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Ralph Nader Targets Violent Video Games and Their Developers

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Refers to "electronic child molesters"

After the shocking violence of the Sandy Hook massacre, a lot of political debate in the U.S. has focused on the implications of what happened, along with debates about existing gun laws and the potential causes of such violent behaviour. It's a complex issue with arguments about gun control and mental health particularly prominent, though as we've reported previously some inevitably decided to point the finger of blame at violent video games.

After an initial flurry of attention on the issue the debate has largely focused on gun control, but former independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader has not only redirected attention back at media, but used some fairly outrageous language in the process. He said this to Politico prior to President Obama's inauguration speech.

We are in the peak of [violence in entertainment]. Television program violence? Unbelievable. Video game violence? Unprecedented.

I’m not saying he wants to censor this, I think he should sensitize people that they should protect their children family by family from these kinds of electronic child molesters.

The conclusion is an undeniably strong attack, with Politico suggesting this was targeted at the creators of violent media such as video games. It's another assault on video games and follows industry leaders being called to discuss gun violence, recently, with Vice-President Joe Biden. Why post these comments? Because M-rated and violent video games are being linked, in constructive and occasionally provocative ways, to real-life violence.

The question is, should they be?


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Raymen said:

This dude needs to calm down. Yeah lately games have gotten more violent, but that has nothing to do with Sandy Hook.



iroxursox said:

this is so CRAZY all people do is balme video games go blame a book or a R rated movie.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Person 1: Well the guy is dead so who do we blame for this?
Person 2: Uhhh.... v-video games! Yeah, lets blame those things! They're violent, right?
Person 1: Genius!



MeloMan said:

And while we're at it, let's condemn Edgar Allen Poe and the content of some of the books he used to write. Surely that's where our downfall began /sarcasm.



rayword45 said:

I refuse to believe he meant molest by the actual definition.

So yes, I say anyone with a brain will agree selling kids who are already sociopaths COD is COMPLETELY equivalent to touching them sexually.



theblackdragon said:

oh for heaven's sake. politicians will say and do anything to keep their names in the media, i guess.



Bulbousaur said:

For goodness sake, there is a age restriction system in place. All you need to do is inform parents about it! CoD is not the intended audience 12 year olds, the same as Texas Chainsaw Massacre isn't.

The despicable person who preformed the Sandy Hook massacre may have played video games (like millions of other people), but his mother also had a large gun collection and was frequently exposed to it, she even took them to the firing range at a young age. He also had mental health issues. Who in their right mind would say that violent media was solely to blame for this?

Stupid scapegoating politicians...



Ryno said:

How about these politicians stop putting the world at war and also stop killing innocent children with drones?



C7_ said:

that's right, don't do any research and blame video games when it is now FACT that they are not related to these tragedies. Rather that the media turns them into some sort of anti-hero and encourages copy-cat killing for several days afterwards by NAMING THE KILLER AND FOCUSING ON THEM rather then the VICTIMS OF THESE TERRIBLE EVENTS.

How about you focus on the real problem, the mental state of the people who committed the crime? Or perhaps how someone in such a mental state got their hands on a gun capable of murdering this many innocent lives? Because if violent video games caused these sort of things, the sheer number of people who actively play these games would mean a massive school shooting everyday. And anybody with half a brain and common sense would've put enough research into it to show that actually the OPPOSITE is happening (not implying a direct relationship, but certainly ruling it out as even the SLIGHTEST possibility of relationship of the opposite) before he says something that he is incapable of understanding himself.



HaastMK7 said:

I party agree. In some cases these games/Movies influence people to do crazy things.



EvilLucario said:

I remember this guy from John Stossel's books on journalism... can't remember what he talked about, but Stossel proved he was wrong about the subject he was discussing... on more than one occasion.

Coupled with the fact that trying to protect children from violence is impossible and the sheer amount of BS of blaming video games, this is a guy I'm not gonna give a flying $!@# about.



kkslider5552000 said:

He literally compared violent games with child molestation.

He LITERALLY compared violent games with child molestation.

I...have nothing.



Otto-Soq said:

It is not very clever the way a lot of humans destroy our world. Learn children to use empathy instead of holding a gun.



MatthewRPG said:

Nadar is an idiot anyway. They probably love the fact that sandy happened so they could use it as a political standpoint. Pretty sure games are rated now just for this purpose really it's parents electronically molesting their own kids for the purchase.



brandonbwii said:

I'm guessing this guy is pro guns? If that's the case then he definitely needed a scapegoat.



YorkshireNed said:

sigh. surely the issue is Americans don't have access to affordable mental health care, not that they might play video games.



Tasuki said:

Its not about violent video games its about gun control. The US needs to clamp down an make it so these kids can't get guns.



zoroarkrules25 said:

This guy is an idiot. It's not games it's the type of person that chooses what they do. He was a psychopath and the mother taught him how to shoot guns. What we need is less stupid people and guns in society and we will all be safer.



the_shpydar said:

Suggestion to everyone here who are younglings: Read up on who Nader is and the stances he has taken on issues in the past, and you will realize that this sort of statement coming from him completely fails to shock us old people in any way, shape or form.



satya said:

Is this guy for real or did he just come out of a comic book?
The state constantly attacks society rather than the psychopaths that
run the country.

Sandy hook and aurora are creations of the elite to implement gun control.
Batman the dark knight shows subliminal references to BOTH.
Look up project mk ultra, this supposedly was killed. FALSE. Mind control experiments still go on to this day and when you see the interviews of the people who knew of both killers then you would find out how they were actually friendly people.

Screw the system, time for payback



Shanksta said:

How many times did he run for president? Because he failed that many times. In my mind its good to get your opinion out there but once it goes on for so long you're considered an idiot.



DrKarl said:

"I’m not saying he wants to censor this, I think he should sensitize people that they should protect their children family by family from these kinds of electronic child molesters."

I agree 100% with this statement. Why are some of you outraged? What is so outrageous?

It is not the governments place to censor. Obama should strongly remind parents that they must be cognizant of the content consumed by their children. That's all that Mr. Nader is saying in these quotes...



Drobotic said:

America has a lot of stupid people.People don't become stupid because of video games.I've played GTA and do you see me going around running random people over and killing them?Next,people are acting like violence in video games is like the violence that happened at Sandy Hook that Friday.Zombies,armed people,and aliens are different than kids.Killing kids is WAY different than killing armed people.Lastly,YOU DON'T BLAME A GAME!YOU BLAME THE PERSON WHO PLAYS IT!A lot of people in my family play violent video games and are in no way changed by them.If that man wanted to kill those kids,then that was HIS choice.Video games can't make people kill.People make themselves kill people.Did I mention security?The president's daughters are guarded every day at school.I don't see regular children being guarded.Children are the future.But there's no future for them if this country can't make an effort to try to keep them safe and secure.



Drobotic said:

Not to mention,kids playing these kinds of violent games.You never know if a child might actually attempt what they see in these games.



WarioPower said:

I find it hypocritical how the users are not supposed to discuss politics here and then nlife posts a political article here..



WingedSnagret said:

@MrNiceGuy I agree wholeheartedly. I don't like when these kind of articles pop up since all they do is create flame wars. I mean sure these kind of things need to be discussed, just not in a website like this.



swordx said:

If video games are the electronic versions of child molestors, then I better go find some pedophiles.



theblackdragon said:

@MrNiceGuy: Political topics on the forums prompt flamewars. I can babysit an article here and there, but 6,000 forum topics featuring users haranguing one another over who they voted for or what religion they follow is something we can do without tbqh.



ajcismo said:

Gonna watch how this plays out with some interest. Nader's been around the political landscape for a lot longer than most of us have been alive.
He might not totally be in touch with a younger generation. But I think he's trying to do the right thing, asking questions of all possible avenues as to why these violent acts are occurring.
Is it finger pointing by politicians looking for a scape goat? Maybe. They didn't grow up playing video games and therefore can't really relate to our hobby. However, I'm willing to bet they all played "guns" as kids, or "war", or something else that involved pretend, imagination and violence. Which really is what video games are, a manifestation of imagination and technology. I hope they don't lose sight of that.



swordx said:

This guy can't be serious. It has been confirmed that the shooter had mental issues. Isn't THAT a reason?



citizenerased said:

Haha, this is hilarious. Sometimes reality out-entertains entertainment. You could see something like this on South Park. Ah well, in 20 years this will be as ancient as calling books the culprit of violence is these days (yup, they used to do that with every other booming media type, too). And in 20 years I'll still be playing video games.



Mk_II said:

sad old man who tries to regain some relevance through controversy



The_Fox said:

Oh, Ralph Nader. You're always saying something stupid.

@Satya #33 "Sandy hook and aurora are creations of the elite to implement gun control."

Are you kidding me here? I mean, come on.



Capt_N said:

My thoughts: As a person who tries to be a Christian adult man, I am of the Biblical thinking that anything negative thinking can have negative effect(s) on people, but not necessarily anything easily noticeable; sometimes just subtleties in a person's character, & sometimes extreme character changes for the worse. But, not everyone has the same exact character changes to the same negative input. Furthermore, God gave men, & women the ability to choose to follow Him, or not. Obey Him, or not. So, why am I saying this? To point out that I do not believe that we should boycott game devs/pubs on the grounds of what games they make. If I don't like their game, I don't purchase it, that's it. I know that if I were a game dev/pub, that I would not want someone breathing down my neck, so I don't feel government should do the same.

As for Sandy Hook, w/o going into explanation, I believe this kid's parents simply weren't around to be his parents, possibly b/c neither of his parent may have wanted him to begin w/; his mother was always at the bar, & his father was never around.

Lastly, I just want to say, as always, I'm not trying to preach my faith, I'm just explaining my opinion. B/c I'm not supposed to shove my faith down anyone's throat;



MrJoeUS said:

You know after stomping those Goombas I really feel like GRRRRR I am so in the mood to kill.



Megumi said:

I have played Half-Life 2, do you see me running around blowing people's heads off with a shotgun? No, don't even know how to use one, probably can't even lift one. xD (I'm thin, shut up)



Trikeboy said:

Sure, blame the video games, the gun industry has nothing to do with it of course.



Jukilum said:

I hate that the killer's mental "illness" is constantly being blamed. I have Asperger's Syndrome as well and I'm far from being a sociopath. I don't even play video games rated higher than T, and even with those I use discretion. The main thing about Asberger's is that it causes social awkwardness (without going into the finer points) and some of the most intelligent people who are productive members of society had Asperger's or the closely related High Functioning Autism, eg. Albert Einstein. Asperger's is not a disease.



Jukilum said:

So his having Asperger's may have contributed, but because he was never taught social rules that are extremely difficult for people on the autism spectrum to pick up on their own.



Bankai said:

To be fair, gamers do a horrible job of defending their hobby.

It is so very easy to point out how hypocritical gamers are when they claim that games can make them happy, excited, and even sad. So many gamers try and claim games are art, and therefore able to inspire emotion.

But when it comes to NEGATIVE emotions... Oh no, a game could NEVER do that!

No wonder non-gamers and politicians don't believe you.



Shanksta said:

The reason I'm outraged by this is because who is at fault for children being "molested" by violent videogames is their parents.

Granted videogames can be fun and not violent, but some great games have been made that happen to be violent. Sure the game would still be fun without violence, but its my right to play them. I had to wait until I was old enough to buy M rated games myself because my parents would not buy them for me due to my younger brother wanting to play every videogame we got.

Parents have gotten more and more ignorant to these things over the years. Parents take their children to R rated movies. They also buy them whatever game they want so they will shut up. Working in retail I already understand that the majority of people are complete morons or have no idea about ratings systems for movies or videogames. There's my two cents.




To a point he might not be too far off. Vidyagames these days really desensitize to violence and they make me sick That being said games like that come with an M rating and parents should not let their kids play those kinds of game (I see tons that do.) As a race humans are really messed up in the first place and it's not like Adam picked a copy of Assassin's Creed off of the tree, but we are still in a bad place with not really one particular thing to blame but ourselves.



LztheQuack said:

Actually, I'm offended by BOTH sides of the argument. People AUTOMATICALLY assume that just because research doesn't support a topic, it must support the opposite. This is rarely, if ever, the case. The fact is we don't know whether or not video games had any influence on those shootings. It's just as hypocritical to say they had nothing to do because I bet most of you simply want to defend video games simply because you like them. be fair...politicians are usually full of crap anyway, so screw them too :3



Bankai said:

@LZBirdboi The science - in the sense that the games industry uses it like a shield - is legitimate enough. Games genuinely do not make people pick up a gun and shoot other people.

However. Games can generate an emotional response in a person. And, if a person is so inclined, a game can rationalise inspiration for them. If you have ever laughed while playing a game, you've had an emotional response. If you cried when you played Ni No Kuni or Journey (many did), then you've had an emotional response. If a shiver ran down your spine from years of nostalgia when playing Theatrhythm, then you had an emotional response.

It is pure idiocy to suggest that a game cannot inspire a negative emotional response. Like, say, anger.

Just like films, books and so on can. The difference is that the film and literature industries are both accepted as forms of art because the film and literature industries recognise that the material they produce can be dangerous. And so the film and literature industries actively engage with the community to make sure that people understand the risks, pay attention to age classifications and so on.

The games industry just goes "nah bro, you're wrong. We're totally art but only make people happy," and then sell Call of Duty to a 10 year old.

Of course the rest of the world isn't going to take you seriously when you do that.



LztheQuack said:

@Bankai: Well we can't ignore the possibility of a combination between mental disability and the influence of gaming. Some people may take it to the extreme. Imo there are far too many factors to support either side.

Also, you can't exactly blame the publisher for children getting their games. That's mostly the seller's and the parents' faults. Dare I say it, that's like blaming the gun manufacturer for bad people getting their guns.



Bankai said:

@LZBirdboi people who are mentally ill and then do something evil can be "triggered" by just about anything.

Since child molestation is a theme here: a pedophile will often also have fetishes for school uniforms (a symbol of innocence), or feet (I have NFI how a psychologist explains that one, but I know it it be true). That is not a reason to ban school uniforms or bare feet in public - both of which are perfectly normal, healthy... things.

Games can be a catalyst for a mentally ill person to go kill people, but they are not the cause. It's a difference that the industry has done a terrible job articulating.. mostly because it's so busy trying to pretend no link whatsoever exists.

And I can so blame the publisher. In film the especially dangerous (adults only) films have massive big age classifications shown before the film, during previews, and in the advertising. Perhaps regulation forces the filmmakers to do that, but regardless - they take responsibility and people know exactly what classification the film is.

With games there's a tiny little sticker stuck in the corner of the box. And often with second hand sales the box isn't even present. It's a substantial difference in attitude towards classifications, and I do think the games industry should be more proactive explaining what these ratings mean.

Also, guns are a bad comparison. Guns exist for the sole purpose of causing harm. Games/ other art forms aren't designed to literally kill.



theblackdragon said:

@waltz: maybe in Australia they don't show the classifications during trailers and advertising, but here in the US they do. They also show the reasons why during TV commercials, just like with shows and movies (e.g. 'strong language, nudity') iirc.



AugustusOxy said:

My dad once made the analogy to me once, because I think there should be stricter gun regulations; that how would I feel of someone was trying to regulate video games. I should have laughed at him, because they do. To hell and back. American's have their heads of their rumps, and are terrified someone might take their precious guns away. Meanwhile their loved ones are dying of cancer. I'd trade a gun for free medical any-day.



timp29 said:

With language like that, $20 says he received some kind of support from weapons manufacturers/NRA.
Electronic child molesters? I mean come on, can you be more sensational? Games and movies play a role, but access to firearms is obviously central in every shooting.
And as someone who has worked in psychiatry, only a miniscule fraction of mentally ill are at risk of committing seriously violent acts. In fact, being mentally ill makes you a far greater risk of being a victim of violence. Gun control is the only answer.



LztheQuack said:

@Bankai: Like dragon said, every advertisement here starts with the ESRB rating, especially on mature games. They also usually advertise their games on more mature channels such as Spike, G4 or Comedy Central.

Also, what's stopping a kid from entering an R-rated movie? An employee at the theater, not the movie maker. Similarly, who can stop kids from buying mature games? The seller, not the publisher.



GreenDream said:

Perhaps not everyone on this board knows this, but Ralph Nader is famous in the USA as being a third-party candidate who participates in shaking up our rigid, crippled two-party political system. There are many things said about him, both in support for and against him, especially relating to our elections in 2000.

The fact is, though, his views do not represent the whole of the political party whom he represents. The ones who ran on the presidential ticket in his party in 2012, Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala, might look at violent computer games with a quizzical frown, but based on their actions and beliefs during their campaign trials... (they were arrested for 8 hours, chained to chairs, for protesting being blocked from participating in the national debates by the American media!)... I don't think they would go as far as to say computer games are brainwashing devices.

It's important to note here that Ralph Nader is, for the intents and purposes of computer game communities, a cynical "chip off the old block." He's part of an environmentally focused group- not all of whom necessarily regard the march of technology as a good thing. My guess is that his comments stem from a perceived fear of technology's potential, without fully understanding it in this case.

So yeah... let's be sure to not end up like him, criticizing the new generation's whipper snappers and their fancy pants virtual reality and android friends...



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Jukilum Aspergers causes people to feel indifferent and affects things like empathy and social cues, things like body language not something like killing people is bad. I have it myself so I know what its like and if anything its the lack of feeling emotionally attached to the people around him. His mother being a gun collector probably didn't help. Aspergers is caused my abnormal brain development so there could even be other underlying issues.

I don't believe it to be a cause but I do believe certain kinds of people are more drawn to certain things. Games aren't really much more violent but they are much more realistic, could you imagine Contra being made in today's world? Availability is a problem though the ESRB ratings aren't actually enforced and all a 12 year old needs to do is have an adult with him, name one restricted product that allows that.



Tasuki said:

I would comment on this but now I have the urge to go kick some turtles over and eat mushrooms after playing Super Mario Bros.



Capt_N said:

@Jukilum: That's another thing I really hate, as well. The kid(Adam), his mental illness, should not be looked at as the prime reason he done what he done. I honestly believe (both) his parents are to blame for possibly ignoring, &/or not raising him right, & I also feel that Adam himself consciously, & willingly made a wrong choice. I believe just as some comments prior to this have been saying, that his mental illness, &/or any medications he might have been taking, might have helped influence him to make a wrong set of decisions, but I feel he ultimately made the final wrong call of his own willing consciousness. I know people who are in one way, or the other, mentally handicapped. Said people I know are actually quite calm, intelligent, generally very happy people, aware of their surroundings to a relatively high degree. Mental illness might have been a factor, or a supporting factor, but the government just saying that every mentally ill person has a realistically high chance of doing this kind of violence, & therefore should be under stricter rules than people, who do not exhibit any signs of any mental illness; well, that's just wrong, I think. These shootings of the past few months, can not, & should not, be addressed, in a cookie-cutter fashion, b/c every situation, & person involved each time is different.

As for gun laws, if there's going to be any, I wish they would be more relevant. Criminals do not usually abide by the law, until they are caught by the police, or other law enforcement, so gun restriction laws can be a very blanket-type of solution, if not approached by lawmakers carefully. I know people who use guns as a means of feeding their families, or just have them as collectors. These same people have no criminal record. So, i really hope for people who use guns properly, that any future laws that may go into effect, are well though out. Otherwise, a simple thing such as going to a legit gun store, to sell your gun may prove no longer legally possible, amongst other problems for gun owners who follow the laws.



theblackdragon said:

@Zombie_Barioth: They'll let a minor into an R-rated movie as long as a parent or guardian is present. Video games are considered entertainment, not a drug or a weapon. ESRB ratings aren't enforced by law, it's not illegal for a retailer to sell an M-rated game to a child. the retailer has the choice whether to restrict sales of games or not (the ESRB does work with retailers to raise awareness of their ratings system and get them to inform their customers iirc), but if a parent or guardian is present, they'll sell a T or M-rated game to a minor with their permission, same as they'll do in the movie theater.



Capt_N said:

The local Wal-Mart, & Target stores in my area specify in very large print on their game displays, that they will require an id of anyone attempting to purchase an "M" rated title. I can only assume this means all Wal-Mart, & target stores do the same. But, I could be wrong. I think my local Gamestop does that too, though I'm not too sure on that one.



GreenDream said:

@Zombie_Barioth @Jukilum Interesting you say that, I have Asperger's syndrome myself. The biggest difference between me and the Sandy Hook killer is... he apparently had no really good supports throughout his life, while having an acute condition... I did have very good supports, while having a relatively mild condition. If I were left to my own devices, as was the case for him, and I was brought up in a militaristic family, living amongst squalor or a war-torn area, who knows... that killer could have been me...

But that's for another dimension, another timespace....



iGeeked said:

The only reason they blame video games is because they have no one else to blame.



GreenDream said:

@Capt_N That's true, mental conditions are not built-in mind control. It's ultimately up to one's own (possibly flawed) judgment whether or not to, ironically, let go of one's own judgment; thereby taking the first step towards acquiring (or losing) some sense of empathy and compassion.



FluttershyGuy said:

The video game industry: Serving as the NRA's and gun lobby's gun violence scapegoat to avoid gun control since 199X. Video games are more dangerous than assault weapons of war in some people's minds, I suppose. What a crock. Those people have an agenda to have maximum availability of assault weapons retained. I wonder if gun violence in books was blamed back before the days of TV? Stimulus of any form is going to affect a person's mind the way it's going to. Whether it comes from games, movies, TV, books, whatever. Only difference with video games is that it's more interactive than other forms of entertainment. I don't hear much blame on movies and TV these days. It's all on video games. There's more realistic gore, torture, and violence on the likes of "Criminal Minds" and "CSI." They should see what goes on on "American Horror Story" and the new series "The Gathering" as well. Gruesome stuff, nothing like I've seen in my decades of gaming. Gaming is just a convenient scapegoat groups are using to get their way politically.



ramstrong said:

Agree with @C7
In fact, the original id's Doom has been cited as stress reliever at the end of the day working for horrible bosses. No doubt that a lot of stress related outbursts have been prevented by playing Doom everyday.



Adam said:

It's a backwards country where the second amendment comes before the first.



coolvw93 said:

it's just Ralph Nader, he failed at his attempt to become president and is always running his mouth about controversial topics, it's what he does since he hasn't been the center of attention since 2000



SaKo said:

Oh, an old and grumpy politician is saying this? Nothing new here...



dragon_rider said:

Whew That was a close one! For a minute there, I was afraid that having children watch violent movies wasn't bad either.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@theblackdragon I'm aware of all that (forgot about the R-rated movies though) my point was that politicians talk about how children have access to mature content but they never really bring up how and why they do in the first place. They seem to ignore that games, like most forms of media, are a mass market and aren't only aimed at children yet there aren't any actual regulations or standards in place to keep them out of the wrong hands.

Unfortunately this is one of those touchy situations that can dip into violation of rights, perhaps if there were more serious studies don't to shed more light on the subject it would help, the more we know the more we can make an informed decision.

And to add to my last post, aspergers is one of those really messy conditions that have a ton of variables on top of being genetic and can be a pain to diagnose 100%. Many people with it can't smell or have other accompanying disorders. Its a very case-by-case situation and for all we know the guy just got pushed too far and didn't know how to handle it or learned how to handle things from his family (one of his parents likely has it too).



KnightRider666 said:

A big F.U. to Ralph Nader, and anybody like him! I'm sick and tired of people using video games as a scapegoat for the violent events that happen around us. I'm totally against any form of censorship. It's the parents that don't control what games their kids play that are to blame here, not the industry. I just had this same exact argument with my family the other night about using video games as a scapegoat for crazy peoples actions. Sorry, this just pisses me off to no end.



FriedSquid said:

Ugh, I just hope that it doesn't turn out like SOPA. Sure, the Internet can be used for piracy, but it's not fair to ban those websites. Just as video games can perhaps induce or inspire violence, but they would probably end up being banned or something because people in the government are too afraid of things they don't understand. Whatever, what do I know about politics or government?



MAB said:

Kids these days need to layoff the COD & GTA and start playing some real games like monoply & connect4



Jukilum said:

"Aspergers causes people to feel indifferent and affects things like empathy and social cues, things like body language not something like killing people is bad."

OK, you did a lot better than me at explaining, but in my defense I did say that I wasn't going into the finer points. By which I meant I didn't feel like writing something really long.

His obsession with guns may not even be directly related to the shooting. People with Asperger's also tend to be very passionate/obsessed with certain subjects and seek to know everything they can know about them. That definitely would give one an advantage should they decide to shoot someone though.

I'm more worried about the traction groups like Autism Speaks (ironically they don't let anyone with autism into the organization) will get. They want to find a cure for autism. It just so happens that me and most other people with autism don't WANT to be cured–and the cures they are searching for are going to lead to eugenics and abortion of babies with autism. Frankly I'm a lot more concerned about people like me being wiped off the Earth than the relatively extremely trivial issue of entertainment regulation.



Tasuki said:

You know whats funny about this all is that they said they need to censor kids from violent video games but has everyone forgot the guys that did the most recent shootings Sandy Hook and the Colorado theater shooting were over the age of 18? So even if they made it illegal or whatever for minors to buy violent video games these guys could have just bought them as easy as they can now since they are over the age limit.



FluttershyGuy said:

I didn't say they hadn't been blamed. Just that in this round of the blame game for Sandy Hook, other forms of media have emerged relatively unscathed. I've not read as much criticism of movies/TV since the massacre, and not much came from Vice President Biden's meetings with other industry leaders (though the NRA, of course, places the blame on anything and everything other than guns). Comparatively, I remember movies were in the crossfire after Columbine, perhaps in part because shooters Kleibold & Harris were supposedly dressed like characters in "The Matrix."



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Jukilum That part you quoted was actually just aimed at your second post, the bit about not being taught social rules. your right about the passionate/obsession side of things, and his mom being a gun collector could have been an influence.

Its kinda funny I was trying to keep my posts from getting to long myself knowing how much there is on the subject, but the stuff that made them long has nothing to do with aspergers.



Banjogeek said:

You know he calling the media as a whole 'Child Molesters' not just video games.He just did this to be relevant again.



erv said:

You know, I run around with a 2 ton hammer in our street everyday, slapping the crap out of those rathians in area two of our city center. On the head. BAM!



StarDust4Ever said:

Dude has a point (well, kind of). Difference between violent video games and violent movies, in a nutshell: In a movie, you're passively watching someone else commit the crime. In a video game, you commit the crime yourself.

DOOM was used as a training tool for Columbine.
Microsoft flight simulator was used as a training tool for 9/11.

Parents have a moral obligation bot to let their children play M-rated games. You wouldn't give your child smokes, booze, or porn, would you?

That's why I love Nintendo. I'll just continue on my 8-bit rampage, kicking Koopas, jumping barrels, dropping blocks, and eating power pellets. I was never was a fan of beat-em-ups and FPSs. How did simple shoot-em-ups like Space Invaders evolve into Halo?



Barbiegurl777 said:

They'll have to pry the game & game system out of my cold dead hands before I stop gaming! I played video games starting at the age of 2 & I'll play video games til the day I die.

If they try to censor the so called voilent video games then all the rest of the video games are all next in line.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



Geonjaha said:

Look, just stop. Watch this video, show your friends, and to all those who actually believe this - stop being so stupid.



Adam said:

"Microsoft flight simulator was used as a training tool for 9/11.

Parents have a moral obligation bot to let their children play M-rated games. You wouldn't give your child smokes, booze, or porn, would you?"

Or let them pretend to fly a plane, apparently? And Doom was used as a "training tool"? I didn't realize they used WASD-certified guns.

I'm waiting for Super Mario Bros. to be blamed for animal cruelty. Stomping on turtles deserves an M rating. At least.



GreenDream said:

@Jukilum I had no idea they had such an insidious goal in mind... It's not a condition that can be "cured"... It's not some type of foreign virus or plague. I don't know how someone can think that...

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