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Magrane commented on Nintendo Announces Next amiibo Waves And Asks ...:

To me, I voted Ryu from Street Fighter. It's a no-brainer to include him considering what Street Fighter has done to the genre, and that would be like a nod to the series. There is a nostalgia theme throughout this Smash Bros. incarnation.



Magrane commented on Reminder: This is Your Last Day to Register Pr...:

I'm so teed that the site is down when it's the LAST DAY of the promotion. What a croissant. I'm more upset I bought Hyrule Warriors so I can get my extra 10 bonus coins and lo and behold, the version I bought doesn't even have the Club Nintendo promotion anymore :) First world problems!!

No but seriously, that website needs to be up right now. Not fair at all.



Magrane commented on RCMADIAX Takes to Twitter to Outline New Strat...:

I do agree though about quick and casual gaming, but that's something that's a consequence of technology and people will still buy a good lengthy game. It's why Legend of Zelda and Assassin's Creed games continue to do well.



Magrane commented on RCMADIAX Takes to Twitter to Outline New Strat...:

Sounds like sour grapes to me. Do you really think a "stigma" is going to stop a gamer from buying a great game? I doubt a "stigma" would affect sales. In the end, it's quality (replayability, story, visual look, etc.). I don't think indie gamers are that childish to snub out developers. We just want to play games, man.

If you build it, they will come.



Magrane commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

What a coincidence. I was just thinking about this on the subway ride home from work today, seeing multiple people just randomly playing casual games on their smartphones. This is Nintendo adapting to modern technology and the new face of gaming in the 21st century. Home consoles are slooooowly going the wayside, and it'd probably be more profitable for Nintendo to just focus on gaming.

We're getting Mario on our handheld smart devices, and so is the re$t of the world. Nintendo as company is saved!

Can I get a hallelujah. :)



Magrane commented on Review: Classic Card Games (3DS eShop):

What a shame. Just lately I was looking for a simple and cheap card game to download on 3DS that includes games like Blackjack and Go Fish, or even Crazy 8's. This review makes it sound like a downer. Any suggestions out there?



Magrane commented on Club Nintendo to Close, With Replacement Loyal...:

I'll miss the program. I thought it was great to provide marketing data to them and get treated to free games just for taking time to let them know what's on our minds! It was worth it for those that downloaded regularly and remembered the expiration dates. Overall it did make you feel like you were part of an exclusive community.

The rewards were rarely cool, but the games themselves were a deal. I got a $30 game for free for reaching Platinum status last year.....! R.I.P. to another Club Nintendo chapter. The nostalgia bug hit me when it reminded me of the "Nintendo Fun Club" back in the day.



Magrane commented on Rock 'N Racing Off Road Aims to Bring Mayhem t...:

Looks pretty and fun. I , too, grew up on Super Off-Road on the arcade and couldn't get enough of Super Sprint on the NES/Arcade. I also bought the WiiWare game Driift and that was allright. However as someone else mentioned earlier, it looks rather "slow" so that may make me wait until this one hits the sale level. Let's hope that game speed isn't the case.....



Magrane commented on Review: NightSky (3DS eShop):

It's on sale for $2.99 on the 3DS eShop until January 5th, so if cost was an issue, now is the chance to get it. This review is making the decision for me quite easily today. :)



Magrane commented on Review: Fractured Soul (3DS eShop):

It's on sale at a good price guys, right now through the 1st of Jan 2015 I believe. I'm about to purchase based on reviews above! Doubt I'll have regrets....



Magrane commented on Level-5 Confirms Some Handsome 3DS eShop Festi...:

I see a few recommendations on here....any one want to say if Crimson Shroud is a good buy? I want to get at least one of these titles.

I already own Aero Porter and a previous poster pretty much nailed it by calling it a "high score chaser", but with an airport theme. The StreetPass option is kind of cool, but I do recommend the game if you're a fan of airports anyway since the feel is there, supported by airport noises.



Magrane commented on Review: The Mysterious Murasame Castle (3DS eS...:

Woooo! Nothing like a NintendoLife review to get me to buy this game. This would probably the first 9-bit original game that I would pick up for my 3DS that I did not play as a kid. Nintendo probably made the decision to release it to the Western Hemisphere after the clamoring from their surveys of the people who buy Virtual Console games. Looking forward to regressing this weekend!



Magrane commented on Review: Pac-Land (Wii U eShop / NES):

I was waiting for someone to mention the connection to the Saturday Morning cartoon. I almost bought this game, which I never played or seen before on the Famicom, because of that connection......until someone mentioned the horrible controls. Ah well!



Magrane commented on Nintendo Download: 10th July (North America):

@statnut Woo Hoo! Thank you for that. I remember my best friend at the time had the game and he was raving how great of a game it was. I think it was because he was a brainy guy, and he would create a team, monitor a season, etc. Gave it a lot of kudos so I took his word on it. Looks like your trifecta recommendation matches from what I remember as the "word" of that time.

@Spoony_Tech RBI Baseball was that Tengen game :) I remember the box at the stores. Thanks for that recommendation too.



Magrane commented on Interview: Bertil Hörberg Jumps Back Into the...:

-Loved the first game (music, replayability, graphics, modes).
-Loved the fact it's a two-man team with incredible success.
-Loved the inspiration it has sent to other indie developers.
-Loved how they reminded the big software corporations that they don't need much complexity in gaming when it comes to big sales (just another sign of the normal casual gamer market?), but passion. Passion leads to quality game crafting.
-Loved this interview.
....................and loved the new trailer for the sequel. :)

Glad to see things won't change much.



Magrane commented on Nintendo Download: 10th July (North America):

Bases Loaded for my "retro" 3DS? Yes please! So many hours in front of the TV because of this game back in the day. One of the first where the players got tired over the course of the innings and you had to replace them. Buying this one for the same reason as my other NES classics - simple nostalgia.

I heard about parts 2 through 4, but the only other one I remember enjoying was Super Bases Loaded on the SNES. I heard SNK's baseball game (forgot the name, on the tip of my tongue....) was the other really good baseball game on the NES.

Any other baseball suggestions on the NES?



Magrane commented on Feature: Our Top 10 Wii U eShop Games - Summer...:

I don't believe Ducktales: Remastered should be on this list. It was available both digitally and retail on the same day. Not because it can't compare to the others, but because it belongs on another list.

It's just like saying Mario Kart 8 should be on the list because it's sold on the Wii U E-shop too.



Magrane commented on Mario Kart Month: Mario Kart 8 Character Profi...:

I'm siding with you on your choice of characters. For me, it was Mario in Super Mario Kart, Mario and Wario in Mario Kart 64, and Waluigi since Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. They all feel like well-rounded characters despite the differences in class size. In Mario Kart 7, I stuck with my Mii :)



Magrane commented on Mario Kart Month: A History of the Mario Kart ...:

@NinjaWaddleDee Haven't played Super Mario Kart or Mario Kart 64? You ARE missing out :)

Good article! I agree though, part of my Mario Kart memories are associated with the music too. That's why I think, like most commenters on here, that MK: Double Dash!! is one of the better titles. I was a gamer in 1992 and have many Super Mario Kart memories, as well as the sequels. Each one had their own distinctive improvement.

But Mario Kart 8? Great visual game, but disappointment on the music so far! :( This gameplay almost feels like Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Wii had a child, so I'm not totally flattered by it either. I don't feel a real gameplay improvement, but "an enhanced copy" of the games I mentioned.

I also agree that MK: Super Circuit probably is the worst title in the series......but maybe it's because I haven't played it enough. Saying it's "worst" in this case by the way is like saying "my diamond isn't shiny enough" :)



Magrane commented on Mario Kart Month: What Mario Kart Means To Me:

Great story, and even though I can't relate to the hospital part, I can relate to the countless, countless hours of Super Mario Kart and playing with friends with Battle Mode in 1992. Especially when one of those friends' dads owned a pizza restaurant, and we'd order pizza every night that summer. I even remember the first time I saw that game at the Summer CES and realizing how much potential the game system had (also saw a very big preview of Mega Man X, before it was even called that.....). The game was always so much fun; there was just nothing else like it that came beforehand.

So much fun that in fact when the N64 sequel came out many moons later, and I remember how PATIENT I was those 5-6 years, waiting for AT LEAST a rumored "Super Mario Kart Champion/Gold Edition" on the SNES, it was a big graphical jump and I had to get used to the 3D effects that were super new at the time. Never really played Mario Kart Super Circuit on the GBA that much, however.

Of course, MK: Double Dash!! was the beginning of my eternal Super Mario Kart summer nostalgia :)



Magrane commented on Review: Double Dragon II: The Revenge (3DS eSh...:

Best Double Dragon (and overall) beat-em-up on the NES. Every time my old school friends remember Double Dragon, they remember this sequel and not the torrid first one (for it's time, when we were so tempted with the multi-player on the arcade). I remember the hours I played this game and how excited I got finally reaching the last boss. Definite download once it hits the States.



Magrane commented on Review: Turtle Tale (3DS eShop):

I picked up this game for my love of simple platformers and the price. This review pretty much nails it on the score, but I would have given it a "6" because the graphics and 3D effects are just beautiful. However, this game is waaay too average - just a character with a jump and a weapon. Nothing else to this game. So much potential from a developer's perspective that would make this game great, but they didn't go there. Maybe for Turtle Tale 2? :P



Magrane commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd May (North America):

Mega Man V is a must-download for me. I remember it being a great, great game, especially if you loved the previous Game Boy titles. I'm also going to try out Turtle Tale. For what seems to be platforming at 3 bucks? I'll support!



Magrane commented on Review: Mega Man IV (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

Owned this one as a young gamer lad, and still have the small paper with my passcode written down, smudged inside my game and clear game case. Never made it past the first four bosses back then (didn't spend that much time on it) but now with this download, I can retrace those steps and bring my quest to a close!

So far this game is just another notch up from Mega Man III as the reviewer indicated. Much detail to this game - loving the Mega Man nostalgia this month!

Now excuse me while I sic Beat on to Ballade :)



Magrane commented on Review: Mega Man Xtreme (3DS eShop / Game Boy ...:

Bought this on the original system but never really had a chance to play it. This may have been during my gamer phase of "buy game, play later", so it remains unopened I think along with Mega Man Xtreme 2! Anyway, glad I'm able to handily download it onto my 3DS and experience this retro game. It's a complete simplified version of Mega Man X, offering nothing new to level design, but I do agree it's an average game. I'm a little disappointed with some of the graphics but it's neat to play this game and imagine how it would have been like if Mega Man X was ported to the NES back in the day. :)



Magrane commented on Review: Mega Man II (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

Completely disagree with this review. This game is just a downstep from Mega Man III on the Game Boy, but still as fun and challenging. I don't understand the review's emphasis on how horrible the scaling and music were (the boss fight music is perennially stuck in my head!); it was fine by me when you understand the Game Boy's technical limits. But I loved this game as a kid with a Game Boy and even now it holds up compared to the other sequels.

The reviewer's score doesn't do justice. A score of "3" keeps new Mega Man gamers away from this game. Give this game a shot, folks, for only $3.99 if you love the other Mega Man games.



Magrane commented on Review: Mega Man III (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

Never had the opportunity to purchase this title in my Game Boy days, but went forward to download it. I totally picked up on the "cramped" feeling one gets when playing the levels, but I do notice a significant graphical improvement from the rest. Love it! It's like playing a new Mega Man game for me!



Magrane commented on Review: Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy):

I like how one of the reviewer's main gripes was that there's a lack of a "map" feature. And that you have to draw the map yourself.

..........Really? This kid just gave his age away. This is just one of the cool features of Metroid in general, or any expansive adventure game in those times. You have to work at it to finish it, even if it means drawing a 'crude' map or waiting for the latest issue of EGM or Nintendo Power.

I don't think it's a reason to complain at all. Today's gaming generation seriously has their Master Swords handed to them......smh



Magrane commented on Review: City Connection (3DS eShop / NES):

I am with you, KnightRider666. I grew up on this game as an NES kid and I was hoping someday it'd arrive! I want to own all my original NES games on the 3DS, so I am still hoping to see someday Bases Loaded also! I downloaded River City Ransom this week and I'm in heaven!



Magrane commented on Nintendo of America Confirms 23 Locations for ...:

Wow, first time I've ever heard they're coming to Culver City's mall! This is one of the two closer Los Angeles locations, so I'm going to bet that week will be pretty packed. Looking forward to getting my hands on Super Mario 3D World! The only Northern California location is Santa Clara.......pretty skimpy.



Magrane commented on Review: Pinball (Wii U eShop / NES):

Great review, Dave! You pretty much nailed it on your description, balancing the retro gamer perspective with someone fresh-faced approaching it. Calling it for the potential replayability factor on the 3DS also cemented how I felt about this game: fun, straightforward but not much else to bring to the bring to the table.

Is Zen's Pinball recommended by the NL audience? Is that from Nintendo or some other publisher?



Magrane commented on Weirdness: If Only The Dark Knight Was a Retro...:

I would have LOVED to see a version of The Dark Knight in the same 8-bit fashion as the first Sunsoft Batman game. Could totally work!

This video was entertaining to watch. Besides the obvious Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past references, I picked up The Addams Family as well.



Magrane commented on Weirdness: There's a Game of Thrones 8-Bit Game:

When I saw the color palette, as one mentioned above, it looked like a Turbo-Grafx 16 game. You know: a 16-bit system that's not really a 16-bit system because it has dual 8-bit processors? The NEC/Hudson system was to me a more colorful and slightly stronger NES system.

Sure enough, the Keith Courage reference in the last few seconds of the video sealed the deal ;) least I think it's Keith Courage!