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Magrane commented on Review: Metroid II: Return of Samus (Game Boy):

I like how one of the reviewer's main gripes was that there's a lack of a "map" feature. And that you have to draw the map yourself.

..........Really? This kid just gave his age away. This is just one of the cool features of Metroid in general, or any expansive adventure game in those times. You have to work at it to finish it, even if it means drawing a 'crude' map or waiting for the latest issue of EGM or Nintendo Power.

I don't think it's a reason to complain at all. Today's gaming generation seriously has their Master Swords handed to them......smh



Magrane commented on Review: City Connection (3DS eShop / NES):

I am with you, KnightRider666. I grew up on this game as an NES kid and I was hoping someday it'd arrive! I want to own all my original NES games on the 3DS, so I am still hoping to see someday Bases Loaded also! I downloaded River City Ransom this week and I'm in heaven!



Magrane commented on Nintendo of America Confirms 23 Locations for ...:

Wow, first time I've ever heard they're coming to Culver City's mall! This is one of the two closer Los Angeles locations, so I'm going to bet that week will be pretty packed. Looking forward to getting my hands on Super Mario 3D World! The only Northern California location is Santa Clara.......pretty skimpy.



Magrane commented on Review: Pinball (Wii U eShop / NES):

Great review, Dave! You pretty much nailed it on your description, balancing the retro gamer perspective with someone fresh-faced approaching it. Calling it for the potential replayability factor on the 3DS also cemented how I felt about this game: fun, straightforward but not much else to bring to the bring to the table.

Is Zen's Pinball recommended by the NL audience? Is that from Nintendo or some other publisher?



Magrane commented on Weirdness: If Only The Dark Knight Was a Retro...:

I would have LOVED to see a version of The Dark Knight in the same 8-bit fashion as the first Sunsoft Batman game. Could totally work!

This video was entertaining to watch. Besides the obvious Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past references, I picked up The Addams Family as well.



Magrane commented on Weirdness: There's a Game of Thrones 8-Bit Game:

When I saw the color palette, as one mentioned above, it looked like a Turbo-Grafx 16 game. You know: a 16-bit system that's not really a 16-bit system because it has dual 8-bit processors? The NEC/Hudson system was to me a more colorful and slightly stronger NES system.

Sure enough, the Keith Courage reference in the last few seconds of the video sealed the deal ;) least I think it's Keith Courage!



Magrane commented on Mighty No. 9 Passes Wii U Stretch Goal With A ...:

The really sad thing is that this is what would have been an HD sequel to Mega Man, most likely Mega Man 11, had Capcom retained Inafune and trusted his creative direction. What a shame. I sincerely think Capcom is looking at this situation with regret - that is a potential 2 million loss of profit for them. Or whatever dollar figure if you multiply the total amount of people that pledged times......20 bucks.



Magrane commented on River City Ransom: Underground Dev Wants To Br...:

I won't really feel this is a true River City Ransom sequel without Technos or any of the original programmers involved. This has that "homebrew" feel to it so I have a hard time accepting. However, after reading that the original creator of the series is on board as a consultant, I'm totally sold.

The video, as a River City Ransom fan, is semi-inspiring. It's cool to see a sequel that is a hyper 8-bit game but maybe it's the color palette - it just doesn't FEEL like a River City Ransom game. Maybe it's also because I own "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" and even though it was intended as an homage, it filled in my 20-year gap of missing Kunio-kun games.

But like I said, if it wasn't for the backing of the creator, I wouldn't pay much attention to this attempt. I'm going to take their word that they will make it feel like a respectable follow-up in the same way the GBA version enhanced the original!



Magrane commented on Feature: Great Nintendo 64 Multiplayer Games Y...:

Guys, I have good Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Kart 64 & Super Smash Bros. memories and especially great Goldeneye 007 friend moments......but one that's definitely underrated or hardy mentioned is Acclaim's WWF WarZone!

What a blast that game was with friends. It was one of the first multiplayer games where you designed your own player to fight against others. So it was cool to see "me" fight against Stone Cold or one of my friends in a 3D polygon environment. Good times!

Star Fox 64 (multiplayer shooter, very awesome) & Killer Instinct also had it's moments........but not as many for me as the ones above.



Magrane commented on Keiji Inafune Shares His Thoughts on PlatinumG...:

Great article. Long live InafunKing! Not that I'm biased or anything.....

By the way, hyped and excited about Mighty No.9. First Kickstarter I've ever supported.

I don't see nothing wrong with anyone starting up a project on Kickstarter with the prospect of getting a game as a reward. It's as almost you're taking a blind leap of faith with a developer, and there's the chance you can be disappointed and stuck with a lousy game.......but this is a true test of a developer earning street credit with fans. If the game is a success, they can count on more and more future investments.

I honestly think it's the new future of a developer and their creative design process.



Magrane commented on Atari Founder Nolan Bushnell Claims Nintendo "...:

I'm going eventually read the entire Nolan Bushnell transcript, but I have a distinct feeling he's talking out of his "bum" and not backing his statements with facts and figures. Of course it's obvious that tablets and smartphones have uprooted the handheld market, but if Nintendo is making a solid profit from the 3DS, his point is still arguable. There will always be a market for the 12 and under crowd (as he calls it) so if you have parents of those children who grew up on a well-known brand, chances are they're going to raise/support their kids on the same gaming technology!

And that's the problem with saying that Nintendo is headed down a path of irrevelance. It's house name brand with timeless IP's. Atari's Jaguar never had any of those nor third-party support I would think it would be very difficult to knock the big N out. They will adapt (as they were forced to with optical disc tech and having an internal social network) and survive. History has shown this.



Magrane commented on Konami Picks Up New Contra Trademark:

I second that it sounds like an iOs game to me too.

Has anyone played the Contra game that's called something else entirely? It's called "Hard Corps: Uprising" and it's on the PSN. It's the prequel to Contra: Hard Corps and to me its what classic Contra would be on the PS3.



Magrane commented on Review: Mega Man Zero (Game Boy Advance):

Great article Philip! I don't know where my head was when Mega Man Zero 1-4 came out many moons ago, but I do remember a friend of mine constantly reminding me how good it was. Missed on on all the GBA titles but I woke up in time to purchase the DS collection last year. Still on MMZ1, but looking forward to enjoying this 'new' series.



Magrane commented on Video: Eight Reasons to Avoid The Walking Dead...:

Sorry Rory, I'm a huge fan of the show and so far your arguments (except for #5) don't sound strong enough to completely avoid it. Maybe NL's and the other existing bad reviews in other sites support getting this game in a bargain bin, but you never addressed the story or voice acting of this game! Was it AMC quality, or just completely coffee table coaster-worth?



Magrane commented on Review: Mega Man 4 (NES):

Spot-on review Phillip. This was my exact same impression of playing this game after downloading it - my memory served me as this game being a "step down", but replaying it made me re-think my opinion. It's a little more fun and colorful than what I remember it to be, but some of the level music probably needs work on the catchiness Mega Man 3 left us. Definitely still worth getting though based on the things you pointed out above. And on its own, it's a solid and enjoyable platformer.

This game also has one of my favorite Mega Man boss music tracks.......up there with Mega Man 2, 3, and X2.



Magrane commented on Developer Interview: Image & Form on SteamWorl...:

Really well written article - I enjoyed the interview and seeing not only the perspective but the history of a Scandinavian game publisher. Brjann also had an opinion of the DSiWare shop that didn't occur to me before. I'm an advanced gamer but I do thoroughly enjoy platfomers (the late 80's and early 90's made a big impact on my taste), so I'm hoping Steamworld Dig has a storyline that expands as the game goes on. There's a lot of good word about this new title so I will be checking it out in depth once it arrives into the "stores"!

P.S. More interviews like this, please, Nintendo Life! Brjann had a lot of good insight about the industry and this is the kind of stuff the gamers should be exposed to.



Magrane commented on Children Of The '80s, Here's That Battle Beast...:

Wow, it's great reading everyone's memories of these toys. I loved them, but since my parents were pretty tight with the toy money, I only had 10 of them. I didn't think I'd wouldn't see them again after a couple of years (they wound up soon at the Thrifty Drug Store toy section). I remember the commercial vividly and only found out last year they were related to the Transformers.

Just last year I looked them up on Ebay and yep, out of my price range. But I still have my toys somewhere in my parents's garage. At least, I'm pretty sure. I would love to own them all someday!



Magrane commented on Review: Super Pang (Super Nintendo):

I'm confused why this article is titled "Super Pang" and listed as a game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment system, when in fact it was a game for the Super Famicom. This name is the Japanese version of that game.....correct?

Was it called "Super Pang" in Europe? Then I would understand.



Magrane commented on Talking Point: The Perils and Positives of a P...:

Definitely different times for the 3DS since 2011. I'm glad to hear the Wii U is also being stocked up with supposed-quality games, but I don't think it's anythng stressful for the consumer. More options = happy gamers.

And somehow in that equation above, more options also means that even though we can't buy or play all the games at once due to "financial or time constraints", this factor is still a positive note due to the fact that over tme, games drop in prices anyway as competition for your hard-earned dollar sizzles!

All good news to me!



Magrane commented on Review: Mutant Mudds (3DSWare):

It's on sale this week, and I've heard how good this game is. Might be worth my Mario munnies if I'm sold by it's demo. I'm a huge fan of retro games and always cautious about my purchases. I love Gunman Clive so I'm pretty sure I'll love this one too.



Magrane commented on Review: Mega Man 3 (3DS eShop / NES):

Philip - understandable! It's just that I know your love for the franchise (at least as high as mine!) but you're right, there are VC reviews on this site too.

No offense taken, I hope.



Magrane commented on Review: Mega Man 3 (3DS eShop / NES):

Mega Man 3 definitely outdid Mega Man 2 in terms of fun, challenge, colors and a more interesting story. It gets "darker" from this point on.

One note for Nintendo Life: I love Phillip Reed's writing, love for retro games and excellent game reviews, but could we have a NON-Mega Man fan write the rest of the Virtual Console Mega Man reviews? It'd be nice to have a non-biased reviewer take a look at these retro games and maybe even offer a perspective that some of us retro gamers might be overlooking.



Magrane commented on Review: Castlevania (3DS eShop / NES):

Oh yeah, one more thing. I own this portable version on the GBA, which has gotten many hours, so I'm not exactly motivated to pick this version up. If I already own a cartridge portable version, why bother?



Magrane commented on Review: Castlevania (3DS eShop / NES):

Loved all the Castlevanias I've played so far. The original and part IV are the best IMHO. I have yet to play Simon's Quest, but I'm not looking forward to bothering due to the bad things I hear about it. I did download Castlevania III on the Wii VC, and barely started it.

Guys, try this one out if you're a Castlevania fan. You can't go wrong with the original and you'll probably enjoy seeing the first appearances of the common enemies!

By the way, Castlevania Chronicles on the PS is a great version. I downloaded it off the PSN and it's a nice 16-bit version of the Commodore game. Also, I am very interested in playing Dracula X on the SNES..........once I beat Rondo of Blood of course ;)



Magrane commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo Game Boy:

Love my Game Boy but mine broke somehow. The machine won't work and there's a Japanese character sitting squarely in the middle of the screen! I still have a list of original Game Boy games I'd like to own - maybe it's time, now that it's only getting older and hard to find, to make the effort to get them!



Magrane commented on Review: Balloon Fight (Wii U eShop / NES):

For those of you that have it on your guys got that copy for FREE (unless I'm missing out on something?). If I had that opportunity to get that at 30 cents too on a home console, it's a no-brainer to drop the money that would have cost you 3 phone calls back in 1985!



Magrane commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Virtual Console Tria...:

Hey guys, help me out please :) So, I don't own a Wii U yet, but right now, if I purchased one, would:
1. it cost me money to transfter the games over to the Wii U?
2. it include, if it does cost me money, those third-party titles like Final Fantasy IV: After Years, Mega Man 9, Contra Rebirth, etc.?
3. it change in some sort of way by transferring it over? Meaning, would it still be on my Wii console too?

Thanks for any replies in advance!!



Magrane commented on Hardware Classics: Game & Watch JR-55 - Donkey...:

I can relate with MadAussieBloke - Tropical Fish was one of my first video games and to this day I remember the purchase of it. I had that little game for many many years and I'm sure it's stashed somewhere at my parents house. Granted, I carved my name on it but I remember getting so good at it and even using it as an alarm clock when I woke up in the mornings as a child.....even when I had no reason to!

My brother got Donkey Kong Jr. the same day and I have memories with that game too.

Nowadays, both can be found on GBA's Game & Watch Gallery 4, but I still wish Tropical Fish had its own DSi game just like Donkey Kong Jr. G&W. :-( I have that game on my 3DS and it's nice how the graphics have made the screen even feel like the original toy.

I just downloaded the Game & Watch game "Chef" on the 3DS, just to get a similar feel to Tropical Fish. I'm glad I grew up in this era as I can still appreciate the simplicity of these kind of games. :-)



Magrane commented on This Trio Of New Games Proves That The NES Is ...:

You're totally entitlled to shape your collection the way you want. I buy games to play them and associate a little bit of my 8-bit nostalgia. I asked if those Tengen and Camerica games were in your collection because they are also unlicensed but created in a box and instructions just like these homebrews were. Except for the part that they were actual companies.

Of course it matters how good or bad unlicensed games are. That's one of the points from this thread above and what I'm trying to convey to the rest of my fellow gamers - just because it is not licensed by Nintendo, it's not necessarily a complete judgment call on its quality.



Magrane commented on This Trio Of New Games Proves That The NES Is ...:

Omega - your collection also does not include the super-rare unlicensed Camerica and Tengen games from the late 80's, right? I remember those were sought after and would guess have a high degree of value due to the number created, especially the Tengen Tetris game.

Don't judge a game by it's lack of license! There's enough games out there that didn't get the Nintendo Seal of Quality to justify this argument.



Magrane commented on Feature: Mega Man Retrospective - Part One:

Tasuki just reminded me why I was so upset with the GC version of MMAC - so much that I returned it for the PS2 version. All it took was one button configuration mishap to make me drop it.



Magrane commented on Mega Man 1 to 6 Blasting Onto 3DS Virtual Console:

Isn't the link to SFXMM just: ?

Did they take it down already? Glad I have mine, then...

By the way, it's ENCOURAGED to download the version from the Capcom website, as Capcom-Japan is keeping its Mega eye on it........



Magrane commented on Feature: Mega Man Retrospective - Part One:

The only Mega Man games I haven't played yet are the PC versions of Mega Man 1 and Mega Man 3. Which have new bosses too..........."Shark Man" anyone?

I owned them all as a kid and remember beating Mega Man 3 the same day I bought it. I still have all of them with their boxes.



Magrane commented on Feature: Mega Man Retrospective - Part One:

Great job Philip. Your review nailed how I've always felt about Mega Man 3 being the best game in the series. If it only had the Mega would have been perfect. ;)

I started the series with Mega Man 2 because of the hype about it back then (thank you Nintendo Power), back-tracked to Mega Man 1, and eagerly remember dropping 50 bucks for Mega Man 3 when it was first released.

I love the Game Boy games (especially parts IV and V) so I'm looking forward to those Virtual Console versions...!