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New Hyrule Warriors Playable Character to be Announced This Week

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Rumours and hints point to a Goron

Koei Tecmo is still consistently revealing tantalising new details for Hyrule Warriors in the form of new playable characters, stages and villains. It's the former that arguably raise hype levels the most, as we can all fantasize about crushing hundreds of foes with a variety of iconic characters from the Zelda franchise.

The tweet below, from the official account for the title, has been posted recently to confirm that yet another playable character will be confirmed this week.

The loose Google translation gives few hints, but there are some suggesting that an interpretation of the informal phrase for "goro" at the end points to a Goron; similiar teasing pointed the way to the previous unveiling of Fi. As for which Goron it would be, Darunia seems like a fair and popular option on the grounds that Ocarina of Time is yet to get the Warriors treatment, yet it could just as easily be a character from the more recent home console entries in the franchise.

We don't have long until we find out, in any case. Who would you like to see announced?


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Spoony_Tech said:


Not copying lol Just agreeing.



PanurgeJr said:

I was really hoping it would be another female character. I've enjoyed watching the web melt down.



sinalefa said:

Please let it be tingle. Please let it be tingle.

I am not copying either. Kooloo-Limpah!!



BakaKnight said:

I really hope it's a Goron!!! ^o^

I don't care which one they pick, I just want a character for roll all around the battlefield smashing enemies



sinalefa said:

And if it is a Goron, I want that mean Goron. That powerful and terrifying Goron.

Golo, the one who could ruin your save file in Skyward Sword.



DiscoGentleman said:

Lol it is definitely a goron with saying "goro" at the end. It is a weirdo cutesy way of ending a sentence, sounds like child-talk, but in this case, it is most certainly indicative of a goron character.



Captain_Toad said:

@sinalefa heh..sure you weren't copying.

@6ch6ris6 the D.W. series has been known to put in metric tons of characters in it's games so don't be too shocked to see at least more than 40 characters in this.



Tsurii said:

I really want to see Darbus. I guess Darmani would be cool, too, Just don't let it be f'in Darunia. Darunia sucks.

(the best choice would be Gor Amoto, tho



Mega719 said:

I guess a goron is fine to even out the playable species and N64 reps are great hope we can play as Skull Kid if villains can be playable (even if he technically isn't evil)



Chubblings said:

@sinalefa If they put that mean Goron in, what'll probably happen is that as soon as you unlock him, your Hyrule Warriors data gets deleted.

@MixMasterMudkip Yeah, I've been wanting Groose for a while. With all this Twilight Princess love, don't forget Skyward Sword either. Besides, Groose would definitely make sense (being in the Knights Academy). I hope if they put Groose in, his awesome theme goes in as well. And don't forget dat pompadour...never forget it..



ajcismo said:

I'm hoping for Darunia combined with some sort of N64 Ocaria on the Wii U VC surprise announcement to go with it.



B3ND3R said:

Come on, we all know that Goro points to it being Samurai Goroh from F-Zero!
All kidding aside, I could see a HD reimagined version of Darunia being pretty cool..



Dpishere said:

I can see it being quite fun to mow over enemies with the Goron's roll attack! Hopefully it is true!



MrGawain said:

Well seeing in the last trailer there was a Goron Commander- isn't it inevitable? I'm betting we end up with 3-8 different Gorons. And the same with Zoras and Hyrule Guard.



World said:

Not that I would necessarily use him, but I still think Dodoh would be such an easy choice because he's basically just Yoshimoto anyway.



Shambo said:

Yeah there's like no heavy characters yet, if I haven't been missing out on news... Any of the important Gorons will do just fine.

And am I the only one that DOES want tingle to be in this game?

Anyway... As long as we GET THAT TREASURE CHEST, SCARF AND CLOCK OVER HERE ... I'm already happy about the characters, there's Midna, Impa, the Moon is present, most others I wanted to see are there already (I'd like to see Sheik make an appearance, with more back-story on HOW... Well, it may be old news, still not gonna potentially spoil it.)



2Sang said:

YES! Finally a GOOD character choice that I like. If true, this is an insta-buy for me.



yemsols said:

@Captain_Toad And Id say dont get your hopes too high with that cause when they did a collab like this with one piece, their 1st game only had like 10 playable characters and Boss characters werent playable. Most of those characters were then added in the sequel and theres no indicating they wount repeat the same here



SyntheticPerson said:

If it is a Goron, I hope it is the Goron Elder from Majora's Mask (or the guy in TP that looks like him).

For a non-Goron choice: Tingle. Or David Jr.



Henmii said:

Here's hoping it will be Darunia or Darmani. But maybe its just Darbus or even the Goron merchant from Skyward sword. Because it looks like the majority of stuff in this game has been taken from Twilight princess and Skyward sword.



DBPirate said:

I hope it's a boy character from anything but Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Not that I have anything against the two games but the other Zelda games need some more love.



TeeJay said:

I see Hyrule Warriors is taking a page from Smash Bros' book; announcing character announcements to build hype.

But Tingle would be sweet.



KeithTheGeek said:

If it's a Goron, I'd want it to be Darunia. He can have the Megaton Hammer and Biggoron Sword as his weapons. Of course, his attacks would also involve rolling around.



GN004Nadleeh said:

the king of the red lions! he can belly flop onto the ground and turn into the boat and ram stuffs!

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