Capcom has released more info and videos on its Unity site for the anticipated release of Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies. Within those new videos, however, came a new detail that has been surprising to some: for the first time in the series, Phoenix Wright’s new cases have been rated “M” by the ESRB.

Joystiq has reportedly confirmed the rating with an unnamed Capcom representative, who gave no details as to why the rating may have been raised other than it is “[d]ue to the nature of the various crimes and storylines in this latest title of the series.”

The content descriptors given by the ESRB do not appear to shed any further light on the matter, as Dual Destinies has the same “Violence,” “Blood,” “Suggestive Themes” and “Language” listings that have appeared on other Teen-rated games in the series. The degree to which these themes appear in relation to the other titles may have been seen as a cause to raise the rating, but this only remains speculation unless the ESRB states its reasonings. So far, it has declined to make comment.

You can view both new videos for Dual Destinies below: one showcasing the shadowy Prosecutor Blackquill and the other going into the investigation of a crime scene.

Does the new “M” rating of Dual Destinies concern you one way or the other, or is it all just another day at the law office to you? Let us know below.