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Drool at this Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Trailer

Posted by James Newton

Such lovely animation

You know when Level 5 is involved you're going to get some high quality animation, but this animated trailer for the upcoming Professor Layton & Phoenix Wright crossover for 3DS is possibly the studio's best work yet. Why? Because it features more top hats, finger-pointing and Objection!-shouting than anything we've ever seen.

Although it's all in Japanese, one blog has provided a translation. Bear in mind this is a fan translation, not an official one, so obviously details are subject to change.

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Layton: “The culprit behind the witchcraft that put the city in chaos…You are the very one!”

Girl: “You’re wrong. I am not a witch.”

Layton: “Then how did you know the contents of the book you could not have possibly read?”

Phoenix: “OBJECTION! Professor, there is a glaring contradiction in your testimony.”

Luke: “What’s written in the book becomes reality.”

Maya: “What? That’s impossible!”

Girl: “I will probably be killed soon, it’s been written in the book.”

Phoenix: “We won’t let that happen.”

Layton: “Mr. Wright, I believe we both have made a grave error…”

Layton: “Now Luke, what a guardian of the law says is not necessarily the truth.”

Phoenix: “To be honest, I don’t like that sir Silk Hat much at all…”

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theblackdragon said:

oh man that looks awesome. love that scene with her looking out at the burning town, hell yes~



Raylax said:

This will be awesome. And, I really need to get a Layton and a Phoenix game at some point. I'm interested in both, just yet to pick up either xD



Noire said:

And that translation makes just as much sense as me watching the trailer in Japanese. Hoo boy.

Well whatever as long as I get my courtroom drama this should be amazing~



Terra said:

That animation was simply beautiful. I still can't quite believe this game is actually happening, I'm really excited about it, more than almost everything else for the 3DS right now



pikku said:

great animation
this looks way too professional to be a hoax imo.
/me still needs to play the DS PW and PL games, though D:



edhe said:

Couldn't they have tried translating the captions as well - that would have gone further to helping us understand the trailer.

I wonder what form the game will take - I doubt it'd be solely Layton or Phoenix Wright, but maybe it might be a welcome revolution for both games!



SuperPeach said:

I wonder how the game will actually play though, it hasn't shown anything about that. :/



NintyMan said:

Amazing animation, and to think that will be on a 3DS screen is very cool. At this point, future surprises on upcoming 3DS games won't suprise me, because we should be expecting anything from now on.



LordJumpMad said:

Its a really odd team up, and it looks really cool.
but I never play any of Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright games.

I guess, this is as Close as it gets for a Nintendo Vs Capcom game.



Mario_34 said:

Goodbye Social Life, Hello Phoenix and Layton. I simply cannot wait for this to come out, Ace Attorney and Professor Layton are two of my favourite DS Games.



HapsEllyBooo said:

A Truely Awesome Anime Game ! I Love TheAnimation And Im Not Bad At Solving Mysteries :3 Im Thinking About Getting A Professor Layton Game



TheBaconator said:

Awesome, hopefully the 3DS Layton titles don't have a big black boarder around the cutscenes and take up the entire screen.



SMW said:

Wow. I honestly have nothing to say other than I am very impressed.



kingofe3 said:

The game looks amazing. I hope they have a mix of gameplay like half of the game is ace attorney and the other half is professor layton. Also a mix of gameplay would be nice to.



MasterGraveheart said:

As an old WWF/E tag team used to say, this "reaks of awesomeness!" I'm serious, this is, like, death by awesomeness. But now I'm torn... who do I root for? I know they're both going to be on the same side in the end, but dang... hmmm... I'll root for Mia Fey. Mmmmm... Mia...

Also, it's awesome to see Phoenix Wright back doing what he does best.



Objection said:

Insert drooll, followed by my money.

This is the closest we'll get to a PWAA anime it seems, and I'm okay with that.



pixelman said:

Epic. I'm more interested in seeing what the gameplay's going to be like though. D:



Axoloth said:

Aaaaaahhhhh, I'm going to die a bit each day until this game is released. D:



bro2dragons said:

this looks fantastic, and i'm pumped for it, even after not having yet played a single Layton or Phoenix title. still, the one thing i see that doesn't quite work is the proportions. it looks like they're being faithful to lift characters from both series exactly as they are... but Phoenix characters are longer in stature and Layton ones are a bit more squat and of typical cartoon dis-proportionality. together they just look a little awkward. other than that, incredible idea and beautiful execution, and this just moved towards the top of my 3DS must-buy list.

also, that music is beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.



Zach said:

This will be better than when the Jetsons met the Flintstones.



JayArr said:

Excuse me, my mind has just been blown all over the pavement. I must collect the pieces....



Ernest_The_Crab said:

I wonder what their explanation for a book that makes everything come true would be...a huge conspiracy involving all of the townsfolk?



Stuffgamer1 said:

Awesomeawesomeawesomeawesomeawesome gets slapped upside the head. OW! Okay, I needed that. 'Cause it's so AWESOME!



FonistofCruxis said:

If you go to Official nintendo magazine's website, they have an annotated trailer of it and this game looks awesome!!



Rensch said:

I don't get the idea or how it could work out but this looks amazingly amitious.



naut said:

This looks awesome on many levels. Love the scene with Phoenix and Mia. Phoenix is all like, "I don't trust this guy," and Mia's like, "DANG this is a good sandwich."



Drewciffer said:

Crap, does this mean I gotta catch up on BOTH the Pheonix Wright and Layton games? =O I'm so far behind....!



MeloMan said:

OMG, that intro sold me... I give up, I give up, don't twist my arm anymore, lol! Once I saw my boy Phoenix pat the paper, slam the desk, and object, I'm an officially SOLD... it's just... too... hard... to... resist... I don't know how the final gameplay will pan out, but it looks like Me AND Phoenix are going to have to both get used to Professor Layton.



mjc0961 said:

This makes me sad because apparently there are currently no plans to release this outside of Japan.

Also I think this trailer isn't very faithful to the games, I mean I can't tell exactly what Maya is eating but it sure doesn't look like a hamburger! OBJECTION! I OBJECT!

Okay okay joking aside, I would have been sold the moment Phoenix was tapping his paper, but again, the above.



theblackdragon said:

@mjc0961: i absolutely refuse to believe they won't bring this to the West. there's no way they could possible be jerking us around like this, that they would have Investigations 2 in the works for a 'niche' market like PW and yet not bother to factor in the popularity of the Layton series as well as we fans of AA for this title. they can't possibly be that stupid.



fishman100 said:

Very fitting, was listening to "PW: JFA Cornered: Variation" just now.

I hope they put in some awesome PW music!!!



bboy2970 said:

OMG!!!! This might not make it out of Japan!!!!!! That can't happen! I'm off to email Capcom and Level 5 and I suggest everyone else does the same. I'll seriously lose it if this never comes to America!!



TLink9 said:

I have a few questions though what is with Lukes clothes? Also the time is not in the same century so Phoenix Wright just probably came to the past because, he knows that he could easily win the case. Then again that was the first time I have seen Layton falsely accuse a person if Phoenix is right. Wow rap that around your head.



hulklol123456789 said:

These game looks very great, Im having trouble finding PL and the UF, anyways these looks great, but I have never played a phoenix wright game.



Mqblank said:

Everyone reading this post everyone reading this send your comments here (after going through a really long a boring registering process) but this game needs to come out around the world and not just be kept in Japan.



Akirih said:

Another must buy

And the trailer is awesome -

ps: the translation is not 100% correct from what i've hear in the speachs but enough to understand



PaperLucario said:

Bad News Guys, from what I hear, this game will currently be JAPAN-ONLY!!! someone.....please....hold me....



DangerousDreams said:

Even though i haven't played the Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton games, I'm supa excited about this here game.
...I really should play PW and PL....* sobbing * but its just expensive to play/buy them all. =[
...Rent Is 2 Damn High!



Incognito_D said:

I love Ace Attorney, but don't really like Layton, so hopefully this'll play more like the former. The trailer makes me think, how good would a Phoenix Wright animé be?!



motang said:

That trailer is awesome, and my mother was came out and saw that playing on my monitor though it was a movie trailer.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Thanks for the links to the blog post asking us to comment to support a Western release, guys! My post is in, and I have officially promised to reserve this game the instant it's availble for reservation in America (or, y'know, the soonest possible time after it's made available). They've got quite a lot of posts on that blog post's comments for such a niche title, so I think it'll come over.



Axoloth said:

Y'know, the fact that it has the name Layton in it automatically makes it so far from niche that it's scary, almost makes the game casual, even, at least here in Europe. Also, Capcom knows the Layton name will make sure it sells millions, and last I checked they, like everyone else, want money.
That guy is just pulling our legs.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@Axoloth: Yeah, he probably just wanted to see how many fans would speak up and demand the game for his own personal amusement...people do that kind of thing sometimes.

It's funny, though...when the first Professor Layton released in America, it didn't sell well at launch. Wasn't until the big ad campaign started in the Summer that it really took off. Sadly, this only confirms to me the true power of Nintendo's marketing muscle. If this crossover game is being published by Capcom and not Nintendo, they'll almost definitely have a much harder time informing people about it. I suppose that could be a legitimate concern...



Fen said:

Meh, Professor Layton seems too cartoony compared to the graphics of Phoenix Wright. This doesn't seem like it'll go all too well as far as the graphics and storylines go.

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