Daddy cool?

With the Holiday shopping season upon us, not to mention the upcoming madness of Black Friday, Nintendo is unleashing a new TV commercial in North America called "The Pitch". It involves two siblings selling the concept of Wii U, Super Mario 3D World and "togetherness"; it's not as dry as it sounds, honest.

There's some lovely over-acting, of course, but it is supposed to be a light-hearted advert, after all. The kids explain that it's a system that'll boost family time, all while impressively giving a demonstration on the typically expensive TV. It's not half-baked, however, with the son at one point appearing over the footage on the TV; there's some serious fictional effort behind the pitch, and it may be difficult for others to be quite so convincing.

It's humorous fluff, however, while we can't get enough of the goofy dad's "bow" sign-off. What do you think of it?