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Talking Point: The Importance of the Wii U Press Event

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Battle for the limelight

This Thursday’s Wii U press event is a big deal for Nintendo. Well, let’s assume it is, as a loose teaser for future reveals may cause too much fan anguish to control: we’re talking mass hysteria and riots on the streets. Joking aside, we’re 99% confident that Nintendo’s going to hit us with at least two big pieces of news — the launch date and recommended retail price for the U.S. There may be more, of course, such as details of what games are guaranteed on launch day, and if we’re lucky there’ll be a surprise or two. Beyond the actual event in New York, we also anticipate that there may be an E3-style bombardment of press releases from Nintendo of Europe, maybe even Nintendo Direct videos. It seems unlikely that the big N would leave millions of potential gamers looking in from the outside and feeling left out, not if it doesn't want to endure some backlash.

That’s the obvious stuff out of the way, but Nintendo does have a problem with scheduling. While many of us here on Nintendo Life are thinking about Thursday, technology enthusiasts are feverishly looking forward to Wednesday. Why? It’s an Apple press event, and the widespread assumption is that a new iPhone model will be confirmed, with further rumours of a mini-iPad due to be unleashed on the world. Even if Apple tech isn’t appealing to you, we suspect that you’re aware of the excitement, which borders on obsessive compulsive behaviour, of many consumers for anything new with an Apple logo on it. Let’s not forget, as well, that Apple is the biggest show in town, a technological behemoth and the most valuable company in the world.

From a PR perspective that’s a problem. Wii U's event will arrive after that Apple event, though it should still attract a fair share of press coverage if it provides the the expected details. It would be optimistic in the extreme to claim that Apple hogging the headlines the day before will have no impact, however, so that’s a circumstance that Nintendo will need to accept. That said, it shouldn’t be over-played, even if an iPad mini is unveiled at a Wii U-level price, and Nintendo still has the opportunity to grab headlines of its own. We'd expect the technology press to take a keen interest in the first new home console for over five years.

Beyond Apple, Nintendo faces challenges on Thursday that it should take on directly, such as lingering questions about the system that it can’t allow to drift around the public sphere for much longer. Speaking to in an article on this very subject, Meelad Sadat, PR manager for, highlighted areas where he feels Wii U is weak.

As for impact, unfortunately Nintendo's introduced a piece of hardware that's only raised questions since it was announced. There are questions around the system's capabilities compared to this generation, GamePad issues and how it might slow down game performance, and of course price point. The latter comes down to what it costs to take the system home with two controllers, whether that's a GamePad and Wiimote, and a game. If that's climbing towards $400-$500, look out. If I'm a hardcore gamer, do I spend that money or wait to see what powerhouse next-gen console Sony and Microsoft are planning?

If we assume that GamePad performance isn’t going to be an issue, because we’d like to think that technical matters such as latency will be fully ironed out before launch, the price and marketing of Wii U is perhaps the biggest challenge ahead of Nintendo. One press conference won’t answer all questions or build excitement for the system on its own, of course, but it’s an opportunity to finally set a benchmark and show gamers just what kind of value is on offer. We’d suggest that value isn’t just down to how many pennies are needed to buy the system, but what comes in the box in terms of physical goods and built-in software. If Wii U arrives lacking exciting software and functionality on day one it could face the same problems as the undercooked launch day 3DS, which arrived with no eShop, amongst other things.

Nintendo ultimately needs to use this week’s event to kick-start momentum for Wii U, as news since E3 has been restricted to comments from developers and the usual range of speculation. This is a typical Nintendo tactic, but that doesn’t alter the fact that it now needs to deliver big news to attract both gamers and general consumers to the system, and in the process make it a must have item. Scott Steinberg, head of business consulting firm TechSavvy and also talking to, has suggested that Nintendo leak some key details ahead of time to pre-empt Apple’s event, and emphasised that the company needs to hit us with important facts as well as exciting, unexpected reveals.

During the event, it's quite simple — stick to steak and potatoes, but serve up a special surprise for dessert. Which is to say it's time to talk turkey: to grab the most media attention, it's time to address consumer and media's key questions, showcase standout titles and reveal a major unforeseen announcement or two that the company's been keeping up its sleeve. Simply announcing new features, development partners and retail info alone won't be enough: This close to launch, it's time to see just what the machine has to offer and why we all can't afford not to be queueing up to buy it on day one.

Thursday will be fascinating because we’ll gain an understanding of how well Nintendo grasps the current market and its competition. Wii launched against expensive HD consoles and offered a comparatively inexpensive system with a revolutionary new control scheme. Now Wii U is arriving against the same HD competition that now retails at an affordable price, and the so-called ‘casual’ market is increasingly attracted to smartphones and tablets. If Apple unveils an iPad mini that, like the 7-inch Google Nexus tablet, is affordable, the message for Wii U has to be compelling and bang on the money. More so than ever before, and as stated by Scott Steinberg, Nintendo has to show both gamers and non-gamers alike why Wii U is different, why it’s good value and why we simply must have it when it hits stores.

It’s a big week for Nintendo, with some unfortunate competition for the headlines from the world’s most powerful technology company, but it can still seize the day. Let’s hope that Thursday’s revelations don’t disappoint.

What do you think? Are we over-playing the importance of this week’s Wii U press event, or do you agree that it’s time for Nintendo to show us all why it’s a must-have console? Let us know in the comments below.

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19Robb92 said:

This event SHOULD definitely be the big information blow-out for the WiiU. I'm expecting a deeper look on the system and it's features along with a look at games coming later in to 2013, maybe Monolith Soft's or RETRO Studios new game.

It's now or never (unless they plan on doing another conference 2 weeks before the launch). I really hope they can deliver some good, entertaining and exciting stuff so that I can get some hype up for the actual system itself.

As of right now I see the WiiU as a interesting piece of hardware, not something
I absolutely must own.



SpaceKappa said:

I'm still mad that the event is ONE DAY after I leave town for vacation and I'm missing my shot at attending such a huge event. =/



Silvervisiona said:

Not sure if it occurs to anyone, but I think Nintendo is purposefully holding back on the Wii U as a marketing strategy . They said several years ago how it was a mistake to publicize and market the Wii like crazy, only to have people mad and frustrated at not being able to find the console in stores for over a year! I think they are afraid of not meeting the demand this time around. To me, this is an obvious mistake. Nintendo NEEDS to build hype for this machine! They will NOT have the problem of shortage this time around. It just won't happen.



Hokori said:

My guess is they'll show NA audiences the same thing they'll show at TGS in a couple of weeks



DarkKirby said:

Seriously though, the reason Nintendo isn't revealing the technical specifications for the Wii U is because the sooner they do, the sooner Microsoft and Sony can make sure their system will trump the Wii U specs wise, which they will. Has Nintendo learned that forcing their unique design requirements on game developers only makes then not develop for your system at all, over doing child safety measures to the point it hinders older players makes people buy other systems, region locking only hinders sales in the long run, good online is important, a press event will not be able to tell. Most importantly, the Wii has to have technical specifications high enough so it's not cost effective for Sony and Microsoft to beat it too much.



nickcarney said:

People who were disappointed by Nintendo's E3 conference are forgetting that every single game they showed is coming out within 3 months of the system's launch. It would be foolish to think that is all there is. Think about 3DS, the first game they showed was Kid Icarus which didn't launch until long after launch. I think between this and TGS, we will see many new major game reveals in addition to launch date and price.



WingedSnagret said:

I'm hoping for the best here. Nintendo really needs to start pulling out all the stops. The holiday season is fast approaching, and they need to get some juicy details out there to catch the public's attention.



6ch6ris6 said:

why are you talking about apple???
i am here for gaming news not some stupid new overpriced phone -.-



Hokori said:

Once I get a WiiU, I'll be surfing the net with the GamePad and not my iPad. It'll have surved its purpose



playlikemario said:

like i have been saying throughout the comments on this subject, i am behind nintendo all the way and i believe that thursday will be a big day for them as this is the last opportunity to show these people that the Wii U is a must own product in this present time and into the future. in the past events it was just demos and media time along with developer interviews and they were basically guessing on whether they want to bring titles to the system. so everyone will be seeing these posts from various people till the event. i am waiting patiently.



aaronsullivan said:

I'll be watching both announcements with great interest. I'll likely be giving both companies a fair amount of money this year. The iPhone announcement probably WON'T come with the smaller iPad at the same time, that will likely come a week or so later to distance it from the iPhone. It's not like Apple to upstage its premiere product with one of its own. It is a tight schedule though.

Also, the iPhone 5 is a known entity from outside to inside to those who are following closely. I think Apple may be intentionally letting the leaks flow in order to temper expectations. There won't be much room for major surprises and that goes to Nintendo's favor.

I'm of the mind that Nintendo needs to show a future promise of some kind from Zelda, Metroid or another strong franchise. It definitely needs to make a splash. Not so much because of Apple, but because of the looming competition from Microsoft and Sony.



playlikemario said:

BTW i dont care about apple i hate apple i do not own anything apple i dont want anything apple cause i am a PC man and i will always be but that can change in the future but for now its nintendo and pc for me. im not hating what apple does for technology but im just saying that apple is not my choice for products like ipod iphone and other like that. sorry to the apple fans and to apple but thats a personal preference.



Moonhillwat said:

The ball is now in Nintendo's court. Will the Wii U go the way of the SEGA Dreamcast? Hopefully their gambit will pay off, but we'll see...



Super-Mario-Fan said:

Oh and really who cares about apple. I don't compare Nintendo with other things because what I like is NINTENDO. If in any way Apple has something that's better than Wii U in any kind of way, I wouldn't care. Im buying the Wii U no matter what.



Hyperstar96 said:

@playlikemario "i hate apple" "im not hating what apple does"
"i am a PC man and i will always be but that can change in the future"

It's like you're trying to contradict yourself. And stop being a fanboy.



playlikemario said:

@super-mario-fan - me either i cannot wait i am dying to see what Nintendo has to offer. we have seen the demo videos, watched the press events and interviews and now i am just focusing on Nintendo



19Robb92 said:

I think that's just the Donkey Kong's Crash Course game.

Also, I think people are jumping the gun on the mentioning of Apple, at least in this specific piece. I mean, Apple IS having a event close to Nintendo's and they WILL take attention of off the WiiU related news. That's just how it is, doesn't matter if you like it or not - it's still relevant.



playlikemario said:

@ hyperstar96 - i cant see the future so i dont know what it holds. all i know is that i dont own any apple products and i dont plan to. contridiction is something i know nothing about because i dont do that so its whatever you say buddy. you should not focus too much on what im saying and just continue to go about your day.



playlikemario said:

anywho back to what i was talking about with nintendo making an impact thursday i already have my day planned out thursday i will be watching the press conference if its streaming and then im happy to get paid that day and then i hope nintendo says something around the line of preorder date cause i will be preordering and a couple of games.



playlikemario said:

three days till the Nintendo event and this will be a good time for them and for us gamers. y'all have a nice day everyone.



idork99 said:

I've been a Nintendo supporter almost my entire life. And to be quite honest, at this point, I'm not thinking of purchasing the system. Now, this isn't the first time I've felt like this as I was also underwhelmed when the 3DS was announced. In 2010, I wasn't thinking of ever buying a Nintendo system again. Eventually, that didn't happen as I ended up buying a 3DS in June '11: right when the eShop opened and days prior to the release of OoT 3D. If it wasn't for OoT 3D, I would've never thought about buying the system. If Nintendo would've not announced that they were releasing Zelda: Link's Awakening in the eShop during the E3 announcement, then I wouldn't had ran to the store to pick up the 3DS that had been sitting in the store shelf for months! The point is, if Nintendo had not announced that they were releasing those particular games that happen to be dear to me, then I'd never would've purchased a 3DS! And now, more than a year later, the 3DS has become something I can't live without as it's my go to system for gaming and has become my most favorite system, console or portable, of all time! If Nintendo wants me to buy a system, there needs to that killer game that I can't get elsewhere and that I cannot pass up because it's great! If Nintendo ever announces that game, I'll be sold. But now, my life is complete with my 3DS
Edit: Also wanted to add that before I purchased my 3DS, a huge chunk of my gaming budget was being spent in the App Store for my iPhone and iPad. That is the reason that I was thinking that I'd never buy a Nintendo console again. At the time, I was very pleased with both of those products (iPhone & iPad) and was amazed how they could bring good gaming experiences to such products. But when I purchased my 3DS, let me put it this way, I haven't spent a dollar on the App Store ever since



Capt_N said:

Right now, I just am on the fence about WU. Leaning primarily towards more than likely getting/owning one eventually, but that's not a definite yet. Not knowing much about (the) console's features, games, pricing, etc. doesn't help make me want it, either. I am interested, however.

Since I'm not on the Apple cart(pun intended, as opposed to band-wagon, lol), Apple's tech reveal doesn't shake me one way, or the other. I do recognize however, that Nintendo has an uphill climb grabbing media attention in the face of a new Apple tech reveal.

Unrelated Note: 3DS typing is slow...



Kirk said:

It's predict it's gonna fall short, like every other Wii U event has thus far imo.

That's what I've prepared for and anything better really is a bonus.



playlikemario said:

well here is news for me, i have stopped buying games for now cause i will be saving my money for the Wii U and the games on there. i don't own any systems at this time cause there is really no games that interest me at this point in time so i am now waiting for the Wii U.



stealth said:

The wi u has one of the best launch lineups of all time

the 3ds has been selling at number 1 in the world levels even with bad launch software

so really it doesnt matter

it will be 299



Moshugan said:

I think Nintendo has done a terrible job advertising the Wii U. In fact they have NOT advertised it at all (Well, atleast not to the general public).
Many of the people I have talked to, who even own a Wii, didn't even know that there was a new Nintendo console coming.
For shame.



stealth said:

^ mosh theyve done the same thing with the wii, ds, 3ds

wait 2 months before and then break records

it works, so really they are doing an amazing job



19Robb92 said:

Other than a Nintendo Direct pre E3 and E3 itself there hasn't really been a WiiU event.. Not to mention this is gonna be 6h long. There has to be A LOT of stuff to mention/talk about/show.

Why would they advertise a system before it's close to release? No one I know knew about the Wii until about a week after its launch and all the commotion it brought with it.



Hokori said:

Wait this event is 6hrs long? theyll defently have something for someone



Nintendoro said:

I'm affraid Wii U is going to be seriously outperformed by next MS and Sony consoles no matter what specs and when Nintendo reveals. It's been known for a long time that Nintendo unlike it's competitors are not in the race of tech specs, their path is different. I know I'll own Wii U as well as PS4, because both platforms will offer completely different experience and owesome exclusives.



Moshugan said:

6 hours long? Where ever did this info come from?
Let's hope the word gets around. What Nintendo needs is a lot of mainstream coverage. Most people don't rummage through gaming websites to get the latest news. And I think only people who already are interested will even see the Nintendo Direct shows.

Can't wait for thursday!



19Robb92 said:

It was mentioned on the invitation cards that was sent out to the press. (I edited my post for source)

You'll have to take it with a grain of salt though since hands-on sessions and Q&A sessions will probably all be part of it as well. But still.



Magnet_Man018 said:

@Blizzaga Neveeeeeeeeer!! I have the feeling that this conference will be mindblowing. And I don't think Apple will be a real headache either... ¬¬

Now this is it! Master of Videogames... Pleaser of gaming crowds... it is... Nintendo! It's The Ultimate Show!! (song starts) >=D



Boo_Buster said:

I don't have any expectations, because they usually lead to being let down. Having said that, a price and a release date would be nice. Are they planning on streaming Reggie "my body is ready" Fils-Aime's hour long or so presentation? I have not heard anything yet, just wondering if anyone here has. I enjoy the site, thanks!



rjejr said:

Yeah, how is the info getting from there to us? I don't need a 6 hr. live stream but I'm seriously waiting for a date and price. Since like E3 2011

And 3rd most important thing I'm waiting for - Wii to WiiU transfers, day 1.

I'm not worried about Apple. iPad mini rumours point to Oct. unveil, and the iPhone 5 has been known since, well E3 2011. I actually want a(n) iPad mini more than a Wii U at this point, but probably like most people I think Apple products are individual NOW purchases where a home console is more of an under the Christmas tree type of purchase. Though if the WiiU event is underwhelming I may have a mini under my tree this year.



Kresslia said:

Nintendo NEEDS a big announcement alongside the Wii U. None of this letdown like E3 - don't save something like NintendoLand for last (for the record, I still will play NintendoLand and it looks fun). Show Retro's new game last or something. Wow people.

I'd like to say I have low expectations, but I can't help but hope for something huge.



Emaan said:

This is like E3 Round 2! So much is riding on this press event, its insane. Good luck Nintendo, only 3 days away!



Rapadash6 said:

The importance of this press event cannot be over stated enough as far as I'm concerned. Nintendos unveiling of the Wii U was unprecedented; never in the companies history of console introductions have they limited the view of their future software. This was the biggest mistake made (among many others, of course) and it needs to be rectified as soon as possible. Holding on to that information any longer will only leave potential buyers, as well as even the most ardent fans, questioning whether or not they should invest in this new console.

As for the price, Nintendo needs to come out swinging on this one. I'm confident that the companies 3DS scars will remind them not to extort consumers using the Wii name alone. It may work for Apple, and will likely continue to do so, but Nintendo had to learn the hard way that the same tactics aren't as effective for everyone. My best guess is Nintendo will come out with two SKUs, in which the only difference is the color (white and black). It will be the console, game pad, Wii Remote+Nunchuk, and Nintendo Land for $300. It's important that everything needed to demonstrate "assymetrical gameplay" is included in the box since that's the whole concept behind the Wii U, and it needs to be made as simple as possible for consumers.

It seems clear what Nintendo needs to do this Thursday: They need to show off new games to relieve the concerns of core gamers, while offering a simple to understand package that's also a great value to appeal to everyone else. Nintendo knows well that they are in the hotseat right now, and that there are many criticisms needing to be addressed, and I fully expect them to do so.



LavaTwilight said:

What annoys the hell out of me is the way people refer to others as fanboys... really? Grow up! So what if some of us are dedicated to Nintendo? Some people have preference for a certain hardware manufacturer because of various different reasons; reliability, nostalgia, taste in games/tech etc. Is a 'fanboy', as some people put it, such a bad thing that it should be derogitory? Liking something just for the sake of liking it is as ridiculous as hating something just for the sake of hating it. FFS what is wrong with you people?

I don't care about Apple! Screw them! Let them cry all the way to the bank I don't care. My loyalty is and always has been with Nintendo for one very big reason and that is I agree fully with their fundamentals and values. Apple, as a comparison, just care about making as much money with as much technological push as possible and I find it sickening the way they cram their products down our throats. They won't get a penny from me if I can help it!



Moshugan said:

@19Robb92 Ok, I checked the info. The actual press conference lasts for about an hour, and then there's five hours of hands-on time.
At least according to Nintendo World Report.



kdognumba1 said:

Nintendo definitely needs to spill the beans on it and really show off what the console is going to do, what its going to have, what the price is going to be, and what the future looks like. I think some major game reveals are needed at this point and they need to have a walkthrough of the online and the online store.



Token_Girl said:

Apple has an iPad mini; it's called an iPad touch. How many sizes of tablets are needed (nothing wrong with variety, but thats like announcing that not only will apple make a 15 in. MacBook Pro, they'll also make a 17 in. version.

Honestly, I'm just mad at apple, because my only four year old computer won't run their current OS (mountain lion), but if I just replace 5 system files it will run on my out of date computer. Because I paid so much extra for my original hardware for my computer to go out of date faster than a cheapo dell.

Anyways, I thInk the WiiU will be in trouble at anything more than $250 for the basic version. It just doesn't seem like a true upgrade over the PS360, I'm not sure what incentive people will have to buy it unless they pull an amazing launch line up out of their butt on Thursday.



Scollurio said:

Sadly I predict:

o) a mediocre event
o) no news other than what has already been leaked (18th Nov., 249,- and 349,-)
o) No new game anouncements
o) No new launch-titles
o) 249,- pack is console + gamepad, done
o) 349,- pack is console + nintendoland + gamepad + 1x wii remote
o) overall dissappointing event

Im sad, really sad, but lately it doesn't seem like Nintendo is able to build up hype or convince ANY type of player other than core Nintendofans to buy this machine. Casuals don't even know its a separate machine and no addon for the Wii, mainstream-wannabe-hardcore-call-of-duty-crowd still not sold on it because its not hi-spec and/or ultraviolent games, so it leaves it to Nintendofans, an audience that is split onto 2 systems then, 3DS and Wii U with many not having the option to own both. So....



Phle said:

I see why Apple can be a problem, I'm myself planning to get an iPhone 5 at launch. That's something I decided to get more than one year ago as my old iPhone is past 4 years old (still working and good, but I would like one that works with iCloud and have a better camera). But on the other hand I am really interested in the Wii U and I might get one as soon as I can afford one. To me iPhone is a mobile phone, while Wii U is a gaming console, so they have totally different uses in my world. I don't see how my interest in iPhone 5 does anything against the Wii U. The only gaming consoles I have is Wii, 3DS and DS Lite (and a MacBook Pro). Since Wii games will work on Wii U, I wouldn't loose anything if I upgrade to a Wii U, making it a more tempting choice than a Sony or Microsoft gaming console.



NintyMan said:

Personally, I can care less about what Apple does. Yes, their event is close to Nintendo's. Yes, they will probably take some attention away, but the Wii U is a home console, not a handheld device. Nintendo should keep an eye on Apple, but they should be more focused on Sony and Microsoft. If their event really is six hours long, then there should be something for everybody. We will learn the price and release date, and I expect to learn more about upcoming games as well. Let's stop making a fuss over this and wait to see what happens.



ocarinaoftime said:

Wii to wii trasfer or wii to wii u trasfer....price point and date release plz... im thinkin on wii u...ill just have to wait an see....



shonenjump86 said:

I'm not really looking forward to the Wii U. I doubt this event will change my mInd, but we will see.



SamsonCat said:

Can't wait for the Wii U!!! Have you guys seen the new screenshots for New Super Mario Bros. U???



Aqueous said:

Nope. Sorry but I have no idea about the hype over an Apple product.

I'm not sure if your over playing the importance of the event or not. Though it shall be most interesting to see what happens.



armoredghor said:

In all honesty, isn't an iPad mini just an iTouch, because the iPad was basically a big iPhone without the phone.



Drewroxsox said:

This press conference needs to get people excited for the WiiU. I'm not even excited this year, but I was when the WiiU was announced for the first time :/



Neram said:

I think people are expecting too much out of this week's event. My guess is, this event will play host to hands-on gameplay demo's and give a chance for gaming press to get some information and footage in order to get the ball rolling even more. People will be able to go try new games, there will be video interviews, game play footage, things like that, very typical stuff I think. Nintendo Direct is probably where Nintendo will play their cards and make all the big announcements, but I don't think there are any more surprises coming.



Ren said:

I was underwhelmed by the WiiU 'experience' thing and what I played. There needs to be a LOT of new amazing stuff here to keep me interested in getting one. The apple concern is totally valid. I use apple computers, but only have an ancient iphone (that works great despite being 6 years old).
If I decide to get an iphone 5 it does a million things besides play games that I HAVE to do anyway as an adult. It's expensive so also getting a WiiU will take convbincing. I love my video games but since I got a cheap xbox after so long as a nintendo fanboy, I can't see anything it's doing better UNLESS there are lots of games pouring out for it fast and the online content is great and CHEAP. Theres no excuse for Nintendo's prices considering what else is available now in HD and online.
A few things could change my mind: a deep HD Metroid, an HD Starfox, HD Zelda. A fresh take on Mario, and frankly a whole bunch of ports of all the HD stuff we've been missing this past couple years. My nintendo is sprouting weeds now that I have HD gaming elsewhere, why should I switch back and have like 20 game options vs. 100's?



Hokori said:

^uhhhh seriously no comment, you left me so very confused
Did you actually play a WiiU? If you liked the series before why wouldn't you now?
Also I guess my 100's of Nintendo games don't count?



scrubbyscum999 said:

All I am going to say is this, Nintendo really needs to show some real information on this console on Thursday. We really don't know barely anything about it. If they don't I feel it will fail to bring up hype during the holidays. Nintendo better have made a good system that can compete AND do a good conference Thursday. I am Nintendo fanboy but really, this is do or die time for Nintendo unless they want to get beat over the head by Microsoft and Sony. They can't rely as heavily on casuals as they did last time, they have smart phones and tablets.



U3N said:

Nintendo needs to give us hope that the other franchises beside Mario actually exist and are making a comeback. Mario alone cannot sustain Nintendo. The nostalgia factor of NSMB2 and NSMBU will wear off quick. Oh, and 30 minutes is NOT acceptable for a status post in Miiverse. Not even 10 minutes.



x-mas_mii said:

i can avoid apple. skip overrated, pricey new phone, don't think about wierd new expensive ipad that i just heard about not even 2 hrs. ago and stay with my pc. oh and nintendo. i would buy the wiiu butwould hesitate if its 500$.



Ren said:

yes I did play the WiiU at their "experience" event here in Chicago. What I'm saying is I have seen nothing about the bigger, deeper game series ON WIIU that have kept me a nintendo fan in the past. Sure there are 100's of old Nintendo games, a handful of which are good that will be compatible with WiiU. All the classics can be had for a hefty price, unless things become better with their online shop, that won't change or get me to buy them again.
I'm talking about the massive library of HD games on other systems that look and often play better than any Wii games do. It's really a tough sell for me. If some of the great Nintendo adventure games are coming soon in new HD sequels I would definitely be interested but barring that, why should I spend more on a new system with some tiny Mii games and a few cautious 3rd party cash ins? I'm not the only one who might have to wait til after launch to see if it measures up. It'll be my first nintendo console not bought at launch, unless they can get with the 21st century fast. Every innovative kid thing has been done a million times on mobile and tablet devices now, so a console has to have really solid, deep HD games to be worth big money in this market (and in my house). Even simple "cartoony" games need some more depth and online functionality that Nintendo still thinks is something new and innovative.



Stratostar said:

Unless it's priced higher than $350, Nintendo doesn't need to make any more extra-special announcements. I'm sold on the Wii U.



CaPPa said:

Each to their own. I find that a lot of the great looking HD games on other systems feel rather souless to me. They simply do not play as well as Nintendo's games and that's why a large number of my favorite games of this gen were on the Wii. As for the online shop I'm pretty sure that it'll be a lot better than Xbox Live or PSN, simply because the eShop on 3DS is better than those already imo (adding only needed funds is much better than set point amounts). In terms of classic games, the Wii's VC service got a lot of flack, but I think it was better than the services offered by the other consoles (seriously, the wait for PS1/PS2 classics on PSN makes the VC's output look generous).

For buying into 'next-gen', the Wii U is an instant purchase for me. It has backwards compatibility so it can carry all my Wii games over and not make me buy them again digitally or in a 'HD version'. Added to the array of Wii controllers that I already own and my huge VC library it would actually be silly for me not to buy the Wii U.



King_Boo said:

if gamecube VC is confirmed, I will jump for joy, and then cry because I have no money.



UgliestSoup said:

Hopefully some new games will be announced as well as a "eshop" for the Wii U on day one release. But always remember, Nintendo fails to present.



Hokori said:

@CaPPa Exactly, the only downside for me is lack of GCN, but they are confirmed for VC so I guess it's ok, I'll defently get a WiiU day one just for NSMBU and Pikmin 3, also I heard rumors about Wii retail games on shop and if that's true I'll pick up rhythm heaven, Skyward Sword, and Kirby RTDL, the only reason I haven't yet is because my wii stopped playing discs



CaPPa said:

In North America at least, Nintendo will repair a Wii that has disk errors for free provided you have Metroid Other M or SSBB (you need to send the game away with the console) because some consoles can develop issues with dual layer disks. I got my launch Wii fixed last year and it only took 4 days for it to be returned, you can find a link for 'game issues - dual layer disks' on Nintendo's website.



Wilford111 said:

I just love how everyone is so excited about this upcoming event (boy, I am too...) The hype train is A ROLLIN'! But, remember what happened last time the hype train got going. At least it's fair to expect price and release date this time around.
PS, Great website



chiptoon said:

So frustrating - I'll be flying from Johannesburg to Washington while its happening. I'll have to read all about it when I finally find my hotel room.



Windy said:

I wont be getting on board with this console. First off. Nintendo held off some pretty great games till the bitter end (Xenoblade and Last Story) and are still Holding out on Pandora's Tower. 2nd....Reggie promised before the launch of the 3DS that we were going to get a Robust online gaming network. Hello still has not happened! Monster Hunter Tri was the best for any type of network play we got. (it was pretty darn good). 3rd.....The 3DS has been out long enough to have an absolutely killer lineup of games and I'm sorry that's just not the case. The Eshop is a joke although I must say this particular week looks pretty decent and may see me download all 3 games that are served up. However I have made Nintendo my systems of choice since the DS and the Wii came out and have put in years of loyalty. The DS was absolutely awesome! but the Wii.....well not so great. So I have lost any kind of trust in nintendo to do the right things in regards to Wii, Wii-U and the 3DS. Things have been picking up for the 3DS but still the road has been a very rocky one. Come on guys seriously no RPG's. Then there is Dragon Quest X for Wii. Let's see how long this system seller for North American and UK gamers will be held out by Nintendo. They have my money if it's ever released. But not again nintendo. You most certainly will not be getting my money this time on the day 1 launch of Wii-U, Now i'm holding out. How do you like them apples? or in other words, a taste of your own medicine. for me it will seem like sweet retribution for the lack of the way things should have been.



adrenochrome said:

maybe Thursday, we will learn that WiiU will be forbidden in US because of some "rectangular-shape with round edges" patent infringement



c1pher_c0mplet said:

@adrenochrome Ha! That was a good one, mate. I actually lol'd for real, hehe. Apple is going a little nuts with these "patent" infringements lately... Can't wait to see what will be said about the Wii U Thursday! I enjoyed the Wii U Event and am really excited for a Nintendo console! (And I've been a PlayStation person forever.) Don't give a crap about a purported iPhone 5 reveal although I'm a smidgen interested in what may be said about a new iPod touch...perhaps. (The darn thing needs more memory, that's for sure.)



Ren said:

i was a big fan of the Wii shop and then just stopped buying because I spent money on some serious duds. I have the best rated stuff from this site but it's all expensive and a total gamble.
Anyone who says any nintendo shop/online service is better than the other consoles clearly just hasn't owned one. I used to feel this way until I picked up x-brand and it's just unbelievable. endless original content, actual indie games (some good ones too), and demos and videos for every single game, extra content, online games, etc. etc. Many of these games are 4 - 10 dollars and they are worth it. None of that is true for the Wii and I'm ashamed that I was so loyal to have waited so long to find it out. I still have hope but after playing with it I see how much catching up there is to do.
It's still baffling why Nintendo is so oblivious about running a proper shop/online system; it's not like Japan doesn't have the internet. The 3ds shop shows hope, but it is still redundant and really not that much content there. I draw the line at PS3, I'm still too loyal to go there, but my house will have to share Nintendo with Microsoft from now on, I just wish they could learn something from the competition instead of ignoring it.
I was so excited for Skyward Sword but it was done in a couple weeks and then thats it! thats what we get for years of loyalty to nintendo: 1 big linear adventure game and we wait a couple years for the next big title (not including the occasional Mario thing). The other consoles are overflowing with long deep adventures that I couldn't possibly have time to get to all of them. but I'm stuck with my love for the big nintendo adventures when they show up, so I'm sure I'll get a WiiU. I'm a sad sheep.



DarkNinja9 said:

wow were to even start...i think apple will prob have some affect talking sales and grabbing the attention of the media but at the same time it could turn out ok depending on how it goes with apple which i really have no care for then again nintendo then can hog all the media attention that apple took the day before anyway like many have said theres just so many questions(even "what if") everyone has and its kinda frustrating to be wondering what will get announced and what wont

for me it feels like price,bundles, and talk about some upcoming games is all they will talk about which wont be enough D:

nintendo really needs to get things together since from what i noticed likes to have awkward press events which they reveal some stuff and then later in the days start to give more info on what they missed >.<

anyway just hope they answer some good questions everyone has been wondering like will there been more 3rd party games,mii verse info and maybe apps or something secret they been keeping xD



BXXL said:

"Must have", "must have"... i hate that expression... nothing is a "must have" (except but food, house, etc), and especially NOT brand new game consoles...

I've bought the DS (phat), the Wii, the DS (lite) and the 3DS on day one, and i still don't know why... especially with the 3DS: how many months have passed, and still... 3 games in my "collection", the only 3 i'd call... "must have"...

What a pity... 250 euros (340 dollars) plus 3x40 euros (170 dollars), that's 510 dollars for 3 games, 170 dollars each game... (yeah, i know, i'v got 20 downloadable freebies: most were already in my collection, so what???).

And back to the Wii's first years, i was so excited by that console, i imagined tons and tons of great gameplay ideas, and a list of impressive masterpieces to come...

Six years after, i've bought and played maybe 70 games, 25 only are still in my collection, and 10 only are games i could call masterpieces, or "must have"... yeah, it's not bad... but it's not that great either, especially when you consider 2/3 of these 10 masterpieces were made by Nintendo (once again), with usually a wait of months and months between each of these...

So yeah, you can fool me once, you can fool me twice, but with age and experience comin' my way, don't expect to fool me anymore, Nintendo... i'll buy the Wii U in three or four years: when its price is cut, when at least 10 games look really incredible (and yeah, may be considered by me as "must have"), and when i can find most of these in a second hand shop...

That's what i'm doin' to Sony with my brand new (ex-must have 5 years ago 600 euros console) PS3, btw: i've paid it less than 200 euros, and i have a great time playin' excellent games i've paid 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 euros each...

Yeah, "must have" is really a stupid expression: if you have the patience to wait and find the best occasions, gaming is then 3 times more affordable, and feels even more fun...



Radixxs said:

Convince me to buy a Wii U. This year is looking like I will have only purchased 2-3 Nintendo games. I'm thinking of dropping this hobby in favor of more fruitful ones.



Void said:

I'm with @Stratostar, unless it's over $350 I'll probably get a Wii U at launch, since I have 4 Wii U launch games I know I'm going to get, add that too my list of over 30 games that I've been-meaning-too-get-but-haven't, (Not to mention all the games I have yet to beat.) and I should be good.



Kirk said:

The problem I have with Wii U is that Nintendo really is marketing it as a kinda toy. Not a cool electronics gadget that plays some awesome games but a kids toy. A probably relatively expensive family and kids toy. That really is how it's coming across to me. That's cool and all but I think they need to do that at the same time as making it a kick butt high tech entertainment box too. Otherwise it really is only going to appeal to mums, kids and loyal Nintendo fans imo. I'm a grown man and although I still love "toys", and just playing around for the sake of having fun, I really don't want to buy a box that is basically just an expensive "toy". I need a lot more than that from a console that costs me a couple of hundred pounds in this day and age. The Wii U needs to be an all round kick butt entertainment system and all that entails for it to matter to all the people out there like me in this day and age.



19Robb92 said:

I somewhat agree with you. I'd love to see a bigger focus on WiiU as a neat tech device rather than something to own just for Mario/WiiFit etc. I can't really see it as a toy though.

I think the problem is that Nintendo doesn't focus on multimedia features. It's a gaming device, that's it. And it's important that people know that. No DVD playback, no HDD memory for personal content etc.

It's gonna be interesting to see how their social network is gonna work out. They do seem to have some neat ideas for this system, hopefully we'll get to see some more exciting features during this event.

I personally find the TV remote compatibility very nice, the Netflix interface looks gorgeous and even the web browser looked great from the little we've seen. So at least there's some focus on multimedia features this time around it seems.



erv said:

The timing is exceptionally smart. Being present with apple at the same time in current media will build valuable perception, that's all they need.

I expect nothing more but a price point and a date. No extra's. The branding machine will do the rest and I think nintendo is doing some brilliant things here.

Just watch it unfold



Araknie said:

So much for stating the obvious. This time you just did know there was nothing much to talk about, the apple part is the whole article.

I obviously agree, who in here whouldn't.



Windy said:

@BXXL I feel the exact same way. The one and only way I buy Wii-U on the first day is by some miracle Dragon Quest X or a Monster Hunter game with Robust online play are day 1 releases or its sit back and watch frustration free while Nintendo doesn't listen to its customers



dew12333 said:

I think everybody has stated alot of things that need to happen one day one and in the life of the Wii U, what they must do is announce that Black Ops 2 will be available on release day. This will make sure it appeals to the wider audience they want to appeal to. Even if most of us don't care either way I know alot of older gamer who only own one game for their Xbox or PS3, and then they have a Wii for there families. If they only needed one system to do both jobs this will pull customers away from Xbox and PS3 and increase there market share which is what any business wants.



Boo_Buster said:

@Windy, BXXL, and a lot of others... If you want a "robust online experience", you are probably better served elsewhere, although the Wii U's will be much better than the Wii's. If you want innovation and creativity, as well as forward thinking gameplay ideas, Nintendo is certainly the way to go. It almost seems as though you play Nintendo games just for the name, where as you should be playing them because they are fun to you. I am not hating on you, or anything like that, just stating what I see. If you can only find ten or so games on a system that you enjoy, and you want more than that... Why would you buy that system BXXL? Again, I don't say this is a derogatory way, I am just asking. Same question to you and the online games Windy. If you like online play, competitive or co-op (which I do not) you should probably research XBOX or Sony. I am just saying. I respect the way Nintendo goes about business a lot more than the way Microsoft and Sony do, and that comes with age and knowledge. I don't dislike those other companies though, I play PS3 often, maybe just as much as Wii and the games I found for the system that I like, my "must haves", if you will. No one tells me what I "must have" though BXXL, I agree with you there. Basically the moral of my story is this; Don't stick with a company because you feel like you have to for whatever reason, because that is what your friends play, you had that console last generation, ect... they do not really care about you, just your money. Play what makes you happy and what you enjoy. You will have a lot less complaining to do. If money is no object, multiple systems is always the way to go



idork99 said:

Also wanted to add that before I purchased my 3DS, a huge chunk of my gaming budget was being spent in the App Store for my iPhone and iPad. That is the reason that I was thinking that I'd never buy a Nintendo console again. At the time, I was very pleased with both of those products (iPhone & iPad) and was amazed how they could bring good gaming experiences to such products. But when I purchased my 3DS, let me put it this way, I haven't spent a dollar on the App Store ever since



Henmii said:

"While many of us here on Nintendo Life are thinking about Thursday, technology enthusiasts are feverishly looking forward to Wednesday. Why? It’s an Apple press event"

There is only 1 problem: Apple will show alllll kinds of OLD stuff! You really must be out of your mind if that still excites you!!



Gamer83 said:

I'd like to say I think Nintendo is going to knock it out of the park with this but to this point, every chance they've had to get me excited for the Wii U has ended up with me being more and more disappointed. That said, I'm still looking forward to the conference. NSMBU is looking fantastic and I can't wait to hear more about that, and it will interesting to see what games may possibly be announced. Pricing will be interesting to, $300 would be reasonable but I could see it being $250 or $350.



BXXL said:


Well, i'll just say i play Nintendo games since the Game & Watch days, which should tell you something about my age, and my experience... and after all the games i've played in my life, i think i know the difference between a bad game, an OK game and an excellent game: don't care if it's made by Nintendo or anyone else, basically... but true, Nintendo has an history of makin' many excellent ones, with great gameplay, great level design, and great controls...

But that wasn't my point: my point is, i've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on Nintendo products over the years, i've bought nearly all their consoles on day one or at least in their first year, and for the first time, i won't... because no, it's not a "must have" for me, and a handful of good games plus will not make the deal for me...

This doesn't mean i won't buy their console: as i've already written, i'll wait, and will maybe resist till 2014-2015, and its first huge price cut... and the only games i may buy "full price" are the next Zelda, a new Metroid if it's as good as the Prime trilogy, and the next Super Mario if it's as good as the two Galaxy's...

But no, i won't buy that console on day one, just thinkin' these games will be out one day, in a distant future... i've done such an error many times, but not anymore: which doesn't mean i've lost all my respect for Nintendo as game makers... i've just lost my respect for Nintendo as a business company, and i don't force anyone to follow my logic, btw...



FiveDigitLP said:

Well, that Apple presser was a joke. Don't think much attention will be taken from Nintendo due to that dud!

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