So long.

Nintendo launches its new Switch console in March next year, and while the advent of new hardware is always a time of excitement, it invariably means that existing machines are put out to pasture.

With popular platforms there's quite a bit of overlap between the generations, but in other cases the changeover is quite abrupt - it would appear that the Wii U falls firmly in the latter camp.

We've already heard reports that production of Nintendo's struggling system could come to an end in 2016, and now we're getting rumours that the last Wii U systems are indeed rolling off the production line this week.

Gaming sleuth and Nintendo Life contributor Liam Robertson was the first to tweet about it:

We've since spoken to Robertson and he has given a few more details. Friday is the day production ends and the order numbers for this final batch are apparently quite small.

He was quickly supported by Emily Rogers, another individual with a proven track record when it comes to this kind of thing:

Eurogamer - which cites multiple sources - appears to back up these comments. According to the site, Nintendo's Japanese production line is closing down this week "after the final deadline for orders passed yesterday".

It's hardly surprising that production of the Wii U is ending; the machine has sold just 13 million units since launch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild aside is unlikely to have much in the way of software support in 2017.

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