So long and thanks for all the games

Update: Nintendo of America has issued the following statement:

As recently posted by Nintendo on the Wii U website in Japan, Wii U production will end in the near future for the Japanese domestic market. We have nothing to announce in terms of exact timing.

We can confirm that as of today, all Wii U hardware that will be made available in the North American market for this fiscal year has already been shipped to our retail partners. We encourage anyone who wants Wii U to communicate with their preferred retail outlet to monitor availability.

Original Story: Nintendo has officially confirmed that production of its Wii U console is coming to an end.

The announcement comes via the company's Japanese site, which has the message "近日生産終了予定" or "production is scheduled to end soon" on its Wii U page.

This news comes just over a week after rumours hit the web that final orders had been placed for the system. Nintendo initially denied the reports.

At the last count, the Wii U had sold 13.36 million units worldwide, making it one of Nintendo's lowest-selling home systems.