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Video: Watch Us Unbox The Mario Kart 8 Limited Edition Bundle

Posted by Damien McFerran

Be careful someone doesn't run off with your copy

Happy Mario Kart 8 launch day, everybody! To celebrate this momentous event, we've decided to do an unboxing video for the Limited Edition version of the game, which features an accursed blue shell and — of course — a copy of the game itself. It's rather good, as you'll know if you've already perused our Mario Kart 8 review.

Like so many things in the Nintendo Life office, this particular unboxing doesn't go exactly according to plan. We're still trying to track down Tom, who isn't answering his phone and appears to have fled the country.

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123akis said:

Yodel said there's been a delay in the national sorting centre!! and they said i'll be receiving it tomorrow!!! was really looking forward to playing it today so dissapointing!! (I pre-ordered it from the Nintendo UK Online store)



jackson15 said:

Mario Kart 8 is not as good as it was expected.. but it has few exciting features that can be modified in the upcoming edition.



Jimmy_G_Buckets said:

Im really irked that the blue shell edition wasnt released in the US. The largest gaming market doesnt received the best offers? I guess Im going to get a poster from Gamestop, maybe. BLAH!



Jazzer94 said:

Yeah the Blue shell isn't that great imo, also I knew Tom was planning something he just seemed to casual for my liking.



FritzFrapp said:

Remember kids: always buckle up first before absconding with stolen property. Thankfully, Tom's number plate details are clearly distinguishable in the video here and the Welsh authorities will no doubt be tracking him down soon.



Moose_4 said:

@123akis Did they email you? Or did you query them so they told you that?
Mine just says its in transit. Haven't got a clue when it will turn up.



Pj1 said:

@123akis I have bought items from the Nintendo UK store before and they use Hermes as their courier. Disappointing that we haven't got it yet, considering that they were processing my credit card way before yesterday......

Unless the courier driver has ran off with it.....



YoshiTails said:

I'm at work in full knowledge my girlfriend has already unboxed my copy. So it was great to have the opportunity to experience unboxing here. Thanks guys



123akis said:

@Moose_4 I tweeted to Yodel's Twitter account @ Yodalonline

at this moment of time I don't know whose fault it is, If Nintendo used a 24 hour postage label then it's not their fault, it's Yodel's fault. If Nintendo used a 48 hour label it's nintendo's fault @Pj1 Nintendo should of used Hermes!



dAvecaster said:

I so wanted the blue shell to fly off at the end and take out Tom's car.

Anyway nice unboxing!



Yai said:

Still waiting for my copy :c It was posted on Wednesday from GAME but no sign of it...

This video was fun to watch though xD



ikki5 said:

I'm sad this did not come to NA. We get a piece of paper instead (though free... still just a piece of paper).



Handy_Man said:

I'm so jealous that the only place that has this limited edition bundle in North America is Nintendo World. Knowing them, they probably sold out of it already...



ChessboardMan said:

You should have used the Blue Shell on you game thief, they do work on normal cars now after all…
@Pj1 Hermes you say? That's odd…
Initially I had an email yesterday telling me the package was on it's way by Yodel, like @123akis says, but… it said it would arrive June 3rd.
There was then an update email from Nintendo saying "Sorry for the scare, we've actually sent by Next Day delivery, it will be on time!", later that night. Then this morning I had a text from Yodel saying my delivery has been delayed by 24hrs… and thus far, nothing.
But also late last night, I had an email from Hermes saying my delivery was on its way, in the next 2-3 whatever days. I assumed that was my order of a Dorothy Figma from an Anime figure store the night before…
But now… I'm confused.



sinalefa said:

But NA is getting a nice red case!

For getting one of the best Wii U games, plus a choice to download another one for free, I won't behave like a spoiled brat who wants it all.

Enjoy the game, everyone!



0utburst said:

Why didn't you throw the blue shell on Tom? I thought you came back to get and throw it.

Well I'm not picking up the LE I pre-ordered at GameStop day 1. After thoroughly thinking, I don't really like the blue shell figurine. Plus with DLCs likely to come, I'd rather have it all in one place digitally.



Moose_4 said:

@123akis ah right.
It didnt start well when Nintendo email saying it will be delivered on or before the 3rd of june.
You would think that Nintendo UK would send them out extra early as a sort of bonus. As they must make more money from selling directly to customers.

I ordered the Luigi 25th anniversary 3DSXL and got it 2 days before realease date. I then ordered a Wii Fit U Pedometer and got that 2 days early.
Thats what i thought would happen all the time.



User1988 said:

My girlfriend is buying MK8 for my birthday. Which is awesome except that means I can't play till the 8th! Oh well, waiting to play it with my brother and gf instead of playing it tonight by myself is a much better option anyway.



aaronsullivan said:

@mystman12 Exactly. It was all set up brilliantly, then he just plays with it.

Tip to video production: Shoot things at multiple angles even if you have to act it out twice and then edit between A and B footage to cut out the slow useless bits! I felt like I was watching a TV show from the 70's where the cops decide they need to visit someone, so we are shown how they leave the room, leave the building, walk to the car, open the doors, get in the car, START the car, drive ALL THE WAY out of the parking lot, then we see a couple shots of highway driving, then a long shot of the destination, then we see them pull ALL THE WAY up the driveway, then we watch them get out of the car and walk EVERY STEP until they reach the door, then they knock and FREAKING WAIT for the person to answer the door. Audiences can infer every bit of that and we can just cut to the door knock now. MAYBE show an establishing shot of where they are quickly first.



ToniK said:

Mine will arrive on monday I guess Saw some of these boxes today while shopping. These plastic statues and stuff are completely useless but sometimes I just can't resist. That shell will go well with my Ganondorf. I still need a Link statue. You hear me Ninty? Zelda U Limited Edition!



FX102A said:

I had preordered the bundle from the Nintendo store but in the end, I felt that none of the stuff really appealed to me so I cancelled that and picked up a standard copy from my local indie retailer (got a Bullet Bill keychain at least).

Missed a golden opportunity for an OST, may appear on the Star Rewards catalogue along with the Galaxy & 3D World ones.



Luna-Harmony said:

They could have least gave a steel book with the limited edition.
I am waiting for mine from nintendo store uk they ship with yodel so prob been stolen i wish they used a different postage place.



Moose_4 said:

@Luna-Harmony I agree with the steel book. Would look good.
I know, yodel have never been reliable.No idea when it will turn up.
So much for that email from Nintendo saying that it would be delivered today.



Lobster said:

You should have thrown the Blue Shell at his car! That would've stopped him.



luke88 said:

I just had a match in the nlife launch party tournament with someone called "murfie" (filled out with cpu) they disconnected as they were about to lose. If that disconnect was intentional then shame on you "murfie," shame on you.

edit: you've made me lose my faith in humanity "murfie," I hate you so much at the moment. Gosh isn't MK8 great though?



Nik-Davies said:

"Watch as we unbox the package that Nik Davies is yet to receive as Nintendo entrusted a company that was reviewed as the worst parcel delivery service for two years running to deliver his"

Also, isn't there supposed to be a black base for it to stand on?



Farmboy74 said:

My delivery from Yodel turned up at 5.15pm. The blue shell was bigger than I expected. A weekend of Mario Kart awaits!



ThistleAndWeeds said:

I haven't had my delivery either. Apparently ordering it back in March wasn't long enough for them to realise that I actually wanted it on release day. Guys who are in my boat make sure you contact nintendo and report this to them as they were talking about compensation. I believe this has affected a lot of people as when I was speaking to nintendo the guy say 'a number Uhm a handful of people have been affected' makes me think they're trying to play down the situation.



YoshiTails said:

Weird to hear all problems with yodel... think mine arrived 11am so one of the lucky ones! Played 6 cups and some 2 player. Ace game, though tracks vary in quality. Star cup is incredible... rainbow road an anti climax following a great build up of difficulty.



MadAdam81 said:

Still deciding whether to pay AU$100 for spiny shell edition, or AU$58 for just the game....



SphericalCrusher said:

Man I wish NA got that. I would have it in a heart beat. Kinda dumb we didn't - we got the Wind Waker one and Ganondorf is sitting up on my TV stand next to the Club Nintendo Platinum statue from years ago.



Marshi said:

@ThomasBW84 Hey Tom,i really think you guys should do a peice on why the Nintendo uk store couldnt get the game to people in time for launch day. The website has recieved many complaints. I really think you should look into it.
Just thought id give you a heads up



Nik-Davies said:

YES! Mine is finally on it's way. Only in Hordean as well, not far from me. Hopefully it'll get here soonish



Finntendo said:

Stupid, stupid me. "the others" have it already and I don't. I preordered it from UK months ago, on WED I realised there is actually place in my country that offers it with reasonable price. So I ordered it, Thursday was a holiday so no moving and it was sent yesterday. Boo, have to wait until Monday. And of course I chose to pick it up and not get delivered home (saved few euros there) and with the same effort, I could have just drove to store yesterday and check if they had it. Which they probably do. And if only I had ordered it on Tue or Mon, I'd have it already.
The problem with Monday is that I really don't have much time to play during the week.

So sad me, I played MK Wii last night. Once again he picked Turbo Blooper and during the 2nd race he started complaining how crappy it is and stopped trying....



ThomasBW84 said:

@Marshi I plan to ask Nintendo for comment on Monday morning, which will give them a chance to assess what happened. Thanks for the message, as always



Volks said:

The limited edition looks nice, but I didn't have anywhere to put the spiny shell. The standard game is great, though

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