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Might The Next Zelda Sense Your Vitality?

Posted by Trevor Chan

Miyamoto: New tech with existing gameplay is pretty rad

The Nintendo Wii isn't exactly short of peripheral hardware. While the Balance Board and MotionPlus are relatively self-explanatory and their uses pretty easy to comprehend, the Vitality Sensor has left a question mark over gamers' heads. Since its flagship game was announced last summer, things have gone quiet again.

That is until now, when Shigeru Miyamoto became the latest game developer to hint at the possibility of Vitality Sensor support for one of their upcoming games. Prior to receiving his Academy Fellowship award last Friday, Miyamoto spoke to games™, and offered the possibility that the new Legend of Zelda for the Wii could very well utilise the accessory.

Whenever we are going to use any new device it is possible to expand the appeal to those who are new to the videogaming world. At the same time, however, it is also fun to think of ways in which we might apply that new technology to exisiting [sic] forms of gameplay – just like the way we are working on the new Legend Of Zelda together with Wii Motion Plus... So maybe you might like to ask me to incorporate the Vitality Sensor into Zelda so that as you become more scared, the enemies become even tougher.

With scepticism regarding the sensor device's ability to improve one's gaming experience, the Wii Vitality Sensor is going to have a lot to prove. It has to be a product that allows developers to come up with compelling uses for it in their games. Suda51 has already stated that he has ideas for using the device. What those ideas are he didn't reveal, but one thing's for sure; quirky applications are all well and good but if games don't offer compelling uses of the device, it will obviously fail. Although Miyamoto hasn't specifically confirmed that the new Zelda will use it, it's a step in the right direction for the sensor.


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Oregano said:

I think he was just using it as an example but it's not a bad idea and the guy making Red Steel 2 mentioned something similiar in jest when asked about it. Would be interesting to see.



Cia said:

maybe by putting the sensor on your toe . I don't know, i doubt that it will be on the next zelda, but if it will, i'm sure they sort it out somehow.



kevohki said:

No thanks. "...incorporate the Vitality Sensor into Zelda so that as you become more scared, the enemies become even tougher." Who honestly gets frightened by Zelda games? The only scary thing about them is Tingle. This concept would be better suited for third party horror games like Silent Hill.



foxtwin said:

Could be interesting to see how you can actually use the sensor. Is it just reactionary? It changes things based on your pulse? Or do you actually control something by calming yourself?

What if a Zelda enemy senses fear--your pulse goes up and so it can find you/attack you. But if you stay calm, you may avoid it entirely.



Percentful said:

I can imagine that you get shot or something, then you need to calm down or something...



Machu said:

@pix: Maybe Shigsy is hinting that the new Zelda will be scarier.

As for the vitality sensor, along with everyone else, I won't know what to make of it until I see how it's implemented. One thought though... you definitely can't use the nunchuk and vitality add-ons together, so it can't be used during standard gameplay, unless of course the game is Wii-mote only, which might mean it's 1st person after all, or might not, or something.

Three months till E3......



Castro said:

How will it be used if the Nunchuck can not be plugged in at the same time as the Vitality Sensor? Will it be implemented in a mini-game only where you don't need the Nunchuck?

That statement gives me a little hope that Nintendo managed to somehow make the VS not use up the connector plug. If they don't do that, the device will be used even more sparsely by developers. Some of the most apparent uses for it, like a horror game, would also need the nunchuck to be a truly great game. I can't see Silent Hill done without it, for example. Of course I'm not a game designer, so I'm sure there are brilliant guys like Suda who can find someway to use it anyway. But still, if Nintendo could integrate the VS into the wiimote itself, that would be awesome! Maybe in the next console?



aaronsullivan said:

I'm usually very open-minded about new peripherals, but I've just about hit my limit on this one. Pack it with the next Wii Fit game or next sports related peripheral to track heart rate and help measure aerobic activity, but don't make it a requirement in a Zelda game, please.



Dony13 said:

how are you going to use the nunchuk with the vitality sensor allready attached



ChaosValentine said:

So wait, The more scared you'd get, the tougher enemies get....

I used to get scared by Skullfish from MM as a kid....It scares me to think what something like this could do to them

imagines being swarmed by hundreds of skullfish at once

waaaaaaaay to freaky



greyelephant said:

Well, this would guarantee that I wouldn't buy the next Zelda, that's for sure!

Bad idea Nintendo.



TKOWL said:

Zelda's not scary? Just look at Tingle's face and tell that to me again.



NeoRausch said:

well and the nunchuck goes where? the orange port or what? doesn't really make sense to me. but let's wait, drink beer and see.



DarkLloyd said:

Oh well regardless if its included or not, its gonna sell anyways. looking forward to the new zelda and this vitality sensor if its implemented in the game



Adamant said:

I do. I always thought the idea of the sensor was great, and it has amazing potential. What's with all the hate?



Philip_J_Reed said:

"Zelda... scary... riiiiiight."

As a kid I was terrified by the dungeons in the original. Granted, I was about 10 years old, or less, but the music chilled me to the bone.

And then, so many years later, I fell in love with Majora's Mask...the plot of which still works its way into my nightmares. I've played "scary" games before...but Majora's Mask is one of the few genuinely unnerving opposed to just the music going "Boo!" when an enemy pops out.

Your point holds, but I had to share.



Sylverstone said:

Wow, that sounds like a real good idea. Then again, I'm already terrified of a few dungeons in Zelda..... especially in Majora's Mask (my very first Zelda). Not a great first choice, eh?

Then again, great input from the mind of Mr. Miyamoto!



jangonov said:

woah woah woah, there is one thing that nobody has said yet. If it uses wiimotion plus, AND the vitality sensor, I have two major questions.
1) how the heck will we move link without a nunchuck?
2) if somehow they get around moving link, how will we swing our sword without the vitality sensor flinging off of our fingers?
The only thing I can think of for #1 is that it will tell us to plug in the vitality sensor when it is needed (which would be awful)
and for #2 I have no clue.



GreenSpleen said:

I think it should be able to shock the user if they screw up or get hit. Get hit by a laser blast... BUZZZZZZZZZZZ! The new age rumble!



CheifThunder said:

The conspiracy is this contraption will kill you and millions of other users with heart failier.



GreenSpleen said:

And Im scared to think of what uses Suda51 might have for it. He probably wants to attach it to your willy and let it sense other things.



Raylax said:

So, your heart rate goes up because it's scary, so the game becomes tougher, which increases stress, which makes your heart rate go higher, so the game gets tougher. Etc etc.


Nah, but seriously. I think it was just an example. I don't see how Zelda Wii could work without Nunchuck support, there's just not enough buttons on the Wiimote (and this is, iirc, supposed to be the last of the Zelda's in its current form, so they won't be hugely overhauling the formula just yet).



Linkuini said:

So what happens if you just take your finger out of the thing? Does your character lose their pulse and collapse? Ugh, this is starting to get out of hand.

Even with the kind of creativity that dreamed up the Wii in the first place, this seems like a really silly thing to have to buy when the vast majority of game developers still haven't really embrace MotionPlus.



Mark_M said:

Players are not worthy to claim the Triforce of Courage if they are scared by some enemies.

It sounds perfect.



V8_Ninja said:

Sounds like this game might be Yahtzee's peripheral nightmare. I also don't really want to pay another thing that might be cool but is only used in about five games.



mnementh said:

1) I think it's clear by now that the Vitality Sensor will not look like the picture shown. It will be something completely different.

2) While the idea sounds nice, I doubt it will ever be implemented. My heartbeat doesn't go up in any videogame and it'll never work IMO (then again, maybe I'm wrong with that - it can go up with those cheap thrills where someone jumps on you). The device can still be pretty cool.



maybe if you are low in health the VS can be used to refill your health meter while getting calm..or make more enemies appear on screen if you are stressed?



Fmkz said:

Sounds epic..they could probably use it for some mini-boss fights. To answer people who are saying "how will we move link?". Well maybe he moves on his own during these mini-boss fights (or for whatever situations) and before you go into one, the game asks you to plug in the vitality sensor. It is a little complex, though it would be cool if it were an option.



Linkuini said:

Even with the logistical issues we've named already, just considering it as a game mechanic makes it sound like the most annoying thing to get stuck on since those button-mashing challenges in Star Fox Adventures! With any luck, Nintendo will think of its earlier successes and use the Vitality Sensor to, say, measure one's pulse. We don't have to weigh every new idea in terms of Zelda, you know.



Megumi said:

@Chicken Brutus: Yeah, as a kid there was a few things that creeped me out in Oot, good examples were the Shadow Temple and those Peahats. (giant flying plants?...RUN!!!!)

Still though, maybe Miyamoto is cooking up a more scary looking Zelda game this time? Hmmm...



Saeros_Fae_Falla said:

It could be used for a game version of crank, utilizing the classsic controller and another wiimote. Or, maby a sequel to the music game rez?



NintendoGamer said:

I remember playing Ocarina of Time when I was younger and the Fire Temple music with the chanting always creeped me out. If a vitality sensor device had existed back then I don't think I would have ever made it past the Fire Temple.



Slapshot said:

@Machu..... so you trash Natal and Move when nobody has actually released anything on them either, or played its final versions but you back this ridicilous idea. Come On Man for Real?

..... umm No thanks Nintendo. You can keep your Vitality Sensor unless you plan on giving it away for FREE!



Marioman64 said:

hmmmm anyone remember that tv game show where people were connected to a heart-beat thingy and if they got over excited or freaked out then they lose? i can see that being made into a video game

and silent hill could use it, ...maybe

but for zelda? wouldn't swinging the wii-mote make your heart pump faster even if you're not scared? i see flaw on the way



Kid_A said:

Interesting...Interesting. I don't think Nintendo are going to allow themselves to make a bad Zelda game, so I have confidence that if they do implement it, it will work just fine.



Megumi said:

Well...he was just giving an example of how it could work, doesn't mean that the feature will actually happen...but then again it



skywake said:

Solutions to the "no nunchuck":
You could put the vitality sensor on a second remote. You could sit the second remote on the table and plug the thingymajig onto your finger. Maybe there could be some gameplay around a second player's heartrate. Like an advanced star-bit collector mode for Super Mario Galaxy 2.

This could be a good idea for a game that doesn't require the nunchuck. An on-rails shooter, a top down adventure game, a side scrolling shooter, etc, etc.

I think Miyamoto was just stating how much potential this accessory could have. If used.



brandonbwii said:

Miyamoto mentioned the possibility of the difficulty becoming more intense to up your heartrate further during battles in the full story.

I, however, think this is a purely hypothetical statement and that Zelda Wii won't use the Vitality Sensor at all, just like he once mentioned motion plus for Punch Out.



Klapaucius said:

"Interesting...Interesting. I don't think Nintendo are going to allow themselves to make a bad Zelda game, so I have confidence that if they do implement it, it will work just fine."
We can only hope. All this makes me nervous, though.



WiiLovePeace said:

Woah... Hold up! Don't go ruining the next Zelda with another piece of hardware! Does Nintendo really expect me to buy another piece of hardware to play the latest games? Nintendo, please leave the Vitality Sensor away from such a major franchise & make Zelda Wii MotionPlus only! Thankyou

EDIT: Hehe, yeah I just realised it wouldn't be possible because you wouldn't have a nunchuck or it would be a really awkward setup. Plus Nintendo's developers are constantly saying "take what Miyamoto says with a grain of salt." I think I'd prefer a whole bag of salt with this story!



jangonov said:

I am willing to try it out, but wouldn't it make more sense to have a nunchuck with a vitality sensor built in somewhere? Then just replace it as the standard nunchuck over time? I just worry that if the Vitality Sensor is JUST that, that it will take the slot for anything else, unless it has a passthrough, but I dont want a wiimote, Wiimotion plus, Vitality sensor, and a nunchuck all plugged in at once. That is one controller, two wires, and a lot of confusion for anyone new



Pahvi said:

What the sensor could be used in games and not only in Zelda... I was thinking of the view swaying when aiming; the higher your heart rate, the more the view would move (even while keeping the aiming reticule in place relative to the screen). Of course, this might be a double penalty since you might already have trouble aiming.



Machu said:

@slapshot82: I trash Natal & Move do I? Bless ya! From what I gather Sony and Microsoft are doing a pretty good job of that themselves. They're fighting one another to catch up with motion control and not doing a very good job of it. Meanwhile, Nintendo are already experimenting elsewhere.

And exactly where in my post did I "back this ridiculous idea"? I said nothing of the sort. I am choosing to stay open minded yes, because Nintendo are very good at turning seemingly crazy ideas into something that works.



RyuZebian said:

Nintendo spokesman:
"Think you'll have your hands full with the Vitality Sensor? Afraid that you can't use both hands for gameplay? Fear no more, as we now announce that this will be a male-only accessory!!!"

...One announcement like that could kill Nintendos family friendly profile at once! It would finish the company, but it would be the best end EVER!



Phobos said:

Ooooh...this sounds intriguing. Maybe if you start to shake, it senses that you're scared. Just a guess. Nintendo sure is dishing out the surprises!



naut said:

It's actually an interesting thought. But, like everyone else, you can't use a nunchuck with that thing.



Marioman64 said:

@Mmaster83 "Perhaps in order to open a chest you need to calm yourself and meditate to access the magical lock"




Vinsanity said:

I hope nothing uses this dumb peripheral. Has anyone here ever been to the hospital and have one of those clips on your finger? Talk about cumbersome - doing that while gaming is going to be retarded.

Nintendo's already misfired a few times this generation with their hardware (for example, having to have the Classic Controller tethered to the wii remote instead of making it stand-alone, wireless and CONVENIENT). Or not making Motionplus-enabled wii remotes thus far and phasing out the normal remotes, for that matter. The vitality sensor seems really frickin' stupid.

They would've been smarter to just have a grip on the handle of the wii remote that could sense your pulse, or on the wrist strap or something...



Token_Girl said:

Haha, Shiggy probably just knows fanboys will freak out as soon as he says "Zelda," so he always makes sure to use it as an example for his own personal entertainment.



gg31337 said:

I wonder which will be better: conduit 2 or the new wii zelda
My guess is Zelda, unless Ninty screws up and HVS does an amazing job simultaneously. Regardless of that, Conduit 2 still looks great (The full 8 page original article, along with 30+ screens/artwork are available at



fishman100 said:

If you can't use the nunchuck to control link, the i really want to see nintendo's (new) controls!



xAlias said:

Bleh. I seriously hope this isn't true, because it might taint the overall Zelda experience...

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