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Your First Look at Pandora's Tower is Below These Words

Posted by James Newton

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Nintendo's financial report in January this year unearthed all sorts of interesting bits of news, including Pandora's Tower on Wii. The game stayed hidden atop a lofty tower until now, as Nintendo has released the first trailer for its Wii adventure.

The game appears to be a story-driven action game, with cutscenes spliced between footage of the heroine smashing enemies together with chains. It sounds like the game with everything, so check out the footage below and see what you think.

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Retro_Gamer said:

Trailer doesn't really explain much but it still seems interesting enough, if there's any word of this being released outside of Japan then I'll keep an eye on it.



Kosmo said:

A new series from Nintendo, and an unusual one at that! It's GOT to come out of Japan. Sin & Punishment did, and Fragile Dreams too, so why not?
It really looks great too.



Wheels2050 said:

Interesting - I look forward to seeing more! It's a bit hard to say too much at the moment, but I'm optimistic



Shiryu said:

Loved it! So let's count: Zelda, Last Story, Xeno and Pandora. Looks like 2011 is the (A)RPG year of the Wii!



Kriedler said:

This could either be awesome or a missed opportunity. I'll wait for a review on it, but it looks cool enough



RonF said:

It doesn't seems to be my kind of game. Also, I found the textures to be rather weak for a game released by Nintendo.



RonF said:

I found more details at The describe the game as an action rpg. As such, there is some hope I may like it.

"* Main character: Ende

  • Heroine: Ceres
  • No voice actor information yet
  • Heavy on action
  • Action RPG
  • Chain is your primary weapon
  • Use this weapon to capture enemies
  • Also swing to grab items and trigger various gimmicks
  • Simple control scheme
  • Story: curse has fallen on Ceres
  • Gather beast flesh to remove the curse
  • Made by Ganbarion (Jump Super Stars, One Piece Unlimited Cruise)
  • ¥6,800"


Moments_Hunter said:

Video has poor visual quality. I will wait for more videos at homepage (or anywhere) and hope that we will see more. For me, it is more like Castlevania.



Metroid133 said:

The game looks great, but I'll remain skeptical at this point! Somehow using the Wiimote as a chain/whip doesn't seem like it would work out.... Maybe it's just because I relate that weapon to Castlevania too much!



Noire said:

This trailer makes me horribly uninterested in the entire affair... :/



motang said:

This one of the three titles (the other two being The Last Story, and Xenoblade) that I really want to come out here in the US.



BluTyGer said:

Wow, this is Nintendo?

I'ts about as non Nintendo looking as that project hammer thing



Rensch said:

Looks like Square-Enix combined with God of War. Looks pretty dang awesome!



Radbot42 said:

Rensch beat me too it. It clearly looks like God of War. Lets hope they keep the motion to a minimum. Whip movements are going to be a lot more tiring than sword movements



Splat said:

Had to shut the volume off that song was killing me that said I liked the game play.



Ayer99 said:

Wow. Great day to be a Wii owner. Last story and Xenoblade coming to US, Skyward Sword still on the horizon, and conduit 2 two weeks away! And this! Yahoooooooooo!



Token_Girl said:

Interesting. Would like to hear more about it if they announce a US release, definitely.



pixelman said:

Looks hideous, with a mildly interesting battle system. I'll take Last Story instead, tyvm.



vherub said:

definitely fits into a category the wii is sorely lacking. always have high hopes, even if many 3rd party games have been letdowns.



armoredghor said:

Looks pretty good. It still doesn't look like something Nintendo would do though. Maybe it's a new second party.



Cipher said:

@armoredghor The copyright on the official Japanese website reveals the game is co-developed by Ganbarion, developers of One Piece and Jump Stars.



ville10 said:

Impossible to know how gameplay will turn out, right now it's difficult to say what makes this game special.

On another note, is it just me, or does the graphics look horrible compared to those of Xenoblade and The Last Story?



Hokori said:

well at least Xenoblade, TLS, and Zelda might be coming and ill be getting all 3



ville10 said:

Okay, after a quick search I found the original video on the official site. The graphics looks better there, YouTube definitely made it looking worse than it was. The textures could still be better, but it's long till release, a lot can be improved before then.

EDIT: Haha, too late!



zezhyrule said:

@feenie: I wonder... a Wii game looking uninteresting to someone who recently sold their Wii ;3

though I have to admit it does look very meh



DarkEdi said:

I hope this game come to America because Nintendo need new IP´s in this side of the world.



Highwinter said:

Looks to be very melodramatic and the anime connections from the developers people have mentioned worry me more. Not my thing, I'm afraid.



cyrus_zuo said:

Seems like it has really muddy textures from the video.
Very different thing for that studio to do, I hope it is a break-out hit .
Am I the only one who wishes all these games were also coming to 3DS?



WolfRamHeart said:

It looks interesting but I'm not 100% sold on it yet. I'm always up for a good action-RPG so I hope that this game can deliver the goods.

@cyrus_zuo: No, my friend, you are not the only one.



MeloMan said:

I like what I saw, can't wait to see more though. If this is WHOLEY NINTENDO and not a little 2nd party slid into the development, then that truly would be impressive. The wait begins...



brainofj said:

Never thought I'd say this, but I've now seen a Nintendo game that looks generic. Emo-anime lead character ... hack and slash and quick-time events ... big monsters, big weapons ... a sort of future/past setting ... yawn. Been there, done that.



Kid_A said:

Looks cool! Obviously the visuals need some polish, but so far I'm very intrigued.



thesignpainter said:

it'll probably look better when it gets here, and grabbing someone with a chain and then slamming them into another guy looks awesome!



Henmii said:

Could this be Nintendo's own God of war? We just have to wait and see!



aaronsullivan said:

For a Nintendo game, it struck me as very boring looking.

Hope it has something special inside. I mean, doesn't it just look like a button masher?

Worse, still, the graphic style invites you to look into the details of the image and uses subtle coloring, both are a bad idea on Wii hardware.
Compare this to the pop you get from say Mario Galaxy or Wind Waker. Especially 5 years into the console's life you need to do something special to cover the tech deficiency. You can now carry around a $200 handheld like the iPod that destroys the technical graphics capabilities of the Wii. At least pre-render the cutscenes if there is a focus on story.

It's Nintendo, so I trust there's something in there that is worthwhile. Just don't see it yet. The chain controls must be awesome?

edit: Looking back there are some pre-rendered cutscenes at the start.



Bassman_Q said:

For some reason I thought that pic in the title was something Last Story-related. The trailer here is strange, to say the least, and seems like a hack-n-slash game (ie not my cup o tea).



Xkhaoz said:

Yay, another action game taking place in a middle ages-type setting. That's like, what, 5?



zeeroid said:

Not a game I'd expect to see on the Wii, but it looks potentially fun, I suppose. Kinda would've liked to see it in HD though... to be honest. But having said that, the apparently similar Muramasa was for Wii and that game was both gorgeous and excellent.



retro_player_22 said:

Wow, looks like Nintendo is finally bringing something good this time. Like always hope it doesn't end up like Disaster and Another Code R. Still waiting for Xenoblade and The Last Story though.



JimLad said:

A bit too Japanese for me, detached combat style, generic non-scary monsters, probably heavy on cutscenes.
Plus 2D and melee combat don't mix in my book.



LittleIrves said:

Nobody else sees a bit of Other M in here?
I'm mildly intrigued. But share many of the worrisome comments made above (another Japanese old-timey future/past action-rpg thing... not my bag). But any new Wii news is good news. Hopefully it lights a spark in Japan, at least.



LittleIrves said:

Hmm... actually, looking at the link from #36 above, I noticed some interesting gameplay. There's definitely a pointer reticule, like in Galaxy, and it looks like you can grab someone with your chainwhip, point to another enemy, and fling him into the the guy. Maybe this was obvious. But the other link is worth a look anyway, as it's much cleaner. I love the piano music on the Japanese website, too.



1080ike said:

@66: Yeah, No More Heroes and Madworld are the only other Wii action games I can think of off the top of my head. NOA, release this in America.



Imerion said:

Very interesting this one! Certainly my type of game. Rygar / God of War + RPG story / mechanics sounds like a nice mix. Let's hope it makes it over here.



Pod said:

That's not how human shoulders work.

ANYWAY! Looks like a good, if slightly dumb game. The visuals certainly are impressive.



NassaDane said:

Wow, i thought that looked very beautiful and neat! It looks like a title that would be just nice to look at with its beautiful visuals. Looks like that gameplay can be very fun.



SazMelthic said:

Is it going to be a must have? I might gotta check the reviews before buying. I consider this to be like God of Ware mixed with Dissidia Final Fantasy, hence the designs.



GamersCorner said:

It looks like the Wii is trying to "finish" with a flurry of's a shame they didn't come earlier though because there's been a real black hole of good RPGs on the Wii.

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