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redsoul91 commented on ​Video: Latest Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Cu...:

@ikki5 As someone who also has the last one, I think Curtain Call is well worth it. You get over 200 song from the beginning (as opposed to the 77ish of the original, and none of them are just intro/outro taps this time). The new quest mode is infinitely better than the dark notes thing in the first entry that only had 10 possible songs for each stage (whole library is possible this time), and there are online features.
If you went physical last time, I recommend downloading it - it's perfect for just playing a song every now and then



redsoul91 commented on Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Could Have Been ...:

"rest of their days" might be a a bit over, but the amount of money and interest that series picked is incredible and Big N probably is hating themselves a bit for that. Think about how many Wii Us they could have sold if the series stayed exclusive!



redsoul91 commented on Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshid...:

@Marshi people on service lines really do have no control about restating profiles. Different divisions! In all fairness, they really can't accept the excuse of it being a friend, cause you could pretty much use that to get away with anything you want..
Personally I respect the effort that Nintendo is putting in to make a community that is safe for all ages, and while I definitely agree that it sucks you got ripped off by your buddy, I would rather miiverse be that strict than allow for the content available on PS4/XB1 to stream freely.



redsoul91 commented on Feature: Bandai Namco Characters We'd Love to ...:

While I definitely agree that Pac-man makes poetic sense, I still can't get over how little I can picture a moveset that makes sense.. Combot actually sounds brilliant though! I can't believe it's only 4% right now!



redsoul91 commented on Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre Is Region-Free:

Region lock is kind of biting me right now.. in a few months I'll be going to Australia for school, and cannot take my Wii U, nor can I buy any 3DS titles between late February (thank God I can get Bravely Default) and mid December. Does anyone know if I could download from eShop still?



redsoul91 commented on Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures To Come to ...:

not sure why people are begging for pac-man in Smash.. yes, he's an iconic game character, but can you honestly imagine a creative moveset? I mean sure - if you told me Wii Fit Trainer should be in there last year I would have asked the same thing (and now she's the character I'm looking the most forward to playing with), but still.. I just can't see it



redsoul91 commented on Soapbox: Why We Should Expect More From The Le...:

That's fair. I was unaware that they were just going to be using the MIDIs instead of orchestrating the sound track, and that I agree is a huge flaw. It could be argued that it adds to nostalgia i suppose (which I can appreciate), but that was one of the things I was waiting to bless my ears with. :/

I think one of the important things t remember though, is that this game is basically an exercise for the Zelda developers for how to use the Wii U dev kits to meet max potential. I'm personally grateful that they're using their practice on a game!

I will still probably pick this up, as Windwaker is probably my favorite game too, but we will have to see what kind of updates come up.



redsoul91 commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Has Plenty of Opportu...:

I totally agree that the Wii U has lots of potential. So many franchises could benefit from the Gamepad, and despite how it feels sometimes, the console is still very young, and there is much time for the true potential to really shine.
Starfox, for example, could really be reinvented to bring out the power of the Wii U. Like, what if different members were assigned to different vehicles (i.e., Fox - ground, Falco - arwing, Slippy - Landmaster) for different missions, which would allow for the Gamepad to be used in a unique way accordingly.
Patience is a virtue that is ever decreasing among gamers.



redsoul91 commented on Miyamoto: GamePad's Touch Screen Primarily Use...:

@koopakid this article was just in reference to the touch function.. not the purpose of the Gamepad as a whole; more titles than I care to mention in this post make that perfectly clear. maybe you should check for dirt behind your own ears before making accusations on others.