Pikmin 4 Subzero Sauna
Image: Nintendo Life

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Let's jump into Subzero Sauna!

Subzero Sauna Full Walkthrough & All Treasure Locations

Sublevel 1

Another day, another Pikmin 4 dungeon, and this time we're headed for a lovely massage down Subzero Sauna!

Disguised Delicacy

As soon as we arrive here, let's take out the hydro jelly to our immediate right to grab some GOLD NUGGET then, if you take a look to the left, you'll find a new type of trap that releases poison. Let's leave this for now and move back to the right and into the main large room here to clear out a few frosty foes, destroy some more hydro jelly and nab that juicy DISGUISED DELICACY from the centre.

Let's move into the nearby tunnel now and take out any freeze traps with your ice Pikmin. Taking out the large hydro jelly here will reveal the entrance to the next level but, before heading down, let's go into the large room to our left to take out an enemy and grab the raw materials nearby.

Now, take out the hydro jelly in this room to reveal a Candypop Bud that changes your Pikmin to WHITE PIKMIN, who can go deal with that poison trap from earlier! Grab the nuggets and then let's head for the next level.

Sublevel 2

It's incredibly cold down on this sublevel, enough to make our screen ice up a little and to negatively effect the efforts of your Pikmin squad. In order to fix the issue we need to take out all the lumps of ice scattered around the environment, which will also allow us to retrieve items from the thawed water. So let's go ahead and destroy the first ice cube in the opening area, and watch out for falling ice shards as they'll instantly take out any Pikmin underneath them.

Move through the metal tunnel and into the room shown below to push the box out of the way and make a shortcut. At this point your Pikmin will start to shiver from the cold, so whistle them back into action until such times as we've got all the ice blocks sorted.

In the corner of the area where you pushed the box you'll find a Candypop Bud to create some WHITE PIKMIN. Then, in the next room you'll find a switch which we can't get to due to frozen water. Now let's dismount Oatchi and head through the iron bars to kill a large snowball-chucking beast, then go to the area with the castaway to destroy the hydro jelly and the ice block beneath it.

True Goo

We can now defeat the next large enemy in here and collect its carcass alongside a bunch of raw materials. Then set your white Pikmin to work on the poison trap nearby. Now take out the jelly in the corner here to find a TRUE GOO, but be careful as there's a sneaky spider attached! The final piece of ice to smash is on a platform behind some bars, so chuck a few ice Pikmin up to sort it and the level will dethaw.

Memory Fragment (Left Edge)

You can now hit the switch, retrieve the MEMORY FRAGMENT (LEFT EDGE) and rescue the castaway, OSA, before using Oatchi to scale the ledge to the next level entrance. But wait! We can't make the jump here with the water wet as it is, so time to freeze it again with ice Pikmin, jump to the platform, call back our buddies and make an exit.

Sublevel 3

The final area consists of a boss fight against a great big armoured beastie. So, first things first, lets carefully take out all the ice blocks surrounding him to get things to a friendlier temperature and take out any nearby hydro jelly to suck up some nectar.

Now to the beast itself and it's quite a slow mover. So, just keep circling and when it blows out cold air move around to its back which will open up to expose its weak point. Batter away at this and time your whistle to retrieve your squad before it shuts its wings again, then move back to avoid any falling debris. Rinse and repeat this simple pattern to achieve a quick victory.

Contemplation Station

You can now grab the boss carcass and rescue our next castaway, FRISE. Now, before you leave, make sure to grab the large CONTEMPLATION STATION beside the hydro jelly that's hiding the exit.

Pikmin 4 Subzero Sauna
Image: Nintendo Life

Investigation complete!

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