Pikmin 4 Frozen Inferno
Image: Nintendo Life

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It's time to turn up the heat in Frozen Inferno...

Frozen Inferno Full Walkthrough & All Treasure Locations

Sublevel 1

Now, before we get started here, you're gonna need FLAME-RESISTANT GEAR in order to start this dungeon, so make sure to nab that off Russ back at base camp if you haven't already.

It's red Pikmin only down here and we're kicking off by moving around the passageway the only direction possible. There are stacks of dried plants here which we'll be able to set fire to soon but for now let's concentrate on taking out the nearby fiery foes and extinguishing the patch of floor.

Cushion Cake

Now knock the CUSHION CAKE down to grab it and take out the burrowing bug.

Pikmin 4 Frozen Inferno
Image: Nintendo Life


In the corner here you'll also spot a OCTOPLUS.

Pikmin 4 Frozen Inferno
Image: Nintendo Life

Heroic Sword

There's also a HEROIC SWORD. Now move into the next room and take out the large fire enemy to extinguish another hot patch. With the area clear, throw a Pikmin onto the flaming grate in the centre to unleash a firestarter who you can control for a small amount of time. Use this little guy to clear dried plants and rush him to other firepits to light them up.

Deceptive Snack

Let's clear the nearby dried plants and grab the DECEPTIVE SNACK and then light the pit in the next room. Now we can also burn the plants blocking the exit tunnel and then move around to burn the others blocking the right side of the level.

Puzzle Snack

Now let's hop off Oatchi and head through the bars to grab the PUZZLE SNACK before heading to the next level.

Sublevel 2

There's a deep freeze on this level and our red Pikmin can't attack the ice cubes we need to break to thaw the area. So head straight and around to the back of the pipe ahead to find a Candypop Bud we can use to make some ice Pikmin.

Crush Nugget

Now take out all ice cubes and the enemy in the room before grabbing the CRUSH NUGGET from the patch of grass in the corner. We can now pluck the rock Pikmin from the ground and repair the clay ramp to move into the next part of the level.

Insect Condo

Use the rock Pikmin to break the barrier hiding the INSECT CONDO and then push the bag to make a shortcut. Head through here to make a firestarter and burn the plants blocking the way back to the Beagle.

Stellar Extrusion

Now pluck more rock Pikmin and defeat the floating enemy in here. The enemy will drop a STELLAR EXTRUSION and you can now clear out any ice traps and raw materials.

Now use the firestarter to light all the pits in the area so that the Pikmin can stop shivering and head back into the room with the large frozen enemy, take it out by using a firestarter to melt its ice, break the ice cube hidden in the grass and take down the frozen barrier to get to the exit.

Sublevel 3

Clear the opening area of enemies and the ice trap to your left then take down the large hydro jelly in the next room to reveal a firepit. Now make your way into the next room to take out some ice traps and turn some Pikmin into ice variants using the bloom in the corner. Now let's take out the round enemy carefully, watch you don't get flattened as it turns over and time your attacks.

Zest Bomb

This enemy will drop a ZEST BOMB and before we carry that to the Beagle, let's head over to take out the burrowing foe that's firing annoying iceballs.

Seed Hive

Take out the hydro jelly with a firestarter from the firepit here and then grab the SEED HIVE. Now use the firestarter to go burn up the plants back near the entrance and head past to take out another ice cube an a large burrowing foe.

Citrus Lump

We can now head back to the Beagle with a firestarter in tow to take out the dried plants in here. The cold air will dissipate and we can grab the CITRUS LUMP. With the nearby water now melted, we can hit the submerged switch and exit to the next level.

Pikmin 4 Frozen Inferno
Image: Nintendo Life

Sublevel 4

It's boss scrap time once again and, before we start, let's get a fire Pikmin sorted and light the pits on either side of the arena. Once the boss enters you're going to need to move back and forth getting a fire Pikmin sorted and then launching it at the enemy to defrost its armour before flinging all of your Pikmin at it to whittle its health down.

Shattering Lance

The key here is timing and staying well away from your foe's icy breath as it instantly freezes your whole squad. Keep lighting up a Pikmin and taking out the armour then attacking en masse until you get this one down. You can then retrieve a SHATTERING LANCE for your troubles before rescuing the castaway beside the exit.

Investigation complete!

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