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Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Screens - Issue Fifty Two

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nightmare Wizard! Skimpy Samus?! Lord Ghirahim! More!

The hype keeps rolling on for Super Smash Bros., with official — and less official — updates showing us what we can expect when it arrives on the 3DS in early October. There's a sense that Masahiro Sakurai is getting to the nitty-gritty details.

Sakurai-san's posts in the Director's Room Miiverse community continue to make some headlines. Last week brought some nice details, such as the fact you'll be able to play music from the 3DS version while the system is in sleep mode. The negative Yin to that Yang — arguably — were some skimpy Samus outfits, which have naturally caused some debate.

Plenty to consider this time; you can check out last week's Pic of the Day entries below — click on the date heading to visit the posts in question and give them a Yeah.

18th August

19th August

Here's a look at the 3DS version. You can use the same outfit variations in both the 3DS and Wii U versions.

20th August

…However, watch out for Mimicuties disguised as treasure chests. Run away! RUN AWAY!!

21st August

22nd August

Choose your songs and play with features on the bottom screen. You can listen to character voices, too. One of the new highlights for this feature is the "Play in Sleep Mode" option in the upper right. If you turn this on, you can listen to the tracks with your headphones even when your Nintendo 3DS is closed. The L and R Buttons will let you skip tracks. This means you can use it as a portable music player. Enjoy listening to the tracks you love by putting all songs in loop, shuffle, or selecting your favorite tracks!!

Sakurai-san was fairly busy last week, then; let us know which are your favourites in the poll and comments below.

What's your favourite Smash Bros. screen this week? (310 votes)

The Nightmare Wizard puts the lights out on some old favourites


Samus appears in new outfits based on the Zero Mission ending


More Samus action shots from the 3DS version


Link will be singing 'da-da-da-daaaaaa'! in his head as he opens a chest


Link's fear of bare legs comes back to haunt him


Lord Ghirahim will assist by creeping out rival fighters with his tongue


Link's an ever present when Zelda music is playing


Ballad of Goddess music on the go may be the best thing ever


Um, I can't decide


I don't like any of them, to be honest


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User Comments (54)



Dark-Luigi said:

Nightmare looks so damn awesome! Definitely one of my favorite assist tropies so far!



Grumblevolcano said:

Although Skyward Sword's representation is rather overkill, Ghirahim is a great addition so I voted for him.



Robin_Aisaga said:

Well, no treasure chests for me then. I don't ever want to deal with Mimicuties ever again! ...Ghirahim is charming as always



Offspring said:

I went with Ghirahim. If Samus' torso didn't look so awkward in the Wii U pic, I would've voted for it.



NintyMan said:

I voted for the Nightmare Wizard assist trophy. He just looks so intimidating. He'll be a much better distraction than the Nintendog, that's for sure. Also, the fact that darkness messes with the computer players is also nice.

What would make it better would be if the Fountain of Dreams stage from Melee was confirmed as well and the Kirby characters were there.



Wonky_Kong said:

Samus is less skimpy than her standard suit, skin tight suits are more sexual than what looks just like gym gear.



rjejr said:

Had to vote for the "night on bald mountain" wizard (though honestly I have no idea who he is.). When you're a little kid and your parents take you to a theater to see a Disney film this scares the bejeebus outta ya, scarred for life even:

But I am glad to see mimics, don't think I've seen those in a game since the PS2 days. FF13 probably had them but I banished those thoughts from my brain.



Kurtz said:

pretty hypocritical to bang on about apparently "skimpy" outfits and then take every opportunity to publish them, alleging falsely in my view that they are controversial. dont know anyone offended by a sports bra, particularly not women. anyone seen the ripping yarns episode where michael palins dad dressed in black head to to toe bangs on about lewd and lascivious behaviour when its not happening or even the topic?

"It is an evil book!"
"No dear thats not the atlas!"



crzysortagamer said:

Man, the amount of work they have put into this game and to keep us updated. It's going to be a perfected timeless masterpiece. I truly hope they make bank off this game. I've talked every 3ds owner I know to get it.



ikki5 said:

Lol, I saw the samus suit and i just knew it would be #1. We all know the reason too.



Yosher said:

Voted for the ZSS 3DS picture because it confirmed more characters AND a new stage (even though it's a returning one, it's still nice to get more information).



larry_koopa said:

I'm sure that Samus outfit came to be because of the "determination of her female designer." Way to try and spin that BS.



The_Ninja said:

Samus in shorts is not that hot. I prefer her in that thight suit.
I'm voting for the music POTD. Best announcement of that week,



Zemus-DJ said:

Would love the NES speed run outfit for samus needless to say what i vited for. all you haters go back to blowing off people's heads xD I'll take my giggles peacefully tyvm.



OneBagTravel said:

I am not a fan of the Wii era Zelda title and characters. Yet that seems to be the only thing we're getting from Nintendo now in the franchise :-/



Beau_Skunk said:

The Nightmare Wizard needs more love, (my favorite Kirby villain) glad to have him back.



noctowl said:

Samus always gets the vote. I can hear the social justice warriors logging into tumblr already.



Franklin said:

"But thanks to the determination of her female designer"

Ha ha, I like how keen he seems to get that fact in.



rp17 said:

This site seems to not like the new Samus skin, so I chose that one just to spite them.

But seriously, I love how so many characters are getting alt costumes.

(Also I didn't have much of a choice as I don't care about the 3DS version or boring assist trophies.)



Link506 said:

@RantingThespian Yeah, honestly, I could go without a samus in really short shorts. I already see that at my school. And I dont want anything to remind me of that. XP



agqwestern said:

GODDAMN YOU SAKURAI HAVING THE MUSIC PLAYABLE IN SLEEP MODE IS MORE CHANCES FOR MY 3DS TO GET SCRATCHED! On that note, does anyone know where (cool and cheap (not the boring clear ones)) snap-on covers are available for 3DS XL?



I-U said:

Where's Samus in skimpy outfits? I only see her in a top and shorts.



Henmii said:

So Ghirahim is not playable. I hope that Ganondorf is still in it. And maybe some other Zelda villain too (Vaati or Yuga to call 2 examples). I mean: Fire emblem has 4 (?!) characters. Isn't that a bit much?

To be honest: So far almost all my dream-characters got ignored. I know you can't please everyone, but so far only one of my wishes has come true: Megaman. But I still hope for King Rool, Rayman (its possible), Bomberman and Hades. Well, Little Mac, Pacman and Mii's are fun additions. And Wii fit trainer is a very strange choice, but could also be pretty fun.



PigmaskColonel said:

I'm just not going to comment on all those perverts who voted Samus...

Nightmare Wizard is awesome! I so happy and suprised to see some Kirby: Right Back At Ya! representation here.



WindWakerLink said:

I voted for the portable music player mode thing. I always wanted a feature like that since Pokemon Diamond back in 2007! This is awesome!!!!



earthboundlink said:

It's not the new daisy duke Samus that bugs me, but the whole overly-sexed zero suit samus character is a bit much. Not even that I'm against Zero-suit Samus conceptually, just that I think they overdid it a little with the heels and Barbie-style fake-looking waist. I just think it takes away from Samus in her awesome power-suit look. If we wanted another version of Samus, why not the Fusion suit? I'm not outraged or anything, Zero Suit Samus is just too much of a good thing, I think. The Shorts are actually a little better, I think, because it's more like a reference to the "Justin Bailey" suit, which is from the original game.



LavaTwilight said:

The half-naked Samus' are the top scorer... duuuh gee no surprises there (I voted for that one myself).



Henmii said:


The Samus you showed (trainee Samus from Other M) looks a lot better then the Samus featured in the article (even though I am not a short-hair lover). But the Zero suit Samus from this game: HOTOTOT!!


Nightmare wizard (or Enemee, if you want) was already in Kirby's adventure. Its great that he's in as a assist trophy though. He's awesome.

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