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Tue 8th Jun 2010

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Akirih commented on 3DS Unlikely to Feature Achievements System:

I don´t think that having achievements or not is a big deal. I like competition, and I find fun to fulfil achievements, but I won't die if 3DS doesn't have it, after all, we all love DS without achievements, right?



Akirih commented on Review: PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure (Wii):

Despite the review I'm still playing the game, and I find the battle system just awesome, I wished all pokemon games had battle like that.

Before someone starts Babbling about my opinion note: its just MY opinion.



Akirih commented on Review: Crystal Monsters (DSiWare):

I'm looking forward to get this after I buy a points card

@ WaltzElf - Well the rip offs may not be better, but i find Soul of Darkness more enjoyable than Castlevania >.<



Akirih commented on Capcom CEO Thinks 3DS Could Learn from Apple:

I like both DSiware and Wiiware/VC and i doubt Nintendo could learn from Apple, maybe Apple should learn from Nintendo.

Still I prefer to have a boxed retail version of a game, it's not the same as only having the digital files... It feels almost like piracy imo.