Are  you as laidback as Travis? The Vitality Sensor knows!

Nintendo's recent announcement of the Wii Vitality Sensor may have convinced certain fans they've finally lost the plot, but No More Heroes creator Goichi Suda (better known as Suda51) is already brimming with ideas for the peripheral. Sadly he's not yet ready to divulge what they are, but considering the hero in No More Heroes saves on the toilet, you'd better believe they'll be completely barmy.

Slightly less worrying is Suda's assurance that his development team are trying their best to incorporate Wii MotionPlus support into their second No More Heroes game, subtitled Desperate Struggle. If support for the peripheral elevates the game's beam katana fighting into the lightsaber game we've all been imagining for the past few years, it should outstrip the original's disappointing sales easily.

What sorts of ideas does Suda51 have in-store for the Vitality Sensor? A minigame where you have to poke your finger inside a machine to retrieve a lodged coin? Who knows? Let us know your ideas in the comments!