blame the developers for that mistake. Bottom line, hunters does not feel like any other metroid game in the series. Therefore I'm writing it off as non-canonical. To me, it is just a fictional tangent from the main series.



Giygas_95 said:

@Fusion14 Okay, but you did say "The main reason was because retro studios didnt make it." Just forget it I'm wasting my time here...



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 Yes, because FSAE is totally the same scope of project as a brand new Zelda game. It basically doubles what is originally a tiny game. AND it was free. This is a full new game. And I don't know what you're quoting, since the section you're quoting isn't something I said.

So despite the fact that each new Animal Crossing, a much smaller series than Zelda, is similar from one installment to the next, gets a full retail price and sells incredibly well while doing so, a brand new Zelda game deserves a fifteen dollar price tag for what will certainly be an enormous game? That WILL NOT HAPPEN. It will be a full retail game. If a remake of OoT can sell at full price, then so can a new Zelds game.

And I'm serious. If the game doesn't see a retail release or a standard retail price, I will purchase your copy. That's how confident I am that you're wrong.



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero ooookkkk... We'll see. Also I've never actually played animal crossing so I can't give an opinion on that. But I can tell you right now I'd much rather prefer it if it was an eShop title. For me it just fits. But if its a retail title... I'm not going to be so keen to pay 40 dollars for it. It's obviously not going to be anything that pushes the 3DS hardware to the limits, but I'm expecting to have a good time with it if it is 20 dollars. It's probably going to have dlc too, maybe not, we will have to see come holiday 2013. Btw what do they mean when they say that? Christmas? The closest holiday to this current time? The nonspecific "holiday" confuses me..



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero also... This isn't exactly a brand new game entirely. They already have the majority of their overworld right in front of them. All they need to do is expand a bit and add more and more dungeons add new stuff to the old overworld. I think it should take place 5-30 years after the original. So in a sense, this game and four swords are similar. Four swords doubled, while LttP 2 is recreating and adding.



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 You don't know ANYTHING about what it will do to the 3DS' hardware. Neither do I. You don't know how big the game will be, how many dungeons it'll have, how long the dungeons will be, or how much the game will challenge you. You're basing your impressions of the game around a minute-long video and a few screenshots of what's definitely not the final build of the game, and deciding it needs to be cheap? It's a proper new Zelda game. It will be high quality, it won't be rushed, and it will be designed to utilize its platform's hardware in the best way it can. That's why it'll be priced at (and worth!) a retail price. If you're going to write it off because of how it looks without actually having touched the game, you're as bad as everyone who decided Wind Waker wasn't worth it because it's cartoony, and that's moronic.

And I meant Four Swords Anniversary Edition basically doubled the content of the original Four Swords on GBA, which was a miniscule game. FSAE remains a small game with little content, which is why it was an eShop-only title, and a free one. ALttP 2 may use the same overworld as ALttP and expand it, or it may just have some familiar locations. Either way, it's not like they're just pasting the original game into this one; they have to make models for everything, and even if they were solely remaking ALttP's overworld, that would be a big endeavor. For the work they have to put in, it may as well be a brand new game. They're essentially starting with blueprints, to which they may or may not adhere completely. Either way, they're building a big world. And the dungeons, which are the majority of the game's challenge and reason for playing, all have to be designed from scratch, as well as the story and the gameplay mechanics. Regardless of overworld, most of the content in this game will be brand new, and that's what counts.

And I don't know how you don't know this yet, but "holiday season" in the gaming industry always means around Christmastime.



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero look, I'm just saying I'm expecting it to be eShop exclusive, that doesn't make me right, and certainly doesn't make you right that it WILL be a retail game. I'm just hoping that its an eShop exclusive because it looks like it would fit in that area well. That doesn't make either of us right and many things are open for speculation. Personally I'm hoping that game will contain many of the old areas with time changes. Plus... I have to wonder if this game will have a cross feature with Four Swords. There was an extra temple In the GBA+four swords port. I'm also looking forward (ironical joke) to diagonal movement as well.



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 But it WILL be a retail game. If you knew anything about Nintendo you'd know that. A new Zelda will sell systems, and they won't restrict potential buyers to a download-only game. Seriously, you can't write off a game as not deserving of a retail release simply because of how the art style looks. Are Pokémon X and Y gonna be eShop only? How about a new Metroid game? It simply won't happen.

I keep hoping for a new Four Swords game. Wii U or 3DS would be the perfect place to do it.



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero actually I know very much about Nintendo and I know that they are striving for the future in their market right now. Downloadable titles are the future so it's safe to assume they will lean that direction. You cannot just say you are right until they announce it. Man up, grow a pair, and admit where you can't state something for a fact.



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero well you have Dillion's Rolling Western which has already gotten a sequel, Pushmo which was followed by Crashmo, HarmoKnight from Gamefreak, the Mario and Donkey Kong minis puzzle games, and Sakura samurai I guess. Quite a few IPs to be making their big debuts on the eShop don't you think? : 3



Gregor said:

I just noticed something, this game appears to be even straighter top down view than the original LttP. Maybe they should angle the camera to lean back a little bit.



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 Not a single one of those could even remotely be considered major. They were put on the eShop because they weren't worth a physical release. We're talking about a Zelda game here, the next installment in one of the best-selling series of all time. As long as Nintendo is still making physical copies of games, Zelda will be released physically. Along with Mario, Metroid, Pokémon...and this definitely isn't going to be the generation Nintendo starts going digital only. Not enough people have stable or fast enough internet connections, people will always want to collect games, and lots and lots of people still like to own their games physically. Nintendo isn't going to alienate a ton of customers or prevent them from getting a potential system seller. It's just common sense.

You're right that digital media is the way of the future, but we're nowhere near digital ONLY for major releases.



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero we will see, but until then you can not insist that you are right. You could be wrong or I could be wrong, but at this point you can't say oh I'm right because NEH! Just like I can't convince the idiots out there that the new pokemon is a new mewtwo form and not an evolution. grumble grumble



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 Okay, well, my offer is still in place. If it's eShop only, I'll buy your copy. If not...well, it just means I know this company better than some. =3



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero also keep in mind that you might say those other games are small, but the fact that they were able to get so many download to warrant a sequel shows you the raw power of the eShop. Given more funding, games like Crashmo and DRW could become serious IPs. LttP isn't exactly a dangerous game for Nintendo to expirement with. I'm just hoping they make it an eShop exclusive so that the top down 2D Zelda games can live on in the eShop.



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 Why should they have to live on in the eShop? A Zelda game is a big deal to a Nintendo console, and it should be. I don't want a small, crappy Zelda every year, I want big Zelda games when they're ready. Just because a system can do amazing 3D, doesn't mean it has to with every single game. For a sequel to ALttP, top-down is the right choice. You wouldn't make the sequel to Wind Waker have Twilight Princess graphics. Zelda is a big franchise with one or two releases every generation, and the games are better for it. Who gives a damn if the game is cartoony or top-down? ALttP, OoS/OoA, and LA were all fantastic games. 2D Zelda should exist, but it should be just as big a deal as 3D Zelda. I don't want it to be eShop only because I don't want to see Zelda become that kind of series. Zelda games are big events, and they should always stay that way.



Gregor said:

@evanescent_hero I... Don't have a problem with the top down perspective. I've played all the Zalduh games except for those two weird ones on GBC. I mostly want it on eShop to see how well it will sell. The top selling title on the eShop is Link's Awakening so the potential is there. Plus, having a big name title as an eShop exclusive would really boost the eShop's reputation. Zelda doesn't always have to be a big deal. Was minish cap? No. Was minish cap good? Yes (although kinstone fusing pisses me off). What about wind waker? Fans constantly tried to push it under the radar while they raged but it prevailed. What I'm trying to say is that this game could get the eShop the undeniable attention it deserves. I'm sort of hoping the game will look a bit like Four Swords Adventure. Oh, that's another game that flew under our noses but was great. This one won't. As it looks right now, I would drop about 20 bucks on the game tops. If this is given a resale price... It'll suffer in this day and age I assure you. This is not THE big zelda game. Top down games like this tend to do much better on the virtual market in these days. Nintendo isn't going to be alienating anyone, you shouldn't even get a 3DS if you don't have wifi, it's like, half the expirence.



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 Well, you just lost all credibility calling the Oracle games weird, but I'll still address this. First of all, it's your own fault if you're not willing to spend a measly forty bucks on a game because of its perspective and connections to past games. Secondly, IT'LL BE ON THE ESHOP. It just won't be the only place to get it. Maybe you're right and not every single game needs to be big (though your point about Wind Waker is wrong; I don't know a single person who gives a damn about how it looks, and it was always a big game), but for now, that's the way it is. Zelda is a big name and having it exclusively available online WILL alienate consumers. It's pretty elitist of you to say people who don't have wi-fi shoudn't get a 3DS. Not everyone wants a wireless connection or has any interest in eShop gaming. Making a big game like Zelda eShop exclusive is forcing Zelda fans into buying something they don't want in order to play the game, and that's a bad idea. Nintendo will not make a big-name game download only, because at this point in time, it's not a good idea. Zelda sells systems. That's a fact. Nintendo's not going to make Zelda sell systems AND routers. I'm sorry you're going to pass on this game, because it's simply not going to be eShop exclusive. Deal with it and buy it, or don't. I don't really care. But I guarantee you it will be sold physically, at retail price, as well as digitally.



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 Oh. And LA on the eShop is selling so highly because it was one of the first games on there, and because people know it's a fantastic game. Not because it's a top-down game.



Justaguest said:

gonna get it but I understand some people being dissapointed cuz its more of a remake. I only played Link to the past once so I do not mind.



evanescent_hero said:

@Fusion14 Ohhh, I remember now, I did use it. For one thing. And it wasn't even a game, it was Flipnote Studio. There was not a single game on the DSi Shop that I found interesting, which is not true of the eShop.

Look, we're clearly not gonna convince each other of anything, so let's just stop. We'll see who's right when there's more info.

@Justaguest IT'S NOT A REMAKE. You see one similar location and a boss that's been in multiple games and conclude it's a remake? It's got new abilities, new dungeons, a new's not a remake. God forbid a sequel have any ties whatsoever to the original game.



SomeBitTripFan said:

@Five-seveN : Sorry about the incredibly late comment. I meant destroying everywhere she travels, hence the Ba-BOOM. I literal Super Metroid sequel that would be canon is impossible.

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