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This is How Game Gear Games Will Look on 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Better than before, naturally

Now we know that Game Gear games are coming to 3DS in March, SEGA has revealed how the titles will actually look on the console.

The games use their own Virtual Console menu with options for screen mode, system colour, "performance" and control over after-image/ghosting, a common facet of the original Game Gear, but one we'd happily live without, in truth.

SEGA also reconfirmed the GG games on their way to Virtual Console:

The first games reach Japan on 14th March for 300 Yen — about £2.40 or $3.75.


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Corbs said:

Now that's a cool idea. I like making the background look like the actual system.



nick_gc said:

I wish Sega would just throw Columns in the bin. It was fun at the time, and a quirk of the compilation backs a few years ago but we don't want it any more!

Also, the screen looks great. Love the option to have the GG as part of the image. I wish the GBA games would do the same.



James said:

You're wrong. Columns is amazing and miles better than Tetris.



Myx said:

having most of the screen filled with a picture of the original console?
playing game gear games in 2012 on a freaking 3D machine?
umm... i don't know about all of you guys, but it's either me or nintendo totally missing the point of their handheld? ... i was in for cool 3D-games of the latest kind when i bought (more like: was tricked into buying) the 3ds at launch-day. so much potential, but nintendo wants us to play only stuff from the stoneage (i already played these games back in the stoneage, been there, done that, nintendo).. the platform 3ds seems very unreal to me.



nick_gc said:

@James Nope! Just because you have a fancy badge next to your picture doesn't make you right.

Columns better than Tetris?! On my days.



nick_gc said:

@Myx Have you been living under a rock since the release of the 3DS? Also, how exactly were you tricked into buying it?

Have you not played Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Resident Evil Revelations, Sonic Generations, Ocarina of Time,Tales of the Abyss, not to mention Pushmo, Freakyforms, Mutant Mudds, and now Dillon's Rolling Western among many other made for 3DS downloadable titles?



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

@Myx who are you get out of here
But honestly, just because they're releasing old games on the VC doesn't mean they're coasting off of these games to sell the 3DS. Look at Super Mario 3D Land, or Kid Icarus Uprising, or Mario Kart 7, or the fact that Sakurai is developing a Smash Bros for it. Nintendo is dedicated to this system and releasing old games is just a convenient way to add appeal to the retro gamer.
Although yeah, it is kinda weird that the Game Gear system takes up 75% of the screen

And I want Columns! Hasn't everyone ever played Tetris a million times? I never got a chance to play Columns.



thedanman64 said:

Why don't we all agree that tetris and columns are both awesome and leave it at that?

As for Game Gear, it's really cool that Sega is giving us options for how we want to play our games. Especially the 'ghosting' option.



Zach said:

That looks great - but I sure hope they have an option to blow up the picture to fit the full screen better (without distorting it by stretching it, of course). Best of both worlds.



TWK said:

@Corbs Nothing new. When you play Game Boy titles on the 3DS you can hold START+SELECT before you boot the Game Boy game--this will show a Game Boy background just like with the upcoming Game Gear games. Furthermore, you can actually turn on 3D and get a cool 3D effect.



pikku said:

Wow, that is really cool. I really want to try Shinobi, but I guess I'll also get Sonic the Hedgehog even though (from the tiny bit I played) of i the gamegear version it wasn't that great imo



TeeJay said:

I remember playing a Sonic game on a game gear I used to own when I was little (Oh god, the batteries!) If I can get that Sonic game (I think it was the original?) I would be very happy...unless Triple Trouble is indeed the one I used to have. My memory of my GG days is a blur.



SteveW said:

Seriously? the screen is already small enough! maybe they should bring back the old Gameboy magnifiers also.



Shworange said:

Yea, I'm not digging the game gear border. Whatever though, we'll give em a whirl.



warioswoods said:

Interesting... actual options should be better than having to remember to hold Start or Select every time I boot up a game.



bezerker99 said:

I played the heck outta Columns when it was on that Sega CD comp disc. Bring it!!!!! (Also, I like the GG options and screen overlay. Very kewl..!!!!)



C-Olimar said:

@James you can't argue with the logic that Tetris is Tetris. Then again, I've never played Columns, so I'll reserve judgement until then.



Whopper744 said:

Why they make screen so small?? like @SteveW said, it's already small enough! Oh well, anyway, pretty cool about them adding a few features to it....time to play some Triple Trouble.



motang said:

At first I was like why?? But the more I think about it, I kinda like the game screen encapsulated with a Game Gear around it.



pixelman said:

So Sega does what Nintendon't.
srsly these kind of options should be on the GB games. smh Nintendo.

Also, I want the original Sonic for GG. It has the best Sonic pixel art ever.



C-Olimar said:

300 yen is £2.70 0n the UK eShop, so that's in line with cheaper Game Boy games, and less than others, but with colour, so that's pretty good pricing! Although, I do have a sneaking suspicion that Sonic will be £3.60, or more, but even still, it's better value than Nintendo's pricing for ancient games!



LittleIrves said:

I actually love this "original system" bkgd option. And like @TWK says, the Game Boy games have the same option. Was quite excited when I figured that one out... and yeah, then I noticed the little green 3D light was still on, so I cranked up the slider and, lo and behold, it looks like the screen is set into the system a bit, just like it was in the original GB! Attention to detail. That's what Nintendo does better than anyone. Even with the tiniest things that 1% of people actually notice. Love it.



DarkKirby said:

Please have an option to change the virtual Game Gear Skin to a black frame. Please. It'll look better, and save power.



Raylax said:

Awesome? Awesome.

Also, Columns > Tetris. Mr Newton has it right. You all have opinions but James's is the correct opinion



Geonjaha said:

Hope they update the GB/GBC games in the same way.
eg. Change the colour of the GBC, allow GBC to be used instead of the GB for GB games (also allowing for the colour palettes). These improvements would make all of the VC game much more worth the price. :3



Ras said:

They should add the Super Nintendo functions to Game Boy Donkey Kong. Which is probably what you mean, but I wasn't playing Game Boy games by the time I had my SNES and never had a Color, so I'm not sure.



Noire said:

I love it. Those borders just make the game for me (I have no idea why, I'm just weird). I just don't know what Game Gear games are any good D:

so it's good you guys are reviewing them all



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

The SGB borders would be tight, provided they can provide the LADX border without removing the color.

Also, they should have all the Game Boy Color games use a GBC border (except for LADX). The border should be customizable (change the color, etc).



LordJumpMad said:

If I remeber right GameGear games were awful.
Sega is better off giving us Genesis games, or better yet, lets skip to DreamCast and get JetSet Radio on the 3DS



ToxieDogg said:

^^ I do think of it as a handheld Master System. Which is precisely why I don't think it's awesome

I might have a look at Game Gear Shinobi, I might also have a look at Game Gear Wonder Boy if it shows up, the rest of the Game Gear's back catalogue isn't worth the time of day really.



MakeMyBiscuit said:

This is a surprise. I thought we would get Sega Scope 3D games on the "3D"S before we get Game Gear games. Hmmmm.

With that said, I sure hope there is an option to stretch the screen. I don't need to see the GG border and I hope they give us the AWESOME GG Ninja Gaiden game.



MarioManiac64 said:

I had read that the e shop was going to support Gamegear games at launch, so I bought an e shop card at launch. Seeing that There were no Gamegear games, I wasted all the points. And now that my lent resolution is to not play video games, Nintendo releases Gamegear support. Nintendo doesn't like me...



WolfRamHeart said:

That border looks really cool. I never played the Game Gear before. I'm anxious to try it out and see what I am missing.



KingMike said:

Yes, that screenshot there is a system color menu.
So, go choose a red one if you want it.



nick_gc said:

I totally agree with whoever said we need Atari Lynx games. That would be awesome. California Games, Scrapyard Dog, Viking Child, Rygar, Electro Cop. I loved my Lynx II.



DarkEdi said:

This is better than Nintendo´s GB background (with no SGB options of course)



Token_Girl said:

The day I will be able to play all the Sonic Game Gear games on my current portable device will be heaven. Now if only Ninty could work a deal with disney for the licensed games (Jungle Book, Aladdin, Lion King), all of the nostalgia could be had.



khalieon said:

heh, kinda classic.......btw.... but genesis owns game gear! sonic, sonic2, sonic 3 & knuckles what the classics if they were on the dsi too... but for the 3ds, i dont own 1, im wating for them to bring the big games so i can buy mine at gamestop. sonic the hedgehog in the 90's.... classic.

"The Power Contains the joystick".



The_Ink_Pit_Ox said:

The color selection hopefully means that Nintendo will update the Game Boy Color games to have a custom border with a GBC in (default) teal and several other colors. Yellow, being a Pikachu version, would likely cost extra.



Fang said:

I have Columns on my Mega Drive/Genesis, when I first played it I was like "wow this game is awesome!". I kept on playing for another 10 mins and then never picked it up again. Dr Mario is better



Mattiator said:

Dragon Crystal is going to be a day-one for me. Not a big fan of Sonic Drift 2, it really shows desperation when you need to put a character whose selling point is speed in an automobile to race. Might grab Shinobi depending on the reviews.

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