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Hello and welcome to Nintendo Life's Pikmin 4 full walkthrough guide!

Here we'll be making our way through each and every main mission region and dungeon in the game, showing you how to get your hands on every last treasure, all onion upgrades, Oatchi abilities, and tech lab items. We'll also be taking a detailed look at all of the game's post-credits content.

In our Pikmin 4 review we awarded the game a 9/10, calling it "a sumptuous strategy adventure that serves up tons of fun for returning fans of the franchise whilst also adding lots to entice new players."

So, if you're needing a helping hand as you get to grips with this latest Pikmin adventure, this is the place to be. Let's get started!

[Note: This walkthrough is a work in progress and we'll be adding more content to it over the coming days, so keep checking back for more guides!]

Pikmin 4 Walkthrough Guide, Hints & Tips

First up, some general tips for beginners starting out on their Pikmin-venture, followed by tutorial missions that cover the basics:

Tutorial Mission Walkthroughs

All Region Walkthroughs

Here we have each main region in the game with full walkthroughs for each mission including all of its dungeons and Dandori challenges, as well as all treasures and items of importance located.

All Dungeon Walkthroughs

Pikmin 4 hub
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Here's a complete list of all dungeons in the game so you can mop up any you may have missed!

Sun-Speckled Terrace Dungeons

Blossoming Arcadia Dungeons

Serene Shores Dungeons

Hero's Hideaway Dungeons

Giant's Hearth Dungeons - Coming Soon

Primordial Thicket Dungeons

Pikmin 4 hub
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All Treasure Locations

Need help finding individual treasures that are missing from your Treasure Catalog? Well, we've got a comprehensive guide to the locations of every single treasure in the game for you! Check it out.

All Onion Upgrades & Flarlic Upgrade Locations

Pikmin 4 hub
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As you progress through the game, you'll find different coloured Onions to add to your original base Onion. You'll also find Flarlic, which can be used to increase your Pikmin army. Check out our guide to the locations of all Onions and Flarlics right here:

All Oatchi Abilities

Here's a list of every upgrade and ability available for your new favourite pooch, Oatchi:

All Lab Items and Unlocks

Here you'll find a list of every unlockable item and gear upgrade in Pikmin 4:

All Pikmin Type Locations - Coming Soon

Post-Credits Walkthrough

  • Olimar's Shipwreck Tale - Coming Soon

Pikmin 4 FAQs

Here we'll cover common questions surrounding Pikmin 4 lore and other things.

Pikmin 4 hub
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That's all for our Pikmin 4 Walkthrough. We'll be updating it over time, so check back for more info soon, and let us know below if you found it helpful.