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Reggie: Big Guns Focusing on Future Wii U Projects

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

To appear at E3 2013, or earlier if we're lucky

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime recently conducted an interview with, talking about all things Wii U and no doubt mentioned that "it's all about the experience" on at least one occasion. When asked about future Wii U projects, Fils-Aime stated that arguably Nintendo's highest profile development resources, Shigeru Miyamoto/EAD and Retro Studios, are both currently focused on unannounced and major releases.

Rest assured Mr. Miyamoto and the team at EAD are working on fantastic projects. Rest assured that Retro is working on a fantastic project. We’ve got big games in development that will be coming, games that will continue to drive the install base of the system. All of that’s going to be there.

When can we expect to see these games? It's apparently very likely that they'll first appear at E3 2013, but if development progress allows there may be announcements before then, no doubt through a Nintendo Direct broadcast.

The question is, what games will these teams be working on? We'd like the think that Miyamoto and the EAD team are working on a 3D Mario, and the rumours of Retro Studios being entrusted with The Legend of Zelda will surely re-surface. So, go on, speculate wildly in the comments below.


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Silverbullet89 said:

I would love to see a continuation of the Metroid series as innovative to the series as Metroid Prime was to the Gamecube. That and an HD remake of Metroid Fusion which I doubt will happen



luminalace said:

Yes e3 2013 is going to be very important for Wii U. The system needs some killer games going into next years holidays where no doubt the new Xbox or possibly even PS4 may launch!



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I must have an HD Legend of Zelda.
I must also have an awesome MarioKart for the Wii U.
To continue the list, I must have SSB4 for the Wii U and 3DS,(Sakurai take as long as you need)
To top it off, how about an HD Galaxy?



Nintendoro said:

Starfox adventures 2................. Maybe a new IP? Bit more adult based this time around...



Charizord said:

Anything except for a 3D Mario or a Mario bros. game. Don't get me wrong, I love Mario as the next guy. The problem is Nintendo has been releasing Mario games like rabbits lately and I personally am quite tired of it. Starfox, Metroid, Game&watch, DK, Kirby. Anything! Just not Mario until E3 2014 pl0x.



Mk_II said:

No no, Zelda should remain with EAD and Retro should do a new Metroid



Megumi said:

I kinda figured Miyamoto would be focusing on Pikmin right now...I want that game soon, lol. Want to know what Retro is up to though, new Metroid? Star Fox? Donkey Kong sequel?



NintyMan said:

Miyamoto and company must be getting ready for the first 3D Mario in HD. Retro could do just about anything that would be great, but I'd like something akin to Donkey Kong Country 2 Returns. The hype train will be leaving from the E3 station once again, whether Nintendo delivers or not.



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Hm...I don't think it'll be Pikmin 3. At this point I'd say they're probably mostly doing polishing since it was originally on the list of release date titles right?

My guess is probably Zelda from EAD unless Miyamoto is working on something completely new since he did say he wanted to work on smaller games now. The Zelda I suspect will be a remake of Twilight Princess. Most of the demo stuff (Wii U) they showed before were turned into their own games or minigames right?

I wonder what Monolith Soft is making right now. The last I heard they were hiring HD artists, don't think anything else was mentioned afterwards.



pixelman said:

I like the idea of Retro and Nintendo EAD making a massively huge Zelda game. I'm a bit curious about what direction the next Super Mario game will take too... hmm.



WingedSnagret said:

I think we all know what one of those is going to be... SUPER SMASH BROS. (insert official last name here)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



drumsandperc92 said:

i agree with all who state that E3 2013 is going to be hugely important for Nintendo.
I expect a very successful launch window for the console, with systems flying off shelves based on the preorders.
But as I've said in other threads and comments, i'm holding out for some bigger Nintendo games.
That being said, this is news that excites me.
At E3 2013 we can really expect a next xbox/PS announcement, or both.
Which means when Microsoft and Sony are getting attention for a new system, Nintendo needs to remind everyone that they JUST released a new system, with some ENORMOUS AAA Nintendo flagship games.
I think, what will win the media and crowd, would be any combination of these three:
3D Mario, Zelda, Metroid.
I honestly hope, after Skyward Sword, that Retro is working on Zelda.
If we get an HD retro-fied Zelda, i'm going to start saving for my Wii U the day of the announcement.
But a new 3D Mario and a new take on Metroid that really pushes the graphical abilities of the Wii U will definitely bring a lot of attention back to Nintendo.
Got my fingers crossed.
But I think for Nintendo to not take a back seat to either MS or Sony at E3 '13, they need at least two of those games announced, with trailers and even demos.



Rapadash6 said:

A 3D Mario game is pretty much a lock for next year and surely the EAD project that Reggie had mentioned. Looking at the 3DS, and how Mario games boosted that system into a more prosperous position, it's clear Nintendo will try and do the same thing with the Wii U. I mean, two holiday seasons in a row with a new, high profile Mario game is going to help to build a solid user base for the system, no question. As for Retro, I'm really hoping it's not a new Metroid Prime, although I certainly wouldn't complain if it was. I'd rather see them make a 2.5D Metroid title, using Super Metroid as a template for its design. I'm not sure how I'd feel about them doing a new Zelda game. I also would love to see Donkey Kong Country Returns 2, if not as this project, at some point in the systems lifespan.



aaronsullivan said:

Maybe it's boring but Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Mario Kart.
Now what incarnation these come in is important! I want risky ventures on these franchises.

Dream versions in short:
*Zelda Four Swords successor
*Mario World 3D (all continuous stages no hub)
*Metroid 2D gameplay (gorgeous HD 2D play Trine/Rayman style visuals)
*Mario Kart Adventure (Deep Adventure Mode AND quick launch Party Mode)

Now the details:
ZELDA: A soon-to-arrive successor to Zelda Four Swords (Zelda proper will take a LONG time). Cooperative/Competitive a bit old school Zelda game play with 4-5 players using GamePad control as a reward (pass it to the player that did best or accomplished something).

Mario World 3D gameplay and not galaxy. I actually love the galaxy games and I like the universe so it should appear in other games (could Mario Kart visit, please?), but how about a GIANT continuous world of devious Mario stage architecture. Kind of like Super Mario World, but NO hub that connects stages, just one giant world of connections. Also not like a big open world where you are just running endlessly without challenges. The game play can still be compact. The challenge, of course, would be to keep it accessible. Also, TWO PLAYER cooperative through the whole thing. One on screen, one on GamePad. Swapping in SMB2 characters as needed would be fun.

Metroid. I honestly want a truly 2D gameplay metroid with environments that are gorgeous like Rayman Origins/Legends or Trine. Possibilities could be amazing. If I can't get that, the basic premise of gameplay in Metroid Other M is a good direction, imo. Some refinements can be made that might allow it to truly stand between Prime and 2D. Oh, and preferably continue the story AFTER Metroid Fusion. It's time and distancing from where Samus was in Other M is good PR.

Mario Kart Adventure: Go Diddy Kong Racing and bring some adventure, danger and fun to the unlocking of new tracks by one or two players. Bring back skill based play (coins on track, balanced items, new techniques) to those who want it and simultaneously offer the "party mode" where tracks are already unlocked (but nerfed) and people can jump in as fast as possible.

I'd go on (Wave Race, Kid Icarus, Star Fox), but who would read?



Capt_N said:

I think Nintendo doesn't wanna spoil certain surprises for boosting system install base, as Reggie put it.



Varia01 said:

Zelda is a awesome franchise with very smooth gameplay but nothing is mentioned of Metroid? I knew it. Nintendo cheated Metroid Fans and only listened to the bad reviews of Other M. But Zelda is still ok to hear. Still, nothing can beat the Metroid Franchise.



Magnet_Man018 said:

@Varia01 You forgot to mention that it's only your opinion.
Back to Retro, I'd love a new Starfox, or new F-Zero, or new Donkey Kong, or Super Mario Sunshine 2, or new Metroid, or new Earthbound (c'mon Nintendo, at least a remake...), or a new IP entirely, and I repeat, ENTIRELY, new, refreshing and innovative.

Also, why did he say "projects"? Does that mean that Retro is working on more than 1 game!?



Emaan said:

So, the new adventure Mario, new Zelda, new Star Fox, new Metroid..? New F-Zero maybe? Take all my money Ninty!



doctor_doak said:

Well, if Wikipedia is to be trusted as a reliable source, you'd have to think that Retro are working on a successor to the Metroid Prime series. I mean if they've hired staff from Vigil and ID Software, Vigil make the Darksiders games which have the sort of big open areas and puzzle solving elements of Metroid, and ID Software are really only known for making first person shooters. So unless Zelda's being transformed into an FPS, you'd have to think that the staff hirings point towards a Metroid Prime type of game. Also, it's apparently "a project everyone wants us to do". So.....



_Octoling_ said:

Nintendo EAD: Zelda (2014)
Myamoto: New IP (Q4 2013, Early 2014)
Retro: (IF Nintendo gets BK IP) Banjo-Threeie (2014), if not then Metroid Prime U (2013), Donkey Kong Country 4 or Returns U/2 (2013), or Mario Kart U/8.



XFsWorld said:

@Charizord I Agree with you! Too much Mario
First: Super Mario 3D Land
Second: Mario Kart 7
Third: Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games
Fourth: Mario Tennis Open
Fifth: New Super Mario Bros. 2
Now: Paper Mario: Sticker Star

I need a break from Mario, stop releasing a Mario title every 3 months :/



LavaTwilight said:

Speculate? Great! Well done! Now everyone's excited (including me so here we go)
We DEFINITELY need a new F-Zero! People are so hyped on a new Pikmin game that we forget it's been nearly as long since we last saw Captain Falcon actually race! Besides that, the expected eventual announcements of Mario Kart, Smash Bros and Zelda will be much appreciated



LavaTwilight said:

O and for a new IP I really think generic-looking action figure was our cryptic teaser He'll be so kool as a new franchise, esp judging by the viewer's reactions to him at E3 this year!
NL Staff: Do you read all these comments? Comment below...



BXXL said:

I really hope Retro is working on another Metroid: a big, epic, immersive and incredible 3D Metroid... in more than 30 years of gaming, i consider the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii as the best game(s) i've ever experienced, and it's by far the best controls EVER...

No doubt, these guys could work on a great Zelda, too... but Aonuma's team is doin' a fine job, and i'm sure they'll come with the goods in a near future...

But so far, the best use of the Gamepad i could imagine is in a 3D Metroid, used as a scanner alongside the Wiimote for the other controls...

So, if there's ONE game that could really push me towards Wii U, it's not even a new 3D Zelda or a new 3D Super Mario (even if they would be welcomed), but a new 3D Metroid made by Retro, simple as that...



sinalefa said:

I would love to have Retro doing either a totally new IP (with their characters) or even a 2D Metroid. What they could do with Zelda is also promising.

Still, the game I would love to see the most would be an HD 3D Zelda, like the teaser we got. And I don't care if it takes years.



Vehemont said:

It would be cool to see Nintendo collaborate with Square-Enix and get some great RPGs on the Wii U. Oh and maybe a good Pokemon RPG would be awesome as well for the Wii U.



drumsandperc92 said:

@aaronsullivan Thank you. Couldn't have said it better myself.
I agree most with your statements about Mario World 3d & Mario Kart Adventure.
But also with your other statements.
My one "hmmm...gotta think about that one" & guilty pleasure is, as fantastic as gameplay would be in a new 2d Metroid a la trine/rayman, i take too much glee in imagining Metroid Prime with modern graphics!!
I mean...take a look at the Star Wars 1313 demo from E3...throw it into 1st person view, and you can imagine the graphics/setting of a new Metroid Prime!
It would be, hands down, the best opportunity for Nintendo to flex the muscle of the Wii U & prove to any doubters that it can handle whatever you throw it's way.
Or look at Crysis 3 for more the more jungle/wildlife type setting.
I mean either way....Prime, or Other M style gameplay wise, as long as they went for the highest possible graphics with it, i think Metroid is the game to do it in.
Zelda is very stylized all the time & i just dont think they are going to go to realistic graphics, Mario has obviously got his own style throughout his games...same with the other Nintendo flagships.
The only other game i could imagine being used to flex raw power would be an F-Zero. And that would look gorgeous too.



Ichiban said:

Nintendo should save Star Wars Battlefront 3 & make it a Wii U exclusive like Bayonetta 2. Imagine how much that would drive the internet into a frenzy!
I hope Fatal Frame 5 is on the way, the Wii U pad is made for it!



DarkNinja9 said:

is it just me or was this kinda obvious? xP i mean of course they working on good games that gamers want i assume these are the main ones

big zelda game like they been teasing
mario kart game
new metriod game(im good with what ever metriod type game they release)
a 3D mario game like sunshine 2
maybe a new donkey kong game
smash bros of course

those are just some of the ones i saw obvious but maybe even 3rd party exlusive too? i mean around that point xbox and sony will be giving signs about there new console so this list should be a way to go for ninty

also i agree too much mario >.<



GazPlant said:

Hopefully the Paper Mario team get to work on Wii U straight after Sticker Star



Trikeboy said:

I hope Miyamoto and the EAD team are working on Mario or a brand new IP, Retro are working on a Metroid game and Monolith Soft are doing Zelda.



Hokori said:

@X-Factor Those arnt all Mario titles though... They just have him in the title, like if they released a COD MMORPG I wouldn't complain (even though I hate COD and MMORPGs) because it isn't the exact same thing as the MW titles. MK7 isn't a sidescroller, M&S isn't a kart racer, 3D Land isn't a sports title, NSMB2 isn't a sports, MTO isn't an RPG, and Paper Mario isn't a sidescroller.



Megumi said:

It's usually 2nd party developers that make the Mario spinoffs (including the RPGs, though I'm not really wanting to call those spinoffs, lol) and not Nintendo themselves, so I'm fine with that. Just hope Nintendo doesn't over do it with the main games (3D and 2D platformers) like they said they wouldn't. I expect a 3D Mario to pop up on the Wii U and that's about it...I think the 3DS is done with the main Mario games.



TimboBaggins said:

nah I don't think retro is working on zelda unless that is just the only way they can get the games out quickly. Maybe collaborating on zelda much in the way namco is on smash bros. Or maybe doing a direct sequel to windwaker, I could see retro doing that. I think it would be much more likely that retro is working on the Starfox or F-zero franchise. Personally, all I want is a sequel to DKCR and I'll be happy. Oh, and a new metroid prime would be great as well.



Malkeor said:

So friggin excited...all I want are games and continued support.
And anything Shiggy, EAD, and Retro works on is an absolute must play.



FZeroFan321 said:

F-Zero would be awesome, or Starfox..or new METROID? or maybe a new ip.. Though only time will tell!



WWW said:

I can't believe no one has talked about Camelot in this section. Didn't you hear the news of the DK64 sequel that Camelot has an interest to make?



Mqblank said:

I would love to see a new Chibi-Robo game (and a GameCube Virtual Console release of the original). Nintendo working with Silicon Knights on an Eternal Darkness game. Would work great with the gamepad.



RonF said:

Considering that Sony and Microsoft are probably unveiling their next consoles at 2013 E3, I can only expect Nintendo is cooking a few bombastic reveals to keep the pressure on the competition.



Dezsi said:

What? Handing Zelda over to Retro? Or anyone else for that matter? That would a be a blasphemy, seriously. What good would that do?



Araknie said:

Oh the interview is from Gametrailers, good they always worry to the after launch games and good that Reggie had a good answer to that.



Rect_Pola said:

Between the really poor handling news and clogging us with Marios, I was beginning to get worried Nintendo was having some sort of problem.



MeloMan said:

Honestly, the close to home games I'm expecting are Star Fox and F-Zero, bar none. Maybe both will be entrusted to Retro, which, with their relatively short but awesome resume, I would have high hopes for quality.



NoirUsernameHere said:

i want Zelda wii U,pokémon wii U, super mario galaxy wii U,metroid wii U,mario kart wii U,SSB4,earthbound (mother) wii U,



Epicnessofme99 said:

My guess would be a Fatal Frame game, Nintendo did buy up the rights to it a while back and it would work perfectly with the Wii U gamepad. But in terms of what I hope they're working on would have to be an F-Zero or Starfox game.



aaronsullivan said:

I really want a Metroid Prime sequel as well. By Prime 3, you could feel how much better it could all be if it just had some more power to use. Fortunately they had the immersive game play stuff with the Wii remote. Loved pulling those shields off and manipulating the machinery. Wii Motion Plus would make that even better.

I really just want both. Metroid Zero Mission was pretty incredible, which shows me that someone out there still has the chops to floor me with a 2D gameplay Metroid and I know a new one has a greater chance of landing on 3DS, but I'd MUCH rather have the beauty of high resolution on a big screen for that one.



Weezywe3ds said:

The pokemon rumors came true WOW
So hopefully the same source rumors about Pokemon 3DS with 3D Engine
Also said that the legend of Zelda 3DS is at works, Donkey Kong Land Returns for 3DS, Kirby Pop Up pannick for 3DS and also Kirby Tilt N Tumble for Wii U, Also Fatal Frame for Wii U, Super Mario 3D Game to be out Holiday 2013, And retro studios to final show there Wii U Title, Yoshi Land HD Game to be announced and 2 New IP's Man This would be some great stuff



Weezywe3ds said:

The pokemon rumors came true WOW
So hopefully the same source rumors about Pokemon3DS with 3DEngine
Also said that the legend of Zelda 3DS is at works, DonkeyKong Land Returns for 3DS, Kirby Pop Up pannick for 3DS and also Kirby Tilt N Tumble for Wii U, FatalFrame for Wii U, Super Mario 3D Game to be out Holiday 2013, And retro studios to final show there Wii U Title, YoshiLand HD Game to be announced and 2 New IP's

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