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Thu 25th Feb 2010

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CheifThunder commented on Miyamoto Hints At Wii 2, Wii HD:

What was that rumour about some guy working at nintendo France claiming wii 2 blu-ray,and an unveiling a month before release the end of the year.
E3/3DS Tokyo/wii2 ?who knows.

For thoughs who dont want wii 2 yet'simple'dont buy one.
Wait a few years,and in the mean time ill be buy mine while you bum out on yours.



CheifThunder commented on Interviews: High Voltage Software - Conduit 2:

More advertising campaign to the launch date,especially with all this secret society stuff across the media board.
They could use the ASE to jam weapons for example to help team mates in danger of being shot or turning auto turrents against thier own.
Conduit the anime for DLC.



CheifThunder commented on Lumines Dev Not Impressed With 3DS:

heres a few games i think would work.
Tetris/multilayed stacking.
Luigis Mansion.
Starfox/Asteroid field and warp tunnel or hyper space battles.
Nintendo dogs.
Starwars rouge squadron/rebel strike.



CheifThunder commented on Reggie: Innovation Is Still Nintendo's Priority:

Em,translate what he says is,they are building up there non casual gamers over core gamers.
Nintendo are clearly worried about PS move,Natal... recently nick named him wishy,washy,because everything he says is wishy,washy.



CheifThunder commented on Want Kid Icarus? Hey, Just Ask:

Kid icurus in the form of gears of war,with a real punk b*&^h attitude.
'you messed wth the pit,DIEEEE',while firing 3 arrows into a beasts skull'Dont ruffle my F$%&ing feathers homie'.



CheifThunder commented on Robox:

this reminds me of an amiga game,i would buy this game.
i hope it has a querky tune for it.