Pikmin 4 Seafloor Resort
Image: Nintendo Life

Welcome to Nintendo Life's Pikmin 4 Seafloor Resort walkthrough. In our Pikmin 4 guides, we'll be showing you All Treasure Locations, all Gear and Item Upgrades, all Oatchi Abilities, all Pikmin Type Locations, all Onion Upgrade and Flarlic locations, All Region Walkthroughs, All Dungeon Walkthroughs and more besides.

Let's dive down into Seafloor Resort now.

Seafloor Resort Full Walkthrough & All Treasure Locations

Sublevel 1

Let's kick things off down here by plucking the small group of Pikmin just ahead of the starting area, then we'll deal with the two floating jellyfish enemies to the left. These guys will suck up your Pikmin and blow them out dazed if they get a chance so freeze them then attack to take them out without incident. There are also a few water traps to sort with your blue Pikmin.

False Lollipop

Now grab the GOLD NUGGETS and head across the water to grab the FISHING ROPE which, when pulled up, will also net you a FALSE LOLLIPOP. Now deal with the two beasties patrolling around the sponge. Bash them with Oatchi then let the Pikmin finish them.

Maestro Of Flavor

You can now also grab two MAESTRO OF FLAVOR treasures.

Pikmin 4 Seafloor Resort
Image: Nintendo Life

Maternal Sculpture

We'll head up the central ramp to fix a clay tap now and then have a bunch of Pikmin grab the MATERNAL SCULPTURE that's dangling above the sand.

Sunseed Berry

Once the tap is ready it'll turn off the sprinklers dotted around the level. Now head over to the other side where the sprinkler was and knock down the dirt wall. Then jump into the airstream to grab the SUNSEED BERRY. There's also a few Pikmin to pluck here.

Flarlic Upgrade #7

We can now deal with the enemies in the central area and destroy the hydro jelly to nab yet another FLARLIC. With all of this done, let's jump down to the next level.

Sublevel 2

Planetary Rubber Cuties

Let's take out the bubble trap and the hydro jellies first and then head down into the water to grab both PLANETARY RUBBER CUTIES. Beware here as you'll get an insect surprise, so freeze the enemies then overwhelm them then claim your quacky prizes.

Universal Rubber Cutie

Pluck the nearby Pikmin then we'll go across to the other side of the water to take out the enemy and destroy the hydro jelly that's covering the stick that the Pikmin can now use to travel up to flick the switch here and give us access to the UNIVERSAL RUBBER CUTIE treasure. Beware of the large crab here, freezing it before it can blow bubbles is a good idea!

Dapper Blob

Let's use our ice Pikmin to destroy the ice barrier in the central area now and then we can take out the enemy and the bubble trap. Now grab the DAPPER BLOB, break the bubble trap and uncover the airstream so we can float over to that big pink jellyfish. Once you freeze him he's easily beaten and he's got your next castaway trapped inside! It's MUGGS.

Trap Lid

Now, tidy up the raw materials in the area and make sure to grab the TRAP LID from the water.

Pikmin 4 Seafloor Resort
Image: Nintendo Life


We just need to pop right over to the boundary of the water now, as shown below, to grab two sneaky OCTUPLUS treasures then we can head for the next level.

Sublevel 3

Mystery Squish Fish

From our starting position let's head right to lower the metal bridge and smash down the dirt wall. Now head down the slope to destroy the bubble trap and retrieve two MYSTERY SQUISH FISH. You'll also find another Mystery Squish Fish in the small clump of reeds on the opposite side here.

Spirit Swords

There are also three sneaky SPIRIT SWORDS hidden in the reeds here.

Pikmin 4 Seafloor Resort
Image: Nintendo Life

Monster Teeth

Now we can go back up the ramp, take out the bubble trap and make our way to the two big crabs here. Freeze them both to beat them easily and then you can go grab the MONSTER TEETH from right nearby. Now let's head through the raise iron bars and make our way to the large red floating enemy. Once again, freeze this guy to make it a trivial battle.

Brush Of Foolishness

There's now a dirt wall to take out to find the exit so toss that and then keep heading round to take out the blue floating foe and hit the switch here for Oatchi to join us. Let's head right back round to the starting area to mend the clay bridge here and then we are free to carry the GOLD NUGGETS and BRUSH OF FOOLISHNESS to the Beagle.

NOTE: If you're stuck as to how to pluck the submerged Pikmin, just make sure you jump off Oatchi to float down. And with that, we're ready to exit to the next area.

Sublevel 4

This final area has a large boss to fight, but before we do that let's move around and gather up any pluckable reinforcements.

Greed Inducement Device

Now for the boss and all you need do here is watch for his jumping attack, stay out of his shadow when he's in the air and when he lands freeze him and attack him. It should take no more than three or four goes at freezing him to take him out and retrieve the GREED INDUCEMENT DEVICE.

Now, before we leave make sure to grab the fishing line near the exit and pull it to find our next castaway, KEESH.

Investigation Complete!

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