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Xenoblade Chronicles Bundle Pack is Beautiful

Posted by Trevor Chan

Even more incentive to pre-order now

Deciding whether to buy a Classic Controller Pro? Planning on getting Xenoblade Chronicles? Nintendo might have made your purchasing decisions a little easier to make.

With the RPG getting its European retail release on 2nd September, gamers will be able to buy a special pre-order bundle pack that comes with a copy of the game along with its alternative cover, a poster with an electronic autograph from Monolith Soft president Tetsuya Takahashi, and a snazzy red Classic Controller Pro.

Xenoblade Chronicles was one of several games at the centre of an online effort by gamers wishing to make their voices heard regarding western releases of Japanese Wii titles. Although the European localisation will be out in a couple of months, no North American release has yet been announced.


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default12345 said:

Ooooooh. Xenoblade Chronicles AND a red classic controller. Yes please. I'm glad Nintendo are making all Wii pheripherals compatible with the Wii U. It means I have absolutely no hesitation buying stuff like this.



NintendoLee said:

Yeah the had it up before but have taken it out. They forgot to say what retailer it was and stated "place an order with XX retailer by XX "



Rapadash6 said:

I find it weird that NOE decided TODAY was the right day to announce this. Not sure if it was to help North American gamers plight by building hype or rather to rub it in that they got to publish this sweet game and we didn't. In either case NOA has to comment on this situation sooner or later as Operation Rainfall is a much more serious and efficient fan campaign then any other I've ever seen. must be so confused right now but in the end maybe this will even help them out. You never know.



iPruch said:

Sweet =D

This is the first time I'm glad to be european (in terms of videogames).

I want this game so much! It looks very epic, long and unforgettable. And I miss feeling something like this after playing a videogame.



iPruch said:

Oh, and I really hope USA gets the game too.

I don't understand why Nintendo would miss an opportunity like this game or The Last Story. If this is their concept of "attracting again hardcore gamers", I'd must say I'm a bit disappointed with Nintendo, and it hurts for a Nintendo fan...



Burn said:

Yippee, let me get out my wallet. I'm paying for it night now-




zionich said:

I know it just the news, yet still feels like a kick in the groin. Thanks NOA



komicturtle said:

The tables are turning D:

Soon, Europe will have games 2 months before NA and we'll be getting things later just as it used to be for Europe.

I'm calling it!



FonistofCruxis said:

I don't normally get rpgs near their release date because of how long they are as I'm not as fast at games as some core gamers are and prefer to get them at a more convenient time and I can't remember the last time I pre-ordered something but that pre-order bundle is pretty tempting. Does anyone know how long this game is supposed to be?



Traxx said:

If there is already an USK rating, this game could technically be released tomorrow... Why september? Just to get closer to Zelda release? And afterwards everyone will complain about poor sales.



1080ike said:

I hate all the lucky gamers that live in Europe. They get this game, and we don't... Grumbles



kkslider5552000 said:

@26 because people are still dumb enough to believe that people don't buy games in the summer.

Oh and look at that bundle. It looks really cool, I can't wait to...get it in...North...America...



bonesy91 said:

Hey NOA this (in english) Would make a nice Platinum award for Club Nintendo this year! huh? what do you think ...................... ok waking up from dream now lol



antster1983 said:

Looks tempting, but as I'm being made redundant next month I'll have to pass sadly, as I'd need to stretch my redundancy pay a little to cover me for a while.



Hardy83 said:

NoE is doing all this promo for Xenoblade because there's all this flurry of stuff about the game in NoA.
It's all over gaming sites.
NoE is just eating up this free publicity and promoting it while it's going on.

So, effectively, NoE is eating up and taking advantage of NoAs stupidity. Pretty smart really.
It's not like the flurry going on is BAD news about the game, it's good news, just at the expense of NoA and NoA can't do a thing with what NoE does.



bahooney said:

If this game is freaking translated into English, why the heck is this not being released?! Seriously! It's not like a MOTHER 3 scenario, which I could understand, this game is completely translated! It's like Doshin the Giant, or Giftpia, or Tingle's Rupee Land! I want Nintendo to have my money, and I unfortunately have to give it to people on eBay for these games! GAHHHHHHH.



tanookisuit said:

They better reform their crap and release this here or I got a feeling there will be moderate hell to pay once the Wii U comes out. Those complaining now are those brave wii owners who aren't trivia and waggle fans, old school gamers who stuck with them from yesteryear who are pissed the hell off. Even more angry as they talk how Wii U will be for the core gamer and they will back it up as such, yet refuse in a two faced way of doing games like this now when it is needed most.

I'm no console pirate, I never have been, but I'm hard pressed not to get a softmod and a second hand copy, or a burned copy of it because Nintendo is still Nintendo and if this misses NA, they're not getting paid for it, that's for damn certain.



bonesy91 said:

just found out Australia is getting the game now too apparently... (source OpRainstorm's Twitter)



Tylr said:

NoA, you will pay...

That's it. We march straight to NoA's office with torches and pitchforks in hand and form a barricade around the building until they find their common senses and bring this game here.



Lotice-Paladin said:

Why does this remind me of the Saturn Days when SEGA of Japan trolled America with their better exclusive games? (moreso EU)

Anyway, I doubt this game will be great...probably good.., and IF it gets a sequel, maybe NA gamers will get 1&2 if momentum carries on with the Wii U?

I understand not getting a Wii game that is already in Europe, but Americans forget how many games never made it here too and more recently...the likes of Arc Rise Fantasia never coming here either.

And of course Australia are getting it! They are from the PAL region...and to whomever said their Nintendo Offices are better...seriously? One game you may not get?



FonistofCruxis said:

@Bahooney Giftpia never got an eu release.
@Saskia Welcome to nl!
@Frimelda This looks a lot better than Arc rise fantasia and most of the recent rpgs on nintendo consoles that America have got that we haven't are DS games which we can import because of the DS being reigon free.



RedYoshi999 said:

Yay Australia! With the red classic contoller as well? This is so great. I got a red nunchuk on ebay a while back, I've ordered Wii Play Motion from the UK to get a red Wii Remote Plus and now a red classic controller is coming. And on my birthday too! Soon I will have the whole set of red controllers And the ability to use them on Wii U is awesome too.



Gamesake said:

Another controller I want bundled with another game I'm not very excited about.
@mariofanatic128 I hope the Xenoblade hopefuls get this game in NA for their sake, but it doesn't look better than recent RPGs. I've read and seen enough about it to know I don't want to buy this one. Give me Dragon Quest X.



Sakisa said:

50: I would be inclined to agree, since Europe does get screwed over sometimes as well, but it isn't just this game...It's a good 7 or so games this gen i've missed on the Wii that you guys have gotten that I would have snapped up in a heartbeat.



FonistofCruxis said:

@Gamesake Maybe I didn't word it that well. I just meant that I thought that it looked a lot better than Arc rise fantasia. When I mentioned most other recent rpgs on nintendo consoles, I was just pointing out that they were on DS so are still available for Europeans.



DarkLloyd said:

awwwww man my fav color or colour ugggh whatever word belongs to canada that uses it

is red and it would go nicely with my gold cc pro aiehjwapefjaowejpfejpfjaojeofjwaepfjaowejfjwaoefjwaepjaof H ULK SMASH



tanookisuit said:

I plan to research such methods myself in due time. I'm pissed off and if we get the shaft on this I'm going to play it regardless of what NOA brainlessly doesn't think. I'd rather give them $50 for that and The Last Story(which I want more so) but I'm fine with a five finger discount too which says heaps as I haven't jacked a non-portable game since the win98 era.



Henmii said:

Ah finally a date! That's good news! Now I want dates for the rest of the bunch!



Wheels2050 said:

I really can't wait for this! I don't know if I can justify the price of the bundle (I already have 2 CCPs) but I'll get the game in some form!

Bring on September!



phoenix1818 said:

This is coming out in Australia? Awesome!!

This is the first Wii game I'm interested in getting since hearing about Skyward Sword. The box art looks amazing, and since I haven't got a classic controller pro yet, I'll probably get that version.



Amorous_Badger said:

Will probably get this, although I'm a bit wary of what wikipedia describes as a combat system similar to FFXII's..



Chrno-x said:

Haha i just pre ordered this beautiful bundle it costed me around 52 Euro but who cares xD



GigaFlanMan said:

It's kind of ironic that we Aussies and Brits never got to experience Xenogears (the majority of the staff who worked on Xenoblade made this title) and the Xenosaga Series (except the abomination that is Episode II), possibly because they were on a tight budget and it would cost more to translate it in varying languages and so they just released it in America instead in plain english. But instead, this time America got the shaft. And yet Nintendo of Europe are more than obligated to localise Xenoblade and translate it. (It's translated in english NOA, why not release it?)

Lets just hope Operation Rainfall pulls through, I don't want you guys in the west to miss this fun little gem out. =(

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