Pikmin 4 Kingdom of the Beasts
Image: Nintendo Life

Welcome to Nintendo Life's Pikmin 4 Engulfed Castle walkthrough. In our Pikmin 4 guide series, we'll be showing you All Treasure Locations, all Gear and Item Upgrades, all Oatchi Abilities, all Pikmin Type Locations, all Onion Upgrade and Flarlic locations, All Region Walkthroughs, All Dungeon Walkthroughs and more besides!

Let's take a look at Kingdom of the Beasts.

Kingdom Of The Beasts Full Walkthrough & All Treasure Locations

Sublevel 1

Flaky Temptation

Let's start off here by extinguishing the sizzling spot to our right and then taking out the dirt wall, allowing us to move off from our starting point to the left. You'll then need to put out a bunch of fiery spots then defeat a large enemy. Once you've done this, nab the FLAKY TEMPTATION from the corner then set the Pikmin to work taking out the fire trap blocking our path.

Memory Fragment (Bottom Right)

Now head up around the corner to take out another large beast, extinguish some fire traps and retrieve a MEMORY FRAGMENT (BOTTOM RIGHT). There's also a nice pile of raw materials to gather before moving on to take down a dirt wall to the next level.

Sublevel 2

Anxious Sprout

You'll immediately spot a cracked wall behind you as you drop into this level, but let's move on and leave that for now. Head around into the reeds in the water with Oatchi to come out on the other side of the iron bars, now take out the new enemy type here and head into the corner to pull an ANXIOUS SPROUT out of the dirt.

Once you've done this, head back around by the base and follow the cries to find a bunch of ROCK PIKMIN unsuccessfully tussling with an enemy. Help them out to have them join your squad. You'll find another bunch of Rock Pikmin not far from the base as well so round them up too.

Ambiguous Goo

Ok, now we can use our Rock Pikmin to destroy that wall right beside the base and grab a bunch of raw materials, then smash another nearby wall to grab an AMBIGUOUS GOO. You can now take out the final wall here to open the path to the next level.

Sublevel 3

Disc Of Joyous Wisdom

There's a huge beast down here that looks as though it's gonna be a tough fight but it's a total pushover. Simply ram it with Oatchi and the Pikmin will automatically then finish it off very quickly. Once this is done you can carry the carcass and the next castaway, MIKA, back to the Beagle. Now grab the three DISK OF JOYOUS WISDOM and head down to the next level.

Sublevel 4

Planetary Rubber Cutie

Move off to the left here and take out the fire trap, then grab the GOLD NUGGETS and keep heading into the main area where there's a large enemy to take out. Then use 20 Pikmin to drop the metal bridge down. There's a PLANETARY RUBBER CUTIE in the corner here, take out the fire trap nearby too, but you'll need to hit a switch to drop the bars containing this treasure so let's move on.

Straight ahead there's a breakable wall that leads to a tunnel for Oatchi to wriggle through. Once he's through, assume control of him and step on the Switch. You can now grab that great big PLANETARY RUBBER CUTIE treasure.

Sweet Stumble-Not

Now move on to the final area to defeat a few enemies and retrieve a SWEET STUMBLE-NOT. Use a few red Pikmin to put out the fires surrounding the tunnel to our next level.

Sublevel 5

Chance Totem

Move straight ahead here to do battle with a large foe and nab some CHANCE TOTEM. Now break the wall to reveal the exit to the next level.

Pikmin 4 Kingdom of the Beasts
Image: Nintendo Life

Crew-Cut Gourd

Before we leave though, let's head back past the raw materials, grab them and move around the area to take out another wall that leads to a switch to lower the iron bars on this level. You'll also find a CREW-CUT GOURD buried off to one side.

Pikmin 4 Kingdom of the Beasts
Image: Nintendo Life

Keep circling back to the start point and grab the COOKIE OF PROSPERITY and recruit a few more rock Pikmin before making your way to the tunnel for the next level.

Pikmin 4 Kingdom of the Beasts
Image: Nintendo Life

Sublevel 6

This final level comprises of a battle against to big sturdy foes. The trick here is to bait them into sticking out their tongues and then smashing them with Oatchi. Keep using his smash attack to whittle them down and pile on a bunch of Pikmin when they are weak to finish them off! You'll gain your next castaway, SY.

Ancient Statue Head

As you make your way out now you can head across the water to take out a bunch of fire traps and retrieve the ANCIENT STATUE HEAD treasure.

Investigation complete!

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