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Thu 23rd Feb 2012

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Myx commented on Talking Point: Does Nintendo Finally 'Get' Dig...:

too little, too late, nintendo.
no digital distribution is like embracing the stoneage of gaming.
many people are still mentally stuck in the stoneage when i look at some posts that are defending cartridges. i would advice some hours at a psychologist. your problem can be treated. you do not have to live like that.
(the only thing i would "get" if those cartridge-users would admit that they just got no money for their hobby so they have to sell their games after playing them.. which is not possible with digital distribution. every other argument for cartridges in the year 2012 is pathetic)



Myx commented on First Impressions: ATV Wild Ride 3D:

you know.. the 3ds became obsolete somehow. when i look at all the games that get released. i just can't find a reason to buy a game for it anymore. there are only 2 games until year's end that are remotely interesting. the rest can be played on the vita, too. so it is no question which version i will always prefer. the outdated cartridges, the 3d-effect that gets implemented by the industry because it's there and not because they got great ideas with it.



Myx commented on Worldwide 3DS Sales Reach 17 Million:

17 million .. hmm.. but why? .. i am already contemplating selling the 3ds for lack of usage due to no games that are worth playing. all they do is build up their abandonware section. for someone like me who has got no interest in abandonware at all the 3ds is obviously the wrong machine. then the very inconvenient matter that no retails are available for download. the biggest advantage of the vita is that not one single cartridge is needed. everything can be downloaded. this is pure heaven for someone who does not like the concept of switching cartridges in the year 2012 anymore. i see nintendo does a lot of talk about catching up with the current gen but their actions definitely are speaking another language. as i see it they have got no intention to catch up with anything. they are still arrogant as hell when it comes to acknoledging what the times have come to.



Myx commented on Nintendo Download: 26th April 2012 (Europe):

the eShop continues its horrible failure-spree. i bet my 20 Euro will be on my eShop account until the 3ds will end its lifecycle. way to go, nintendo. they are the only company that got an onlineshop with just crap inside. they do not even try. it is such a shame. i am seriously reconsidering the purchase of wii u. the signs nintendo gives are not promising.



Myx commented on Europe, Your 3DS System Update Arrives 25th April:

finally.. i can make the decision: will i put all the ambassador-crap into a folder and never touch it again or will i just delete the hole pile and never think of it ever again.. tough decision to make. but thanks, nintendo.



Myx commented on Kirby Gets 20th Anniversary Compilation for Wii:

they could make a new franchise called "abandonware collection".. in the same breath they could stop developping new stuff altogether. it is much cheaper for them, therefore much more income. and the customers do not seem to mind paying for stuff from the stoneage that should come free as a gimmick.



Myx commented on Talking Point: Lessons to be Learned from WiiW...:

i have got no hopes at all that stiff nintendo will come at least one little bit out of their static state of dictatorship. this business model is so antique. it will sooner or later break their necks. it is not because i want them to fail but it's the rule of the market that will put them out of the spotlight.



Myx commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda (Wii Virtual Conso...:

2/10... i mean, seriously.. zelda is hugely overrated. always has been, always will be. while i saw the aspect of the game in the 80s, there is not one reason i would play this game again today. there are games that are... new.. they take up most of my spare time already. so, spending money just for nostagia reasons? not really. (besides, i am ambassador.. and never played any of the ambassador games for more than 2 minutes) because i have to work for money, too, so should certain companies. these abandonware titles are a nice gimmick.. nothing more. to charge for these games is really low. and people are saying "thanks". i don't get people.



Myx commented on The U.S. Sales Results are in for Nintendo:

with their more than whacky approach to the 3d-genre they maneuvered themselves into a lose-lose-situation. they had two options: being way too early on the market resulting in the lack of quality games or waiting for another year, come up with at least SOME quality stuff and they would have lost to the power of the vita. if they delivered highclass 3d-stuff from the beginning instead of offering only abandonware rehashed and tons of shovelware, their 3d-gizmo would have been the next big thing. but instead, the 3ds is only a "mee-too"-gadget. no real effort equals no domination. they wanted too much and did way too little to achieve that goal. this doesn't exactly shine a very bright light on the wii u.. if they keep on pissing their potential away for the quick buck.. well.. do the math.



Myx commented on U.S. Patent Cites Wii U as "Universal Remote C...:

too bad i stopped watching television bout 10 years ago. lol. nice selling point.. then again, i am not amongst the target group. nice feature anyway for those who will find it useful
i am merely interested in the games. if they will deliver, it can have as much gimmicks as it wants to



Myx commented on Nintendo Download: 12th April 2012 (Europe):

just because there is old stuff it doesn't mean nintendo has to torture us with their abandonware week after week after week. oh and by the way.. i wanted to buy the additional tables for zen pinball. but now zen pinball 2 is coming to the ps3 and vita.. as a gratis update for owners of zen pinball. now that's what i call a) service and b) a store at the height of the time.
now i am gonna buy the vita version. cause it got trophies, superior graphics and the most important point: it is SOMETHING NEW. but i guess 2 to 5 years from now nintendo is going to decide to allow zen pinball 2 for a high price also on the 3ds have fun.



Myx commented on Rhythm Thief Misses UK Charts:

no wonder. rhythm games are officially dead
didn't they check the development of those [music-instrument]hero-games on the big consoles? ignorance is bliss, and rhythm thief a flop that could be spotted over two miles away.



Myx commented on Rumour: Wii U Components Cost $180, Will Retai...:

what do you mean by "i hope people's expectations won't be too high"??
either the hardware will be up to par or not. if not then i will be disappointed and will say so and if the hardware will be on par then everything will be fine. it is time for people to stop talking subpar-stuff into something it is not just because they got fanboy-glasses on.



Myx commented on First Impressions: Mario Tennis Open:

not interested in another old mario game rehash. rather disappointing what nintendo is trying to deliver. besides some hardcore fanboys not many people will be interested in this nth installment.



Myx commented on Boulder Dash-XL 3D Wants to Rock 3DS in July:

not for me. i guess there will be heroes of ruin and then nothing for a very long time on the 3ds.. there is a kingdom hearts title announced which i also preordered but besides these two titles there is zero that even remotely interests me. if nano assault was released in europe this one i would have gotten, too. but no.. us only.. sheesh. i have already given up on the eshop completely because there is only abandonware and obscure stuff no one really needs. if this is a sign for the upcoming wii u then i have very mixed feelings about the console :/



Myx commented on Nintendo Download: 5th April 2012 (Europe):

i am still waiting to use my money i accidentally put onto my account last year in the hopes that there will be S O M E T H I N G offered besides abandonware and western titles and puzzlers.. sigh.



Myx commented on Gearbox: "No Other Platform Can Do What Wii U ...:

when i read the headline i thought to myself "they are right.. no one else of the competitors launches that massive expectations just to ruin them by non-action during the actual life cycle of the console" :/



Myx commented on Mobile Dev: "Iwata Makes Me Fear for Nintendo'...:

this free to play is just another step in the global plan to casualize videogames. it started with the wii over 6 years ago. so do not complain you did not see this development coming. you just did not want to recognize where the train was heading.



Myx commented on Ubisoft Ready for Digital Content Blitz on Wii U:

as poor as the eshop is i doubt nintendo will learn. one year 3ds and still no retail games for download. i guess nintendo just does not know what they are doing.

but: no trophies/achievements on wii u == not much sales revenue. it is as easy as that. no one buys dlc just because the game was so wondertastic. nop. the majority of dlc gets bought because of the 100%.

but i guess ubi$oft needs to learn it the hard way



Myx commented on Nintendo Download: 29th March 2012 (Europe):

umm.. no.. if i wanted to play game gear games i would have gotten a game gear some 20 years ago. i am not among the target audience for the 3ds.. i thought i was because i see myself as a gamer.. but obviously, nintendo is not for me. overpriced abandonware seems to be all we will get. why there ist not EVERY single retail game in the eshop for download is completely beyond me. the 3ds had SO much promise but they pi$$ed it all away. this is no good sign for the upcoming wii u. allthumbsdown



Myx commented on Adventure Time is Coming to DS:

did not buy latest 3d hardware to play DS games on it. the same goes to the VC-fest they are celebrating since the launch of the 3DS.



Myx commented on Intelligent Systems Rejected Modern-Day Fire E...:

they should lay the series to a rest. i played the wii version, the gamecube thingy, the 3ds-ambassador-giveaway.. they are ALL the same. yawn. they all got a story thats equally boring and confusing (my opinion) and the game engine is also EXACTLY the same. i would feel ripped off if i bought another fire emblem game. sorry. i am not indifferent enough for another FE-installment.



Myx commented on North America, These Are Your Upcoming eShop G...:

the eshop keeps being the epic fail it has always been. sorry, nintendo, you drove away a very potent customer with your stoneage-titles you want us to buy every week. you clearly missed the sign of the times (again) by refusing to put your retail games into the store.



Myx commented on Assassin's Creed III is Coming to Wii U:

i am tempted to get this for the wii u just for the sake of checking out the power of the console, BUT i played AC2 (until platinum) and thought that the game-engine was superb, but the plot seemed to me like horribly bad storytelling. so i decided i was done with that franchise. if a game makes me facepalm every cutscene away then i am clearly not among the target audience. so, maybe if the will be a demo on the wii u i will check that out, but i guess there will be other heavyweights among the launch lineup, so no panic here so far



Myx commented on Feature: 3DS Games You'll Probably Never Play:

as a serious gamer in 2012 i can see why these titles were cancelled. despite some diehard-fans of each game who will be crying theirselves into sleep every night, no one really cared about these games. it is no big loss for these titles not getting produced. the sales figures would have been horrible. i would not have bought them.



Myx commented on This is How Game Gear Games Will Look on 3DS:

having most of the screen filled with a picture of the original console?
playing game gear games in 2012 on a freaking 3D machine?
umm... i don't know about all of you guys, but it's either me or nintendo totally missing the point of their handheld? ... i was in for cool 3D-games of the latest kind when i bought (more like: was tricked into buying) the 3ds at launch-day. so much potential, but nintendo wants us to play only stuff from the stoneage (i already played these games back in the stoneage, been there, done that, nintendo).. the platform 3ds seems very unreal to me.



Myx commented on Dillon's Rolling Western Has Arrived in North ...:

i was tempted to download this for the sheer sake of something new for the 3ds, but they completely lost me with the utterly boring western-theme. the overall premise (seems more like a collection of medi-games to me than a game with a point) was also very uninteresting. nop. instead of overhyping such nonsense, nintendo should consider just putting their retail games into the eShop. everyone would be satisfied. but no,.. this would be way too easy, so they will just not do it. no money from me, there, sorry