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Mon 10th Sep 2012

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jackleapp81 commented on Pokémon X & Y Legendary Details Revealed:

Am I the only one who is scared to death by Yveltal? The longer I stare at its picture, the closer it seems to get. And those claws...they look like rakes. I can just imagine the creature making its way through a dark forest while crouching and letting its wings trail behind it. It would leave these disturbingly-large, crooked tracks as an ominous reminder that it is fully capable of ripping a man to shreds.



jackleapp81 commented on This Real Life Tanooki Suit is a Bit Strange:

@GuardianKing Already part of the herd. I just find wearing MLP costumes unusual. No offense to the people who do wear them though. And I really mean no offense too, I truly do not intend to offend, even though I may already have. But regardless, that's what I think. I can't really change it. Well, I can, but...I just..don't see the need right now. It's pretty inconsequential, to be honest. Bigger things to worry about. Like the economy, and global warming. And the next iPhone release