It's-a me-ah... Miyamoto!

There can be no denying that the video games industry creates the kind of social impacts that are not dissimilar to those found in the TV, film, and music sectors. It seems fitting that the British Academy of Film and Television Arts has been hosting separate award ceremonies for the video games industry since 1998. After all, the line between the two art forms seems to be getting thinner with each decade that passes, with "interactivity" often being the main difference.

Since it was announced last month that Nintendo's legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Mario, Zelda, Donkey Kong among many other beloved series', would be the recipient of the Academy Fellowship at this year's British Academy Video Games Awards, we here at Nintendo Life have been delighted that recognition of his work has been awarded at such a prestigious event. May there be plenty more gems of imagination that get turned into instant-favourites and looked back on as classics. [glasses raised]

Upon accepting the Fellowship to a rapturous standing-ovation, Miyamoto said:

I would like to thank BAFTA for this great honour... I feel humbled because I cannot develop a video game just by myself. I'm rather embarrassed to receive such an award as a personal award. Therefore, I'm receiving the award together with everyone who has worked with me in the past 30 years, and I'd like to thank each one of those people for their hard work. Thank you.

What can we say? Such class. To watch Miyamoto's acceptance speech in its entirety, as well as the introduction of the Academy Fellowship, check out the link to the video here. The Academy Fellowship category starts at the 8:50 mark, with Miyamoto coming on-stage to accept the award at 18:00.