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Wed 2nd Sep 2009

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Mystic_Kirby commented on Cinemax Puts Together Rytmik Website Mix Tape:

I don't think I've ever had this much anticipation for something that's not a game.
Shame that a release date still isn't available for North America, though I will wait patiently. Cinemax has announced that the game will release THIS year, so there's some hope.
And my god, the Retrobits sample songs are amazing.



Mystic_Kirby commented on Rytmik Retrobits Takes You Back in Time:

YES! I actually sent an email to Cinemax a while back asking if they were gonna make an 8-bit themed rytmik and they said they were working on retrobits! SOOO EXCITED!

(Although, where's Hip Hop King? Still haven't gotten that yet. :/ So I can only assume it will take ages for Retrobits to get on U.S. shores.)



Mystic_Kirby commented on Colors! 3D to Brighten Up the eShop This Fall:

I love how the DS systems are getting attention as great art studios; or anything! We have several music studios (e.g. Rytmik, the Music On games, etc.) we have drawing apps (Inchworm, Flipnote, Art Academy), and lots of other cool apps! I can't wait to see what will be made with this one, once i get a 3DS.



Mystic_Kirby commented on WiiWare, Fez Developer Does Not Like You At All:

Honestly, he speaks the truth. The only reason I liked Wiiware was because of the BIT.TRIP games. The limitations and overall poor quality control of the games released for the service really impact it. I hope Fez comes to Steam or the PSN because while I can see this as a wiiware title, I know it can't be done.



Mystic_Kirby commented on BIT.TRIP FATE Revealed at PAX:

Every BIT.TRIP game features a different chiptune artist. Anamanaguchi already starred in RUNNER, and Minusbaby is featured in FATE.
Did I mention this game looks absolutely sick?



Mystic_Kirby commented on Inchworm Animation Could Beat Flipnote at its ...:

A LOT OF COLORS > 3 colors
Stop-motion and timelapse > importing from library in monochrome
Polygons and borders > Lines and squares
6 zoom levels > No zoom
No sound < Sound capabilities
About that last one, it doesn't matter, I could just add sound to it on my computer.
But this will be in my possession day one.