Recent days have, as is only sensible at this time a year, seen Nintendo up the ante with its marketing for the Wii U and 3DS, with some of its trailers even being spotted in actual TV commercial breaks. The Wii U messaging has been very much focused on the reasons for families to upgrade to the system, whereas the new 3DS trailer that's been released has a more confident, assured tone.

The handheld is on a roll at present, with major releases queuing up in recent months to make it the top-selling games system in various territories in recent months — an honour it's held six months in a row in the US, for example. With a library of established games and the 2DS also on the market, the commercial below targets young gamers and emphasizes the range of fun games on offer.

It's all very photogenic and happy, but that's ultimately what the Holiday season is supposed to represent. This effort seems to do a good job of highlighting the various models, games and selling points when targeting children, especially with less than 30-seconds in which to make the message clear. Check it out and let us know what you think.