Mega Man 7 Screen

Capcom loves Mega Man. It does, really, giving the Blue Bomber excessive Anniversary merchandise and official soundtrack releases to satisfy plenty of monied collectors. The company doesn't love the character enough to develop a new game, it seems, but those are the breaks.

What Capcom's also doing is throwing retro Mega Man titles, with great enthusiasm, at Nintendo gamers. The Wii Virtual Console has a sizable collection, but in recent months the Wii U and, in particular, the 3DS, have been catching up on the "classic" NES series and, if you're lucky enough to live in North America, Mega Man X. You want Mega Man? Here, have all the retro games you can handle.

We can only imagine that these releases are selling well, again, as Capcom blogger Brelston has taken to Capcom Unity to plug merchandise, but also to tease more titles from the franchise coming the Virtual Console services.

Hope to have additional news regarding classic MM games hitting the Virtual Console soon. We're on a roll with the 3DS and Wii U lineup, and I have a feeling there's more on the way...

There are certainly plenty of titles yet to get the VC treatment, believe it or not, such as various Game Boy games, Mega Man 7, two more X titles — Mega Man X3 never made it to the Wii VC — and Game Boy Advance spin-offs; don't forget that GBA games are confirmed for the Wii U Virtual Console but not, bizarrely, the 3DS equivalent.

We suspect many will gobble up the VC releases until they run out. What then, Capcom?

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