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Miyamoto Wants To Return To Unrealised GameCube-GBA Link Ideas With Wii U

Posted by Andy Green

A decade's worth of ideas

The GameCube-Game Boy Advance link cable is now a relic of Nintendo’s past. First shown at E3 2002, the cable was designed to connect gamers’ GBAs to the GameCube and allow them to use it as a controller.

At that E3 show, Nintendo showed off Pacman Vs., a game that could only be played with GBAs. In truth there weren’t many games that utilised the cable in this way; The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures is another game which used it to its full capacity but many games only really allowed you to unlock secrets by linking up - for example, the Character Gallery in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, when connected to Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, and the Fusion suit in Metroid Prime, connecting the game to Metroid Fusion.

This was arguably the humble beginning of asymmetric gaming for Nintendo, and now Wii U is out on the market, the company is looking at some of the unrealised ideas it had with the GameCube-Game Boy Advance link cable.

Speaking to GamesMaster, Shigeru Miyamoto spoke about how the link between the GameCube and Game Boy Advance was not easily accepted by developers but that he is now hoping to make some of his past ideas a reality with Wii U:

I think it is very likely. I cannot tell specifically what ideas I used to have at the time which might be realized this time around. But as you might recall, at one of the E3 shows several years ago we showcased a game of Pac-Man Versus, which was a really interesting game. Unfortunately however it was rather hard for everyone to own four GBAs at the same time.

Of course there’s the 3DS that can link to Wii U, we know that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has some connectivity between the two but could we soon be seeing games emerge that allow you to use Nintendo’s handheld as an additional controller? Only time will tell.

What do you think about this style of gaming? Is it something you want to see more of? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.


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x-mas_mii said:

well, yes and no. yes, that would be cool, but no, my 3DS is losing its triggers and it seems very small compared to the gamepad.



Nintenjoe64 said:

This was teased with the Wii and DS but never materialised.

I wish they'd stop all the teasing and just announce a major new game for every major franchise or just GTAV.



KAHN said:

for a total of 4 screens? two touch screens, one TV, one 3D screen? how many do you want Shigs?



Xjarnold said:

Wait, isnt the gamepad ALREADY A SECOND SCREEN? idk maybe theyll make a game for it but so far it seems stupid



LztheQuack said:

So fans don't want new(ish) ideas? Wow, Shiggy is right about fans not knowing what they want :3



seronja said:

maybe a sequel to 4 swords adventures would be great for this idea =D and there are plenty more ideas that could work like: fire emblem, battallion wars, chibbi robo, f-zero, super smash bros., mario party, star fox that look's and play's like star fox 64, heck even pikmin would work =) and the big N could also encurage 3rd party developers like capcom, square enix, sega, namco, namco bandai, konami, tecmo koei, snk playmore, ubisoft, activision, EA and THQ to make at least 1 game that would feature this kind of gaming, would make them benefit alot! =) i say go for it Shiggy! =D



gavn64 said:

luigis ghost mansion is pacman vs. in new clothing i agree with DashDG and Nintenjoe64 though more games not just quotes please even if those quotes are coming from myamoto.



Lo3edia said:

If they wanted to revive games like 'four swords', could be a way of introducing gamecube games to the eshop perhaps...



iphys said:

I really hope they can use the 3DS to give us some 3D in Wii U games. I'd rather use a 3DS than GamePad for that reason.



ReshiramZekrom said:

It's like how Pokémon Battle Revolution used a DS as a controller (I think, it at least used Pokémon Diamond or Pearl in conjunction).



rjejr said:

3 of the 4 people in our household own a 3DS so I'm all for anything they want to do. Hopefully Mario Kart U8 and Super Smash Brothers Universe do soemthign impressive w/ this. And I know Universe would be a logical sequel to Galaxy 1 and 2 but I'm hopeing they take a different approach this time and well, Smash Brothers is all about the videogame universe w/ Sonic and Snake.



milsorgen said:

" Unfortunately however it was rather hard for everyone to own four GBAs at the same time."

Seems we're in the same boat still, owning 4 gamepads or even 1 gamepad 3 3DSs or whatever is still going to be hard for most.



Ichiban said:

Makes sense I guess. Make something meaty though, no more mini game collections. I feel the Wii U already has enough!
Personally though, this guy created Mario 3 & I'dlike to see Shiggy create something as mind blowing as that was back in the day.



Zach777 said:

First game I thought would've a good launch game was Four Swords. Right after I finished my one hour update....



ToneDeath said:

I'm hoping Namco release Pac-Man Championship Edition DX on the eShop, with a new version of Pac-Man vs. included.

It might be nice to see the Tingle Tuner return in the next Zelda too...or let you act as Navi with the GamePad; while player one use Skyward Sword style controls, you could annoy them by constantly tapping a 'Hey! Listen!' button.



WanderingPB said:

Hmmm i hope with the continued play they have for MH3U connecting the 3DS & Wii U will show developers that there is some great potential with this idea…or maybe im biased because i have a 3DS and am patiently waiting for MH3U…either way im wondering if this idea will florish



Emaan said:

Looking forward to these ideas being realized on Wii U. The GBA-Gamecube connection was really neat. Keep surprising us, Miyamoto.



NImH said:

@LZBirdboi <<< That...
Man, I'd wager that it's mostly American kids making those comments. It's like we need a reason to complain about new, fun, innovative Nintendo ideas.
I always wished that developers would've fleshed this idea out more. I loved whenever it was done. Inter-connectivity can deliver some really deep content for Nintendo games! Oh the possibilities!



SparkOfSpirit said:

The original Crystal Chronicles was a fantastic game. Get Square-Enix to port that and add additional dungeons and I'm there. It was the best Final Fantasy game of that generation (and every one since...)

They could probably just use the 3DS. The top is the main TV screen and the bottom uses the GBA screen. You could easily have wireless multiplayer, too.

I mean, these games will otherwise be forgotten and who wants that? Some of these GC/GBA games were classics. They don't deserve to be forgotten.



NImH said:

AAAAAAHHH!!! So sick! I would pin that to my Game Boy belt pack and frolic through the neighborhood in my stocking cap and cut-off jean shorts!



CrissCross87 said:

Other than the extra set of triggers, I think the 3DS would be great! For those who keep saying "we already have the Gamepad, so this is useless" The Wii U only supports two gamepads and an extra gamepad costs over $100 dollars. So more than one person being able to use the 3DS would be great!. Depending on the game, probably even just using a regular DS or DSi would be possible.



Bengals76 said:

This is not what Nintendo needs to be working on. We want more online games and a wireless headset. And make the pro-controler work in the e-shop and and Mii verse. Do we really need another controler for the Wii-U?



Kyloctopus said:

It's sorta funny that when Nintendo was finished with it, Sony then jumps on the bandwaggon.
I really like this feature. It goes well with Nintendo's ¨Asymetric Gameplay¨ theme with the Wii U.



Tasuki said:

The only game I played with the GBA/GC link was Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and I actually enjoyed that each player had their own subscreen with their own characters info on it so it didnt clutter the game screen. I would love to see this come to the Wii U/3DS. Depending on the game I would be into that.



SCAR said:

They need to make new things, instead of trying to revive old games using features no one one liked back then. I for one, had 4 of these cables, and would bring 2 of my own GBA systems, and have my friends use their own GBAs. Everyone I knew had their own GBA, so playing 4 swords was fun a hell... Tingle Tuner was great, too. Just make new games be compatible with older DS systems(before 3DS), and there shouldn't be a lack in extra screen controllers. I really liked the old GBA control scheme, and was surprised that it wasn't used for ALOT of games. I tried playing Smash Bros. Melee when I first got the GBA cord, and I'm guessing you all know that that didn't work...



DaveGX said:

I could actually see this idea working as long as they have supporting going both ways; Wii U Games with 3DS support, and 3DS games with Wii U support. However, the only other thng wrong here is that Nintendo Network IDs need to be unified 1st across platforms the way PlayStation Network and XBox Live actts work and then recognized by both systems to be used together. As for games, heck I'd love to see a new Pac-Man Vs as its own game in style of the Pac-man Championship Edition games. Even the Pac-Man Battle Royale cabinet I've seen at Dave & Buster's even seems pretty sweet....Wonder why they never made a digital purchase DL for it.



Sean_Aaron said:

It seems likely that you'll see ideas that were previously unrealistic given the fact that you would have had to have two separate pieces of kit, whereas the Wii U includes two screen play out of the box.

Definitely seems like a good idea to me!



artofmana said:

Go for it, Nintendo. If you have options that are creative and fun, we will buy into it. Even if it's not that great, the advantage here is we wouldn't have to buy a cable.



Slapshot said:

How about focusing on bringing out a game that takes full advantage of everything Wii U has to offer first. It's just this kind of thing that's keeping me away from a Wii U purchase!



ArcanaXVI said:

I think this would be awesome, but you know what would be really great? GameCube Virtual Console on Wii U, GBA VC on the 3DS, and proper connectivity between the two. Perhaps we could even see some of those ideas that never panned out--it's never too late to bring on the retro.



Ren said:

uh, isn't that the whole point of this system (sort of). If it's just a "maybe" now and not a plan from day 1 then it'll never happen. Why is it these kinds of ideas with Nintendo are always like "oh, maybe people are going to be interested in this one day so we'll think about it" while the rest of the world is well past it. See: anything internet related on a Nintendo.



Nesgod8bit said:

Go for it! I use my Vita and ps3 this way all the time, just to trade data so I would love to interact between my 3ds and my Wii U it would mean more stuff to do with my 3ds.



DerpSandwich said:

I have absolutely no idea why this concept wasn't realized LAST generation. When the Wii and the DS came out with their wireless connectivity I thought that we could finally get all the fun of those old games but without all the cords and whatnot...and barely anything came out at all. Nintendo really, REALLY confuses me sometimes. It's like they try a concept right when it's not quite ready, and once it becomes much easier to do they just ditch it. There's no reason there shouldn't have been a Four Swords game on the Wii.



UnseatingKDawg said:

I don't see why not. I got one of these as a hand-me down when I got a Wii - used it for both Sonic Adventure titles. Maybe they could bring something like that back in a Sonic Adventure 3 - you could use the Wii Gamepad to use the Chao Gardens.



Zombie_Barioth said:

The GBA-GC cable was a great idea but I think for this sorta thing to work they need to not overly rely on it. Four Swords and Crystal Chronicles were both great and I think the reason for that was they were made so they were enjoyable with or without other people.

A game like Four Swords would be easy to setup in Japan where playing together is common and just about everybody has handhelds, but not so much in other parts of the world.



Drewroxsox said:

I always thought that Nintendo would try this scheme of gaming when the WiiU was first announced.



krunchykhaos said:

"Soon to be announced.....nintendo developes a mechanical device that allows you to take a ps3 and a wiiu to evolve into a SUPER CONSOLE!"



DarkNinja9 said:

i kinda agree with a few others here less teasing about stuff they could of done or might be trying to do and more game releases and actual info

i like the fact that i could take my saphire pokemon put it into pkm colosseum though thats mainly when i used it but in what way would they use this now?3ds can already connect to wii u



Henmii said:

There's no need for a new Pacman VS, because the Luigi's mansion mini-game in Nintendo land is basically the new Pacman VS! However, the never released sequel to Kirby titlt and tumble could be fun!



StarDust4Ever said:

They should definitely add Pacman versus to the VC. The game was cool, but with two players (one bad guy, one good guy) it was really hard playing as a single ghost, to form a real strategy to corner pacman because the AI ghosts won't cooperate. I always envisioned an impassable Pacman board with strategic military-like cooperation of the four ghosts built into the AI: Inky, Pinky, and Clyde act as guards to form an impassable barricade and effectively quarantine off a section of maze, continuously reducing Pacman's wiggle room, while Blinky acts as executioner, going in for the kill. The ghosts could also automatically retreat to minimize casualties if Pacman even approaches a Power Pellet.



Araknie said:

Maybe with having a game on the Wii U and a Spin-off on the 3DS it could add more gameplay with them if you link 'em.

But really, Wi-Fi connection between them...nah?



Whopper744 said:

I think you should be able to get what feels like the full experience without the connectivity being required, but I'm all for cool extras like the fusion suit was in Prime



Token_Girl said:

To be honest, it would be too much of a pain to do games that connect with multiple 3DS's. I have one, but I can't see using more than one at a time. A four swords adventure type game that used 3DS's as controllers for everyone would fall to the same problem the Gamecube game did. Not everyone has a 3DS.

Would I like to see a 3DS/DS player for my WiiU? YES! Would I like games that work on both to share a save? YES! Would I like the eShops to be integrated, so that for compatible games (especially VC), I can pay once and access the game on both systems? YES! Asymmetric multiplayer? That's what the gamepad is for. The whole point of the WiiU is that you can play that type of game out-of-the-box without worrying if your friends have other systems.



Mattiator said:

And this is exactly why the Wii U needed to have support for multiple Gamepads at once. For stuff like Pac-Man Vs.

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